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My day starts with the chaos that is getting kids ready for school and out of the house on time. A school drop off then to work. I work in an office, in small factory.

I'm the only female, so it's a testosterone filled work place. The topless calendars, rude jokes, blue language with the general banter are all part of work life, I laugh along with them, no point getting all uptight over men being men!

The conversations were the same old, same old; The weather, the previous nights television favourites, pub gossip, football, cars and who got lucky with the ladies.

I can't add to most of their talk, mainly because the weather is the only thing I take any notice of. I don't watch t.v., kids telly is enough to get me to hit the off switch as soon as the kids are out of the room. The pub, I'd be so lucky, we only get babysitters on special occasions. Sports are what I take part in, not something to watch. Cars are a way to get from a to b. Ladies, well, I am one and I always found men easier to get on with than women.

That's not to say I don't join in, I do but I tease them. If they had a life they wouldn't be able to talk for hours about the world on the goggle box. Football is overpaid men kicking a bag of wind about. When they start on cars I just bring up their current buckets of bolts! When they start talking about their exploits with the ladies I stay quiet. My husband and I have a great sex life, it's taken some work to put the spark back in after having kids but we have a better sex life now than we did in the early days. Listening to them brag about their rare occurrences of vanilla sex just makes me appreciate how very good things are for me.

Leaving work for the school pick up is a chore. I enjoy heading home and spending time with my kids but the playground just brings out the infantile cliques in the adults.

You would hope adults would grow up but the school ground seem to bring it all back. The parents sort themselves into the same sort of cliques; The rich, the wannabe rich, the horsey brigade, the churchy brigade, the smokers ..... it just goes on and on. The ones that I have least time for are those that rarely sneer at you for fear of their stitches popping on their latest face lift, their saggy necks show more emotion than their plastic faces.

I'm the loner, I talk to anyone that talks to me but I was never any good at playing the game so I watch and laugh instead.

I get the kids home and get the homework out of the way. Run them about to all their different hobbies and clubs. I try and spend some time with them as I rush around cleaning, tidying and cooking. Housework, I despise it but I suppose it is a necessary evil.

After eating they have some t.v. time, DVD's are the favourite choice. A wind down play time then baths and to bed.

At last adult time. The box in the corner goes off, music on and a nice stiff drink to relax.

We sit and talk or read. The reading expanded our ideas for our sex life, decent erotica can be very eye opening. We have expanded my wardrobe with all sorts of underwear and skimpy clothing. Traditional bras and pants are uncomfortable and constricting so they only get used on doctors visits! Our adult toys have overflowed from the locked briefcase into two more drawers. All good fun even if it is mainly within our own home. A good long hard fuck helps me sleep like a log.

It was a day just like any other, so I thought, but things were changing.

The men at work have got used to me there and act as though I'm not really there. Today though it was more. If I didn't know better I'd have said they had all been drinking. They were all acting like it's kicking out time at the strip club.

Their jokes are usually rude but today they are downright lewd and I know they tend to palm themselves from time to time but today they can't seem to keep their hands away from their dicks.

I got my work done laughing at their antics. I've not blushed so much for years so you can imaging how much they tease me each time I colour up.

With a roll of my eyes and a shake of my head I left work to get the kids from school.

All the cliques were in their normal formations but they were acting strange. A small number of members of the cliques appear uncomfortable.

Seeing the men at work palming their junk is almost an occupational hazard. Seeing some of the mums, stood stroking their nipples in the playground, is just weird!

As the days go by their behaviour gets more intense. I saw Dave standing in front of his machine as he wanked himself off. His cum splatted on the machine and floor. He put his dick back in his overalls but didn't fasten up, leaving his hand inside stroking himself. To my amazement none of the others said a word, they all looked over at some point but didn't act as if anything unusual had happened.

At school, the sly nipple stroking had moved on to blatant nipple rolling and pussy rubs.

Dave may have been the first, to my knowledge, to decorate the factory with his cum but by the end of the week I had seen every one of them do the same at least once. The only time their dicks stayed tucked away is near the machinery in fear of getting hurt. They started wandering around with their dicks hanging out.

At school hands were no longer working over the clothes, more and more buttons were left undone but not to the extent that anyone was hanging out.

My life seems to revolve round work and children so I didn't notice how much the behaviour of the majority of the population was changing.

We had a rare babysitter for a birthday meal in town. Yes, a Friday night out as the kids have a sleepover with Granny.

A chance to dress up and live a little. I put on one of my new dresses, short and skimpy. It covers everything important as long as I don't bend over or lean too far. Stockings underneath is the extent of my underwear, my husband has a thing for stockings.

I love dressing a bit risqué but I'm very self conscious until I'm out so I pull on a long coat to hide behind for now.

We got into town and my nerves soon dissipated as I saw the way others were dressed. I'm no model, average looks but I'm still reasonably slim. My bust is small, a B cup but still pert and self supporting. I have a great waist and hips so I try to show them of the best I can.

I always think I have a big belly until I see the sights when we are out.

We made it to the restaurant. I laughed as Paul's eyes went on stalks watching the way some of the women are dressed. My dress is as small as most, if not smaller, but the way some of the clothes are worn, well I look positively modest.

Our friends are dressed different to usual, far less coverage. Clubbing gear or the sort of thing you buy thinking it looks great in the changing rooms but you have second thoughts when you get home.

The meal started out quite normal, drinking and chatting. As time went on the inhibitions just disappeared. Our normally uptight friends started feeling themselves up, undoing buttons and freeing zips. Looking around the restaurant I soon saw clothes appeared to be optional both for diners and the waiters. Paul and I stood out being still clothed and not having wandering hands.

Paul looked at me, the question in his eyes.

I shrugged, "When in Rome!"

He grinned as his hand slipped inside my dress, teasing my nipple then revealing it to the room. He loves getting me to flash but I'm too timid. I'll get my tits out in the car at night but somewhere like this is normally too much, I stick to 'accidental' exposure.

It feels so good to sit exposed without censure. I widened my legs as Paul's hand slid up my thigh, his hand pushed my skirt up. The skirt is too short to sit on so my bare bum is on the chair. As he pushed the front of my skirt up he exposed my dripping pussy to the rest of the room.

I returned the favour as I freed him from his constricting jeans. I love seeing his dick bounce to wave to the room. I normally only get to see it at home with the curtains drawn, it has an extra thrill watching it stand tall in public. All I want to do is climb into his lap and ride him 'til we are both panting. I hold back and scan the room again.

We both watched the rest of the room waiting for a 'normal' reaction to all the exposure but nothing.

Cum coated the underside of the table and many laps. The most surprising thing is it's all self love, no sex or hand jobs. Just lots and lots of masturbation.

We finished the meal and paid up. If not for self gratification and nudity it was a typical night out. We agreed to move to a pub for a few more drinks. Discarded clothing was just left. Knickers, bras and a selection of clothes littered the floor. Jeans that remained on the hips were in general buttoned at the top but dicks left hanging out. Any clothing that had been push too far off and restricted movement was removed. Blouses and shirts were left open but anything that had been taken off, stayed off.

My skirt dropped covering me as I stood. Paul fixed it by tucking the hem up into the waist band front and back. I looked more in-keeping with the others with it up. I fastened his jeans ensuring he matched the others staying hanging out.

I grabbed my coat, unlike the others. There was no way I was leaving that behind. I slipped my arms as though I had never taken it off.

Wow, walking though town on display made me even wetter.

The sights in the bar made the restaurant look tame. Many people were totally naked. Clothes strewn all over the floor wet and sticky with layers of cum. People sat all over the floor jacking themselves off with others stood around them talking and dancing just like a normal night except for the lack of clothes and constant masturbating.

Paul and I just had one drink before heading out. Even with all the depravity around us only a very few were having public sex.

I'm feeling horny as hell and masturbating just doesn't hit the spot. I need a cock inside me.

I didn't bother covering up when we got in the car. I normally expose myself on the way home just to tease Paul. I love that I can see how much it excites him tonight. I have to be careful feeling him up as he drives, I want to get home in one piece.

When we reached home I closed my coat to get out of the car and go in the house. Paul tucked in and zipped up.

We got in the house with the door shut, I flung my coat off as I heard his zip releasing. Paul followed me in the house, his cock was between my legs as he lined it up and stepped forward so he's flush with my back. I widened my stance as he thrust in. The bliss at being filled caused me to gasp. Each thrust is so deep and hard all I can hear are slaps and heavy breathing. My first orgasm hit hard, my legs feel like jelly but Paul keeps pistoning in and out of my cunt. He pushed me forward until I was on all fours, butt in the air. He started swearing but maintained the rhythm, I felt the twitch as he started cumming. As he unloaded into me it triggered another orgasm for me. Panting we remained in position. I stayed on all fours, if only because my legs were too weak to attempt to move yet. He stood behind me panting.

As his breathing evened out he withdrew. A splat of our combined cum dropped on the floor, followed by another.

We just laughed. I straightened up and felt more cum leaking down my legs, soaking my stockings as it ran down to the mess already on the floor.

A shower to clean up led to a second fuck.

By the time we got up stairs we just collapsed in bed and fell straight to sleep.

Morning light woke us. Lie ins are a thing in the past with kids, even when they aren't here we still wake early it's so ingrained.

We flicked TV on to news channel but no mention of the widespread behaviour was mentioned. The was plenty of flesh on display and people masturbating in every shot but no mention that the behaviour is strange.

Giving up with telly we switched it off and fell back on the internet. The strange occurrences in the UK made every news page in every country apart from the UK.

Outrage swept the world. We found loads of articles spewing condemnation but when we found some clips on youtube of the news reports we broke down in laughter. The reporters and those being interviewed were all showing the early signs of the same affliction.

The kids took most of the new behaviour as they found it. We had a few awkward questions but they just got on with things.

At work now, most of the men came to work naked, only covering up in front of the machinery. They joke and laugh more now, the freedom to get themselves off whenever they feel like it has definitely but them in better moods. Their sex lives sound to be improving too. I still stay out of those discussions.

At school many of the cliques had relaxed. It makes for a much nicer environment for the daily wait. The majority are clothed, well, covered might be a more accurate term, for picking up the children but it's free access clothing or just a warm coat.

Nearly another month passed before the culprits admitted to their actions. A group of media graduates collaborated embedding suggestions into popular TV programs. They tested it out in UK soaps then with colleagues worldwide, they spread the self love.

The majority of adults even if they hadn't seen the early footage got caught up at some stage. The crafty sods embedded it in the news footage.

The kids, well, not too sure, they just keep going to school but they don't ask so many questions any more. It's normal for them!

There are pockets of resistance groups trying to get the morals back to how things were before but too many enjoy the new freedoms far too much to allow that to happen.

New rules and checks have been implemented to prevent television from being abused that way again.

Yes, we watched quite a bit of news footage. I like to think it's just softened all the repression that was built into us by parents and society throughout our lives.

I still wear clothes most of the time. Underwear is usually none existent, lingerie on the other hand is a fun tease to go out in. As for everyday clothes, well, the fashions have changed considerably. The accidental exposure is still more fun than just waking around nude. Our sex life is still very active but we don't have the same pressure to be behind closed doors or closed curtains during the day.

Those media graduates are heroes in my eyes.

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