tagNonHumanTwilight's Pleasure Ch. 04

Twilight's Pleasure Ch. 04


Author's Note: Thank you, everyone who is still reading this series, so here's a rather belated Halloween present to you all.


"Hm, it appears the new night elf is being stubborn,"

Engrossed as Caithana was in gently and thoroughly rubbing a kind of oil into her large breasts, she still looked up at Variona's comment, a curious look on her face as she let out an inquisitive noise. With each pass of her hands over and under her generous bust, her tits glistened a little more as she worked to coat the mounds of flesh as Variona had told her to do. The blood elf was sitting on the edge of her employer's desk, topless and wearing only her trousers, while Variona was diligently recording the results of several of her other experiments in one of her journals.

The rogue had to admit that she was curious about what other experiments her employer had going, since she herself had so far only taken part in a few since volunteering as Variona's subject - all of them involving several new kinds of aphrodisiacs that the other woman had invented - but her curiosity was minor in comparison to what had driven her to sneak into the violet-eyed woman's lab in the first place.

Variona, hearing the questioning noise from her willing subject, elaborated as she looked at her journal and ran through various ways of improving the recently-concluded experiments. "The female apparently thinks she is being held captive by orcs, and I keep having to cast several sleep spells to knock her out when I move her from the testing room back to her cell. It is also hard to trust the results I get when the female insists on cursing me the entire time she is conscious."

Her tits now shining with the oil, the rogue shuddered and let out a breathy sigh as she felt them start to tingle deliciously, her nipples hardening at the pleasant sensations. She looked at her employer out of the corner of one glowing green eye, commenting ruefully, "What did you expect? The night elf is one of their Sentinels, and you wanted one that wouldn't give out so quickly." The blood elf leaned back on her hands, shuddering at the soft pleasure coming from her breasts and lapping gently through her body. She didn't know what the oil was supposed to do, but she was certainly enjoying how it felt as it took effect, and she half-suspected that it was a kind of aphrodisiac. It didn't much matter, since she had no complaints about doing her new 'job', she thought with a half-smirk as she let a quiet moan slip out.

The black-haired woman sitting behind the desk glanced up, absently bringing a different journal to her with a wave of a slender hand, and without further ado flipped the new book over to the page about the oil she was having Caithana test, saying as she did so. "Yes, but there is a difference between not giving out and fouling up my results by cursing instead of reacting honestly. Don't touch your breasts," Variona tacked on, spying one of the rogue's hands drifting up towards the ample globes of flesh, and she began idly asking questions about what sensations the blood elf was experiencing as Caithana reluctantly put her hand back down on the desk.

Once Caithana had described the feelings washing through her and her employer began writing them down, her curiosity drove her to ask, between moans of pleasure of course, "What is this oil supposed to do anyway? Some kind of aphrodisiac?" The warm, pleasurable sensations were pooling in-between her legs, and she could feel her pussy moistening and clenching, driving her to press her thighs together to alleviate some of the pressure.

"Only partially, my dear. The oil is supposed to increase sensitivity in the breasts along with being a mild aphrodisiac, and so far it seems to be living up to my expectations," Variona answered, smiling as she eagerly wrote down the results as she observed them, namely by what Caithana described and by the elf woman's reactions i.e. how loud she moaned and how far she arched her back, causing her glistening breasts to jiggle and bounce.

When the rogue came over twenty times without a single touch to her pussy, letting out pleasured cries and leaving the elf panting harshly, her eyes glazed with pleasure and her face flushed with arousal, Variona felt confident in labeling the experiment a success in her journal. She beamed happily as she stood up from behind her desk, waving her hand to send the journals she'd been writing in back to their spots on the shelves. "And that concludes that experiment, my dear rogue. You know how to wash off the oil, don't you?" Seeing Caithana's slight nod, and the lusty shiver that went through the blood elf's curvy form, she walked to the door as she added, "You may make use of any of the toys in the storeroom, just remember to clean them off afterwards."

And with that, the twilight dragon in human form turned around and headed out the door, grinning as she'd seen the gleam in her employee's glowing eyes. For now though, she had to go see a man about a furbolg.


Caithana hardly waited until her employer had left the room before jumping to her feet, shuddering as another slow, torturous orgasm slid through her at the motion. With her top half completely exposed, she eagerly made her way to the storerooms, having lost whatever small pretense of modesty she might have once possessed in the short time she had been working for Variona (who she still didn't know the true form of, but then she wasn't really in a hurry to find out). The luscious globes, the pale skin of them gleaming beneath the light due to the oil she'd rubbed into them, bounced with each step, a display that would have driven most anyone into a lustful frenzy, had there been anyone else in the hallway to see it.

Ducking inside the storeroom, the rogue quickly located and grabbed the toy she was after, moaning through another two orgasms in the process, and then she practically sprinted for the bathing room. The wetness of her pussy was practically soaking her trousers, and she was eager to take the article of clothing off in order to put that wetness to good use.

The bathing room was, the same as Variona's study and storerooms, amazingly built and well-stocked with various grooming products from all over Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms. It was a large room, almost twice the size of the study, and made completely out of stone like the rest of the complex. The floor was smooth and level, almost like tile, she'd thought when she'd first stepped into the room, and the stone walls had been smoothed out and carved, in places, with intricate and detailed pictures of flowers, birds, and the odd drawings of men and women in the act of fucking. Off to the right of the door were a row of benches set against the wall, and on the left wall, at a little above head-height on a tauren, there was a row of metal faucets at even intervals along that wall. The faucets, she had discovered, were turned on and off by two knobs located below the faucet head, and said knobs also controlled the temperature of the water that came from the faucets.

The bath itself, however, was the centerpiece of the room - it was a deep, sunken stone tub with built in benches, large enough that it reached from the center of the room all the way back to the far wall, and it seemed to Caithana that it was permanently filled with steaming water. The entire room was always warm, the rogue had noted before, and now she was grateful for that as she quickly shucked off her boots and trousers, leaving them on one of the benches as she walked quickly to the bathtub. She was still holding the stone cock she'd grabbed from the storeroom, the one made to look like a tauren's penis, the one that was quickly becoming her favorite out of all of them, and when she sat down on the edge of the tub she smiled lustily as the bottom half of her legs sank into the warm water.

Caithana rubbed the fake tauren cock between her hands to warm it, but then when another orgasm slid through her because she had yet to wash the oil off her breasts she couldn't stand to wait another moment. She practically rammed the fake cock into her silken sheath, letting out a scream of pleasure as her soaking cunt eagerly opened wide to accept the intruder, and she was panting loudly as she began moving the toy in and out of her channel. Wet slapping sounds soon filled the bathing room along with the rogue's gleeful moans as she arched her back, moving her hips exactly as she would have with a real lover. It didn't matter that she was the one controlling the movement of the cock in her pussy, all that mattered was that she was being stretched open as far as she could be, and the blood elf let out another scream as she came, this orgasm much more intense than the last.

She tilted her head back, moaning and panting with lust towards the ceiling as her tits bounced with each movement of her hips. Ah, the ecstasy was just too much! Her glowing green eyes were glazed and unfocused as she continued slamming the stone cock into her sopping cunt, the wet slapping sounds soon joined by slurping and squishing ones as she came again and again and still continued working the toy around inside her sheath. She was now laying on her back on the heated floor of the room, which was just as well since that gave her better leverage to arch her back and work the toy deeper into her channel.

"Ah, ah, AH!"

She crooned and cried as her most intense orgasm yet rolled through her like waves breaking against a rock, and she actually thought she might have lost consciousness for a moment, because when she opened her eyes - and when had she closed them? - both of her hands were lying limply beside her head, and she could still feel the stone cock buried deep inside her. She groaned again, this time in exertion as she pushed herself back up into a sitting position, wincing a bit as she reached down and gingerly pulled the toy from her cunt, her lust sated for the moment. Before the oil on her breasts could work her into another frenzy, she left the toy on the edge and quickly slid into the bathtub, and once she was in the water all the way up to her neck, she set about washing away the oil as Variona had shown her soon after she'd been "hired".

Caithana's eyes were half-lidded as she slowly fondled and lifted her tits, washing away the oil beneath them. It was very easy to get aroused by washing away the oil, but her last orgasm had ensured that she was fine for the time being. She thoroughly rinsed and washed her breasts three more times before she was satisfied she'd removed all the oil, and she swam over to grab one of the bottles of bathing lotion from the rim of the tub (a quick sniff of it revealed it to be one of her favorites, one of Variona's creations that she'd decided to call 'Peacebloom Bathing Oil' after the main ingredient).

The bathing lotion was a shiny pearlescent color, thick and milky, sometimes reminding Caithana of a certain something else. Now that her lust was slaked, she quickly washed her body, paying special attention to the area between her legs (the warm water would serve to alleviate any lingering soreness), and then put the bathing lotion back in order to grab one of the hair-washing solutions that her employer kept on hand. A quick, thorough wash of her hair and a minute spent underwater rinsing later, and she gently pulled herself out of the obscenely comfortable tub. She had no idea how Variona had rigged it to replace the used water so quickly, but it was a luxury she thoroughly enjoyed whenever she had the chance.

As an afterthought, she carefully dipped the toy she'd used into the water and cleaned it off as Variona had requested. On slightly unsteady legs she stood up and staggered back over to where she'd left her trousers and boots, setting the toy on the bench while she got dressed. As she hadn't brought a top with her, that meant just pulling on her trousers and boots, then grabbing the fake tauren cock to take it back to the storeroom. Returning it only took a few minutes, despite her slower walking speed, and she was smiling smugly as she made her way back towards her room.

Since Variona hadn't wanted to risk drawing attention to the blood elf rogue's comings and goings, the violet-eyed woman had insisted on Caithana staying at the lab whenever possible, and the blood elf had promptly agreed. After all, the room that had been provided for her here was much, much better than any that she would find at an inn. In fact, she would almost go so far as to say they were fit for a queen, she reflected happily as she opened the door.

Once the slight discomfort of her 'activities' with the toy had disappeared, perhaps she would go check on the newest night elf 'volunteer' and see how the female was doing, she thought with a soft laugh.

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