Twin Tease


It was Dave’s first day in his new house. He’d been given a great opportunity with his promotion, and it came with relocation that he didn’t mind one bit. For the first week in his new job as manager of a chain of pizza stores, he stayed in a motel. However, Dave found it rather confining, so when one of his workers told him about this house, he jumped at the opportunity to have a look. At first sight, he fell in love with it. The house was big, open, and had great views; the neighborhood seemed nice and quiet, too.

The removalist had finally finished installing all of his furniture; now all that was left to be done was to make the place feel more like home. Dave had taken the weekend off, making the most of the time to get the house in order, and after a long day of hard work, he finally had it finished. With a satisfied look about, he gave himself a pat on the back and headed off for a much-needed shower. Standing there, the cool water washing over his body, his hands covered in soap, he heard a giggle from outside the window that caught his attention.

Setting the soap aside, he moved a little closer to the window, looking for the source of the cute little giggle he had just heard. There, over the fence, beside the neighbor’s pool, was one of the cutest little blonds he had seen in a long time. She could not have been more than about twenty-two, with honey blond hair that hung halfway down her back; she was every bit as cute as her giggle. Dressed only in a hot pink bikini, she spread her towel out on a deck chair, and stretched out in the warm sun.

Her breasts were young and firm, standing high on her chest, wrapped only in the small portions of pink fabric. Even from where he stood, he could see her hard nipples beneath her top, and it wasn’t until he moved again that he realized that he was now supporting a rather impressive erection. He moaned softly. How long had it been since he’d had any sex worth remembering? Too damn long.

Just as he was about to step back into the shower, the girl in pink reached out her hand to someone Dave could not see. There was a second giggle, and a second girl came into view. Dave was breathless. “Twins. Oh my fucking god! Identical fucking twins!” The second girl was identical to the first, only dressed in a fluro green bikini, a high-cut g-string. If he had thought his cock was hard before, it was throbbing almost painfully now.

The girl in green moved over to her twin, bending over and kissing her full on the lips, affording Dave a magnificent view of her tight, rounded ass. The other girl reached up and began to caress her sister’s breast, slipping it free of its green confines and massaging it fully in her hand. These two had to have the nicest sets of tits Dave had seen in a long time, and the sight of the two women playing with one another was almost more then he could stand.

Taking his cock in his hand, he watched, not daring to even blink for fear of missing a moment of the heavenly visions before him. The girl in green leaned a little closer, watching as her sister reached out and touched her nipple with the tip of her tongue, then lifted her head and sucked hard on the pointed pink nipple. The girl in green tilted her head back a little, obviously enjoying every moment of her sister’s attention.

Dave reached for the soap, wetting his hand under the shower and covering it in lather. Wrapping his hand back around his shaft, he began to stroke himself in long, slow strokes. His cock was long, and thick, always gaining him compliments from his pleasantly surprised partners. So thick was it, in fact, when he wrapped his fingers about it, he could not quite reach all the way around. His cock head was large, smooth and well rounded, with a sizeable hole set almost in the center. His shaft protruded from his pelvis at right angles, curving a little to the right at the end, but not enough to be really noticeable. As he slid his hand over the head of his cock, and back down his shaft to his balls, he moaned a little louder then he’d realized.

The girl in green lifted her head, looked in his direction, paused for a moment, and then recovered the breast her twin in pink had been suckling on. Both girls looked up to his window, obviously startled by the noise he had made. Cursing his own stupidity, he ducked back into the shower. “Shit. Shit, shit, shit!” he muttered as he rinsed off the soap. Dave wrapped himself in a towel, and stepped out of the bathroom, only to come face to face with two rather irate-looking girls. He knew right away that he was in big trouble now.

“Girls, I am so sorry, I didn’t mean to seem like a pervert, but you made it damn hard not to pay attention when you’re doing… umm… what you were doing. I can’t remember the last time I saw anything that looked that damn good, and it’s been forever since I had a decent fuck, and well… I’m sorry.” He really was a little lost for words. He truly wasn’t a pervert, by nature, but he was a man in his prime, and hell, he was human, too.

The girls considered him for a moment, then stepped out of earshot and discussed the situation. As they talked, Dave tried hard not to look, but it was impossible. All he could think of was how much he wanted to suck those breasts, to slide his cock between them and fuck them slowly, to run his hands over those tight little asses and squeeze them hard. It was a physical effort to drag his eyes away as his thoughts turned to what he’d like to do to those obviously well shaven pussies.

When the girls finished their discussion, they returned to stand before the very guilty looking Dave. “What’s your name?” The girl in pink demanded.


“Well, Dave. It seems you have been a very naughty boy. Not only have you been watching my sister and I enjoy a private moment, and interrupting it with your lustful moaning, you have also be found guilty of withholding a very impressive cock from our attention. You realize, of course, that you will have to be punished quite severely, now don’t you?” She licked her lips seductively, and Dave’s bottom jaw almost hit the floor.

It took a few moments for him to get a grasp of the situation. These girls weren’t angry with him for watching, they were turned on by it. Also, his towel had fallen open a little when they confronted him, and the sight of them standing there, so close together, had caused him to have another, very visible, erection. Right now, he knew he had only two choices, either beg for mercy, or run for his life, and begging seemed to definitely be the sweeter of the two options. Lowering his eyes, and pretending to pout, he did his best to seem humble. “You’re right. I have been a very naughty boy, and I await my punishment.”

The girls smiled at one another. He caught on quickly. The girl in the pink said, “I am Kara, and this is my younger sister, Kate. We’re home from college for the weekend.” Taking Dave by the hands, they led him towards the living room, continuing the small talk as they went. “Just how long has it been since you had a decent fuck, Dave?”

They sat him down in one of the chairs, and leaned in close on either side of him. Dave wasn’t at all sure what they were up to, but he was beginning to think he might have made the wrong choice, and should have run for his life when he had the chance. “A very long time.”

Kate undid the string on her bikini top, letting her breasts fall free, just inches from his nose. On the other side of him, Kara did the same, and Dave was so absorbed in the magnificent mounds of flesh that now flanked him that he didn’t notice what they were doing with their tops. Both Kara and Kate had used their string bikini tops to tie his hands to the arms of the chair. When the twins stepped back, Dave realized he was in bigger trouble then he first imagined.

Kara and Kate stepped around to the front of him, sitting together on his coffee table and regarding him for a moment. Kate leaned forward and released his towel completely, exposing his now half-hard erection. “Awwww, it’s goin’ down Kara.” She said with a fake sad face, and Kara turned and petted her hair soothingly.

“It’s ok, Sweetie, I know just how to make it grow bigger again.”

Kate gave Kara an excited “Oh, good!” bouncing a little as she said it, making her breasts bob up and down in a way that made it impossible for Dave to stay soft. Slowly, but surely, his cock began to get hard again. The girls noticed right away. “See? It’s getting bigger already!”

Dave had no idea what to expect next, and he was feeling more than a little vulnerable tied to the chair like that. Kara stood, running her hands slowly up Kate’s thigh as she did so. Every move she made was slow, sultry, and seductive. Stepping behind Kate, Kara slid her hands over her sister’s shoulders, letting each hand slip lower until she held Kate’s breasts in her hands. Slowly, she lifted them, squeezing them, pinching the soft pink nipples between her fingers until they were as hard as pebbles. Kate moaned softly and leaned back against Kara’s chest, settling in between her breasts, turning her head slightly and kissing the sides of her sister’s pleasure mounds.

Kara leaned lower as Kate lifted her face; they met in the middle with a long, tongue lingering kiss. Dave tried to relax back into the chair to watch, but this was not his most comfortable chair and his now, very solid, erection was making things even more uncomfortable. Kara continued to massage Kate’s breasts, while Kate began to suck Kara’s tongue into her mouth. Dave could feel his balls begin to ache along with his cock. A soft, agonizing groan escaped his lips, and the girls looked over to see the tiny droplets of pre-cum appearing on the head of his cock.

Kate feasted her eyes upon the creamy fluid, and licked her lips. Dave could see the girl wanted to suck it, to lick away the drops and suck more from his shaft, but Kara was not ready to let her do it just yet. As Dave watched, Kara leaned even further forward, one hand still firm on Kate’s breast, the other diving down the front of her bikini bottoms and vanishing between her thighs.

She looked up at Dave, her eyes filled with lust, and fire. “Have you ever seen more exquisite breasts Dave?”

Dave was finding it hard enough just to breathe, let alone talk. He managed to stammer a quick, “N-n-no.”

With her leg, Kara cleared the coffee table onto the floor, and lay Kate back, untying the sides of her bikini bottoms and pulling them free. She opened her sister’s legs wide so that Dave had a full view of the most perfect pussy he had ever seen. Dave could not believe what was happening. This was the kind of thing men only dared to dream about, and here it was, right on his coffee table. Now, he thought, if only he could break free of his bonds and touch this vision.

Kara leaned over Kate, running her hands down over her slim body and between her thighs once more. Dave could see the moisture on Kate’s pussy lips, smell her feminine odor. She was so close that he could almost taste her… almost. Kara popped a finger into her mouth, sucking it and making it all wet, then slid it along Kate’s pussy lips, parting them slightly and pushing her fingers along the valley between them. Kate, obviously the more submissive of the two, sighed and moaned softly as her sister’s fingers plied her open and slid into her soft pink opening.

Two fingers vanished inside Kate’s pussy, and Kara look back to Dave. “Have you ever seen a more exquisite pussy, Dave?”

Dave fought to gain a little composure as the drops of pre-cum ran down the length of his shaft and over his sack. “No, never.”

Kara then moved around, kneeling on the carpet between Kate’s knees. She reached out with her fingers again, pushing two, then three, deep into Kate’s now very moist opening. When she pulled them free again, she turned to face Dave, reaching up and smearing Kate’s juices over his nose, and down over his lips, holding them out for him to suck a little of the sweet nectar, then pulling them away again.

“Have you ever smelled or tasted a pussy so divine, Dave?” Her voice was as smooth as silk, and sweeter then honey, but Dave was not fooled. This woman was far from being done with her torturous tease.

“No. Never.”

With that, Kara turned back to Kate, and buried her face deep between her thighs. Kate let out a deep moan as Kara’s tongue penetrated her, and Dave could hear her sucking up all the sweet fluids that spilled from Kate’s pussy. Oh, how Dave wanted a piece of that. To feel that soft flesh under his tongue, to taste that womanly honey straight from the fountain from which it was created. But no, Kara was in control, and Kara would not offer him such a gift until she was ready for him to have it.

As Kara licked and sucked at Kate’s crotch, Kate reached down and ran her fingers lovingly through her hair, her back arched and her eyes slightly closed. Dave felt as thought his cock was going to explode if he didn’t get relief soon, and for just a moment, his eyes met with Kate’s, and she seemed to understand. “Kara, let me have him now. Just let me taste him. I need cock so badly.”

Kara lifted her head and looked lovingly at her sister, then turned and gave Dave a look that made him realize something. Kara didn’t like men. The thought was a little frightening, but there was a softness to Kate’s eyes that eased his fears a little. Climbing off the coffee table, Kate crawled towards him, climbed up onto his lap a little and taking his shaft in his hands.

Dave thought his cock would explode at her touch, but when she reached out and licked away the moisture from his shaft and sack, he knew it had to be the closest thing to heaven. That was until she slipped his throbbing head between her sensuous lips. He groaned loudly and she sucked him hard, taking him so deep into her mouth that he could feel his head against the back of her throat.

Kara pushed the coffee table out of the way, kneeling behind Kate and bending to continue her oral assault on the younger of the twin’s pussy. The moment Kara’s tongue touched Kate, her she came to life, sucking harder and faster on Dave’s throbbing member. Dave’s mind spun, his fingers digging deep into the soft fabric of the sofa. Never in his thirty-five years, had he had his cock been sucked so well. He opened his eyes a little, just enough to watch his shaft vanishing between her lips.

When he looked a little lower, he could see Kara still kneeling behind Kate, three fingers sliding in and out of her pussy, and her other hand massing her clit. Kate had begun to moan and hum, sending thrilling vibrations through Dave’s shaft, until the last of his self-control was spent. With a heavy groan, he released his load, straight into the back of Kate’s mouth. Spurt after heated spurt shot down the back of her throat, and she eagerly swallowed every drop. Even after his load was spent, she sucked, making sure she claimed every drop of his salty seed.

No sooner had she finished dining on his manly love juices then Kate threw back her head and cried out as Kara pushed her fingers deep into Kate’s pussy, rubbing her fingers furiously over her clit. Dave leaned back into the chair, watching as Kate rocked back and forth against Kara’s hands, her orgasm a pure pleasure to witness.

As Kate rested, Kara reached up and untied Dave, more to reclaim their tops then to set him free. It was clear that Kara liked to tease men, but found her only pleasure from males in tormenting them. Kate, however, would do anything to please her older sister, but obviously still took great pleasure in men. She was also the more loving and compassionate of the two. They were like the rose and the thorn. Both part of the same perfect flower, but one was the beauty, and the other was the sharp sting that protected it. Dave had to admire the bond between them.

As the girls slipped back into their respective bikinis, Dave didn’t move from the chair, opting instead to watch the girls and pick out the subtle differences. Kara gave him a contemptuous look, and turned her back so he could not watch her restrain her breasts. Kate, however, stood where he could watch her easily, smiling at him continuously and blowing him a small kiss when she was done.

Taking Kate by the hand, Kara headed for the door, stopping only to turn back to Dave and give him a stern warning. “Take heed that your peeping doesn’t become a habit, Dave. Next time, we might not be so easy on you.” Her wicked smile contradicted the severity of her tone.

Kate flashed him a hot smile and licked her lips one last time before being towed out the door, and Dave had to wonder just what those two had in mind. Kara’s warning was as much a dare as it was a warning, and when Dave returned to the bathroom to clean him-self up, he could not resist a quick peek out the window. Somehow, he knew they were watching for him, so he closed the curtain and turned on the shower. They had said they were home for the weekend, and today was only Saturday. He could always take another peek tomorrow, and, if he was lucky, he might just get caught.

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