tagIncest/TabooTwists and Turns Plus One

Twists and Turns Plus One


(I apologize to those who like this story that I haven't gotten around to this chapter for so long. Work and the pursuit of my own relationships can get in the way.)

Without further adieu

Twists and Turns; Plus One

I woke up with Amy and Kim at each side. They were curled up under the blankets with me, and a glimpse at the clock told me that Saturday had started.

Amy woke up with me and looked at the clock at the same time as me. "Hmm," she mumbled. "Sleep a little more, it's only seven in the morning. I can't even remember the last time I got to sleep that late."

"It's been a while," I said with a chuckle.

A hand reached my cock and slowly began to stroke it bringing it to attention. "I want some more," said Amy. "But someone told me to save some for her."

"Huh?" I asked with a truly dumbfounded tone.

"Laurie," said Amy. "She'll be here...wow, in another 45 minutes at the most. She's been dying to get a cock in her body."

"Why doesn't she just...go out and find one."

"What, that do-gooder?" laughed Amy as she rolled onto her back and rubbed herself to stimulate her cunt. "She's too 'pure'; but considering she didn't get pregnant from you the first or second time; she wants to have sex again."

"Oh, she's that kind of girl?" I asked. "She dislikes swinging."

Kim began to laugh out loud. "I'm sorry," she said with a high sigh. "I couldn't resist it, trying to fake sleeping." She sat up looking at Amy and I. "But I haven't ever met Laurie."

Amy continued to rub herself; but stopped and let out a distressed groan. "Rick fucked her after me, and he took her virginity. Ever since then she's been worried about...a lot of things. I told her that I have had sex with one man, Rick, and he's only had sex with two women, myself and you, Kim."

"You told her that Rick and I are in an incestuous relationship?" asked Kim in pure disbelief.

"Uh...yeah," said Amy. "Considering that my sister and I made out and humped..."

"Oh..." said Kim.

I laughed at both of them and crawled out of bed pulling the covers off all of us. My cock still stood at attention, and there were two willing pussies in that bed that I could have fucked.

"Those pills," said Amy. "Are they much good?"

"They'll let me cum seven times in a day if I....well, for lack of a better term, O.D. on them like that one time."

"Take them all, right now," said Amy.

I let out a chuckle; then left the room and went into the bathroom where I pulled out the bottle and took the last four pills. 'Takes a minimum of two hours to take effect,' I read to myself. I walked back to Kim's room and I found those two heatedly going at it; their bodies intertwined and the feel of heat already in the room.

I came up behind the two and tried to make a decision. Since I had fucked Kim last night I positioned my cock right at Amy's pussy. I slid it up and down her slit making her suddenly lift off of Kim and look at me.

There was extreme anticipation in her eyes like she wanted satisfaction in the most extreme sense. I caressed her sides as I began to slowly introduce my cock into her body. I pulled out, and pushed in, pulled out, pushed in. I forced her to endure the anticipation until I slowly pushed in and stayed in.

I flexed my cock in her body causing her to gasp each time. Then the passion took her again and she began to make out with Kim once again. They groped and massaged each other all the while I began slow pumping movements into Amy. The feeling of the tight and wet; albeit torn; panties around my shaft added to the pleasure and I could feel that I was going to have an orgasm like I hadn't had before.

I picked up the pace watching my wet cock slide in and out of Amy's wet cunt. I forced in a little harder and suddenly hit the right spot. Amy threw her head back flipping her hair back and arching her whole body. She had an extreme orgasm that caused her to groan loudly. I reached down to her abdomen and pulled her lower belly in a little more as I thrusted in. Each time I added more to the orgasm forcing it to last longer.

The loud groan turned into a long half scream as the orgasm wouldn't stop as I continued to push her abdomen muscles into more contractions.

"Rick, cum in me!" she screamed. "Cum now! Cum until I'm filled! Cum until I get pregnant!"

Suddenly I couldn't hold it in any longer. Amy's moans, screams; and passionate request sent me through the roof. I thrust in deeply and began to cum. I pulled back and forced in adding more to my already head dizzying orgasm.

Amy became quiet and her body was almost quivering as I finished my orgasm inside of her body. She muttered happily and passed out on top of Kim.

Kim smiled at me and we both gently let Amy back onto the bed.

"I think you gave her such an extreme orgasm she passed out," said Kim. "Why can't you do that to me?"

"I've tried," I said. "But Amy's passionate fuck was part of it."

Kim turned down to Amy, then back to me as I finally pulled my still hard cock out. "Are you willing to get her pregnant again," said Kim. "The amount you came...."

"She's got a diaphragm in her," I said. "A nice deep one too. I can get all the way in; and it wasn't until I slammed into her the last time I knew it was in there. She HAD to have put it in when you and I were getting heated up yesterday evening."

"Or before that," said Kim.

I nodded to Kim and sat back. "I'm famished. Let's eat and let Amy rest."

Kim and I walked out of the room to make breakfast and as I watched Kim strut in front of me towards the kitchen I knew that when Laurie arrived the rest of the day was going to be extreme.

The breakfast was uneventful, Kim and I eyeing each other, wanting one another's bodies, wanting to fuck each other till we could fuck no more when suddenly there was a knock on the door. Kim and I knew who it was and when I approached the door, and looked through the peephole I saw what I wanted to see.

It was Laurie, dressed in very little. From one glance it was a tiny skirt and a bikini top. I opened the door, shielding my naked body from the neighborhood; if someone had happened to drive, walk, or just go by; and I let Laurie in.

She saw Kim sitting on a stool eating, and realized she was naked; then turned to see me in the buff with a hard on pointing right at her.

I couldn't believe how quickly she removed her bikini top and skirt to show she wasn't wearing anything else.

"Take me, Rick. I'm so hot, so wet, so....tight, tanned, toned."

I took one step closer to her and grasped her tightly; our mouths locked and we were engaged in a passionate kiss, more passion from her than me. I reached down to her cunt and slid my fingers into her wet lips. I began to work her slowly causing her to break our kiss and stand there with an energetic and hellishly excited look on her face.

"I want to ask you...," she said gasping very suddenly, "something," she said finishing.

"What?" I asked in a cool tone.

"Get me pregnant this time."

That made Kim perk up suddenly as the time I got her pregnant yielded TWO miscarries. Though not surprising considering a brothers and sister's genetics don't mix well.....the FIRST times.

"Well, if you're gonna get HER pregnant," said Kim. "Why not me too?"

"I'm not going to object to either of those ideas," I said moving Laurie onto the couch where I laid her on her back and opened her legs. I leaned in and began to lick her toned stomach while I ran my hands up and all around her hips and tummy. The curves the sensual smooth skin, the toned looked, and the tanned body just made me harder.

My mouth found her leaking pussy where I licked and sucked on the moist lips. Laurie's mouth gasped wide at the excitement of something I knew she liked; but something Amy and Kim never took an interest in. Those two would rather have a cock in their cunts over a tongue any day.

I continued to lick her clean and stimulate her little clit causing squeals to escape her young mouth. Laurie was only 18 at the time, just out of high school to be exact, and it made her so much more appealing to fuck.

Then my sister joined in. She got over Laurie putting her pussy right in Laurie's face. Kim leaned in and kissed me, pulling me away from Laurie's wet pussy.

"Fuck her," she said breaking our kiss. "Cum in her and make her want more."

I held my shaft and brought it closer to the willing pussy. When it touched Laurie moaned, and when I slipped in, a gasp escaped her mouth.

Kim moved and kneeled on the floor next to us to watch Laurie as she got fucked for the third time of her life. From the look on her face I could see a mixture of slight pain; but euphoric pleasure that drove away the pain.

Laurie began to grunt and moan like some animal and with each thrust in her body got a little hotter, sweatier, and a little younger with such an innocent face turning so sweaty. Kim stood up and kissed me as she got around my body and held me close.

"When you've had a moment to regain your drive," she whispered into my ear. "You WILL fuck me, and you WILL get me pregnant this time."

Suddenly Laurie got stiff and her body arched. She leaned up to me and kissed me passionately sucking on my tongue while her body was searing though an orgasm. I pounded into her a little harder and made the orgasm last a little longer; but when she fell back onto the couch she had a satisfied look on her face. I knew what was coming next.

"Cum in me, Rick," she said. "Do it! Fill me up! Cum buckets in me and don't stop until it comes out of me in waves!"

I couldn't hold it any longer. Laurie's tight body, tight pussy, and passion sent me up and out. I slammed on last time into her and came. I shot once, twice, three, four times into her; then began to pump into her again forcing the jizz deeper into her womb and the last of the cum out of my cock.

When I was spent, and my cock had gone limp, I laid back on the couch and watched Laurie's pussy seep cum onto the couch. She leaned back and held her hand over her fucked cunt. She smiled at me and said: "We'll do this again."

'Shit,' I thought to myself with a laugh. 'I turned her into a sex crazed maniac.' * I had closed my eyes for a little while and when I woke up it was to the sound of booming thunder. It startled me awake and when I looked out the window it was very dim outside. When I looked at the clock I saw that there was nothing.

"Power is out," said Amy approaching me with a candle in her hand.

I stared her body up and down the sweat beading off her as the A/C was off and the house had become very hot very fast. The candlelight flickered off her body, changing how her body looked. Her curves were more shapely and her skin tones were changed to a little darker than her natural tan. Amy has always been proud of her Hawaiian background.

"God you look gorgeous in candlelight," I said.

"Take your mind off sex for a little while," said Amy.

"What time is it?" I asked.

"Damn near noon."

I looked back out the window and from what I could see it looked like late afternoon. "Severe storms?"

"Heavy thunderstorms; but that's the extent of it." Amy took my hand and got me off the couch. She walked me to the bedroom where Kim and Laurie were sitting on the bed naked talking to one another in the candlelight. They were pretty overheated as well as the sweat was beading off them as well.

Kim giggled at something Laurie told; then suddenly they were looking at me. "It's about damn time you woke up," said Kim.

"Sorry," I said. "You know how well I sleep through storms."

"Yeah," said Kim.

"I love sleeping in a car when it's storming out too," I said. "I sleep so--"

"Oh, shit!" shouted Amy. "My car is parked over the street drain, the lowest part of the street!"

I got up and looked out the window. Through the flashes of lightning I could see my wife's car in front of the house and surrounded by water that was already halfway up the door.

"You choose shitty places to park," I said.

"Fuck you, Rick. Your damn truck was--"

"Alright, never mind," I said diffusing the situation. "Come on, we're all going to have to push the car into the driveway so it doesn't get further drowned."

"But it's pouring out there!" shouted Kim. "I can barely see the house across the street."

"So. It's water." I stood there and stared at all of the girls. No words were needed and soon they were dressed in what looked 'appropriate', and they were following me outside.

Barefoot and already wet we got to Amy's car and waded into the thigh deep water that was trying to run down the poorly designed drain that flooded any time there was a lot of rain. Amy opened the door on the driver side finding there was water already inside the car. She sat inside and with the combined pushing power of Kim and Laurie we were able to get it out of the enormous puddle and up into the driveway.

Amy parked it and I tied the car to my truck. When we finally got back inside we were all soaking wet; but with one glance at the three young bodies in front of me...I knew something was going to come.

Amy, Kim, and Laurie were all wet from head to toe, clotho, hair, bodies. I approached Kim, who was closest and looked her deeply in the eyes. Though the flashing of the lightning she met my gaze and she could see the desire.

I took a hold of her soaked body and began to massage her in the spots I knew she liked the most. Moans soon came from her lips and when I looked to Amy and Laurie there were just standing there staring and dripping on the floor. I moved my face closer to Kim and kissed her the passion in her showing as she kissed back.

I brought her to the couch where I laid her gently down. I moved down her body messaging and taking in the smell of her perfume wet and clinging to her clothes. My hands pulled her wet tank top further up her body and over her breasts where I began to kiss her stomach and caress her body. Kim ran her fingers through my hair enjoying the sensations I was giving her making her feel very important.

Finally I knew her desire was getting to be more than mine. Her body shuddered every time I got close to her jean waist band. Finally I unbuttoned them and slowly hooked my fingers into them to slowly remove the soaked cloth. I tossed them off to the side and brought my hand to her wet crotch. I slipped two fingers in and began to caress her female parts as I brought my face to hers to kiss. Her moans were growing until they reached gasps of pleasure that force her to break our kiss.

"Take me, Rick," she said with a smile that was lit up by the storm.

When I looked around I couldn't find Laurie or Amy; but I was interested in Kim so it didn't matter at the moment.

I removed my soaked clothes and tossed them somewhere. My hard cock was grabbed by a hand and Kim brought it to her mouth where she sucked and licked it slowly. When she was happy with how hard I was she allowed me to slip between her legs.

My cock head touched her pussy lips and it caused her to jump. Kim was in a daze, acting almost childish, almost as if she'd never had sex before, so I began to tease her.

I ran my cock around her pussy, rubbing it up and down her slit lubricating it with her flowing juices. Her gasps were picking up pace, and her body shuddered and shivered more and more until finally I slipped into her.

I pulled back and forced in hard, then again, and again; then slowly, sensually. With each thrust I could see Kim's face gasp a little wider. I picked up the pace a little and began to slide in harder and harder and with each slide in Kim let out a gasp.

They began to build getting louder with each thrust until I was pounding into her rapidly. It turned into screams of joy and soon our bodies were intertwined Kim wrapping her legs around me trying to pull me deeper into her.

Then she orgasmed, again, and again, and again. Little orgasms, big orgasms. Her body was thick with sweat, her long hair still soaked and clinging to her face, neck, breasts. She was euphoric with no clue where she was, what was really going on; knowing only that she didn't want it to stop.

But I wasn't going to last forever. I tried to slow my pace; but that increased Kim's fervor in pulling me deeper, trying to get me to go faster. I slammed deeper and deeper my cock feeling like it was trying to get longer. Finally I felt the last straw. My cock swelled and my body tensed. It felt like everything was being drawn to my cock and finally I began to spurt inside my sister. Deep, heavy, thick ropes of cum coated the inside of my sister. It didn't feel like I was going to stop either until after a minute of having the most powerful orgasm ever I felt the last throb of my cock.

I laid down on the couch with Kim, my cock still buried deep inside of her, and we fell asleep clasped together embracing each other after the passion.

(Next chapter will come ASAP. Look for an additional piece called: "Twists and Turns; Amy and Laurie".)

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