tagMind ControlTwo Good Neighbors

Two Good Neighbors


Author's Note: This story contains themes of questionable consent by way of mental manipulation. If that makes you uncomfortable, please do not read further. Please do not bother to make comments just to say it's wrong or messed up. This is intended solely as fictional fantasy.

----Mark Roberts Perspective-----

Roberts peered through the hole in the fence to see what the young couple next door were up to. He saw Kyle, the boy who lived there and his girlfriend Maria.

Kyle was 20 but Roberts wasn't sure about Maria. He had only interacted with her on a minimal level. She had to be pretty close in age to Kyle. Maybe a little older perhaps.

The couple was standing barefoot in the grass smiling at one another. Roberts was about to look away, his curiosity abated, when he heard Maria speak. She said something that struck Roberts as quite out of the ordinary.

"Are you sure you want me to try and hypnotize you?"

"Yeah, maybe it will work, it'll be fun," said Kyle with a cute giggle.

"Okay. Well here it goes, relax, listen to my voice..."

Maria droned on for a few minutes. Roberts left the fence after the first minute to water a plant and then came back to see if she was done.

His curiosity was really heightened now. Maria was still speaking but seemed to be finishing up.

"When you hear the phrase, uhh... "green pine cones," you will enter a deep hypnotic trance again, becoming twice as deeply relaxed as the last time. What is your phrase?"

"Green pine cones..." mumbled Kyle with his eyes closed.

Roberts raised an eyebrow as he continued watching the two. Was something actually happening or was Kyle pretending?

"You will accept any suggestions I make, won't you Kyle?"

"Yes. I will accept any suggestions Maria," said Kyle. To Roberts, it sounded like Kyle was sleep-talking, or mumbling during a dream perhaps.

"Cool. Let's see..." Maria rubbed her chin and looked around as if searching for inspiration and then turned back to her boyfriend and smiled.

"When I wake you up, you will do the chicken dance and sing the barbie girl song. Wake up."

Kyle opened his eyes and started doing the chicken dance and singing the song. His eyes opened wide with surprise as his body launched into motion. Maria started laughing and pointing at him.

"Okay, I think it worked!" she cackled. "You can stop."

He kept going despite her permission.

"Woops, uh, green pine cones."

Kyle stopped dancing and singing and closed his eyes.

"There we go. You can stop. Wake up."

Kyle opened his eyes and broke into embarrassed giggles.

"Oh my god! I can't believe that. Suddenly I was just dancing and singing and I couldn't stop no matter what! That's so weird!"

"Yeah, seriously, we should go inside though. I better get running here."

"Okay, I'll see you out and then get back to my gardening."

The two walked into the small house and disappeared. Roberts left his place at the fence and did some more watering. Quite interesting, he thought.

He entertained the thought of what he'd do if he had a pretty young teen boy like Kyle under the effect of hypnosis, which was apparently real. There would be a lot fewer embarrassing songs and much more alluring behaviors. Maybe some sexy belly dancing.

He chuckled at the thought of his male neighbor doing a belly dance for a middle aged man like him.

Then again, maybe he could have Kyle under the effect of hypnosis. The thought froze him. In theory...

All he had to do was say the phrase right? Assuming he hadn't been faking. He thought back. No, it had seemed pretty genuine. Kyle had seemed really embarrassed afterward.

Maria had just said she was leaving, so maybe he could try it when Kyle came back out to the backyard. Roberts wouldn't do anything naughty, but he would just see if he could do it. It would be fun. Just harmless fun. Nothing else.

A couple minutes later, he heard a car start and drive away, and soon after he heard Kyle's screen door open and then close.

His heart rate accelerated as he contemplated trying to put Kyle under. He waited for a couple minutes and then opened the gate in the fence between their two yards. Kyle looked up as Mr. Roberts entered the yard.

Kyle stood up and smiled before wiping his brow, succeeding only in smearing the sweat around.

"Hiya Mark, this is amazing weather isn't it?"

"Oh yes, I was just doing some gardening myself. We could use more days like this."

He took in Kyle's appearance. He was 20 now and in great shape. His body had been the subject of a few lewd thoughts in the past year since he moved in. As far as Roberts knew, Maria had only started seeing Kyle a few weeks ago.

Kyle was still barefoot, wearing only a pair of loose black shorts that went mid-thigh and a loose white top that was matted with a bit of sweat.

"Mother Nature is a cruel mistress," Kyle said with a remorseful sigh.

"She sure is. I've spent the last ten minutes getting pine cones off my plants. Got some brown ones and some green pine cones surprisingly enough."

He sucked in a breath and closed his eyes nervously as he said the two words. When he opened them a few seconds later, Kyle's eyes were closed as well and he wasn't saying anything. Mark released his held breath. Had it truly worked?

"Can you hear me Kyle?" he asked, trying not to stammer.

"Yes I can hear you," came the serene reply.

"When you wake up, you will bend down and scratch both of your feet for a few seconds. Okay?"

"I understand."

"Okay, wake up."

Kyle opened his eyes and bent to scratch both his feet for a few seconds.

Mark's mouth fell open but he recovered quickly.

"Green pine cones," he said quickly before Kyle realized what he had said before. "Umm... When you wake up, you will not remember me mentioning pine cones or scratching your feet. Wake up now."

Kyle woke back up and stretched luxuriously in the sunlight.

"Are your feet itchy?" he asked.

Kyle looked at him strangely.

"Hmm? Not really, why do you ask, are yours?"

"You just scratched your feet though."

Kyle frowned.

"Nooo... I don't think I did, did I really?" he said in confusion.

"Green pine cones."

Kyle went back under. Mark Roberts smiled. There was no way Kyle was faking. He couldn't believe it was really working!

"You will forget that we talked about your feet when you wake up. Also, you will ask to come to my yard. Wake up."

Kyle opened his eyes.

"Hey, could we move this to your yard Mark?"


------Kyle Perspective--------

Kyle followed Mr. Roberts to his yard and his neighbor closed the gate behind him. He surveyed the yard. It was really beautiful, if only his own could compete, he thought. Oh well.

Maybe it just wasn't meant to be despite all of the tips he had followed from Mr. Roberts. They had helped some, but his neighbor just had the magic touch it seemed.

"You see all these..." Mark said. Kyle suddenly lost track of what was happening. It was like he was dreaming, and then suddenly, he snapped back to awareness.

Smiling now, Kyle took his shirt off and slid his shorts down, revealing his purple boxer briefs. After he stepped out of his shorts, Kyle jumped in surprise, unsure of what he had just done.

"Oh my god, I'm so sorry, I don't know why I stripped down to my underwear," he said, feeling himself turn red instantly.

What would Mr. Roberts think? What had come over him? He chastised himself fiercely inside his head for acting like a fool.

"Just a little bit of hypnosis," said Marks with a smile. Kyle stopped freaking out and looked at him.

"What? Did you-"

"I saw you and your girlfriend earlier. You're looking youthful and radiant by the way."

Kyle felt his confusion seep away. Had Mark really manipulated him using the hypnosis like Maria had? The thought was a little scary but at least he knew he wasn't going crazy now.

"Oh I see. Yeah weird I guess. Good prank either way," said Kyle as he now reached for his shorts again.

"You'd look even better with your underwear off."

Kyle stared at him blankly. Had Mark really just said that? He just kind of froze and stared at Mark like a paranoid animal.

"You listen he-" he started, before he suddenly snapped to a dreamlike state.


Kyle blinked and looked down at himself. He was naked and kneeling in Mr. Roberts's yard still. He started playing with his swelled cock and used his left hand to play with a nipple.

"Huh, that's weird," Kyle said, feeling confused.

"What's weird?" asked Mr. Roberts with a big smile as he looked down at Kyle.

"Was I annoyed at you about something? I feel like there was something bothering me."

"Oh, it was nothing that bad. You were just upset that I refused to cum on your face."

Oh right, now he remembered. Kyle felt anger bubbling to the surface.

"That was it, now I remember," he said crossly. He looked up at his neighbor with a glare. "Mr. Roberts, I thought we were friends, how could you refuse to cum on my face? It's not like I'm being unreasonable."

He fumed silently as he continued to play with himself. Really, the nerve of Mark not wanting to cum on his face. Surely he would see reason.

"Okay, fine, you're right Kyle, I was being unreasonable. I'm just tired after a long day. I'll cum on your face."

Kyle smiled in victory. He knew Roberts wouldn't continue to deny him something so minimal.

"Thank you so much Mark! This means a lot."

"Haha, I should be thanking you," Roberts said quietly under his breath. Roberts pulled his shorts and underwear down and began stroking his hard dick quickly as he looked down at Kyle.

-------Mark Roberts Perspective------

Roberts sighed contentedly as he jerked himself off openly in front of his sexy neighbor. Kyle was stunning in his underwear, and doubly so once he stripped entirely. He had only seen Kyle shirtless before, so this was a nice change of scenery.

And now Kyle was kneeling on Roberts' lawn while he played with a nipple and his beautiful cock, getting mad that his neighbor wouldn't cum on his face. How things had changed so greatly in just half an hour.

There was a part of Roberts' mind that felt guilty at how fast he had succumbed to the naughty thoughts of what power he had over Kyle now.

The corruption had been swift but he wouldn't abuse his neighbor or anything or ruin his life. So it was fine. Or at least he told himself so.

Roberts legs shook as a wave of pleasure went through him. It wouldn't be long now. Just another minute... He stared at Kyle's beautiful, youthful body. If only Maria was seeing this! He almost giggled.

Then he was going over the edge. He grunted loudly and carefully tried to keep his penis lined up with Kyle's face. The first blast of cum hit him in the forehead, and then the next on his lips, and then his cheeks.

Roberts kept thinking his penis was finished but then another large jet his Kyle between the eyes and then three more hit his face all over and Roberts was finally done. He breathed in deeply, recovering from the orgasm.

That ejaculation reminded him of his own youth, he hadn't shot like that in ages. He pulled his underwear and shorts up with a smile and looked down at his "work".

Kyle's face was positively coated in cum. Roberts' cum. The thought sent a jolt of excitement through him. Kyle smiled up at him.

"Thank you so much Mark, I'll have to return the favor sometime."

"Maybe you could come over after dinner and help me out with something? Just come through the gate again then," Roberts asked cautiously.


"Great. Green pine cones. When you wake up, you will get dressed without noticing that you are doing it. You will forget anything about you being naked and touching with yourself or me cumming on your face. You will not feel or see the cum on your face either. You will not touch or clean your face unless you have to go out in public for some reason or see someone. Also, you will only be able to fall into a hypnotic trance when I say the correct words from now on. No one else can put you under no matter what. Wake up."


Around 7 P.M., Roberts saw Kyle walking through his backyard. He had been watching through the window for an hour, feeling anxious and excited. Part of him was convinced he'd had a heat stroke and imagined everything. But as Kyle got closer, he saw that his face was still white with dried cum. He let him in.

"Thank you for coming."

"No problem, I felt like I owed you a favor for some reason," Kyle said cheerfully.

"Green pine cones."

He lifted a box up from the floor and put it on the kitchen counter and opened it. It contained parts of a french maid uniform that his ex-wife used to own.

Of course, she had only worn it once. Roberts was hopeful that it might end up fitting Kyle. The thought had been tantalizing him all day once he had thought about the idea.

His dog Alfredo came into the kitchen barking, way late for defending its owner. Mark chuckled and led the dog away into another room and closed the door. Alfredo would just get in the way right now.

"When I wake you up, you will decide that a great way to repay the favor you feel you owe is to change into this outfit and clean the tv room while I watch a show. You won't notice or mind how revealing and girly it is, it will just feel right and smart to wear it. Wake up in five seconds."

Mark walked to the living room and turned on the tv and resumed watching his Netflix show. A few minutes later, Kyle walked into the room. Mark's jaw almost dropped at the sight. It seemed the outfit did fit.

Kyle was wearing black heels, dark fishnet stockings, a black skirt with a white hem that didn't even fully cover his rear, and a matching top that was basically a glorified bra. The final piece was a little headpiece.

Jesus he was stunning in it. And his pretty face still had his cum all over it.

"Hey Mark, I figured putting this outfit on and doing a bit of cleaning would be a good way to help you out, I hope you don't mind."

"Of course not, this room could use a bit of dusting," said Mark with a huge smile on his face.

He began to watch Kyle more than his show as Kyle busied himself dusting around the room. At one point he bent in front of the tv stand to start dusting it and Mark felt his erection get even bigger.

Since there had been no underwear with the outfit, Kyle was wearing nothing under the lewd skirt. Kyle had the most perfect globes, a totally fat bubble butt.

A total waste for a straight boy, he thought. Mr. Roberts wanted nothing more than to stand up and smack Kyle's bubbly butt and see how much it jiggled.

After his show was over, Mark put Kyle under again.

"When I wake you up, you will ask to finish cleaning the room by cleaning my cock. You will pull it out and then use your ass cheeks to milk all my cum out until I'm ready to cum on your face. You won't find doing any of that weird and you will really want more of my cum on your face. Wake up."

------Kyle Perspective-------

Kyle blinked. He was pleased that he had finished cleaning Mark's room. Well, almost cleaned it.

"All that's left is to clean your cock, do you mind?" he asked.

"Oh no, go ahead."

Kyle nodded and smiled. He dug out Mr. Roberts's cock. Then he turned and lowered to place Mark's cock between his cheeks as best he could, and began sliding up and down.

"I'll get this cleaned up for you really fast Mark. Go ahead and cum on my face after, okay?"

"Alright Kyle, I can do that."

Kyle shook his head of hair and continued focusing on his work. He was very pleased that he was able to help his older neighbor out after Mr. Roberts had helped him out in the past. It only took a few minutes of dutiful cleaning before Mr. Roberts announced he was close.

Kyle stopped and knelt in front of Mr. Roberts who jerked himself a few times. The first hot jet hit him in the face. He closed his eyes as Mr. Roberts milked out several more blasts of cum.

"Thank you Kyle, you were a great help today."

Kyle felt himself blanking out for a brief moment.


Kyle blinked and adjusted his shirt. He waved goodbye to Mark and walked back to his house. It had been great helping Mark move his furniture around.

It was good that he could help him out since it wasn't so easy to move heavy things around by oneself. He went home and took a shower, spending extra time to wash his face today.

It would be good to clean his pores a bit after sweating in the sun and at Mark's today!

Maybe there would be another way he could help Mr. Roberts the next day, he thought to himself as he stood under the water.

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