tagIncest/TabooTwo Weeks of Leave

Two Weeks of Leave


I was always a fat kid. No matter what I did, I could never lose the weight. I played sports in high school, dieted, lifted weights and ran for miles. As a result, I was always in pretty good shape, but I could never shed the baby fat. In college it was the same story, only with less exercise and more beer. So when time came to graduate, instead of going to medical school like my father and my older sister, I did something no one could have possibly predicted. I joined the US Marine Corps. Having always been a competitor, I threw myself in to training. I wanted to be the best at everything. I pushed myself hard, worked out after hours, and kept to a strict diet. As a result, not only did I lose 30 pounds in the first twelve weeks, but over the course of my first year, I burned off the rest of the fat, and put on about 30 pounds of solid muscle. I was a changed person. Opting not to take leave after graduation, I reported to my first duty assignment at Camp Pendleton, just as the division was gearing up to deploy. I was barely getting adjusted when 30 days after I arrived, I was a brand new platoon leader in Iraq.

After ten of the hardest months I have ever experienced, we finally redeployed back to "the world", and I promptly took two weeks of leave to go home. I hadn't been home in almost 2 years, so it never occurred to me that I must have looked completely different. I got off the plane and went to baggage claim, where my father told me he would pick me up, when I saw my stepmother and my younger sister waiting for me. I walked up to them, saying hi and smiling, and I was met with a blank stare from both of them.

Suddenly my stepmother Laura said "Oh my God honey, I didn't even recognize you." She squeezed me in a crushing hug, and then my sister practically jumped on me. Once they finally got over their initial shock, we grabbed my bags and headed to the car. My stepmom couldn't stop talking about how great I looked, and apologized that my father wasn't there. He had to go out of town for work on short notice and would call me later.

My father had always been disappointed in my decision. He wanted me to be a doctor. He couldn't understand why I didn't want to, and it added to the friction we already had between us. He had come here for medical school from Pakistan with no friends, no family, and only 8 dollars to his name, and was now a highly respected surgeon. He met my mother through his roommate, who was dating a friend of my mom's. My mother was studying ballet, with sunny blond hair, deep blue eyes, and nearly as tall as my father. From the minute he saw her, he never had a chance. He fell in love with the graceful creature the moment he laid eyes on her, even though he was too shy to do anything about it. My mom, on the other hand, was completely taken with the quiet, handsome young exchange student and succeeded in bringing him out of his shell. Two months after he arrived in the U.S., and a month after he met my mother, they were engaged. One month later they were married. He was 21, and she was just on the heels of her 19th birthday. Three months after that, my mother was pregnant with my older sister, with me arriving 13 months later. My little sister didn't come until 4 years later, once my father was well in to his residency. After my little sister was born, my mother went back to the ballet. One day during an audition, she took a bad fall and hit her head. She died in surgery and my father was never the same. Already somewhat strict, he withdrew into his work, and was cold and distant to us throughout our childhood.

We finally got home and Laura started to make dinner. I unloaded my stuff in my old room, and sat down to catch up with my little sister. She filled me in on the family details. My older sister, Priya, who had gone to a university about an hour away, was starting her 3rd year of med school, and couldn't get the day off to come home to see me. She would come home in a couple of days. My younger sister, Shabana (everyone just calls her Shea, as in Shea Stadium), was always more of an artist. She was starting her sophomore year studying dance just like my mother, and worked part time as a yoga instructor. Even though we lived in the same town as the college she and I both attended, she was living on campus and just came home to hang out with me. Laura called us in for dinner, and the conversation revolved around my weight loss, and the last year I spent in desert. I stuck to the funny stories I had from the war, not wanting to ruin the mood with the dozens of not- so- funny stories I had from that time. After dinner we sat around for a while until Shea had to leave to meet some friends.

"You want to come with Jay?" (My given name is Jamal, but everyone calls me Jay.) "Most of your friends are still around and we'll probably run in to some of them." I said sure, and went to get dressed. I made some calls to track down some of my old friends and planned to meet them out.

We headed down to the part of town where all of the old familiar college bars are located to meet up with my sister's friends, when my buddy Mike called. "Hey, meet us at O'Reilly's" he said. So once we parked the car we split up, and I walked off to meet the guys. I eventually found my friends in the crowded bar and started drinking. After about an hour, my sister texted me asking "where r u?"

"Still at the O", I replied, and about 10 minutes later she walked in with her gaggle of 19 year old friends.

"Oh my god" said 3 of my friends all at once, as they watched the young group of dancers slink through the bar. "Jay!!" my sister called out to me, and ran up to hug me.

Megan, her best friend since grade school, walked up right behind her and said "Holy shit, Shea. You were right. He is totally fucking hot!"

"Megan!!!" said my sister, blushing as she slapped her friend on the arm. Megan gave me a tight, lingering hug, and then proceeded to squeeze my shoulders, arms and back, as well as run her hand seductively across my abs.

"You really look great, Jay. You don't have an ounce of fat, and you're completely ripped."

"Combat is a great weight loss program, Megan." I replied, "120 degree heat, 65 pounds of gear, 3 gallons of water a day, and no time to rest. That will trim anyone down."

"You were always cute, but now you are by far the hottest guy I know" she said.

"You look pretty fantastic, yourself." I remarked as my eyes roamed over the young dancer's body. "The last time I saw you, you hadn't ...um...developed quite as much." The last time I saw her she was a junior in high school, and boy had she changed. As opposed to Shea, who was 5'9" and looked every bit the ballet dancer, Megan was shorter, about 5'4" and much curvier, with long straight blond hair, bright blue eyes, thick full lips, tight c-cups, a flat stomach with a narrow waist, and a rock hard bubble butt. She would never be a ballerina, she was built more like a Laker Girl. To be honest... she was built like a stripper. "I guess 15 years of dance classes really paid off."

"I'm glad you noticed. You never did before".

"The last time I saw you, you were a scrawny high school student. Times have changed. Besides, you're like a little sister to me, so I never really gave it much thought."

We turned our attention back to whatever drinking game our group started to play, and by the end of the night, most of us were pretty drunk. When the bartenders called last call, my sister found me in the crowd to tell me she was too drunk to drive. "Let's just walk to my house. It's not far from here. We'll pick my car up in the morning."

Shea, Megan and I walked about 3 blocks to the house they shared with another of their friends, Ashley. Megan's current boy toy, Joe, called her while we were walking. He asked if he could come over, and she agreed. "Booty call," my sister teased her.

"That's the only thing I want from him anyway," Megan replied, "He's kind of stupid, and he drinks way too much. If he wasn't so damn hot I wouldn't talk to him at all."

Ashley and her boyfriend Scott were just getting home the same time we were. They were pretty friendly on the sidewalk, but as soon as we walked in the house, they went straight into Ashley's bedroom and shut the door. I thought it was a little rude, since there was a group of us and I thought we were all going to hang out, but apparently I was mistaken. My sister and Megan both took off to get ready for bed right away, too. I sat down on the couch just as the doorbell rang, so I answered it to find a completely sloppy, falling over drunk college kid on the porch.

"You must be Joe."

"Yeah. Megan here?" he slurred out as he squinted at me.

"Come on in."

I went back to the couch and Joe walked to Megan's room. I stripped down to my boxers, climbed under a blanket, and turned on Sports Center to unwind for a few minutes, when I suddenly heard moaning and pounding coming from Ashley's room. "I guess that's why they were in such a hurry" I chuckled to myself.

After about 10 minutes I started to drift off, when Megan came storming out of her room and plopped down on the couch. She was dressed in nothing but lacy, Victoria's Secret boy shorts and a baby tee a size too small that barely covered her rib cage. She wasn't wearing a bra, and her full breasts and pink nipples were clearly visible. I couldn't help but gaze at her toned, petite dancer's body, and I asked her "What's up?" while trying to hide my growing erection.

"Fucking Joe," she said. "We were fooling around and he was going down on me. I was just about to cum when he stopped and climbed on top of me to fuck," she huffed. "I decided that I better pee before we really got in to it, so I ran to the bathroom quickly to get back fast. I swear I was gone for less than a minute, but when I got back he was passed out and snoring."

I laughed at that, which made her really mad. "It's not funny" she said, "I'm fucking frustrated and I haven't gotten laid in a really long time!!!"

"I thought you had been seeing this guy for a while?"

"Only about a week. We met last Saturday, and I made out with him but that was it. That's all I had planned on letting him do tonight, but I'm pretty drunk, and for some reason I am unusually horny."

I laughed at her again and said, "Well forgive me if I don't have any sympathy for your frustration. I could write a book on it."

"Oh my god Jay, I didn't even think of that. You probably haven't gotten any action in a long time"

"Kate and I broke up the winter before graduation and I've been gone for almost 2 years, so yeah, you could say that."

"Holy shit Jay. I feel bad for even saying anything before."

"You should," I joked "Plus, it doesn't help that after hearing your roommate Ashley fucking her boyfriend's brains out, you come out here practically naked."

"You should be glad. 5 minutes ago I was naked."

"Oh yeah Meg. I'm really glad."

Suddenly Megan turned towards me and put her hands on my thighs. Looking into my eyes with a devilish grin on her face, she said "So you must be feeling pretty frustrated right now."

"You have no idea," I replied.

"Is it really...hard...for you to see me dressed like this?"

"Don't tease me Megan. It's not nice."

Slowly, she started rubbing her hands up and down my thighs, massaging them and leaning closer and closer to me as she did. "I'm not teasing you Jay. I'm asking a question."

"I think you are unbelievably hot, and you probably have the best body I have ever seen. Being here next to you is torture."

"Do you remember when I told you that I am unusually horny tonight? That's because of you."


"Have you seen yourself? Shea told me about the weight loss and the muscles, but until I saw you I had no idea how you would affect me. Even your face is different. And now, with your shirt off, you look like a Greek god. I got all worked up with Joe because I was thinking about you."

As soon as she said that, she slid her hand on to my cock and started stroking it through the blanket.

"Do you like looking at my body?' she asked.

"You are unbelievably sexy" I said, "I've never seen anyone like you."

"But you haven't seen anything" she replied, and she grabbed the ends of her shirt and pulled it off over her head, releasing her firm, 19 year old tits. "How's this?" They sat high up on her chest and looked even bigger than I expected. If I hadn't known her my whole life, I would have thought they were fake. Her nipples were like little pink diamonds, and looking at them made my mouth water.


Then she leaned forward, shoved her tongue in my mouth and climbed underneath the blanket.

"I can feel how hard you are. Your dick feels like a steel rod." She said as she ground her pubic mound on my hard-on and pressed her tits into my chest. "I want it inside me."

"You feel so fucking good Meg. I have to warn you though, it's been a while. I don't know what my hang time will be like."

"Let's see if I can help with that" she said as she slipped under the blanket and pulled down my boxers. She started licking and stroking my cock slowly, talking dirty to me the whole time. "You like that? You like having your big cock in my mouth?" and then she inhaled my prick, practically deep throating me right off the bat. "You like having me suck your fat cock?"

"God it feels so good." I said, and then she took her mouth off my dick and started rolling my balls around in her mouth. "Do you remember tonight when you said I was like a sister to you? I bet your sisters don't do this for you. Do you like having your 'little sister' take your cock in her mouth?" For some reason, talking like that made it sound so dirty, which made me even hornier. I couldn't believe I had lasted this long, and I think she could tell I was getting close, because she took me back in her mouth and started sucking faster. "Cum for me baby. Fill my mouth up with 2 years worth of cum. Give it to your little sister"

I felt my balls tense up and started shooting my load. It felt like I shot a gallon, and I might have been right because it started leaking out the sides of her mouth. I pulsed and shot 4 or 5 long bursts before it finally started to slow down. She kept her mouth on me the entire time, and when I finally finished, she scooped up the cum that had overflowed with her finger, and teasingly sucked it into her mouth. "Mmm. Aged. Like fine wine."

I was still catching my breath when she stretched her body across mine, dragging her hard nipples across my bare sweaty skin, and started whispering in my ear. "Did it turn you on when I said I was your sister? It made me feel dirty, and so fucking good."

"It was pretty hot. The thought of it was nasty."

Gently nibbling on my ear, she whispered, "If I was your sister I would have fucked you everyday growing up. I would never have been able to get enough of your beautiful cock."

That started to get me worked up again, and I could feel my prick start to swell. I think even she was surprised that it was coming back so quickly. She started grinding her pussy against it and gently kissing my neck and rubbing her hands all over my torso. "Do you want to stick that big cock in your sister's pussy? It's so wet for my big brother. I want it." She pulled her panties down and straddled me. Slowly, she slid her gash back and forth on my dick, making it even harder and getting it soaking wet.

"Ooh, that feels so good." I stuttered.

"Is it ready?" She asked, "Are you ready to slide it in to your baby sister's tight hot cunt?"

"Oh god yes."

"Say it."


"Say what you want to do."

"I want to fuck my baby sister. I want to watch her cum all over my dick."

With that she reached down and positioned herself. Slowly she slid the full length of my throbbing cock inside her. "Oohhh," she moaned "It's huge. And hard as a rock." I don't have a giant porn star penis, but it's a respectable length, even more so now since I lost the weight. It is, however, pretty thick, and right now it was stretching Megan more than she had expected. "I can feel every vein and ridge. I feel like it's splitting me open. I think I might cum right now." Sure enough, we had barely gotten started when she sped up and began to twitch. "Oh god, oh god, oh god," she screamed as she bounced up and down hard. "I love my brother's cock!" I reached up and fondled her tits, then I sat up and took a nipple in my mouth. Her body froze and tensed up completely, her pussy contracting violently on my dick, and then she started to shake and let out a scream. After about a minute of convulsions, she collapsed on top of me. Her heart was pounding, and her firm, sweaty body felt great. "God, Jay. That was fucking incredible. I have never come that fast and that hard in my life."

"We're not done yet." I said. "I hope you can take it."

"I'll take as much of that big dick as you want to give me."

I rolled us over and slowed the pace down to give her a chance to recover. As I dragged my dick in and out of her at a nice slow pace, rotating it a little to try to find every nerve, she moaned, "Oh god Jay. It feels sooo good. I love fucking my 'big brother'."

"You are such a nasty little girl," I said. "I can't believe you would take your brother's cock."

"I love my brother's cock. I want all of it. Pound me with it. Split me in half!!" I sped up a little and she looked at me in heat. "You like fucking your little sister don't you," she said, "You wish I really was your sister. That would make it even hotter."

"Fuck yeah" I grunted.

"Tell me you like it. Tell me how much you love my soaking wet pussy. It's wet for you."

"I love my baby sister's cunt. I want to fuck your wet pussy so hard my dick comes out your throat." I flipped her over on her stomach and started pistoning in and out of her. Then I reached my hand underneath her and started tweaking her clit.

"Holy fucking shit that feels good. I'm gonna come again!!"

She started wailing and screaming as I gradually picked up the pace and intensity, until I was eventually lifting my hips up off the couch and ramming it in to her. "Yes, yes, yes. Give it to me," she screamed, "fuck your baby sister with that fat dick." As she got closer, she slipped her hand over mine and we rubbed her clit together in time. She pulled my other hand to her chest, and we squeezed her tit together as I pinched her nipple and bit her earlobe. Suddenly I felt her twitching again. She buried her face in the cushions and screamed in to the fabric as loud as she could. "Fuck, fuck, fuck...aaahhhhhh!!!" Her pussy clamped down on my dick so hard I thought it would tear the skin, and her body started to shake and seize like an epileptic. Her orgasm was the last straw for me and I went off like a shotgun. Boom, boom, boom the thick blasts of cum shot out of me, painting her cervix and leaking out everywhere. I came so hard I thought the force of my ejaculation might bruise her insides. As the last shot rose up, and Megan went limp, I lifted up my body to get some extra thrust. As I raised my head, I looked up. Imagine my shock when, standing at the end of the hall, staring right at me, was my sister. I froze, unsure how to react, but the look on her face was one I had never seen. It wasn't shock or anger. The only way to describe it is...hunger.


Just as I shot my last load in to Megan's tight little body, I lifted up my head, and standing there looking me right in the eye, was my sister Shea. I'll never forget that moment for the rest of my life. She was leaning against her door frame staring at us, panting, with her right hand down the front of her panties and gazing at me with a look I can only describe as pure lust. When our eyes locked, I had no idea what to do, but rather than look embarrassed, she stopped fingering herself, took her hand out of her pants, and seductively sucked her fingers into her mouth. Then, she simply turned and walked back into her room.

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