tagIncest/TabooUn Sejour Dans Le Sud De La France Ch. 06

Un Sejour Dans Le Sud De La France Ch. 06


Author's Note:- This is the sixth chapter of "Terri, Beth et Tommy - Un séjour inoubliable dans le sud de la France" If you are new to this story I would suggest that you read "Tommy meets Terri" before reading this story to familiarise yourself with the characters and the situation between them. Also, I like to think of this story not as simply a sex-story, but rather as a story that has some sex in it (albeit quite a lot of it!)All characters are over 18.

Tommy, Beth et Terri -- Un séjour inoubliable dans le sud de la France

Chapter 6 -- Awakenings and Revelations

Our planned daytrip to Monaco was an unqualified success. We were unsure whether we would be able to park the car in the tiny principality - the world's second smallest independent nation (the very smallest being the Vatican City) - so we decided to park up at the local rail station and took the train to Monte Carlo instead.

Let me say at this point that Monte Carlo was everything I had envisioned it would be; glamorous people, fabulous yachts gently bobbing in the azure blue waters of the harbour, the ornate architecture of the casino with the vivid turquoise patina of verdigris gracing its distinctive copper roof. And of course, for a Formula 1 fanatic such as myself it was nothing less than a pilgrimage.

I had always longed to see the famous street circuit for myself, especially the iconic hairpin at the Grand Hotel, the chicanes around the swimming pool and the restaurant at La Rassecasse. In my mind I envisioned all my F1 heroes from decades past, battling each other for supremacy on the twisting streets of the Circuit de Monte Carlo. The smell of high octane racing fuel and burning rubber permeating the air, the roar of high-performance engines and the massed crowds of spectators occupying every balcony, terrace, yacht and grandstand seat to witness the gladiatorial battle of man versus machine. I was in petrolhead heaven!

The girls also enjoyed their day enormously -- there were plenty of designer boutiques and high-class fashion outlets to keep them amused for hours.

It was a perfect day -- apart from one thing.


It wasn't that I resented his presence or anything - he was a nice guy and I liked him enormously. And that was part of the problem. The previous day I had discovered that I had... feelings for him. These feelings confused me greatly and his very presence that day did nothing to assuage them. In fact, if anything, it made them worse.

Okay, so maybe worse is the wrong adjective to use in this instance, but it was true that these feelings were eating away inside me and having the object of those confusing feelings following me around all day did nothing to help me to overcome them.

It didn't help that he was almost as fanatical about motor racing as I was, although being American; his allegiances were with Nascar and Indycar racing. He was still reasonably knowledgeable about Formula 1 however, so we chatted for ages about motorsport as the girls dragged us around while they window-shopped.

Anyway, after a thoroughly tiring day we dropped Alex and Jenny back at their hostel in the village and returned to our villa.

We were so tired and footsore after a day of exploring Monaco on foot that we all simply headed for bed. Within minutes of my head hitting my pillows I was fast asleep.

I dreamt I was in the cockpit of a 1966 BRM P261 Formula 1 car, resplendent in British Racing Green hurtling around the streets of Monte Carlo. I was in the lead of the Grand Prix with only one lap to go. I could almost taste the champagne and feel the weight of the magnificent trophy in my hands presented to me by the Prince himself as I stood on the podium soaking up the rapturous adulation of throngs of spectators. But then all of a sudden, as I negotiated the final corner of the final lap, I saw someone waving to me. Someone familiar. Someone... naked.


Distracted by the sight of the naked American boy - his serene musculature, his smooth tanned skin almost glowing in the warm sunshine, his circumcised penis proudly erect and drooling with a glistening string of precum that glittered in the sun - I lost control and crashed heavily into the barriers. Within seconds I was passed by my rivals, my chances of victory dashed by the beautiful vision of perfect naked masculinity I had witnessed.


I awoke with a start, sweat was dripping off my body and I was panting loudly. More to the point, I was massively erect. What on earth was happening to me?

I don't know if it was a conscious decision at that point, but I found myself pulling down and then kicking off my underwear and then grasping my erection firmly. My eyes closed, I set about trying to continue my dream whilst masturbating furiously. I imagined Alex leaping over the barriers and rescuing me from the twisted wreckage of my car, taking me in his arms and carrying me to safety while the race marshals set about removing the remains of my car from the track. I fantasised about him taking me to a quiet corner of an alleyway away from the circuit and the crowds, removing my crash helmet, pulling off my racing overalls and my underwear leaving me as naked as he. My eyes peered down to see him first tentatively licking the tip of my penis, then sucking the head of my erection into his mouth and then taking my entire length down into his throat.

That thought was all it took - I erupted massively, a forceful blast of semen fired from my penis and landed on my belly. A brief flash of intense pleasure accompanied my emission, which was then followed by a long trembling, shuddering orgasm that seemed to last for an eternity. Eventually, now utterly spent, I collapsed back on to the bed. My desire sated, I panted like a dog on a hot day.

I gradually came to my senses and then it hit me what I had done. I had masturbated whilst fantasising about being fellated by another man. I had pleasured myself whilst imagining Alex, himself completely naked and equally as erect as I, using his mouth and tongue to caress my sensitive penis and milk me of my precious fluid directly down into his waiting gullet for him to savour the taste of semen... MY semen.

I felt like I was beginning to lose my mind.

I looked across at the clock by my bedside - 4:34 am. I reached across and took some tissues from the box that Madame Verache, the villa's owner, had kindly left in each of the bedrooms. As I cleaned myself up I reflected on the day we had spent at the cove, making love to my sister and pleasuring Terri at the same time while Jenny and Alex watched on. I was so utterly confused by all this -- I still found the feelings I had for Beth, and Terri also, to be wonderfully arousing. The mere thought of being with them made me happy in a way that I had never experienced before. So why was I feeling the same way about Alex? Why was I having the same kinds of erotic dreams about him as I had about my twin sister and her best friend?

Why did I have a desire to find out if he felt the same way about me?

My thoughts kept me awake, it was a warm night and sleep was turning out to be somewhat elusive. So I just lay there in bed being tortured by the thoughts I was having and feeling regretful but at the same time aroused by the notion that I had masturbated to the mental image of receiving a blowjob from another male.

At that moment I wanted nothing more than to be woken up by either Beth or Terri for some early morning sex but neither of them disturbed me. It turned out, as I was later to discover, that Terri was having her period. She told me it had started the day before when we were in Monaco, and as a result, she simply wasn't in the mood for sex that day. Beth meanwhile was far too tired from the previous day's excursion to even entertain the thought of engaging in any sexual liaisons.

So I was just left there alone in bed with my thoughts.

Eventually, as the clock by my bedside ticked over to 8:30am I roused myself from the sweaty confines of my bed and went into our bathroom to take a shower. The water was cool and refreshing after what had been the warmest night of our holiday so far. As I lathered up with plenty of shower gel I felt myself once more fantasising about being with Alex, wishing that he was in the shower with me, lathering each other up and then... and then what? What did I really want to do with him?

I found myself massively erect once more. I was so utterly confused by all this -- I shouldn't be feeling so... turned-on by another male. It was wrong... it was... sick. I needed a distraction, any distraction.

When Beth eventually roused herself from her slumber and the three of us reconvened over breakfast, we decided to visit the waterpark we had talked about a couple of days earlier. Beth and Terri both agreed that it would be nice to invite Jenny and Alex if they didn't have anything else planned. I was somewhat against the idea because it meant having Alex around -- it sounds daft I know, because I really did like being with him. It was just that I didn't want to have a constant reminder of what I had done after waking up from that dream. And I was still full of latent ingrained homophobia. It wasn't that I was prejudiced, well maybe a little, but it was more a case of me being afraid that I might be gay and all of the negative connotations and implications that were attached to that label. Not least to the effect it had on my own sense of masculinity. Especially in an age where there was mass hysteria about HIV - the 'gay plague' as some were calling it back then. I had an irrational fear that if I was gay then I too would succumb to that dreadful disease. It seems silly looking back on it all now but I really wasn't able to think straight at all at the time. I guess I was still immature -- Beth was always the more mature of the two of us.

But on the other hand, I couldn't deny that there was no small amount of attraction for seeing Alex again at the waterpark. He would be wearing nothing but a pair of Speedos and I could once more gaze upon his smoothly tanned body. Of course, what I really wanted was to see him naked again, but seeing him in Speedos was the next best thing.

We packed our stuff into the car and headed into the village to Jenny and Alex's hostel to see if they wanted to come with us.

They did.

So we all bundled into the car once more and we headed off to the waterpark. It only took half an hour to get there and upon arriving Alex and I, and Beth, Terri and Jenny headed to the male and female changing areas respectively.

It seemed I was about to get my wish to see Alex naked after all -- he wasn't at all shy and eschewed the private changing cubicles and instead started to undress in the open communal changing area. I was less keen on getting changed out in the open in the communal environment but figured it was no worse than when I was at school. However, I stripped off and put my Speedo's on in what must be some kind of record time. Alex on the other hand, took his time, carefully folding each item of clothing and placing it carefully into his bag.

Until he was down to nothing but his underwear. I tried my best not to gawp as his hands went to his hips and hooked his thumbs into the waistband of his briefs, but I just couldn't help myself. At least he was facing away from me so that he couldn't see me gazing upon the sight of him pulling his pants down, revealing his deliciously smooth buttocks before my eyes.

Time moved in slow motion as Alex pulled his underwear down his legs -- it was almost hypnotic.

Once he stepped out of them he turned to face me and I once more caught sight of his penis in all its neatly circumcised glory. His permanently exposed glans and meatus there before me for the entire world to see. His beautifully proportioned testicles tucked neatly behind his penis. What a sight to behold this boy was.

I was brought out of my reverie however once I caught sight of the expression on his face and the direction of his gaze. His eyes were wide and they were pointing directly at my crotch. I looked down to see what he was looking at.

The front of my bright orange Speedos were tented, the sheer Lycra fabric stretched almost to breaking point. I was erect. Hugely erect.

"Oh my Tommy," Alex said, "is that a gun in your trunks or are you just pleased to see me?"

"Uh, shit... I'm uh s... sorry Alex." I stammered in an embarrassed reply as I turned away from him. I was blushing furiously.

"Hey, it's ok dude." Alex said as he placed a hand on my shoulder, turning me back around to face him. His gaze returned to my crotch, for some reason I couldn't fathom at the time, I allowed him to stare.

"You and I both know that sometimes that kinda thing... just happens y'know. I mean, we're just guys right? It means nothing okay... it's just one of those things that happens to us guys."

I wasn't sure if his words were intended to reassure me that he that he didn't think that I was turned on by seeing him stripping naked before my eyes or if I was erect because of being embarrassed about changing in a public place. But one thing I was sure of was that I noticed a hint of desire in his eyes as he looked down at my bulging swimming trunks. Unless my eyes were playing tricks on me. I did see that look of desire in his eyes. Didn't I?

Alex picked up his red Speedos and put them on concealing his nudity once more.

"You er... you wanna go take care of that? In private like?" Alex said nodding towards my still swollen crotch.

"No, I'd rather you'd take care of it for me." Was what I wanted to say. Instead I just meekly said:

"No, it's okay."

And I sat down on the bench in front of the lockers with my towel on my lap to conceal my tumescence.

"Suit yourself dude," Alex said as he locked his things away, "I'll go catch up with the girls, I'll tell 'em you'll come find us in a minute."

And with that, he strode out through the changing area door and out into the sun-drenched waterpark outside.

I sat there willing my erection to go down but it was proving to be rather stubborn and un-cooperative. With a sigh I realised that there was nothing else for it. Fortunately the communal changing area was only sparsely populated so I dashed across to the toilets, relieved that nobody looked my way. I was also relieved to find that there was a stall free. I closed the door, slid the bold across, pulled my Speedos down, sat down on the toilet and grasped my penis. I masturbated myself furiously to the memory of seeing Alex taking off his underwear.

I erupted in no time at all and as soon as my brief orgasm came to an end I mentally cursed myself once more for fantasising about a fellow male.

The rest of the day was spent larking about in the many pools at the waterpark, riding waterslides, sunning ourselves on the sun-loungers and enjoying a hearty lunch by the glittering waters. Terri, because she was having her period, elected mainly to sunbathe, and stayed out of the water most of the time. Beth had given her some of her tampons to use so that she could still wear her bikini; I know this because she explained it to me. She told me it felt weird, walking around with something inserted into her vagina. She said it felt even weirder when Beth inserted it for her before we came out that morning but that she was now convinced that they were better to use than panty-liners and resolved to buy some for herself.

It was a thoroughly enjoyable day, all told. Enjoyable for everyone... except for me that is.

The entire time we were there, I was in a state of near constant arousal, from the sight of Beth, Terri and Jenny in their bikinis, to the sight of the many women who elected to sunbathe topless. Even Beth decided to remove her bikini top and bared her luscious breasts for the whole world to see. Unsurprisingly, Jenny followed suit soon after, citing that it was a once-in-a-lifetime experience since topless bathing for women was usually frowned on back home in the states. But most especially, I was aroused from the sight of Alex, clad only in his skimpy red Speedo's. It was starting to make me feel depressed.

I managed to disguise the feelings I was having that day, so none of my companions noticed the inner self-torture I was subjecting myself to, but it was difficult not to break into tears such was the emotional turmoil I was suffering. It was also hard work trying to conceal my arousal.

I didn't want to be gay -- to me; gays were dirty, shirt-lifting, public toilet dwelling homos. Talk about denial huh!

I know now of course that such sentiments are very much frowned upon and I feel shameful about it now thanks to the gift of hindsight. But at the time, I was beginning to hate this other side of me that lusted after another male.

We didn't leave the waterpark until the sun started to set and it got too cold to be outside in just our swimwear. This time I insisted on changing in one of the cubicles instead -- I didn't trust myself if I was confronted by Alex's nudity once again. I didn't trust my own body either -- I didn't want anyone, especially Alex, to see me erect.

Once again we dropped Alex and Jenny back at their hostel after stopping off along the way for a meal at a restaurant in the town where the waterpark was located. We arrived back at the villa and the three of us sat down and put on a video to watch together. It was another romantic comedy, it being the girls turn to choose what to watch that evening. I wasn't really able to concentrate on it -- every time I closed my eyes, there he was... Alex, pulling his pants down in front of me. Beth noticed my near-constant erection but was gracious enough not to draw too much attention to it. I guess she was doing so not to upset Terri -- she knew that her friend, what with having her period, was not in the mood for anything sexual and didn't want to make her feel bad because she could have sex that night and her friend couldn't.

As the credits rolled at the end of the film we all said our goodnights and headed for bed. I was just settling down with my book when Beth came in to my room. She was naked.

"I couldn't help but notice that you've been as hard as a rock all evening." She said lustily, "Can I help you take care of it?"

"I guess so." I said. She didn't seem to pick up on the slightly reluctant tone of my voice however. She just slid into bed next to me.

I took off my underwear dutifully and we kissed and cuddled. It was nice to be so close to my sister once more; the last time we had made love was when we were at the cove. After a while, during which we indulged in some sensual foreplay, she laid on her back, spread her legs in invitation for me to penetrate her and urged me to make lustful, passionate love to her.

I dutifully obliged, as I guided my penis into her, but as soon as I was inside her and started to thrust my love into her, it became clear to me that I was just going through the motions. My heart just wasn't in it that night, and it was all due to those damned feelings I was having for Alex.

I didn't cum inside her that time, but I at least managed to give my sister a satisfying orgasm as we made love together and I gave her several more after that with my tongue. She gave me a handjob in return, which was nice and did assuage my confused feelings a little, but my mind was still elsewhere. Eventually, after a while and by then fully sated, she fell asleep in my arms. I pulled my underwear back on and tried to sleep.

Once again, sleep was proving elusive however and I just lay there staring up at the ceiling, watching shadows dance across the ceiling of my room. The shadows were cast by the branches of the tree in the garden outside my room blowing in the gentle sea breeze from the Mediterranean, illuminated by the moonlight. It was a very full moon that night.

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