Uncle Jake Ch. 12


"That's it baby girl. Fuck this dildo." Jake growled, pushing the toy faster and deeper into her ass.

She looked so hot trying to fuck the dildo, trying to reach her climax that Jake almost spilled his seed right there. He wanted just a taste of her little hole on his cock so he decided to remove the toy from her ass. He smiled when she whined in disappointment as he removed the vibe as well.

"Don't worry baby. Your ass is going to cum. I'll make sure of it." He told her, greasing up his hard pole.

"I want a small feel of your ass first baby girl." He placed his meaty head at her back entrance and pause. He was a bit bigger than they toy so he knew he needed to go a bit slow. He slowly pushed forward as he grabbed the vibe and put it against her clit again.

Susie groaned as his cock head stretched her asshole further. It hurt but she was also eager to know if he was going to fit in. She took a deep breath, relaxed her muscles and then felt his cock head slip in. They both remained still as her ass took the time to adjust to his large size.

"Fuck baby girl you are so tight." Jake gasped finally, realizing he had been holding his breath.

His cockhead was in her ass and he loved the feel of it. She felt so good and tight, squeezing him like a glove that he almost spilled in her. He slowly pushed forward another inch and then stopped again. Just a few more minutes he told himself and then he would remove himself. He looked down as he pushed again and more of his cock sunk into her tight hole. He was half way in now but again he stopped.

Susie was trying to catch her breath, his thick cock stretching her hole further. Her ass felt stuffed to overflowing with him wedge up in her. She wondered would she be able to take all of the eight inches he possessed. Just then she felt him lean into her more and more of his cock invaded her.

Jake was sweating from trying to hold back his release. Her tight hot ass was grasping him deliciously, throbbing around his aching cock. He wanted nothing more than to be able to fuck her with sure and steady strokes but knew she wasn't ready yet. Instead he settle for thrusting more of his cock into her until before he knew it his whole length was encased by her tight hole.

"I'm all in baby girl. Just hold still and feel me in you." He told her making sure to keep the vibe on her clit as he caressed her back and ass.

Susie didn't have to be told to not move. She felt like she was skewered on his hard pole. She panted trying to relax herself, the pain of his hard shaft ebbing a little at a time the more she breathed deep. She could do this she told herself. The vibe on her clit was helping tremendously even though his cock wedge up her ass had taken off some of the edge of her arousal.

Jake pulled out just a little and moved back in. It wasn't more than an inch but it felt wonderful. If he had to fuck her ass like this he would be well satisfied. Again he pulled out and then pushed back in. He felt her ass clench around him and he groaned. He stilled himself and decided to turn the vibe up.

Susie felt the vibe buzz stronger against her clit as her uncles hand reach around and removed the nipple suckers. She moaned from being released and moaned again when she felt his fingers pinching and pulling on her engorged nipples. She knew what he was doing. He was trying to get her aroused enough so he could begin fucking her ass. She smiled, happy that he was concerned about her pleasure. He could just fuck her ass without a care but he wasn't. She tried to relax more so she could enjoy the feel of him in her ass.

Jake kept the inch thrusts going, feeling her hole loosening more with each small thrust. He was touching her everywhere and keeping the vibe pleasuring her swollen bud. She was moaning as he pulled back a bit more and thrust back in. He was now slowly fucking her with two inch thrusts, grinding softly at the end of it.

Susie was getting used to his size now, his cock moving in and out of her ass a few inches. She was happy he was going slow letting her get used to the feel of him. Her insides were starting to throb in pleasure as he was now working half of his cock in and out of her. His pace was still slow but she was thankful for that. Soon he would be able to thrust all eight inches in and out of her hole and she hoped that she would love the feel of it.

Jake was sweating and groaning as half his cock fucked in and out of her tight ass. Yes she was getting looser but felt wonderfully tight around his hard cock. He finally was fucking his baby girl's perfect ass and he couldn't be happier. Well, he corrected himself, yes he could. If he could just get her ass to cum on his cock he would be ecstatic.

Susie was pushing back onto his cock now, wanting more of his cock thrusting into her tight hole. Just as her pussy craved his cock, now her ass wanted to be filled and fucked well by him. Holding her breath she pulled herself away from him until she felt his cock head at her entrance, pulling on her hole. She then pushed herself back down the whole length of his throbbing meat. She heard her uncle groan behind her.

Jake remained still and watched as she worked her tight ass back and forth over his hard cock. "That's it baby girl. Fuck my cock with your ass. You feel so tight and hot. I'm going to cum hard and deep in your ass baby."

Susie was getting more turned on with his words. And she wanted him to thrust into her as well. "Please Uncle Jake." She begged in a small voice.

Jake ignored her slip up considering his cock was stuffed up her ass sooner than he had hope and she was enjoying it as well. No there wasn't going to be any punishment for that, only a reminder.

Jake slapped her ass as he told her, "I'm your Master." He then began thrusting into her again, long slow strokes, working his way up to a faster pace. He knew she wasn't going to last long. He kicked up the vibe higher and soon she was bucking back against him faster and he was fucking her ass faster as well. He couldn't go as hard as he wanted but he wasn't going to need to. He felt his balls churning, ready to release his load.

"Cum for me baby girl. Let me feel your ass cum on my fucking cock." He told her leaning over her, lightly biting her shoulder. He reached down and pinched her nipple, "Come on baby girl. I want to fill your ass with my cream."

With that last thing spoken she felt her clit burst with pleasure and her ass going into spasms of ecstasy around his thrusting cock. Over and over her clit pulsed and her ass walls grasped his cock, milking his load from him.

Jake felt her ass cumming around his throbbing meat and couldn't hold back any longer. "Cumming hard in your ass baby girl." He groaned, thrusting deep as she screamed in pleasure, his cock shooting thick loads of his hot jism deep in her channel. He kept thrusting as his cock kept spilling forth his cum in her ass, his growls mingled with her now mewling moans.

Jake remain lodge in her ass, trying to catch his breath. He heart was pounding wildly from his release and he felt light headed. God his baby girl thoroughly pleased him. She could have whined and complained and he would have stopped himself from putting his dick in her. But she hadn't. She had did all she could to relax and she trusted him to not hurt her.

Susie was sure she was going to pass out. She smiled breathing hard; feeling her ass still twitching on her uncle's softening cock. Not only had he found his release but he had made sure that she had cum as well. And what an orgasm it was. She had never felt anything like that. She wasn't sure if it was the novelty of it but she knew that she could very well enjoy her uncle cock fucking her ass as well as her pussy.

Jake finally pulled out of her tight ass. He did so slowly and then moved to the front of her. He told her to open her mouth and clean his cock. She grimace but did as she was told. He didn't have her do it for long but she cleaned him to his satisfaction and he smiled at her. He leaned down and kissed her lips.

"You have been a very good baby girl. I am very pleased with you." He told her releasing her hands.

Susie dropped her to hands and then pushed back and rested her weight on legs and shoulders. She felt wiped out and well pleasured and sleepy. She hoped he was going to let her have a rest. It had been a long day already.

Jake watched her rest back on her legs, her torso resting with her shoulders on the bedding. Before releasing her completely, he walked back behind her to stare at her in her current position, his cum oozing from her gaping asshole. He felt his prick jerk in response but stamped down his lust. He retrieved a dish rag from the kitchen, wet it and then got her cleaned up.

He returned to stand in front of her and smiled down at her as he petted her long hair. He undid her thighs and told her to lie down. She was to take a nap with him until it was time to prepare dinner. She merely shook her head and lay down on her side. He got behind her and spooned his body around hers. He let out a long sigh, smiling into her tangle hair as he pulled her closer to him. Yes he was happy with his baby girl he thought as he closed his eyes.

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