tagNonHumanUnder The Moon Ch. 1

Under The Moon Ch. 1


The cabin was exquisitely warm. The fire cracked and burned, the soft glow filling the room and the warmth permeating Lisa's soft skin. Her soft dirty blonde locks were drawn together in a towel to dry from the soothing bath she had taken a few minutes earlier. she felt refreshed and rejuvenated by the soak in the warm water and now dried herself by the fire. Her eyes darted to the door for every creek of the whispering wind that passed the door. Every time, she thought It was him. She straightened the silk nightgown every time, nervous that Jacob would just pop in as he usually did.

As a grown woman of 27, Lisa's body was not without flaw or merit. Or at least there had been no complaints from Jake at this stage. She smiled and fanned her nightgown over her breasts, unbound from the B cup bra she was forced to wear when in public. Her hips were wider than thinner women, giving her the 'child bearing hips' her mamma told her about. She smiled as she thought out loud to herself.

"Not bad....Not bad at all." it was then the voices caught her ear. Jacob and the old man had returned. Before she laid herself to rest, Lisa paid Natalie her last visit of the night. The young girl, bless her still slept. The young one that Jacob and herself had taken in to care for. Outside, however, things had taken a disturbing turn. Then, with the giddy nervousness of a virgin school girl, she rushed to the warm bedroom to await Jacob.

"Why not?" Burns with Rage said with quiet defiance. He and his mentor, Scars the Shadow, stood before the cabin where the girl was. It had been only seconds ago that his master had told him the harsh truth, that Burns with Rage could not have the human as his mate.

" Burns with Rage...Jacob. She is human." The wise loup-garou stood aside his pupil, his human skins shown to Luna. He appeared as an older, well build man. His hair, like his wolf skin's fur, had grayed with age. Even under his sacred cloak and the tunic he wore, scars could still be felt. Honored scars from noble battles fought. Still, with his great renown and his coveted status as mentor, his student still spent no word in cutting him off.

"She has the blood in her! She is a human kin! Surely you can smell it on her!!" Scars the Shadow lowered his head. He reached out to Jacob and laid his hand upon his student's broad shoulder, looked into his green eyes and spoke his heavy words from his wolf's heart.

"Aye, I can. But, Letting her know Is a risk. She would know. The girl you protect with her already suspects that her 'pet' and her Huge furry friend are one in the same. It's only a matter of moons before..." Burns with Rage threw his master's hand from his shoulder. His short red hair exposing itself as he stormed a few steps away.

"I know. But they are all I have. They're both human but they are MY responsibility. If the Gathering doesn't like It, then let them send their lackeys to me." He turns to his master. Their eyes meeting for a moment. Green to gray. Then, the old warrior turned away.

"Go then. But be warned. Should they tell anyone...I cannot guarantee their safety." To this, burns with Rage only nodded and turned to enter the cabin, where the young lady awaited him.

"Took you long enough?" Lisa smiled, laying on her side before Jacob. She saw the mesmerized look in his eyes as he gazed upon her. she grew red in the face as he held is gaze against her sultry form.

"Sorry. The old man was just...Just giving me advice." Jacob reached back, letting his black duster slip from his shoulders. His body was massive, strong and rugged from his rigid lifestyle. When the shirt came off, Lisa winced a little at the scar across his chest. The one she herself had patched. Crazy bastard, she thought. He had insisted he have a scar.

Jacob moved to the bed where he placed hands on both sides of her body. She moved to kiss him, feeling the warmth of his chest so close to her own skin. But, he backed off, a serious look in his eyes.

"Lisa, I have a secret to tell you. One that will change everything. " Her eyes went wide with fear. All his could do was comfort her. He let himself go and kissed her lips softly. He did not permit his tongue to touch hers. He just kissed her for nothing more than comfort.

"Go on, What is it?" She was ardent, her voice sharp as if expecting the worst. With a deep breath, he decided to swallow his fear and say it.

" The creates you saw last night. They were not bears as I said. It was me and the old man." The color flew from Lisa's face, her brown eyes dilating quickly. She spun her body onto her back, propped up with her elbows. Her eyes begged for him to continue. And he did, the only way he knew how.

"I am a loup-garou...I'm a werewolf." With that said, he began the Shift, the becoming. Bones and sinew popped and crackled as his shoulders widened and his arms grew and contorted. His face began elongating, fur sprouting up upon his massive body. His feet pushed to the balls of his toes, making his heal several inches higher up. He growled and gurgled as the pain subsided, giving way to a rush of adrenaline. When completed, He looked at his human lady, who was totally white in her face. She had garou blood in her line. She, he spoke in wolf-speak, a language she could understand.

"Don't be afraid...Please. It's still me!"

"Holy Shit!!" Lisa tried to whisper. She curled up in her blankets and looked over the monster before her. And five seconds earlier she was about to make love to him. Her eyes looked into his with fright. " Natalie wasn't crazy...She was..."

"Right." Jacob continued. He moved onto the bed, causing it to creek and eventually give way. As they both waited to hear if Natalie had awaken, Lisa looked down between the werewolf's legs. there was a dog-like sheath there. No exposed member or genitals of any kind. when she looked up, Jacob was looking back at her, his head tilted.

"What?" He followed her gaze a bit and then lowered his head. "Oh, that. I guess you might want me to..."

"How big is it in this shape?" She interrupted fast. Her eyes drifting back now and then to the sheath. The idea had caught her mind when she first saw it. Jacob isn't even need to say anything before she made her move.

Lisa moved to Jake, trembling with fear and even, to her horror, excitement. Something about this creature, something deep inside herself, called to her. She let her right hand drift through the shaggy fur of his upper torso as he other reached down to rub the fuzzy sheath in her other palm. She was amazed at the size of Jacob's body. He had to be over 8 ft tall. she desperately wanted to know how big his cock was. A werewolf's cock.

To say the least, Jake's mind went wild. He moans and growled a contented noise from his throat. Her warm hands over his sheath made him tremble and shutter. Loosing himself, he let his tongue flap from his wolfish maw as Lisa worked her hand over the warm skin. Slowly, his member began to emerge. It was almost double the thickness of his cock in human shape and almost a half a length longer if he allowed it. As he knew where it was leading, he let it grow only to his human length. The knot would soon follow.

The Natural lubrication dripped from the shaft of his exposed member as Lisa looked on in shock. Not at just the size or the moisture. It was more from the tingle of wetness filling her panties. Jacob's muzzle twitched as he caught wind of it. As Lisa looked up, Jacob has already eased her back, his guttural growls exciting her as much as frightening her. In a feral act of passion, the lumbering werewolf ripped the nightgown from her body as If it's strands were paper. Her panties with them, in the same claw swipe. She arched her back and let her legs spread. She ached for his cock.

But she settled for the long moist tongue that suddenly dove into her hungry depths. The rough, coarse skin raked mercilessly across her exposed clit, causing a shutter of pleasure to sweep up her body. Jacobs tongue dove in and out quickly as If he were hurried by some animal hunger. His hands, tipped on each finger with razor claws grabbed her breasts and clenched tightly. The claws seemed to retract slightly, causing only slight cuts on her bare skin. She let out a fierce growl of her own. One in which her mate craved to hear.

In mere seconds, Jacob's powerful arms had her and spun her onto her belly. The raw bestial nature of it all sending waves of excitement up her well toned back. Her muscles clenched as she looked back, a glowing feral lust in her eyes. Fucking a werewolf, she thought, It's not gonna be wine and roses. This running through her mind as her mate mounted her, his large arms landing opposite her own. She turned to one and bit down hard, letting her teeth break the skin. The reaction was expected, but not fully prepared for. He liked it, and showed it as well.

In one quick thrust, Jacob's aching member penetrated Lisa's folds, driving in deep. As he entered, he slowed and positioned himself. The feeling was enormous. Here he was in his great garou shape mating with a human. He growled in pleasure as he began pistoning deep into her body. The fury of his heat burning like a fire. Her body spasmed under him as she came. Lisa's arm reached up, looping around her lupine lover's neck. She gasped and almost cried out as her body spewed forth and gushed with her juices. Again and again she came until she heard Jacob begin to moan and growl. She knew what he was saying. he was about to cum.

Acting on lust, Lisa slipped from his bestial clutches, letting the cock slip from her brutalized pussy with a slopping sound. After the throngs of that orgasm fade, she slipped beneath his furry body, his hips still twitching from the lack of satisfaction. Her hands reached up, a smile on her face telling her lover to be patient. The thickness was too much to get it all, but she did try. a deep breath later, Lisa's lips spread over the were-beast's throbbing member. She licked her own juices from his shaft and sucked on as much as she could before he howled and came. The clear semen exploded all over her body, covering her breasts, her belly and her thighs. as he kept spurting, she looked up at him. his eyes, clenched shut. Then, she did something that she just felt was needed. The purpose of all this.

He cum still shooting out, Lisa spread herself wide and directed the pistoning cock back into her warm hole. the cum filled her, a lot shooting out in an orgasmic overflow. it filled her womb and spewed deep inside her. After it was done, Jake just remained there, hands and knees, panting. Lisa had no sooner blinked than her beloved was before her again, his human self. He looked at her with a wolfish smile.

"You amaze me, Lisa."

"I know." She knew from the amount of cum on her lips that a kiss was out of the question. A kiss on the forehead sufficed as she spoke.

"I Love you Jacob."

The two fell asleep, Jacob still inside her as she had insisted. She slept last, watching him. They were mated now. Wolves mated for life. Keeping him inside ensured that nature, not lust prevailed. His seed would find it's way. Maybe, Gaia be willing, the child would be a werewolf, like its father.

Lisa slept, content and satisfied. Her and her werewolf mate.

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