tagNonConsent/ReluctanceUndercover Nurse Ch. 6

Undercover Nurse Ch. 6

bydeputy duffy©

Authors note. I met a female police detective at a local convention, last year, and we had a few drinks at the bar, well after a few more drinks, I really just wanted to get in her pants, (big surprise,) but I had to settle for this story she told me instead.

I met up with her again this year and she was nice enough to tell me more.

* * * * *

Waking from another naked nightmare, I looked at the clock. I had just 30 minutes to make it to class. The last two days had been spent in internal battle. One minute I'd want to quit the case; the next I wanted to nail the professor's ass...and then afterward, maybe kill my fucking boss.

I shook my head as I thought of them. Why did it seem like they used sex as a weapon, but only they were allowed to use it?

I knew I didn't have time for a shower, so I spent my time on my make up and hair, before I dressed in my newly purchased attire. A small boy's white T-shirt for the top. A tight black skirt and thong for the lower half. Thigh high, black fishnet stockings for the legs. Black six-inch heels on my feet. One by one they went on.

Off to class I went, before I could change my mind. But not before I spent a minute or two searching for my cover up sweatshirt...until I remembered that I left it behind after I bolted last class...I could only hope it was still on the back of my chair, as it was my favorite. I scurried off to class, not even pausing to look at my mirrored reflection, ('Course by the heads I turned on my way, I knew what I must look like.)

Thankfully most of the class was already seated in class when I got there, so I slipped in the back and took my seat. I cringed as, after a brief search, my sweatshirt was no where to be found. Looking down, I suddenly felt naked and pulled my T-shirt off my breasts and crossed my knees.

I noticed the class was awful lively today, as we all waited for the professor. Two words that seemed to be bouncing around from girl to girl were "enema" and "shaving." Flashbacks from last class, no doubt, still lingering.

I chatted with Samantha, before asking her if she was shaved last class after I left.

"Nah, been there, dun that," was her quick reply, which left me a little puzzled.

I tried to press on, but the professor suddenly made his appearance, with his shadow, Steven, quickly on his heels. I noticed John, for the first time, was a no-show, which surprised me. I laughed to myself thinking, if you were a guy, why would you ever want to miss this class?

The professor started taking roll, and I quickly heard him say my name.

"Here," I replied.

"Ah Fran, could I please see you after class."

From here and there around the room, came some teasing "owwws" and "ahhhs."

I sank down in my chair. I was 27 and yet I felt strangely like a little schoolgirl again. I also wondered what he wanted to see me about. Could this be it? Could this be my turn to get called to his office? Is he gonna proposition me for sex, in return for a passing grade? If he does, am I gonna go through with it?

Over and over the questions danced in my head. I don't even know what the professor was taking about, but I finally heard him call up to the front of the class a slim brunette named Mickey. I noticed Samantha studying the next chapter of the workbook, next to me, but I was more interested in up front.

Mickey pointed to another girl, who I didn't know by name, and she came up as well. They seemed to be pleading with the professor about something, but he just sat back in his chair and smacked his pointer against his hand. I almost chuckled as Steven was peering over his shoulder with what looked like the professor's grade book in his hands.

I watched with curiosity, as the seconds ticked by. Mickey and her partner seemed to be torn about something, and then, I found out what. My jaw hit the floor, just about the time Mickey's panties hit the floor...followed by her partners, a couple of stunning seconds later. I looked around the room. Most of the girls had their heads buried in their books, a few in their hands.

"Didn't they just see two of our classmates take their panties off, from underneath their skirts?" I asked myself, shifting my eyes back up front. I almost gasped as Mickey raised the front of her skirt. The professor tapped his desk with the pointer. Mickey shook her head and then she lifted her left knee up onto the professor's desk. I couldn't believe my eyes and it looked like the professor and Steven couldn't either, as they both leaned forward for a closer look. I knew the poor girl's panties lay on the floor, so I also knew what they were now so intently taking in.

Mickey suddenly turned her head to her partner, her face painted in disbelief. I echoed her feelings. Mickey put her leg down and quickly slipped her panties back on, and then her partner slowly took her place. After another not-so-quick visual examination, the two girls returned to their seats where they both buried their faces in their hands.

I was stunned at what I had just witnessed. I guess Samantha read my face, 'cause she leaned over towards me and whispered into my ear, as another pair of girls slowly made their way up front. "He's checking their homework."

"What?" I quickly snapped. "Their pussies were homework!"

"SHHH!" Samantha hissed, as I guess I was a little louder than I should have been, but the professor and Steven were busy with two new inspections. "Sort of, they had to shave'em."

"Huh!" I moaned, confused.

"Well at least the ones that didn't get shaved in class...or before," Samantha whispered. "Yeah, they had to partner up and shave each other. I guess he's just checking if they did it, or how good they did."

"Yeah right!" I muttered, as I watched the two girls up front, still not believing my eyes.

I sat and watched two more girls slowly walk up front, mumbling to myself. I mean the professor crossed some sort of line today. I mean why did every girl have to show him their shaved pussies like this? There had to be another way. Oh, and why did Steven get to peer over his shoulder too?

I wondered about Samantha, and what she said earlier, about shaving down there before, as we had only worked on shaving last class.

I watched as girl after girl went up and showed the professor her shaved pussy, like they were showing him their book-reports. While Steven seemed to mark their grade in the book. I wondered if he gave them a grade or just a check mark. I was just dying to see if the professor had pussy shaving, as a category in his book. Most of the girls were just plain dying...of embarrassment that is. Unfortunately I knew all too well just how they must have felt. I was also nervously waiting for my turn.

The professor announced he was finished, however, and then he said something about it being the first year that no one had chickened out. I guess Samantha was right about him checking to make sure everyone shaved their partners. I figured if you were shaved by the nurse last class, he didn't have an excuse to call you to the front for another look, as somehow I and the other girl I saw getting shaved by the nurse had escaped the call.

I looked at Samantha. Now I really wondered about her, as she didn't have to go up front either and neither did Suzy and Amanda. I was starting to put two and two together when a knock on the backdoor interrupted my thoughts. I turned and watched a curvy blonde woman stroll past and make her way up front.

"Class please welcome Nurse Dunn," the professor said, before he hugged her. She broke away quickly, and turned to the class, and started to give us her background. Seems like she was in this very class just two years ago and now works at a nearby hospital. I wondered why she was here, and why she was dressed in blue jeans and a low cut, cleavage-spilling top?

I didn't have to wait for long.

"Class Nurse Dunn is here to help us prepare the male patient for surgery," the professor announced. "Oh, and she was nice enough to come in on her day off, so thank her."

The class muttered in response. But all eyes had turned to Steven, who with John absent, was the lone male student present.

"Here yah go Steven," the professor said, as he handed him a gown with a grin.

I would have loved to seen his face, but could only see his back, as he made his way into the shower-room. I watched as the nurse moved the exam table to the front of the class. There was a buzz in the class. I assumed many of us were more than ready for a little payback.

Steven came out of the shower-room about five minutes later, and stopped dead in his tracks. I chuckled. Maybe he wasn't quite ready for twenty one women, all gathered around the exam bed...all waiting for him.

"C'mon, Steven up we go," the nurse purred as she grabbed his hand and helped him onto the table. I noticed the professor making his way to the back of the class saying something about grading some papers.

(Funny, he didn't have any to grade last class, I thought.)

"Ok let's start with his chest," the nurse said, before she folded the top of his Steven's gown down and the girls moved in around the bed.

"Hmmm," the nurse purred, running her hand over his smooth chest. "Nothing really here, but still, it's good for practice."

She had Steven lie back flat. She quickly rubbed some lotion into his chest until it foamed up. She flourished a straight-edge razor and took a few strokes before she passed it off. A couple of other girls haply took their turns. Steven didn't seemed to mind this part much. I did notice that when the nurse went first, her low cut shirt did little to hide her pointy tits. Steven noticed too.

"Ok, class, I assume that we've had some practice with some nudity.... Hmmm?" the nurse purred. We all nodded. "And that we're already all shaved...ah...down there?"

Some nervous laughter followed. The nurse sniffed. "Seems like some things never change."

She was also peering at the professor up back, now burred in his papers. I suddenly remembered that she took this class two years ago, and with tits like hers, I'm sure she and they got their share of attention.

"Ok, now, nothing to be embarrassed about," the nurse purred to Steven as she took off his gown completely. The class filled with giggling. Probably 'cause Steven still had his white underpants on, and 'cause that's seemingly Steven's favorite line.

"Well someone forgot something," the nurse said with a giggle, and the class echoed. Steven face was even redder, as the nurse dragged his underwear down his legs. He immediately covered his crotch with his hands

I noticed a lot of sly smiles around the room. We probably shouldn't have been enjoying Steven's embarrassment this much, but, after all we've been through, it was nice to see him squirm... like he did when the nurse moved his hands away and placed them under his head. The class snickered as we got to view his flaccid penis for the first time...although I wondered just how many of us had already seen it. The flashbacks from my time in the showers with him abruptly began dancing in my head. I noticed Suzy and Amanda smirking at me. Maybe thinking the same thing.

I turned back to Steven, but could still feel their stares, just as the nurse was rubbing in some lotion around his genitals, until it was good and foamy. She even picked up his limp dick and moved it aside, drawing a few snickers. I don't know if it was the cold room or what, but it looked a lot less imposing today than it did in the showers. I guess you could describe his dick as a "grower," not a "shower."

The nurse looked us over with a smile. "Now, who wants to go first?" A volley of volunteers quickly followed.

"Easy now girls," the nurse signed as a couple of girls fought for the razor. Finally Toni won the battle.

I remembered Toni as the girl with the flat chest that Steven deemed smallest in class. I also remembered her tears when he did. She had a wicked smile now, as she moved next to his side, razor in hand. Steven wore only a look of horror.

"Auggg!" Steven cried out at Toni's first pass.

"Easy, girl!" the nurse snapped. "No time to slip."

"Yeah careful down there!" Steven whined, which brought out some giggling from the girls.

Beth went next and she was no gentler. She also flipped Steven's penis over to the other side, using the razor deftly, which brought out a look of panic on Steven's face. Another girl quickly followed, and she, too, flipped his penis around. Two more girls took a turn, before the nurse showed us how to shave his ball bag. I noticed Steven had his eyes closed for this part. With the way the girls were treating him, I almost felt for him for a second or two...almost.

The nurse took a towel and cleaned off the remaining lotion. "There yah go.... It's that simple girls."

"Oh, man, he looks like my 6-year-old brother," Toni chirped and the girls roared in laughter.

"Hey, stop it!" Steven pleaded.

"Yah, is cold in here?" another girl shot, before the nurse stepped in.

"Now, now, girls, we're supposed to be professionals. I've seen all kinds and you will too." She turned to Steven. "Yah and you'll find some are smaller than others."

"Hey!" Steven flared, as if he had seemingly had enough. He also pulled his hands out from under his head and quickly covered his crotch

"That's not what I meant," she said, over the classes giggling. "Ok, girls, any questions?"

We all spent some time looking around before Toni raised her hand. "I have one."

"Ok, fire away," the nurse cried out, while Steven was looking around, probably searching for his gown, (which two girls next to me were hiding behind their backs.)

"Well, we have been practicing with rectal temp taking, and we could use some more practice."

"What?" Steven howled. "No fucking way!"

"Really," the nurse groaned. "You haven't done that yet on a male?"

Everyone was shaking their heads. Steven tried to get off the bed, but a couple of girls intervened and had him on his stomach in no time.

"I don't know girls," the nurse signed, as Toni went scampering for the rectal thermometers. When she returned she pleaded with the nurse to let her go first. The nurse look a little concerned, but she looked back at the professor, still busy with his papers, and just shrugged her shoulders

"Ok, girls, get him into position," Toni barked as she ripped open a packet.

I watched as six of the girls wrestled with Steven until they had him on his hands and knees, with one girl holding each ankle and two each wrist. Finally Beth pushed his chest down to the bed, leaving his butt in the air. The numbers did in Steven, despite his strength.

"Ah, girls, we usually do it with them on their sides," the nurse pointed out.

"Yeah, but he like us on all fours," Toni said, slapping Steven on the ass. "Like we're doggies!"

"What the fuck!" Steven screamed loud enough that the professor had to hear him. "Don't fucking touch me, you no-tit cunt!"

Now the professor had to hear that, but he just flipped another paper over, as a couple of us nervously checked him out.

"Nice language," the nurse snapped. "Ok, Mr. Potty Mouth, you can stay in that position."

She seemed steamed, it must have been the C-word. She even helped Toni by spreading Steven's ass cheeks.

"Now just relax, I'm gonna lube you up a little," Toni said loftily, as she snapped on a rubber glove. Another girl squirted lube onto her finger. I watched her rub his anus rather roughly before she slid her finger inside, with the same approach. Steven squealed and then pretty stupidly called Toni a few more names.

"Ok, asshole, here come the glass tube...don't fight me...you wouldn't want it to break it off in there." Toni inserted just the tip, as Steven moaned...and then she rammed it home. Steven was speechless. Toni and the nurse stepped back to admire the view.

"Oh my god!" Samantha, who was holding an ankle, suddenly cried out. "He's got a hardon."

She was right. I looked between his legs, (and so, I assume, did most of the others) and there it was. Some girls were trying to get a better look at it, while others looked and then turned away, blushing.

"Now, now, sometimes it happens," the nurse said and then even she started laughing. "Just usually not in a class-room full of people."

"Yeah, seems like someone likes it up the poop chute," Mickey said and the class went into hysterics. Steven was a red as I've ever seen some one. His cocky attitude, a distant memory, as he just buried his face on the bed.

"Well, are we a little embarrassed to be all hard right here in class?" Toni teased as she pulled his head up by the hair...and I made a mental note to never piss her off. "Nothing to be embarrassed about, but if you still want that date, I'll bring along the thermometer."

"Yeah, and I'll bring the strap-on!" Beth gushed.

"Ok, I think he's had enough," the nurse said, trying to regain control. I also noticed a hand reach under his body and slap at his hard cock. The nurse pulled the thermometer out of his ass about the same time the professor came up front, clearing his throat as if to signal his approach.

All the girls let go of Steven simultaneously, and he flopped onto the table face first, with a squeal.

"Are we done here?" he said to the nurse, who looked a little concerned. (She also seemed to be hiding the thermometer.)

"Ah yeah, I think so," she mumbled.

"Ok then, Steven, hit the shower." he said and then turned to walk back to his papers.

"And make it a cold one," he said, with a chuckle, over his shoulder. We all started laughing as Steven jumped off the table and ran to the showers, hard cock in hand.

The girls started to file out, and for the first time most of them wore smiles on their faces. Mine was gone, however, as I looked at the professor. I stood there apprehensively, waiting for the class to clear out. I also remembered just how I was dressed. The white T-shirt was doing little to hide my excitement.

"Ok Fran, get over here," he snapped, after everyone had left.

My heart in my throat. I made my way over, and sheepishly took a seat next to him, pulling at my shirt.

Looking at me, he frowned. "I just wanted to tell you that your attitude has to change."

I knew I was in for yet another lecture.

"Your conduct last class was unacceptable...can't have my students running out of class like that...." his voice was stern, stuffy, and...eerie. "Do look up the word "discipline" in the dictionary, because that's what you need to acquire. Now, if you want to pass my class...."

("Oh, my, here it comes," I was thinking.)

"You will take this envelope."

"Envelope?" I moaned.

"Yeah, it will explain. I have to get going."

And just like that he was gone. What about sucking your cock for a C? Fucking for a B? Ass fucking for an A? What about all them rumors?

My thoughts were interrupted by the shower-room door slamming open. Steven raced past without even a glance. I just chuckled, shrugged, and opened the envelope. I read the contents over and over. More confused than ever, I finally stuffed the envelope in my hand-bag and headed off to the dorm...to change....

The End of Ch. 6

Thanks for reading my story. Your comments and suggestions are always welcomed. And Please Vote.

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