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Understanding Your Man


The prevailing sentiment among women in today's world seems to be that men are clods only interested in where they are going to get their next piece of ass, their next beer or the next 'mommy' to clean up after them.

For the woman who truly wants to understand the man in their life or possibly for the female writer who would like to get out the stereotype writing of male characters and write on common male characteristics, here you go.

The first thing that comes to mind is that women think men are shallow. I am talking about appearance here. What woman hates to see the stick figured models on television or in store window posters as you walk through the mall simply because you know that your man will probably take notice? He's looking at that poster and not at you and it makes you angry and even hurts.

To begin with, your man is not trying to hurt you. Men like beautiful things, it's the way they're wired and that cannot be changed any more than a woman's natural tendancy to notice it. Women can berate and belittle their man for looking but all you will succeed at is pushing him away.

Women usually associate the don't have's to the do have's when comparing the woman their man is looking at to themselves. Thing's such as she had bigger/smaller boobs, she is thinner, her lips are fuller her hair is longer/shorter, her legs are longer/thinner, her butt is tighter, fuller, slimmer, her teeth are whiter... this list can go on because this is how women react in this situation. Ladies, take a breath. Do you want to know what the true difference is?

Put all of that other stuff out of your mind first. This is the big secret. She's fresh. She looks healthy. Before that shoot, before modeling, before walking out of her place these women took a lot of time getting ready and it shows. These women go through a cleaning ritual that shows through all of the makeup. They then apply their makeup for their look. Some heavy and trashy, some modest and elegant and so on. It's the look that works for them.

Put some time into yourself. Don't try to look like one of the many countless beauties that your man sees. Reinvent yourself. Find hair and makeup that accentuates your individual design. Buy new clothes that are appropriate for your age and the look you want. I know, it is easier said than done, but do some research, talk to the ladies at the cosmetics counter, talk to the sales people on the floor. You will be surprised how much you can learn here.

The one thing that is common to Pamela Anderson, Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, Christy Brinkley, Jennifer Lopez or pornstar Sophie Sweet, they all look smooth and clean, they look healthy and guess what? Guys like to look at them.

Have you ever seen these women nude or in tight clothes? Yes! They don't have cookie cutter bodies. Jennifer Lopez has small breasts and a huge butt as well as a small nose and thin hair. Does it matter? Hell no. Sophie Sweet has a killer butt, but... her breasts are tiny...doesn't matter either. Pam has huge breasts and a plastic surgery nightmare on her face, Britney has baby fat that pudges at her lower body, Lindsay has little more than a skeleton figure and Christie Brinkley is what?...Fifty years old?

Ladies, pluck a guy off of the street and ask him...'Hey average guy would you kick any of these women out of bed?' You know the answer to that. 'Hell Nooooo!' Fact is ladies, you are no different than these women are. We all have 'flaws'. It's all in the presentation and your guy can be as attracted to you as him and other guys are to these women.

Spend some time on yourself ladies. You don't have to be rich to do it. I guarantee you that your guy will be more than happy to have you spending money on yourself. Get a facial (full cleaning and makeup), get a massage and aroma therapy, get your hair done by a stylist and get yourself some new clothes. Not something J Lo is trying to sell you. Something that works for you. Look for pictures of women that have a similar build and shape that you like and use it.

It sounds stupid but when you do all of this, have one goal in mind...To feel as clean and fresh as that model or actress looks.

Your guy will be looking at you with new eyes, no matter what you think you look like. No one has anything on you. You've got to remember that not every guy wants or desires the aforementioned women. The media just tells you so because they want your money. You look the way you're supposed to look and that's perfection.

If you know that you would look great thin and fit then start by correcting the quick things like the way you present what you have now... and then hit the gym. If you truly want it you'll find a way to do it. Whatever path you take to get the look you want, your guy is going to be looking at these women and thinking 'She ain't got nothing mine doesn't have.' ... and you'll know it.

You'll be one of the women the guys at the mall are checking out... and your guy will notice that.


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