tagFetishUnderwater Sex with Dana Ch. 02

Underwater Sex with Dana Ch. 02


She started taking her bikini off but I told her to leave on ... for fun I told her ... and to get it rinsed out as well. That's how I got that part about changing the swimsuits underwater -- all true -- but not on the first time instructing her like in the history.

I made sure the water in the tub was not too warm water and not too cold. I put on music and we stepped into the bathtub. I had her lay on her back and float while I put my hand under the small of her back to keep her up. She was very relaxed and I instructed her to pinch her nose and I would push her underwater. If she has not spent all the time swimming underwater in the pool less than an hour ago she probably would not have done this.

Sitting next to her I put one hand on the middle of her chest and the other just above her pubic area and pushed her to the bottom of the bathtub. It was over 30 inched deep and that is a pretty long trip. I held her there for about ten seconds and then brought her up. We did this again and again until she was actually looking forward to each voyage down. I would hold her there at arms length and after a dozen times I could clearly see that she was comfortable looking up from the bottom and patiently waiting to come back up.

She still had her nose pinched but a tiny bit of water got in and that was OK. We increased her bottom time to about thirty seconds each time which is not too long but long enough to get very relaxed underwater.

Finally I told her that I was going to guide her to the bottom and when she was ready to remove her fingers from her nose and let the water in. I told her that it would feel very weird but try NOT to panic and rush to the surface. I would help hold her under but not force her to stay under. I told her that if she could stay under for twenty seconds after that point she would be almost fully trained and ready for the final steps.

She went under and removed the clamp that was holding the water back. She winced as the water bubbled in but Dana was a real trooper. She stayed under until I counted to twenty. I pulled her up and she reported that it was not that bad. This is AFTER sneezing up several ounces of water and coughing several times. I told her that she had to go right back under to keep up the momentum and she did so without hesitation.

I held her under over and over with her bottom time steady at about thirty seconds. Within six our seven voluntary dunkings she exclaimed that it now felt great and she could go down on her back with some special one on top of her. I informed her to finish up and "graduate" she had to stay underwater for at least a full minute with her eyes open and her mouth open the whole time. She did that easily. She then surprised me by saying that she thought she could stay under longer with water in her sinuses than not. I cannot confirm that but it seems possible... If this is true it is probably related to increased confidence underwater.

Before we were done (that first time) I told her to go underwater and release part of her air to make her negatively buoyant. She did well and even with a two thirds lung-full of air she stayed underwater for over a minute. She liked this so much that she did it over and over again. She even floated on the top of the surface and let air out of her nose to causing her to sink like a submarine. It was fun to watch!

She still had her little bikini on. I told her that I had a game that I wanted to play with her now. I asked Dana if I could hold her underwater while I removed her bikini. I elaborated that then I would take off my suit and change her into my trunks (without her help) or her breaking the surface. (No, I did not wear a Speedo)

She like the sound of that game and took a deep breath and held herself down. Unlike the story I wrote, it was easy to get her top off with all the little strings. Pulling her bottoms down and off was sexy and easy as well. She passed the time naked and vulnerable on the bottom of the tub while I shinnied out of my swim trunks and put them at her feet floating in the water.

A mall stream of bubbles rose from her nose and I could see a smile on her face as she watched me. I pulled my shorts up over her legs and butt and soon she was (mostly) dressed. I loved looking at her naked tits and the boy-bottoms made her all the sexier! The whole process took almost a minute and a half but she loved it.

I pulled her up to a sitting position and fondled her tits as she caught her breath. She said that she was hoping that I would put on her bikini but I would have wrecked the bottoms at least with my bigger butt. (No, I did not do it.)

Our bath times changed a great deal after that. She now went in for lots of things including breath holding contests in the tub (and in the pool). I remember that we used to both lay on our backs side by in the big bathtub on a rainy Northwest day and compete to see who could stay underwater the longest. We had a clock that we placed high on the wall with a fat sweep second hand -- you could even see it underwater.

We would do this over and over and stay in the tub for hours. I remember (and she confirmed it a year ago) that we were getting up over two minutes. In that length of time if you are very careful the water in the tub becomes glass still and you can look up at the surface and even see your reflections looking back at you. If you wear goggles you still get the water in your nose but the view is much better.

Anyway, we would lie on our backs and let our hands wander over to the other ones genitals. (I am not making this up.) The game was to see if we could stay under the longest, not splash the water, and make the other one more excited. It was easier for her to win the last element since you can always tell when a guy is excited. I usually won the breath holding contest but not by much.

It was not long before I was regularly making love to her in the tub with her underwater on the bottom. We would not worry about orgasms or speed but instead concentrate on quality and preserving our air so that we could stay down longer and longer. We had a rule that the person on the top could not cheat and breathe if the person on the bottom could not get up for air too. This prevented accidents and unnecessary torment to the person on their back. We also used to make sure that we rotated top to bottom every few minutes or so -- it just made it more interesting.

It is true that one time I came into the bathroom to join her in the tub and she was lying on the bottom with the water almost still looking up as me smiling. It really freaked me out! I thought she had drowned and I rushed to the side of the tub to pull her out. That was not her intent but it really put a "damper" on the evening.

Another time she told her friend about our underwater games and the friend wanted to watch -- not participate - just watch. I said 'no' for many weeks but finally relented to let her see just a game or two as long as we had our swimsuits on and no sex was involved. She came over and we went in the bathroom to fill the tub. I was so nervous I was shaking.

To be continued ...

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