tagFetishUnderwater Sex with Dana Ch. 03

Underwater Sex with Dana Ch. 03


Dana and I got in the tub with her friend (Sue) sitting on the (closed) toilet. I don't care -- that always seems like too much information to me... We showed her the game where Dana floats on her back and gradually lets out her air to sink to the bottom and stays there for a long time. While Dana was under her friend told me that she was trying to get her boyfriend to play tub game with her. Dana was under for a long time so we had a long time to talk.

When the Dana came up we talked more about some of the other non sexual and sexual games. I felt pretty exposed since I was wearing my blue Nike running shorts with the slits up the sides. Dana was wearing her tiniest white bikini that she had had cut the lining out of so that it became almost transparent when wet. She was usually propping out of the top and adjusting it all the time. She did have body that was perfect for a bikini.

Sue was more focused on the sex games. Dana wanted to 'just demonstrate' the concept of the underwater sex games and they both kept trying to get me to go along. Sue implored me that she was a friend and friends trust each other.

Dana told me to show her friend how I stood up in the tub over her and pushed her underwater on her back. She said that it was no big deal and we did it all the time. I knew that the next step in that game was that I would reach down and remove her bikini. I said that I would do the bikini removal part but I would explain it as I went along.

I got over Dana and she went underwater on her back -- I held her down but I could see that she was pulling the strings on her top. No no no! She did it anyway. Her top came off bubbles erupted as she laughed out loud underwater. She surfaced and told me to not be such a prude.

Her bikini bottoms were so sheer that wet you could see her twin mounds of her pussy lips. She stood up and slipped out of her bottoms and was totally naked -- it was as simple as that. She asked Sue if she wanted to see me 'eat her out' underwater but I fought to draw the line -- I don't know what got into her except that bathrooms are intimate places and she and her friend spent a lot of time there together. She talked of one in the tub and the other at the sink. I did not see this but the both mentioned it many times.

They also said that men have obsessions about nudity and women only have guidelines. I think that was true for those two. I am sure that they probably bathed together and watched each other pee while talking about any and everything. I knew that I could not do that with my male friends -- or could I?

Anyway -- Sue batted her eyes and asked if I could teach her the 'underwater method' and I reluctantly agreed. She took Dana's wet bikini into the bedroom. What? I thought I was just going to show her with Dana. While she was gone I had few quiet words with my girlfriend.

In almost no time Sue returned naked with the white swimsuit bunched up in her hand professing that it didn't fit her big breasts. Sure -- she was still dry and if she had tried to put it on there would have been water on her tits. I looked.

I got out of the tub and Sue got in with the Dana. We went through the drill with Sue face down in the water looking down and holding her breath and gradually working up to looking from side to side. Believe me -- I just wanted to roll her on her back push her to the bottom, sit on her, and drown her I was so embarrassed.

It was as pretty big deal to train her. She as not much of a swimmer but she was adventurous. A great deal of wine was consumed by all of us as we practiced and practiced with Sue in the tub. Eventually we got her on her back and underwater with her nose pinched shut by Dana. Dana was sitting in the tub at her head with her legs on either side of her. Note that this puts Sues head almost up against my girlfriend's naked pussy. Hmmmm.

Sue released her nose and bubbles started gushing up -- in seconds she was sitting bolt upright coughing and spitting water. Not a good start. I convinced her to go under right away and for some reason she did. This time she stayed under for about five seconds with almost the same results. It took a great deal of dunkings before she was comfortable but eventually she "graduated" by staying underwater with her nose full of water for thirty seconds. We cut down the time because I did not appear that she could even hold her breath for a minute. This was all the same night.

After that Dana and I finally agreed to demonstrate fucking underwater in front of Sue but just in the missionary position. Dana was the instigator of the show and Sue was insufferable! They beat me to death with arguments and good reasons why it was no big deal.

We decided to do it with Dana on the bottom to start with. Dana stayed in the tub and Sue climbed out and knelt by the side with one elbow in the water chatting with her. I pulled down my shorts and stepped around Sue and into the warm water. Sue patted my ass when I passed by and they both laughed. She made some comment like 'that's a nice penis' and Dana clinically agreed with her.

It was not easy getting it up and keeping it up with her watching and commenting. Dana lay back in the tub and I lay down next to her. She told Sue that she was feeling very sexy and then she was gone underwater in a trail of bubbles. I took a breath and climbed on top of her and put my head underwater with her. It was not too hard to go under because I brought my lead-shot weight belt. We both sank hard to the bottom of the tub.

There is nothing like someone staring at your wet pooter to make you self-conscious. It was hard to get it in her and we had to come up for air several times before we started fucking. (I can say right now that it was not the greatest fuck in the world and I remember it to this day as one of the most mechanical.)

Dana did demonstrate some of her best breath holding (showing off) and I know that she was underwater at one point for well over a minute and a half while I was fucking her. I cheated once and turned my head above the surface to breathe but she did not bust me for it. Sue started worrying that I was drowning her and said so several times with increasing urgency. She was right at the top of the tub at that point and she even reached into the water to hold onto the girlfriends hands that she had put up over her head as I made love to her...

After several cycles to the surface for both of us to breathe Sue calmed down and just watched in wonder. At one point she put her hand on my back and ran it down to my bottom but I could tell that she was just feeling the combined hydraulic action. She actually put her fingers between our legs and touched Dana's labias while I was inside of her!

I think that if either or both of us had offered to fuck Sue in the tub she would have gladly said yes. I noticed that she did not get dressed or even put on her underwear after she had gotten out of the tub. And I also noticed that there was robe on the back of the bathroom door if she wanted a little more modesty but she ignored it. She remained nude the whole time

I heard the toilet flush when both of our heads were underwater but I did not bring it up to Dana later on. The house that we were in only had one bathroom so that was sensible that Sue took a discreet 'leak' while Dana and my heads were underwater. She probably would have gone in front of me anyway.

After about twenty minutes of screwing Dana underwater I ejaculated into her. Since we had both just taken big breaths we were able to lay underwater for as long as possible before coming up. When we finally came up the friend was standing there transfixed. She clapped and danced with joy. She commented that she wished her boyfriend could have seen this. Yikes!

The water was stranded with cum and it was getting cold. We all went out for Italian food and conversation. They could not keep off the underwater sex discussion and I noticed that her friend treated me different after that. She treated me better and with more ... respect ... probably because I was so nice to our mutual female friend, Dana.

We never did that again in front of Sue or any other person but I suspect that my girlfriend went over to their house to watch them try it out. She hinted at it once or twice but I did not take the bait. I also knew that when I was out of town Sue came over to stay with Dana and they slept in the same bed together. Dana also said that they took baths together and talked in there for hours. I believe they experimented underwater with each other and if I had asked Dana I sure she would have told me.

The End ...

... But a Bit More

What I wrote here in this journal is absolutely true and in fact I toned it down a bit. For instance, I did not tell the story about when Dana and I were fucking underwater in a spa at a little coastal hotel and two guests walked in and were watched us for quite a long time. When we came up and saw them, they commented politely on how well we could both hold our breaths. They pretended like they did not know we were having sex. It was humiliating. We thought locking the gate insured privacy.

Another time I was fucking Dana in our tub and we were completely underwater going at it. When we came up for air she shrieked and screamed that her younger sister (then 25) and her new husband were in our back yard looking in the full length bathroom window.

They had come over to put back a couple of bikes that they had borrowed and didn't think we were home. The sister later said that her eye was drawn to the bathroom window when they saw a couple of feet sticking up out of the splashing water in the tub. She said she was shocked when I came up to the surface for air and a short time later her darling sisters face just broke the surface -- breathed like a seal and sank underwater again.

Apparently we did this for at least fifteen minutes before Dana saw her and shrieked. I will give Dana credit for her best underwater stunt ever. When she was startled by the unexpected guests, she shrieked and sank underwater still screaming. The window was full length and it had a sliding section so her sister had her head almost inside looking at us!

Dana stayed underwater and left me to try to explain what we were doing. I remember her sister asking if Dana would drown if she didn't come up soon. (I think she was under for over two and a half minutes) I was so mortified that I wanted to sink underwater too and wait until the intruders had left or we both drowned.

Her sister whispered that story for years at family gatherings. She didn't spare any details! They started calling me "Jacque' and Dana 'mermaid girl'. They also called me Ted Kennedy at one family gathering and asked if we wanted to go up and take a bath before dinner. On that same occasion they called Dana 'Natalie Wood'. Ah, family...

They I could have elaborated on subsequent girlfriends but the first one are enough to tell this story. I may tell more at a later date.

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