Unexpected Interest Ch. 01


"Take it." Natasha said, meaning it in every way possible. She was trying to leave the same effect he had on her, with him as well. But little did she not see, his dick was standing at full attention.

Bobby couldn't say anything. He was at lost for words.


"Bobby" Bobby's grandpa asked him from across the dining room table. "Boy!" He said again, after Bobby didn't respond the first time. Bobby quickly shot his eyes up at the man who had been calling him. His bald head shined from the light let in from the window behind him.

"Yeah Pop?" He asked him, putting down his fork for the first time since he's gotten the plate. His grandfather had a sympathetic look on his face and creases on his forehead, right above his thick graying eyebrows.

"What's wrong with you boy? You actin' like you're having women problems." His grandfather said. Bobby then put elbow on the table and supported his head, unknowingly giving himself away to his grandparents.

"Are you heartbroken sugar?" His grandmother asked, her white hair pulled into a low ponytail. She had just gotten a new pitcher of water and was now looking Bobby right in the eyes with the same expression as his grandfather did.

"Not exactly." He said, confiding in his family. He knew them well enough to know they'd never stop bugging him about it. Even when he returned back to Rhode Island, they would still call him, worried.

"Then what is it?" His grandfather, Ollie, asked.

"I just," Bobby began, taking a deep breath in between the sentence. "I haven't heard from her in a week."

"A week? That's all? You must really like her, hm?" His grandmother, Gina asked. More like stated. She looked up from cutting her steak to give him a small smile and a raised eyebrow. Gina knew Bobby went through girls like underwear, she knew the time would come until he met his match. She was eager to meet this new woman who had her precious boy all worked up and stressed out. A rush of heat entered her stomach and halfway up her throat as she thought about Bobby being heartbroken.

** * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Bobby went to sleep that night thinking of her. Natasha was all he could ever think of at night, even when he fell asleep his cock reminded him of his dreams. He wondered what she tasted like, imagining her sweet taste on his lips and face. Bobby would love to indulge himself into her brown snatch. His eyes began drifting closed, his own breathing soothing him to sleep. His phone rang loudly on the dresser beside him and just as he went to grab his phone, he knocked over the digital close that lay right beside it. Bobby huffed in anger and finally answered the phone before the ringing ended.

"Yes?" He asked, a little irritated.

"Am I interrupting something?" The precious, sing-song voice said through the receiver. Bobby took a deep breath, wanting to soothe his emotions before he spoke. He took in just how much he missed her at this moment.

"N-no, absolutely not. What's going on?" He asked, rolling onto his back.

"I was wondering what you were doing tomorrow night." She asked, nervously.

"Um, nothing actually." He said, happily. He would be leaving tomorrow afternoon and he had plans on being back in Rhode Island before 4 o'clock.

"Do you wanna... do something... or something?" Natasha asked. She was slapping herself in the forehead in one of those 'Shoulda' had a V8' moments. Bobby chuckled lightly at her apparent edgy tension.

"Sure, let's go golfing." He suggested. He knew Natasha would be up for anything.

"Okay sounds great." She said.

"I'll pick you up at 7." He said quietly, smiling to himself.

** * * * * * * * *

Bobby sat in the dark car, patiently waiting for his date. Her porch light was on he could see she tended her garden recently. It was clean and neat, the floral pattern completely defined. Bobby was anxiously assessing and observing everything outside her house. Just as he was turning up the music, tapping his thumb lightly on the wheel, Natasha stepped out.

She took the venture down the 3 steps connecting her porch and ground level gracefully. Natasha opened the door to Bobby's BMW and sat into the car. Bobby was temporarily paralyzed by the sweet smell he tried to memorize and replicate late at night mentally. She looked at him and he was looking back at her, a sexy half smile on his lips. He cuffed the side of her soft face and guided her over towards his lips. He took her bottom lip, sucking on it and enjoying the light sound it left in the empty almost silent car. He kissed her tenderly at first, but as Natasha was remembering the heat and longing she had for this man, she intensified the kiss unconsciously. Bobby could feel the need, the passion in her kisses and he knew she wanted him to, probably right there in the car.

She's worked up; don't take advantage of her horniness. It's clouding her judgment. Bobby tried to convince himself. He pulled away and took a deep breath, looking down in his lap, where his dick was beginning to double in size. He laughed lightly.

"I wasn't expecting that." He said.

"I'm sorry.." Natasha said in a small voice, she looked to the right and into her neighbors yard. She was somewhat ashamed; she was acting like a ravenous animal on their second date. If her cheeks could be red, they would be. It had been so long since she had a man, kiss her so sweetly and touch her so delicately. She can't even recall the last time she had sex. Bobby makes her want it all, at that exact moment.

"It's okay Natasha." Bobby said, watching her. He wanted her to make eye contact but she wouldn't turn back to face him. So he took her soft hand and held it snugly in his. Bobby drove fast, but Natasha enjoyed it. It gave her a light rush. Within minutes they pulled up to the MiniGolfPlaza.

Bobby parked the car and Natasha took it upon herself to open her own door. But she smiled as she noticed Bobby's intentions. Bobby used this time to embrace what she was wearing.

Her hair was pulled into the mid-high ponytail, hanging freely down her neck. Her bang was side swept and her small gold hoops made her face glow. Her breasts were perky in the red, cotton material blouse that was cut with a V-neck. Her dark jeans fit her plump ass. Plus the brown sandals matched her pistachio green toenails that of course, went with the fingernails.

Bobby opened the front door for her just as Natasha thanked him. He took this opportunity to admire her curves, the booty being his top priority. He couldn't wait until the day he finally got the feel it. Bobby paid for their rounds and picked out their clubs.

It was some type of adults night, and luckily there weren't any kids here. But Bobby couldn't help but notice the stares Natasha was getting from the men around the bar. They watched her intently, as she was the only beautiful woman in the room.

Natasha was fixing herself around the first hole and easily made it in with a hole in one. Bobby tried it out and did the same thing. That was an easy one.

"What'd you do this weekend?" Natasha asked Bobby as he lined up his club, thinking of the best way to hit the ball. Natasha cocked her head to one side, admiring her man. He was wearing a plain black t-shirt and grey cargo pants, which she noticed he wore a lot.

"I went to my grandparent's house in Delaware." He stated, finally making it in. It took his 4 hits and Natasha knew she could beat that. She placed her ball down and ruled herself up.

"Oh okay, did you eat well?" She asked, already knowing him too well. They both laughed in harmony.

"Of course I did... How are you eating?" Bobby asked, noticing her weight loss since the last time they met. Her face was getting much slimmer and her ass was losing mass. Bobby would not let this continue to happen.

"Well, ya' know, trying to eat whenever I can." She said, but when she laughed, she was the only one laughing. She looked back at Bobby who gave her a stern look, indicating he found nothing about what she said humorous. Natasha gave him a sympathetic look and moved to the next hole. She had made it in 4 hits and their scores were pretty close. Bobby beating her with only a few points. Bobby took position.

"How's work?" She asked him.

"Going well, tiring of course. Maybe one day I'll pick you up for lunch. You work just a few blocks away." He said, honestly.

"I know the feeling and that would be great." She said, remembering how tired she's been the past few days. She felt as if she could sleep that entire month, never waking up. But she would love to have lunch with Bobby, it would highlight her work day.

"You aren't working too hard right?" Bobby said, still focusing on his shot. Natasha's nostrils flared and she had to contain some of her anger to fit the environment she was in right now.

"I didn't know I had a father named Bobby?" She said, rage dripping from her words. Bobby could've sworn he heard her hiss. He turned around immediately at her change of tone. Her face held wrinkles of anger and her arms crossed her chest.

"Excuse me?" Bobby said, walking over to her.

"Stop acting like my damn dad. I thought we were on a fucking date? You've been grilling me since we got here." Natasha whispered, their faces were inches away. Bobby wanted to be angry with the way he was being spoken to, but she was completely right. Natasha had every reason to be upset and Bobby focused his attention on now, calming her down.

"Hey, I'm sorry. I'm just worried about you." He said, brushing the back of his hand against her jaw bone. His knuckles glided on the skin and he could see in her eyes, she was calmed. She nuzzled up to his hand a little more, embracing the gesture. She locked eyes with him for a moment.

"I know, I just wanted to have fun..." She said, suddenly looking beyond Bobby, diverting the eye contact. Bobby held her chin up to his, forcing her to look at him. He bent down just the slightest amount to plant a quick kiss on her soft plush lips.

"I'm sorry." He said, striding back to his ball.

Natasha felt the slightest bit of tension between them and she didn't like it. So she stood behind Bobby thinking of a way to avert the residue of their last incident.

"Sweety, I hope you know you aren't going to win." She said, looking into her nails. She picked out a piece of lint stuck in between her nail bed and acrylics. Bobby looked over to her with his world-renowned half smile and chuckled lightly at her confidence. Bobby made a perfect hole in one and Natasha gulped lightly. Bobby laughed at her apparent nervousness and stepped back for her to try.

Natasha sat for about 2 seconds deciding which approach she would take. Once she figured it out she took a deep breath and lined herself up with the ball. She gave it a firm, perfect tap and it was a hole in one! Natasha did a shriek that was a little too loud and threw her manicured fingers into the air followed by a happy snap. Bobby laughed.

This was their last hole and Natasha and Bobby were neck in neck. Natasha was only 2 points behind him and she was determined to win. She watched Bobby intently as he aligned himself. His brow was furrowed lightly. Natasha was temporarily mesmerized by his sex appeal. He was muscular yet toned. Natasha thought about that day he carried her to bed.

I am not a light girl either. She thought, eyebrow mentally raised. She wished she could have been conscious enough to enjoy the feeling; she hadn't been carried in... awhile. She was 5"7 and her bones were dense, plus she packed on the curves.

Bobby made the shot in 5 hits. Natasha was confident she would make it in 3. Bobby watched her the way Natasha did him. Her bright, spring colored nails wrapped around the club. Bobby thought of how he wished her hands grabbed his cock that way. She bent over a little, showing off her perfect body.

"You love getting your nails done huh?" Bobby decided he'd say. He wasn't exactly trying to distract her, he was somewhat curious.

"You're very observant." She asked, looking up at him. Her hand was on her hip, sexily. Bobby shrugged.

"When it comes to you I am." He said, watching her uncomfort set in after he flirted with her. He smiled at her vulnerability at that moment. Natasha knew she was wide open and she didn't like that. She needed control over her emotions, next thing you know she's being irrational and ends up heartbroken. She's been there too many times to be there again.

"Well, some people would call that being weird. What else did you notice Mr. Walton?" She said. She remembered eyeing his debit cards' surname as he paid for their rounds for golf.

"I noticed you love to shop, crochet, read and learn about the Earth and animals." He said. When he was tucking her into bed, there were too many shopping bags still full of clothes next to her bed. There was also yarn and a hook on her nightstand. Right beside the crochet equipment was her cheetah print Nook. Bobby could see her love of animals and nature by just walking into her house.

Natasha looked at him, wide eyed.

Damn, how does he know all that? She thought to herself. It was only their second date. Then she remembered, she knew a few things about him as well. She smirked to herself and looked back to her golf ball.

"What do you know about me?" Bobby said, reading her mind. But in actuality he was truly curious.

"I know you play basketball, you hate bell peppers, you like ass, music and bottoms with anything cargo." She said.

Bobby laughed loudly, she was so cute and witty. He watched her for another moment. She was a beautiful person, inside and out. He could see himself with her for awhile. He was never worried about a woman the way he was worried about Natasha. If it were any other girl, he wouldn't give two shits. But he wanted to nurse Natasha back to her full figured, healthy self as if she were his flesh and blood. He would get some food in her before this night was over.

Natasha made it with 3 hits and she cheered silently and circled her Bobby in victory. Bobby laughed at her cheerfulness as they walked back to the golf club rack. Once she hung up their clubs, Natasha turned to him expectantly.

"So..." She started "What's my prize?" She said like a little kid. Bobby bent down to her face and she closed her eyes expectantly. Bobby smiled, only centimeters from her lips. Her lips were pulled out just the slightest amount and Bobby used all his will power to not close the distance between them. He spotted the bar behind her. Natasha's eyes opened, wondering why her kiss was taking longer to get started then it should've. Her eyes narrowed in suspicion at his grin.

"Pizza." He whispered.

Natasha pierced holes into Bobby with her eyes.

They now sat at a booth in the corner of the room. Bobby sat the plate in front of Natasha. She didn't realize how hungry she was until she felt the heat radiating off of the hot cheese pizza. She picked it up and took a big bite, wiping her mouth afterward. Bobby watched her gracefulness, admiring her beauty. Natasha felt awkward under his intense gaze, his eyes filled with a emotion she knew nothing about. Suddenly he spoke.

"Why are you single?" Bobby asked, Natasha was surprised. She didn't quite understand what he meant.

"What do you mean?" She asked, eyebrows pushed together tightly and her head cocked to one side.

"What happened to your last boyfriend?" He asked, restating his last question. Natasha quickly looked away from him, not liking the emotions she was feeling. Her last boyfriend was a fine man named Terrance. Terrance was a 5"9 caramel goddess. He was heaven the first month of their relationship; he opened doors, called her daily and flowers in her office once she arrived were not a surprise. He had light brown eyes and full lips, she was completely in love with him. She never thoroughly talked about their breakup. But she was feeling the emotions now.

"We just broke up." She said. Bobby's eyes shut just the slightest amount. Her whole demeanor changed and she seemed so small in the booth seat. She hunched over her plate, her eyes lowered and her personality nowhere to be found.

"He hurt you?" Bobby stated, more than asked. Whoever could be so blind as to hurt such a caring and wonderful woman needed a slot in a mental asylum. She was everything any man could ever want, just the right amount of feminism, so much hard work, mean cooking skills and love for every person on this Earth. Plus her love for the Earth. She didn't respond though, Natasha was remembering all the suffering she went through the last month of their relationship and the last 6 months after its ending.

Terrance was so impatient, he was accustomed to getting sex when he asked. But Natasha wasn't like that; the most premium man in the world couldn't make her give up her morals and beliefs. Natasha was pressured day in and out and after she had a meaningful (in her opinion) heart to heart with Terrance the snide comments about how she refused to give up the goods ended. But so did his 'love' for her. He almost never came over, called once or twice a week and the flowers on her desk ended. But through all this, he insisted on them still being a couple.

Natasha was driving to work one day, and saw her boyfriend Terrance holding a blonde haired, blue eyed toddler and kissing a woman goodbye as he entered his building. The woman was nothing like her; she was white. She was blonde, small, slim and beautiful. Natasha wouldn't have been as upset if this woman was a spitting image of herself. Her self confidence was ruined, she felt so unwanted. It took a long time for to regain control over herself, and this was the ending of her transition. But here she was, letting these emotions take control of her again. One tear slid straight down into her lap and was glad it didn't slide down her cheek. She looked into the eyes of Bobby and was confused as to why this man wanted anything to do with her.

Bobby reached across the table for her hand and was surprised when she pulled it away. Bobby knew he shouldn't have brought the ex's up. He huffed in defeat and Natasha played with her fingers in her lap.

"You ready to go?" Bobby asked her after they sat for a few more minutes in silence. She nodded and he took her plate. Bobby threw it away and walked beside Natasha. Bobby doesn't think she lifted her head since he brought up the topic at the table. But Natasha silently slipped her hand through his as they walked out of the plaza. Bobby gave it a light, reassuring squeeze and guided her back to the car. They rode hand in hand.

"Walk me to the door." Natasha said, feeling him leaning in for the typical kiss in the car. She wanted more. He complied and they slowly walked up the concrete walk.

"Thank you." She said, looking up at him. He looked back at her. It was dark and the porch light was the only light around. Natasha's skin glowed and Bobby watched her, with his eyes glazed. He winded his hand around her waist and Natasha went entirely limp, letting him take over. She rested her hands on his biceps. Her breathing deepened and she watched his lips. Her lips parted slightly, and Bobby took lead with this invitation. Natasha's lips matched Bobby's and he kissed her so delicately. Their sucking sounds made Natasha shiver. His kisses turned more intense and his growled rumbled in her throat as his hands moved South.

"Can I touch you?" He asked into her neck. Natasha panted lightly behind him. She nodded in his neck and that's all he needed. He took it in his hands impatiently. Bobby moaned loudly in her ear and she knew she was drenched. This was the one thing that guaranteed her arousal. She growled lightly in Bobby's ear and his cock clenched. He grabbed her ass in one hand and folded it almost completely. Natasha winced a little, but put it aside.

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