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Unexpected MFM 3-Some


The drive took about 2 hours but it was necessary to get far enough away so that they wouldn't run into anyone they knew. So Travis drove them to Racine. Just far enough.

He'd heard about this bar, Ken's Place, from a friend who was from the area and had been there. It was a place where "young minded" people in their 30's & 40's went to have fun. Summer had finally arrived and it showed from the way the women dressed.

Holly was wearing a summer dress-type thing but it was a skirt only. It was one of those light fabric kind of deals where if the wind blew, it was gonna fly up. Cut pretty short, especially for her standards. Travis loved it when she wore stuff to show off her very fit & trim legs. On top of that she had a basic white, spaghetti-strapped shirt, fairly low-cut. She had a nice rack – especially for being 37 – but didn't think so herself. Travis was willing to settle for whatever top she was comfortable wearing. He liked her to look confident. She looked fucking hot.

She rounded out the hot chic ensemble with fuck-me black pumps, rings on her thumbs and on most of her other fingers besides.

It was the type of place where when newcomers came in, people did take notice but it wasn't like the needle on the record skipped and conversations halted. Travis noticed a booth of 4 guys next to the entrance check out Holly and kind of nudge each other to take a look. Some girls by the bar gave her the up & down once over that all chics do to each other.

It was a comfortable place. There was a fairly sizable room to the back, just beyond the pool table and it looked like a band was setting up to play.

"Oh, cool," Travis thought. "Alright, whatchew want from the bar, my beeyotch?"

"Yeah, I got a beeyotch for you," Holly said and elbowed him. "How about a rum and diet Coke?"

"Gotcha, a double rum, hold the Coke," Travis said laughing and walked to the bar.

Holly walked over to a booth by the window, just a few steps from the end of the bar. Travis came back with her drink and a big fat lemonade for himself.

"There you go. Plenty more where that came from," Travis said holding up his glass for a toast. They clinked glasses, drank and surveyed the landscape.

"Looks like a cool enough place, huh"? Travis asked.

"Yeah, looks alright," Holly replied.

"It's incredible how this turned out," Travis said. "Your hubby's gone, my wife's gone and the kids are taken care of. When in the heck will we ever be able to get a night out and an overnight in a motel again?"

"No doubt," Holly said happily.

They passed the next few minutes just chatting idly, people-watching and commenting on the others in the bar. The place was getting more crowded, probably in anticipation of the band starting at 9:00.

It was about 8:45 and a group of 4 guys had been standing by their booth for the last 5 minutes, waiting for the bartender to serve them. They found out at least some of their names when Sean got on Dave for his potty mouth.

"Shut the fuck up, Dave!" Sean said laughing. "We got a lady in the next booth!"

"Oh fuck!" Dave said loudly. "Pardon my French!" And the group all laughed.

One of the other guys in their group, whose name Travis & Holly didn't catch, leaned into Dave's ear and whispered something while they appeared to be checking her out. They both nodded & laughed good-naturedly.

"Aw that's OK," Holly said as she gave her million dollar smile. "I've heard the bad words before!"

They all laughed. They seemed like a good bunch of guys. It's always nice to get a comfortable feeling from the locals when you're on their turf. They all looked to be 30'ish. Good looking guys, dressed to be out on a Friday night at the local watering hole to hit on chics and score.

The band started playing a few minutes after 9:00 and Travis asked if Holly wanted to go in the back. A lot of people headed back there when the band started and the bar area was thinning out a bit.

"Sure, let's go," she said.

With that, they picked up and headed back, telling the 4 guys they could have their booth.

The room where the band was playing wasn't as big as it appeared from the bar. They managed to get a raised table in a back corner'ish area. A lot of people were dancing so they couldn't really see the band all that great but at least it was a table with 2 chairs. There were also some of those square poles at about 4 spots throughout the room that further made seeing the band difficult.

By this time Holly was on her 2nd rum & Coke and Travis thought it was a good idea to start playing How High Up Can I Rub Holly's Thigh? Travis liked to joke that it was a popular game, enjoyed by many a Monroe High School boy in the late 80's. Holly thought that was incredibly not-funny.

At about 9:45, just before the band went on their 1st break, Sean, Dave and friends came back and stood near their table, not even noticing that Travis & Holly were sitting at the nearby table.

"Hey!" Travis said, trying to be heard above the rock band, "Are you guys following us?"

"Oh hi!" Sean said. "Yeah, we wanted to be near all the cool people!"

Travis introduced himself and Holly to Sean. They could make out "I'm Sean, this is Dave.." but that was about it. It was too loud.

Travis & Holly both just nodded and smiled like they heard everything Sean said. He came over to stand nearer to them and they made some small talk.

"Where are you from?"

"Oh, that's a long way to travel. How come you decided to come here?"

"Yeah, it's a fun place."

"The band is real popular around here."

That sort of thing. After a few minutes Travis said, "Can I get you and Dave a drink? I'm going to get us something anyway."

"Well sure," Sean said. "Dave! What do you want?! MGD?! Yeah 2 of those would be cool."

Travis left to get the drinks and came back. Sean and Dave were both standing at the table now, talking with Holly, smiling & laughing.

"Hey, here you go," Travis said. "Bottoms up!"

"Holly, how come you're not out there dancing?!" Dave said. "You're about the only chic back here not on the dance floor!"

"He doesn't dance!" she said pointing at Travis.

They both looked at Travis, laughing.

"What's wrong with you, boy?" Sean said. "Get out there with her!"

"Oh no," Travis replied. "My dancing days are well behind me. Not this guy. Feel free to go!"

And with that, Sean, took her hand and led Holly out to the dance floor. They sort of disappeared into the sea of people. Travis & Dave stayed at the table and talked. The Brewers and their latest wining streak was the hot topic.

Sean and Holly got out there near the end of "Gimme Me 3 Steps." At the end of that song, the lead singer said, "Alright, we're gonna do 1 more before we take a break and then we'll be right back." And with that they broke in "Freebird," the infamous slow ballad.

"Shall we?" Sean said.

"Well, why not?" Holly laughed. "It'll take us forever to get back to the table anyway, with all these people."

Sean put his hands on either side of her waist and she put her hands up on his shoulders and nestled politely closer, in formal slow-dance pose.

"Too bad he won't dance with you," Sean said, looking at her. "His loss."

"Yeah. Party pooper," she said laughing.

He could smell the light scent of rum on her breath and then he realized she was getting looped. He looked at her eyes and noticed they were nearing drunk-drooped. Not a lot, but enough to see she was getting a very good buzz. With that he sort of swung around so he could see the direction of the table. The wall of people afforded no view of the table at all.

"Oh, dude..." he thought to himself.

"Man, I feel out of place out here," he said to her.

"What do you mean?"

"Look at all these guys out here groping ass," he said. "I feel like I'm breaking a rule.'

And with that, he moved his hands just a tad like he was repositioning them. But as he did so, he slid them a couple inches further down her waist.

With all the noise (and the booze), Holly couldn't quite hear what he said. All she did in reply was smile big and say, "Yeah!" Usually a safe reply in any situation.

It was at this point that Sean started to get a bit of a hard-on. Not having gotten laid in 3 weeks or jacked off in about 4 days, he got wood quick and hard.

Again, Sean "repositioned" his hands and moved them a tad further down, this time feeling just the top of her ass. At the same time he pulled her just a tad closer in to him, their crotches coming slightly together but not, Sean believed, in an obvious sort of way. As he did this he looked at her close to see if he could pick up any sort of reaction.

From Holly's perspective, she knew she couldn't quite hear everything he said. Something about "...guys like that and following rules..." She also noticed that they had gotten closer together, probably because of the crowded dance floor. People really flooded it for the last one before break, and a slow song at that.

"Is that a hard-on he's got kind of rubbing up against me?" she said to herself. "He's not hitting on me or anything. It's probably nothing."

Holly had no clue she was getting drunk.

From Sean's side, he was sensing no resistance. She didn't throw herself at him but she didn't slap his face and walk away either. Of course, it's not like he pulled her in and made it obvious he had a hard-on. He decide that since it was so early and he wasn't sure what signals she was giving, he'd play it safe.

The song ended and they fought the crowd to get back to the table. Travis & Dave were engaged in conversation and greeted the dancing pair.

"Just talking baseball," Travis said. "Musta been pretty crowded out there, huh?"

"Yeah," Holly replied, fanning her face. "Crowded, hot, smelly," and laughed.

Travis noticed that she took a big gulp of her drink, and then another.

"Oh, Travis is getting laid tonight," he thought to himself and smiled.

"OK, let me get the next round," Dave said. "Same thing for everybody?"

"Oh cool. Yeah I can have another lemonade. Holly?"

"Sure, why not?" she said and gulped down the last of her rum & coke

With that, Dave & Sean headed to the crowded bar, now more full with the band on break.

"Dude," Sean said to Dave, "she's pretty fucking hot, ya think?"

"You know," Dave replied, "I honestly haven't checked her out that close. She's attractive, I'll give you that. I'll check it out more when we get back and let you know."

"Yeah, man," Sean said, "take a look. I was kind of feeling out the possibilities on the dance floor but I didn't really make any moves."

" 'Possibilities?' " Dave said. "Her guy is here. What do you mean 'possibilities'?"

"Hey, man, you never know. It's 2010, dude!"

"You are totally right on that one, my man," Dave replied.

Back at the table, Travis asked Holly if she was having fun.

"Yeah, this is a cool place," she said smiling.

"Have fun dancing?" he asked.

"Sure did!"

Sean and Dave returned with the drinks.

"Alright, here we go," Dave said. "Sorry that took so long. The bar's a zoo."

"It's OK," Holly said, "It's free!"

They all laughed. Chit-chat ensued and before they knew it the band was playing again. They watched, listened, drank and laughed. It was hard to hear what anyone was saying unless they were right up against the person's ear.

Then Dave said, "Alright Travis, you up for some dancing?! Let's go!"

They all laughed.

"Well," Travis started, "normally I would but I'm fanatically religious and I'm not allowed. Otherwise man, I'd be all over that invitation!" He laughed heartily at his own little joke.

"OK," Dave said, "Holly?"

And with that they were off into the sea of bodies and disappeared.

Dave noticed right away that Holly was getting drunk. She almost fell and he had to reach out to balance her. He noticed the loopy look that a drunk person gets, too. Not staggering, falling down drunk, but he knew the look. She was drunk.

"You look very hot!" Dave said. "Too bad Travis doesn't want to dance! He's missing out!"

"Thanks!" she shouted back. "Yeah, his loss!"

Then, as Dave knew would happen shortly, a slow song started. "We're gonna do a few slow ones," the lead singer said, "so you can find the person who's gonna buy you that next drink."

They assumed the slow dance position and Dave instinctively checked back at the table. There was no view of the table at all. Too many people.

"Hey," Dave thought, "his loss."

Dave was a lot less shy and a lot quicker to act than Sean. Dave was a good looking guy, good with the ladies and he knew it. He wasn't exactly sure what could happen with this chic's guy here with her but he was on the dance floor with a hot chic where they couldn't be seen and was going to do what he normally did with a hot chic.

He was a little less formal in assuming the slow dance position. He pulled her closer to him and positioned his hands further down than Sean did. His finger tips were on the round of her ass. He could tell she was wearing a thong. As a result of how he pulled her to him, her arms went not just to his shoulders but around his neck and her hands crossed behind his neck.

Holly was drunk. She'd been drunk before. She wasn't at prom either. Drunk or sober, she knew what a hard dick felt like when it was pressed up against her slow while slow dancing. She was surprised by it. She didn't come here with Travis looking to hook up with anyone else. She was counting on getting fucked tonight but not by anyone other than Travis.

She could sense that he purposely pulled her into him so she could feel his hard-on. She didn't want to make anything obvious by pulling away so she just held her position. Holly figured that if she didn't pull away or move closer, he wouldn't move either.

Their heads were side-to-side of each other so it's not like they could see each other's eyes. That was fine with Holly. She didn't know what kind of look she had on her face once she realized he had a hard-on.

Dave noticed that his thumbs were over the bare part of her back where her top didn't quite reach her skirt top.

"Ah, today's fashions..." he thought to himself. "I really love this country," and he smiled.

Dave didn't have evil on his mind at all. But he was with a drunk hot chic and, her guy around or not, he was the one with her on a dance floor where no one could see them. He was going to see where he could take it. This was a long Crosby, Still & Nash song and he figured they'd play at least a couple more. He knew he had a good 15 minutes.

He rubbed his thumbs up & down on her bare skin a little bit. This continued for about 30 seconds and then he stopped.

"Hey, she didn't run away," he thought to himself. "That's a good sign."

Looking around the dance floor, he could see there was any number of 4th degree sexual assaults taking place. Well, not really assaults because the chics weren't minding at all. So it's not like anything he could do would really draw attention.

He slipped his hands upward a little bit, slipping up under her top, just a tad. Really, it was just his fingers that slipped under. He caressed slowly. Still no negative reaction. "This is good," he thought.

He swayed his hips more and she went along with his movements. He'd danced with a few chics who practically fucked him on the dance floor before so he sort of had an idea how to move and be sexy about it.

Then he moved his hands down further, slipping his fingers into the top of her skirt, going just past the top of her thong to her bare, hot ass.

"OK," he thought, "now we'll see how she reacts. This is way more obvious."

Holly noticed what he was doing. She thought he was just doing what everyone else on the dance floor was doing, sort of as a habit. "Christ," she thought to herself, "Travis can see this."

As they swung around she was able to decipher that the view from their table was totally obscured by all the people. She was embarrassed by the thought of Travis being able to see what this guy was doing. It's not like she went out to the dance floor with the intention of dirty dancing with him or doing anything.

When he slipped his fingers up under her top he pulled her a little more snugly to him. She noticed that but again, didn't do anything to resist. "Just don't make a big deal out of it," she thought. "It's probably nothing."

When he put his fingers inside the top of her skirt and reached for bare skin below her thong top, she was sure that it was no accident; that he was up to something. She just didn't know what.

Right next to them was a couple and the chic was really fat. The guy dancing with her was really drunk. Her guy didn't seem to mind as he had both hands grabbing a hold of 2 really fat ass cheeks packed into jeans that would have been too tight on a chic half her size.

"Compared to what they're doing," she thought, "what Dave is doing is nothing. No one's even noticing that."

As one slow song gave way to the next, Dave pulled her in more closely. At that point she could really feel how hard he was. She knew that it wasn't just a repositioning pulling her close. This was more of a, "I've got a hard cock for you, baby," kind of thing.

To Holly, it wasn't just this hard thing she felt in his crotch. It was a long thing; unmistakably a big cock. Prior to this, they were positioned so that their mid-sections were merely touching. Not really placed flat against each other. That changed when he pulled her in this last time.

She wasn't wearing a belt and the fabric of her skirt and top was pretty thin; it was summer after all. Their mid-sections were now flat up against each other and she could feel him. He was taller than her so his crotch area was higher than hers.

It took a few seconds to comprehend it all. Yeah, she knew he was hard and was up against her. But it took a bit to realize that this guy obviously had one big fucking cock!

Oddly, and it almost made her chuckle at how she thought of that, but her first thought was, "If were sticking straight up, it'd be out of his pants!"

Holly could feel it sideways in his pants. She almost felt like saying, "I'm sure it won't get that dark; you won't need that flashlight in your pants."

At that thought, she did chuckle a little bit.

"What's so funny?" Dave asked.

"Oh! Nothing!" she said. "Just the people in general."

"Yeah, they're a hoot," he said.

With that, he slipped his entire hands into her skirt and pulled her in. As he did so, he gave a slight thrust forward with his hips. To that, she grasped him around the neck a little bit and let herself be pulled in.

Holly didn't plan on it but she was excited by that.

Dave was a good looking guy, nicely built. The way he used his hands on her was strong, confident. He was moving in a very sexy way. The whole scenario was sexy. There was something naughty in a sexually exciting way doing this so that Travis couldn't see what was going on.

He lowered his head and put his mouth on the back of her neck, off to the side a little but, just under her hair, and tongued her neck. As he did so, he used his strong hands to firmly grasp each hot little ass cheek under her skirt. Holly dug her nails into his back and gyrated her hips into his. Feeling more strongly than before how hard he was.

"Christ," she thought. "This is insane. This song has got to end."

Being the oh-so-polite girl that she was, she couldn't just walk off the dance floor in mid-song. But there was also a part of her that didn't want it to end. This was so totally unexpected and, being drunk, she was just reacting to what was there, what was happening.

The song finally ended and the band went on their 2nd break. They made their way back to the table to find Travis and Sean talking.

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