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Unexpected Participant


Enjoying a nice relaxing evening of pizza and beer with some shows, my boyfriend was playing on the computer and I grew bored sitting by myself on the couch. Feeling a tad tipsy, I wandered over to him and started gently rubbing on his shoulders. I enjoy feeling his broad, muscled shoulders beneath my hands and ensure to knead just the way he likes it with my thumbs. I moved my focus area up and played with the base of his hairline teasing ever so lightly, but no response. He was too focused on some game. I decide to change tactics and start kissing him at the collar of his shirt and work my up his neck finishing with easy nibbles along his jaw line and right ear. Still nothing...

"Hm, this is going to call for more drastic measures," I thought to myself.

Moving to the other side of the computer desk, I began undressing, not that I was wearing that much in the first place. I slowly unbuttoned my black silk blouse, taking care with each one in exaggerated motions. I left it hanging completely unbuttoned to display my ample cleavage as there was no bra to begin with. I turned to face the wall as I start wiggling out of my purple velvet mini skirt. Once it was off, I enjoyed displaying my tight ass in the little black thong I chose today. As I rotated back around, I slipped off my top so that he has full view of my lovely body on display just for him. My long hair swishing around to settle just barely displaying my nipples and the ends dancing along my hip bones. When I get a nice once over, I know I've finally gotten his attention. But he kept playing the game, not actually getting up to come over to me.

"Fine, I will just take matters into my own hands," I decided as I crawled over to the computer desk.

I love how high his desk is because I can easily fit sitting beneath it. Thankfully, he was wearing his favorite plaid pajama bottoms. The button for the flap in front has long since been lost and he wears them commando all the time. Slipping my hands under the legs of his pants, I gently massaged his calves, running my fingernails lightly along his shins. Raising my hands, I applied pressure up his thighs headed towards my final destination. I took full advantage of the missing button on the fly of his pants, I maneuvered his cock to peek through the opening.

As much as he has pretended to ignore me, I was happy to see his cock hard and straining to be let fully out. I adjusted his pajamas and sure enough, his penis springs upwards dripping with pre-cum. I licked up that glistening drop that was so very tantalizing, enjoying the slightly salty taste on the tip of my tongue. Using my left hand, I started feeling his balls and massaging them lightly. My right began stroking his hard, long shaft with just the tips of my fingers, loving the twitches and jumps his cock made at my touch. When I had finally had enough of teasing us both, I leaned forward and took the head of his cock in my mouth. I do so love sucking dick, I could feel my panties starting to get increasingly wet as I ran my tongue over him. I began to move along him with a set rhythm that I knew would please him, manipulating my tongue to make circles all along his length.

I realized that I had gained his full attention as I no longer heard the sounds of the keyboard. I took a quick glance and was pleased to see his hands holding on to the chair's arms with his head laid back, eyes closed, enjoying his little cum slut giving him a blowjob. I increased my speed and was now fully bobbing up and down on his cock with my hand grasping and massaging everywhere my mouth was not. After a few more minutes, he reached down to gain handholds of my hair and shove the full length of him into my mouth as he exploded his hot cum down my throat. I love to hear the guttural noises and groans he makes during his orgasm; it's enough to have caused my little thong to be nearly dripping in anticipation. I laid my head on his inner thigh as he stroked my hair, murmuring happy noises.

Once he recovered, he stood me up and took me back over to the couch. Bending down, he slipped off my panties enjoying the wetness he found there. He had me sit on the actual back of the couch with my legs spread wide and my head resting against the wall. Positioning himself in front of me, he pulled my thighs over his shoulders locking him into place right by my bared cunt. He took a little time to plant kisses along my inner thighs but then dove right into my pussy, we've been together long enough for him to know how ready I was. Licking up some of the juices around my clit, he moaned with pleasure as he tasted me. Nipping lightly at my hips, he began hovering and just breathing onto my pussy that's quivering in anticipation. I began to squirm because he was driving me crazy with the waiting and he knew it. At last, he began to suckle my clit applying just the perfect amount of pressure. I finally relaxed and lowered my head to allow myself to be caught up in the whirlwind of pleasure between my legs. He briefly stopped to get two fingers wet before slipping them into my dripping cunt. His fingers are thick but also long and hit me in just the right spot. He began finger fucking me in earnest while continuing to suck and worship my clit with his tongue. I felt the pressure building and tightened my legs forcing him in closer. Finally my orgasm crested like a strong wave crashing onto shore, and I let out a yell as I squirt my hot juices into his mouth, on his face and the couch.

I stayed in the same position, soaking in the afterglow of such a powerful orgasm. He stood up and started running his cock along my cheek which is already hard again, he loves it when I squirt for him especially up close. I gave it a kiss and a lick as he brought it across my mouth, when I suddenly realized we had an audience. His roommate was standing in the doorway in just his boxers also sporting quite the hard-on. I immediately flushed with embarrassment because I didn't know how long he had been there. I tried to maneuver my hair to cover my breasts and close my legs to no longer display my swollen and dripping pussy, but my boyfriend stopped me.

"You remember my roommate darling?," he asked.

Not trusting myself to be able to speak, I simply nodded once.

"Well, he and I share everything and we were thinking that we'd like to share you today. How about that? Do you want to have another cock in your mouth while I fuck that tight little cunt of yours?"

I stared at him wide eyed, we'd never talked about something like this before, let alone in front of someone else.

Not wanting to embarrass anyone or seem like a bad sport, I said "Sure, I think I can take both of you."

His roommate responded saying, "Ooh I like this one, trying to show so much bravado."

Chuckling, my boyfriend pulled me down off my perch and positioned me on my hands and knees, my elbows able to stay on the arm rest, putting me at the right level for his roommate.

"Well, there's no need to keep waiting, let's fuck my good little whore," he said as he spanked my ass.

His roommate dropped his boxers still in the doorway before walking towards me, jerking his mostly hard cock along the way. I had to admit to myself that I was actually really excited for this. I felt my boyfriend getting up on the couch behind me as he kneaded my ass, giving me little smacks along the way. His cock started to rub along my ass crack teasing me because he knew where I wanted it, buried nice and deep in my pussy.

The roommate had been enjoying all of our little shows that evening and seemed so ready to participate in the next session. When he judged his cock hard enough for me, he didn't give me a chance to do any of the foreplay I did earlier; I got his cock shoved into my mouth and immediately began sucking. I could vaguely hear my boyfriend chuckling again about his little blowjob loving slut before suddenly having his cock thrust deep into my tight, wet pussy. I couldn't help but moan with pleasure at finally having a warm cock in mouth as well as in my pussy. It was obvious I'm was not the first girl they've done this to as they began to move in tandem, one cock withdrawing while the other moving back inside me. It didn't take more than a couple minutes for me to cum again, screaming around one cock while my juices flow over the other with my pussy squeezing and fluttering about it.

They picked up speed, still stayed in tandem, one fucked my mouth as the other fucked my pussy even more turned on by my orgasm. My boyfriend reached down and started rubbing my clit,

"Cum again whore, cum with someone else's cock buried deep in your throat while you get fucked by me," my boyfriend ordered me.

The three points of arousal were just too much for me and I squirted again as I came harder than I had before. This was too much for his roommate as well, as he pulled his cock out fast, grabbed my hair and tilted my head back with his left hand, as he jerked off using my saliva and his pre-cum as lube. He orgasmed quickly after that, and he sprayed my face with hot fuck juice and I felt the cum dripping down my cheeks. My boyfriend slipped his cock out of my pussy before he slid it into my ass; he took slow, even strides as to not cause my any discomfort. Once he got fully buried into my ass, he fell back into the previous rhythm and I moved an arm down to rub my own clit. I still had cum on my face as I was getting fucked in the ass, while his roommate stayed to watch the finish. It didn't take very long of being deep in my ass for my boyfriend to cum, he filled me up so completely. When he had finally pulled out, I felt the cum dripping out of my ass onto my thighs.

When his roommate walked out, he made sure to comment "Let me know the next time she's over, that was fun."

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