tagBDSMUnexpected Results Continue Ch. 02

Unexpected Results Continue Ch. 02


The next morning came quickly as I slept peacefully through the night. You would think the position and bindings would have made it tough to sleep but I did not wake up all night. As I said, my best friend, Jessica, was due at 9:00 to pick me up for tennis. Jessica is a lesbian and has avoided any romantic or sexual relationship with men for years. In college she had sex a few times with men and did not mind it but preferred women. She was just not compatible with men, relationship wise, so she stopped all romance or sexual relationships with men long ago. She also does not see eye to eye with my husband, Mike.

So, as expected, she showed up at 9:00 for tennis. She rang the doorbell a couple of times, which did start to bring me out of my slumber. When I did not answer, and she saw my car, she used her key to let herself in. Once inside she called out my name, which really brought me to reality, and then started walking around the house a little worried. I remembered that she was the backup if something happened to delay Mike and my escape method somehow failed. I also realized this was going to be a little more embarrassing that I expected. What I had not thought about was how my little note saying "Something new for you I am sure you'll enjoy," would affect this.

Jessica did not know Mike had been delayed and, although we had not had any sexual relations, I knew she would be very open to jumping in the sack with me. I had never shown any interest though and she had never approached me about it. When she walked in the bedroom looking for me she stopped dead in her tracks. After taking in the sight in front of her of me spread out on my back on the bed, arms and legs tied to the bedposts and my ass raised by a few pillows she immediately saw the note. Since I knew she was coming and when she assumed I had written it for her. That stupid note had already caused a major miscommunication along with some wild fucking. I did not know it yet, but it was about to do it again.

I was not worried because I knew Jessica would not do anything to me against my will but had not considered the effect of the note. She stepped forward, looked over at the vibrator, wand vibrator, new small deer leather flogger and bottle of KY and smiled. She, of course, thought this was a major invitation and she was only too happy to take me up on it.

She stepped up onto the bed and took a good look at my exposed, bare pussy and then started slowly massaging my lower my legs. It was then that I remembered the note and it hit me that Jessica thought this was my gift to her. Up and down and around the back of my calves she went. I might normally have started trying to shack loose or shake my head no but after my experience last night and how wonderful it was, I decided I might as well just let whatever is going to happen, happen.

She kept this up and then moved up to my knees and then to my thighs right above my knees. She slowly went up along the tops on my thighs and then down the outsides and then back up the front. She did this a while before moving to the inside of my thighs and, with a real light touch, went up the inside but moved back to the front of my legs way before getting to my privates. She continued this along the front, outside and inside of my thighs getting a little closer to my pussy but still a few inches away. This was very stimulating and my arousal was rising very quickly.

She then moved her hands up my sides which tickled a little and then back down to my legs. She continued this and then moved up to my under arms and then back down. It was light enough to tickle just a little. She leaned over me and lightly kissed around my collar bone. This was soothing in an erotic way. She went along the side of my neck licking then sucking lightly, then with her lips just partially open, moved her mouth up and down my neck and then under my chins. She licked the soft skin at the top of my neck right under my skin.

I could feel my arousal rising quickly. I let out a soft moan and she knew she had me going.

She then moved down along the sides of my boobs. As I have mentioned my boobs are extra sensitive and this felt wonderful. She then went back down to my legs and back up to the sides of my boobs. She continued this and then started worked my boobs a little more each time until she got to my nipples and started rubbing them lightly and staying up on the upper part of my naked body. This was absolutely wonderful. She then stopped and moved down with her fingers and started lightly caressing around my pussy lips. My arousal started to sky rocket and I started lifting my ass off the pillows.

Jessica quickly stopped, got off the bed and then reached over and got the flogger. It was a real light stroke and it took me a minute to realize what it was. She started going a little faster and was hitting the flogger directly on my pussy with a spinning motion. This stung a little but was also very stimulating. I had never felt this before and absolutely loved it but was very unsure about how long I could handle it. She picked up a little more speed and I arched my back feeling like I might come from the flogging. She then suddenly stopped. My pussy felt sore but it also had a high level of sensitivity.

The next thing I knew, I felt her tongue along the outside of my pussy lips; one side and then the other. She continued this along each side until she took a deep long lick from the bottom of my pussy up to my clit and used the middle of her tongue right on my clit. This drove me toward an orgasm but she let go quickly and I did not quite get over the top.

Jessica moved over to my side and started licking the side of my boob and the along the underside of it and the back to the side. After a little while she went down along my side licking back and forth and the taking a mouthful of the soft skin along my side. This tickled a lot more and I started squirming. She stopped and leaned over my body and I immediately realized she was naked as well as I when her tits rubbed against mine. This was very erotic and surprisingly did not bother me at all.

She leaned against me and started licking my other side from my underarm to my hip and back. Again she licked my side and I started squirming lightly. She kept this up and started after my soft waist going along my tummy and then back to my side. She quickened the pace and dove in a little rougher with her mouth. This really started tickling and I started bucking. I was bouncing around moving my side away from her as much as I could while laughing and bagging through my gag. Jessica reached down and started finger my pussy going right onto my clit. This took the attention off the tickling and onto my pussy. It still tickled but it was also causing a great deal of arousal so I was able to reduce my bucking although I was still squirming quite a bit. I had never experienced this before and boy was it stimulating.

Jessica stopped again right when I was nearing the explosion and got off the bed. She went over to get the vibrator and the wand but, since I was still blindfolded, when she would get up I never knew what she was doing. She started rubbing the vibrator along the outside of my pussy and then rubbed the head slightly inside. I was very wet so it slid in very easily. She then inserted it about half way into my cunt, backed out and then all the way in.

She then moved to my side still holding onto the vibrator, reached down and started sucking right on my nipple. She started sliding the vibrator in and out real slow then started driving the vibrator into me. This was incredible. I started shaking and raised my hips as high as I could as she drove the vibrator in and out of me quickly. She continued this driving my pleasure but not raising me toward an orgasm. It was just a good hard fucking and it felt wonderful as she drove it in and out of me.

She stopped for a minute and then turned the vibrator on and moved it in and out more slowly. She then put the wand vibrator right onto my clit and started driving the vibrator in and out of my like before. Oh my Gaud. She was giving me everything all at once. I quickly went over the top, raised my hips again and started screaming into my gag as I came with a blast. Jessica continued holding the wand right on my clit and driving the vibrator into me. I went from one orgasm into another and then started gasping as the second orgasm started coming down. I started shaking my head back and forth and Jessica stopped immediately.

Jessica reached around my neck and released the gag. I was still trying to get my breath a little and Jessica bent down and gave me a big kiss which I returned. As I calmed down, Jessica lightly rubbed one of my boobs, then the other and then up my neck and under my chin and then back down. I slowly calmed down and caught my breath. Jessica gave me a minute and then climbed on top of me, putting her knees on either side of my boobs and lowering her shaved pussy toward my mouth. I had never had a pussy this close to my face before but I found it quite erotic.

I said "I have never done this before".

"I never thought you would but I am so awfully excited about your change of mind."

Before I could comment she started lowering her pussy toward my mouth and I timidly reached my tongue out and licked along the side of her pussy lips. It did not taste bad at all. The smooth soft skin around her pussy totally different than a man's but was very stimulating. I reached in a little more aggressively and started exploring with my lips and tongue. She was obviously very worked up at this point because she pretty quickly laid directly onto me put her arms around my hips and drove her cunt down onto my mouth.

"Oh my Gaud" she wailed. "I waited so long for this."

Jessica drove her cunt into my month even more and I munched with vigor. I then suck her clit into my month and drove my tongue all around it. She let out a loud moan and went over the top; bucking and squirming for all she was worth. I held on as she bucked and continued to suck and tongue fuck her clit.

She finally collapsed on top of me and I pulled from her cunt while we both tried to catch our breath. When she pulled back I asked her to release my wrists. Once my wrists were free I reached down and released one ankle while Jessica released the other. I immediately stretched my legs and arms which had become stiff. Jessica climbed up onto the bed and laid down with me tits to tits. I never thought I would like this but it was just right for the moment.

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