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Unfullfilled Desires


The characters in this story are property of DC comics. I have used them in honor of the comic series / show and admiration for the characters. This story is original and is in no way tied to any of the cannons of the DC Universe or Smallville. This story contains adult material of a sexual nature. If it is illegal for you to view such material, turn back now. This work is property of the author. Do not post this on any other site or use it for personal gain. It is for entertainment purposes only. Thank you.

Now for some brief background. This story is based off of the show Smallville, with a twist that Clark Kent (Kal-EL) wasn't the only child in the spacecraft. He was with his sister Karan Kent (Kara-EL). It is their senior year in high school and they should be considered 18 years of age. A few days ago Smallville was attacked by an unknown group of men. This story takes place a few days after. I don't know if I will post about the proceeding events yet or not. Again thank you, and I hope you enjoy.


Clark was trying to wait as patiently as possible for Karan to get out of the bathroom. Their parents had left earlier that morning to go work on the rebuilding of the house and barn, but had left them explicit instructions to go to Metropolis and get themselves some more clothes, since theirs had been destroyed in the attack. And the only thing they had been wearing the last few days were some back to school clothes that their parents had just happened to buy that very day. He let out a deep sigh and then laid down on the bed with his eyes closed as he waited some more.

Finally done with her shower, Karan walked out of the bathroom drying her hair with an extra towel. Smiling at Clark she said, "Your turn dork." Turning she looked in the mirror to brush her hair, the tight boy shorts panties she had on below the towel just barely showing.

"It's about time." was all he said as he grabbed his towel and underwear. but as he passed her he couldn't resist the temptation of smacking her on the ass and then entered the bathroom to take his own shower. He tossed them on the counter near the sink and turned around to turn on the water. Although he doubted there was any hot water left. Fortunately cold water didn't bother him, he just didn't like taking cold showers.

Smirking Karan turned on the hot water faucet, still brushing her hair. Teach him to smack her hinny. Dropping her towels on the floor Karan stood there for a moment, topless, looking at herself in the mirror. She'd need to get some lingerie, and toned in order to compete with those girls at Bruce's. Shrugging with a sigh she grabbed some clean clothes and decided what to wear while shopping.

The water had been hot, miracle of miracles, but about two minutes in it got cold fast. So fast that Clark knew she had to have turned on the water outside. Reacting as he always did he jumped out of the shower and exited the bathroom, this time forgetting he was naked, and went to the sink and turned off the water. "Damn girl, just cause you got spanked you didn't need to try and freeze me."

Turning around Karan raised an eye brow. Her eyes flicking downwards for a moment before matching his eyes. A pink bra in one and a lacy pink and white thong in the other. "Yes I did." she replied, before turning back to the bed and looking at her limited options.

Clark shook his head and went back to finish his shower, now a bit grateful that the water was cold. About ten minutes later he got out with the towel wrapped around his neck and he was dressed in just his boxers, since he had left his jeans and t-shirt on the bed. He walked over to the bed and began to slide his jeans on.

Sitting on the other bed Karan watched him. "You gonna come out of the bathroom naked all the time? Dad might get mad. Not that you haven't done it before. Just saying..."

"I wouldn't have come out naked if someone hadn't turned on the hot water out here and nearly froze me to death. " he replied. "Besides it's not like I have anything you haven't seen before." He quickly added as he fastened his jeans and then began to put on the black t-shirt.

"Well you wouldn't freeze if you didn't smack my ass." she snapped back, sticking her tongue out at him. Scooting forward to the end of the bed she looked over. "You seriously need better fitting clothes if you ever want to get Lana. You dress like a dork."

Clark shook his head as he sat down and began to put on his socks. "And who says I even want Lana?" he asked her. He wasn't denying that was the case in the past, but the last few months, and even the last few days since the attack he was wondering if there might be someone else out there for him instead.

"Lana.. Chloe.. whoever you want in that perverted little mind of yours. You want them you need to dress better. You need.. class.. style.. not well.. umm.. farmer written all over you."

"Well we all can't be Bruce Wayne or Lex Luthor can we." Was his quick reply. "Besides I am a farmer, remember. Or at least the son of a farmer for now."

"You gonna be a farmer all your life? Or you gonna be a writer? And money don't make the man. The man makes the money. And a man with style makes a woman.. interested."

"I'm still young, I don't know what I want to be yet. I like writing, but there's so much out there. So much to see and do." Was his reply as he put on his boots. "But if you're so worried about my sense of style. I'll let you pick out a couple of things for me today."

"Ok." Karan said with a self satisfied smile. She'd get her brother civilized if it killed him. Besides she hadn't managed to play dress up with him since they were like eight. "Are you driving? Or am I?"

"No way are you driving my truck." He replied simply as he grabbed the keys and his wallet. "Let's go." He told her.


Stepping from the small changing room Karan looked over at Clark, the tiny white bikini covering the important bits. But not anything else.

Clark couldn't believe he had been talked into being an observer for his sister. But there she was modeling a white bikini in front of him and he was at a loss for words. It was obvious that while he was looking elsewhere his sister had grown up... nicely. "Uhm yeah that looks good." he said snapping back to reality. he was hoping the session was now over, but he doubted it. In fact part of him hoped it wasn't.

"Hmm.... do you think Bruce will like it?" she asked, fairly pleased at his response. Both his verbal confirmation, and disturbingly pleased by his more.. physical response.

Clark grimaced at the mention of the name of Bruce Wayne. They were friends, and Bruce was a good guy to hang around with. But he wasn't sure that he liked the idea of Karan being with him. Then as he tried to think about if Bruce would like this suit or not, he got a bit uncomfortable with it all. But then he wondered if he could discourage her from that direction. "Maybe, although the girls at his place usually wear less than that." He replied.

"True.." Karan said stepping back into the changing room. Seconds later the two pieces went flying over the door and landed on the floor at Clarks feet. Stepping back out Karan showed off an even tinier bikini. She obviously trimmed herself very close, all the better for an all over tan. The new bikini was blue and red stripes with invisible plastic threads. All the better for that tan she liked.

Clark was just picking up the pieces of cloth that his sister had tossed on the ground when she stepped out again. He gulped as he saw what she was wearing. He didn't think she'd go for something that small, granted he had seen her in less, but that was in the privacy of the Kent farm. She was actually thinking of wearing this outfit in front of others. He went to say something but nothing came out of his mouth. He was literally speechless.

Smirking Karan gave a saucy little shaking strut and went back into the changing room. tossing the new bikini out to him. "I want that one." A couple minutes later she walked out in a semi-transparent pink chemise with white lace trim. "How's this look?" she asked, wondering if the lower edge covered all her naughty bits.

Clark looked around to make sure no one was watching and then stood up walked over towards her and reached out and adjusted the bottom just enough to cover up what was showing. His face had gone beet red, however he wasn't about to let anyone embarrass her.

Leaning forward Karan stuck her butt into Clark's hands, innocently and completely accidentally... of course. "Clark!" she stage whispered at him. "Are you grabbing my ass?"

Clark shook his head as he couldn't believe she was playing around like this at a moment like this. "Believe me sis, you'd know if I was." He whispered back to her, and then on impulse he decided to have a little revenge and he squeezed her ass as he finished adjusting the bottom of the chemise.

"To bad.." Karan said mysteriously as she stepped back into the changing room. The door didn't quite close all the way, but Karan didn't notice as she pulled the chemise up and off her toned, tanned, and very delectable body. A body she thought was severely lacking in appearances. Too fat. Too lumpy. To icky.

Bending over she selected another item off the bench before her. Her buttocks bare and begging for attention.

Clark hadn't returned to his seat. In fact he had stayed where he was, and after looking to see if anyone was watching he took the opportunity to look through the slightly opened door. He saw his sister, and even though he knew that others would think what he was doing now was wrong he honestly didn't care. He couldn't believe how she could think her body was anything less than perfect.

Straightening up Karan slid a floor length even gown down over her body. Skin hugging it shimmer as it slid across her curves. Close as a second skin. Close enough to tease nipples into hard points of arousal.

"You know you actually look good in black." Clark found himself saying, although at first he thought it was only in his mind. It was only a few seconds later that he realized that he had said it out loud to her.

Smirking Karan stepped up to her brother and wrapped her arms around his neck. More like a lover than a sibling. Much more like a lover. Especially with as little as she was wearing. And the fact she wasn't wearing ANYTHING under the dress. Kissing his cheek she whispered. "Sometimes you say the nicest things. Still dress like a farmer, but you say nice things."

He smiled as his hands went to her waist instinctively. "I am a farmer... for now anyway." he said as he leaned down and retuned her kiss. His hands slid down and cupped her firm ass, which he squeezed again, longer this time.

Resting her hand on his chest Karan pressed lightly, forcing him back a step. "Hands..." she said. Just before she cupped his crotch and gave him a squeeze. "Now, you gonna step out or you gonna stay and watch your sister change her clothes?" she asked. Daring him to stay.

"Not like I haven't seen you do that before." He replied his hands still on her ass, and only slowly retreating. He had already looked and the sales associate was a bit busy with a line of customers, so she couldn't reprimand him at the moment. And he was liking the little game he and his sister were playing, the game they always played when they came to Metropolis since no one there knew them. Plus he was going to dare her to make him leave.

Grinning evilly Karan shimmed the dress up and off her body. the silky material teasing her nipples to hard pebbles. Winking at him she stepped closer, her lips caressing the edge of his mouth. Close... but not to close. Not..incestuous. That would be wrong.

Lifting a leg she rested a foot on the bench and stroked her inner thigh with a fingernail. A fingernail that came ever so close to touching her pussy. So very very close.

And then she did. She caressed her outer lips.

Clark smiled as he watched her. He pretty much mouthed the words "You are so bad." No one else cloud hear it, but with her hearing he knew she would. He also began to feel the stirring in his pants as he watched her, more specifically her hand moving.

"I know.." she whispered back, turning around and bending over. Her ass almost begging for a hard cock. Or was it her pussy that was begging. Begging and aching for something hard and throbbing.

Selecting a couple items she began to dress. A lace garter and matching stocking making their way to her body. Accenting her lithe form. Highlighting her delectable buttocks.

Clark looked back and saw the clerk was having some issues with a customer in line, being able to see through walls was a good thing at times. He then finished entering the small dressing room and closed the door behind him He walked up to Karan and again placed his hands on her hips and slid them over her tight little ass and down the side of her stocking clad thighs. "I think all you need now is a nice pair of heels." He whispered to her as he pulled her against him and ground into her backside.

"Heels? I need a hard cock deep inside me. Fucking me until I scream and cum. Too bad I'm still a virgin. And I'm not sure I'll find anyone MAN enough to take what I'm willing to give him."

Grabbing a mini dress she shimmied into it and slipped a pair of daring heels onto her tiny feet. "So how about it?" she asked.

"You look good enough to eat." Clark said and then leaned down and kissed her. Only this time it wasn't a brotherly kiss. He knew what she was going through, he was feeling the same things himself. In fact the only reason he hadn't hooked up with either Chloe or Lana was that he was afraid of hurting them. He and his sister had fooled around before, but they had never crossed the line in that way. They were both virgins, and like her, Clark was getting tired of it. He wanted to feel the warmth of woman wrapped around his manhood. Other members of the football team had already been with someone, just about everyone except him. Granted he was still young and had time, but he was tired of waiting.

"Maybe later.." Karan said. Sauntering out of the changing room, and past an attendant that had managed to approach from the rear of the store - the employee break area.

Clark exited not too far behind his sister. His eyes fixated on her swaying ass, but when he saw the other attendant he actually blushed. But then he winked at the woman and continued following his sister. "So where to now?"

"You need better clothes... Something that shows your ass, so you can get your balls drained."

Clark laughed as they got up to the counter to pay for her items. "And I take it you're going to advise me on what to get?"

"Obviously. Mom will get you functional, but not stylish.."

"Besides, you probably need to get laid as badly as I do. I wonder if Lana goes both ways. We could share her.."

"Or Chloe.. or Tiana.. if any of them are.. interested.."

Clark's eyes wandered as he considered that. "I actually have no idea, you'd probably know more then I would since you have the same gym class with her. I wonder how she is doing, haven't heard from her since yesterday. Same with Chloe, and Tiana, not sure about her. She seems way to shy. You might have your work cut out there."

"Or she just wants a certain something that you have.. and I don't.." Karan admitted, patting Clark's bulging pocket rocket as she walked past, bags twirling on her fingers.

"I swear if mom and dad ever saw us talking or acting like this they'd think we were insane." Clark said. "Besides there is nothing wrong with what you have." he said as he gave her tight rear a squeeze.

"Yeah, but I can't cum inside her juicy pussy. I can't make her scream "Clark.. fuck me Clark. Cum inside my dripping pussy baby.."," Karan said, leaning into to whisper in his ear. Just loud enough for him to hear. And for her breasts to brush against his own rather muscular chest.

"True for some of that. But you could make her scream Karan... fuck me Karan. Fuck me with a huge strap on." He said as he pulled her closer so he could feel her hard nipples against his chest. "Of course if we finish shopping early enough, I can always help you with your problem." He teased.

"Yeah.. like that will ever happen. I'm doomed to a convent. Mom and dad will make sure of that. Never to experience a hard throbbing cock pulsing inside me. Filling me with thick warm cum. Never to experience a real man pounding into me, his sweat dripping onto my naked breasts. Lips sucking my breasts. A firm muscular hand kneading my ass as I get fucked from behind. Never to feel my ass opened up by a thick long cock. Never to feel twitching cum filled balls draining down my throat." Sighing Karan walked off. Despondent.

Clark shook his head and went on behind her. He felt the same things she did, he doubted he would feel a warm pussy wrapped around his cock, as he thrust it into someone with all his might. But his sister seemed to be in more of a hurry for it then he was. One thing he knew for sure was he didn't want her to screw someone that didn't love her. If that happened he'd have to kill the guy. After a few more moments he found himself out front of one of the men's stores. With Karan looking in at the window. "Defiantly not the style mom would chose." He said and then walked in with her by his side.

She was sooo tired of her own fingers. She'd been stroking kitty for three years. And it was getting boring. Bruce was pretty much blind to her interest. Far more interested in all the half naked, and topless, hotties that would drain him dry. Of both cum and cash. But he had enough cash he didn't seem to care.

But even as she walked, her hips and ass still swayed with a motion that begged eyes to look. Begged and pleaded for hands and cocks to touch an fondle. If she had any less on, she'd probably get assaulted.

"Yeah, definitely not stuff mom would select." she replied, walking over to some jeans. "Try these.. I need to see what looks good. And these.. and yes I want to see them.. so you have to exit the booth with them on." Whispering she added, "Commando.. I need to see how you hang in them. May need to get you new underwear styles as well."

"I'm not wearing thongs." He said as he went in and removed the jeans he was wearing and even though she hadn't said it, he also removed his shirt, and then of course the underwear. She had chosen the right size at least he thought as he looked at the pants and then put them on. A few moments later he exited the booth for her to pass judgment.

"Stepping up, Karan pulled at the pant legs, checking to see tightness of the material. Making sure that he could still walk. Tight was nice to show off your ass, but too tight and you couldn't move. Kneeling in front of him she gave experimental tugs in places. Then she finally stood up and slid her hand down inside the front of the jeans. Her fingers cupping his cock and balls. Pulling her hand back and away from his skin, she seemed satisfied with the front fit.

And almost reluctantly she pulled her hand out as she walked around behind him. Cupping his butt cheeks she looked at the way the material moved and molded to him. Even pulling the jeans up, tight against his hard ass.

"These will do nicely. we'll get several pairs. And these are for school and dating. Not farm work."

"Umm.. you need to lose the hardon, Clark. I need to see.. which way it lays..."

"And how do you suggest I do that after you had your hand down my pants?" he asked her.

"Masturbate into your underwear?" Karan said, her fingers, and the palm of her hand, tingling where she'd touched his hard cock. The first cock she'd ever touched. And it was her brothers. She was sooo going to a convent. Maybe she'd find something harder than a hammer there. She was pretty sure pa was getting suspicious over the bent ones. eighteen hammers in 3 years. and none of them could open her up. Slim, bug, tungsten. Heavy duty Steel. Wood. Nothing fucking worked. Sometimes at night she cried herself to sleep out of frustration.

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