tagErotic HorrorUnidentified Organisms Ch. 01

Unidentified Organisms Ch. 01


Harley put a cigarette into her mouth. The fire from her lighter illuminated her face. She was not wearing any make up. The hair on her head was only a couple inches long, as it was frequently shaved according to regulation. With her strong features, military haircut and unimpressive bust, she almost looked like a beautiful teenage boy, rather than a woman of 25, but not even her baggy pants could hide the wideness of her decidedly feminine hips.

The wait dragged on. The cigarette burned to the filter, and Harley let it drop to the floor. As she stepped on it with her boot, the corridor fell dark again.

A loud crank and a sustained metallic screech signalled that the doors were about to open. Light was slowly filling the corridor. Harley squinted and was able to make out four figures. There were two bulky jarheads carrying automatic rifles and two civilian women. The first had a long and slender frame and was dressed in a dark catsuit. A long, thin item enclosed in a sheath hang from her back. She wore some sort of visor or goggles over her eyes. Harley was more interested in the second woman. She had a more average build. Her stare was somewhat intimidating, but her hardness was offset by the delicate features of her face, which was framed by soft, dark curls.

"Riley McKenzie?" Harley called out.

The second woman gave a startle. The two jarheads yanked the cocking handles on their guns and aimed in the direction of Harley's still shrouded figure. Only the catsuit-wearing woman remained calm. Harley held up her arms, signifying that she was no threat.

"Could I ask you a few questions?" Harley continued.

The woman signalled for her guards to lower their weapons. "What's you're security clearance?" she asked.

"Level 3," Harley said and held up her ID-tag.

Riley folded her arms. "Then you must know I can't speak to you about my assignment here."

"I just need to know how long it will take before the cooperation lifts the lock-down of the station. My contract ended almost a month ago. I'm unable to leave and I'm no longer being paid for staying here."

There might have been a hint of empathy in Riley's eyes, but still she sighed impatiently, as if she'd heard similar stories already. "I realise that the lock-down is inconvenient for a lot of you, but I can't speak about it at this time."

Riley signalled for her party to continue walking, but Harley had one last question.

"Is this because of the shipwrecked passenger we picked up?"

One of the jarheads walked over to Harley and punched her hard in the gut, forcing her down on her knees. Riley held up her hand and gave him a disapproving scowl. The look she gave to Harley wasn't much milder, though.

"Even though you're not a soldier," she said. "You should know your station and your rank."

The party moved on, leaving Harley behind. She waited until they rounded the corner before quickly jumping back on her feet.


There was little to do, except to go back to her bunk bed. Perhaps she should apply for another six-month contract at the station. At least then she would be paid. With too much free time, she was spending all her dough on booze and card games.

Before reaching to the barracks, she stopped by one of the bathrooms. When her contract expired, she had been expelled from the dormitories of the female staff and now had to sleep with the jarheads and the minimum-pay workers. On this deck, all the facilities were unisex. Therefore, to protect her modesty, as well as her safety, she didn't shower more than she felt was necessary. It wasn't as if anybody cared much that she stank. The whole bloody deck stank.

When she entered, she heard that the showers were being used in the adjoining room. Two jarheads were laughing and joking amongst themselves so loudly that she could hear every word of their Neanderthal jokes through the thick wall. Harley walked over to the sink and cleaned her face. She had long ago gotten used to the stink of chlorine and other chemicals.

When she heard that the showers stopped running in the other room, she hid herself inside one of the toilet stalls. After unbuckling her well-stacked equipment belt and letting her baggy trousers fall to the floor, she sat herself down on the toilet seat. The sound of heavy footsteps passed from the showers and out through the door leading to the corridor. Finally, she was alone.

Going to the toilet was like mediating for Harley. She could have a smoke, read the obscene graffiti on the walls and listen to the sound of urine trickling into the water. Best of all, she was alone.

Harley looked down at her thick thighs. Her legs had grown quite muscular during her stay at the space station, but the last few weeks of drinking and laying about had made her put on some fat around her thighs, thus making her legs less bulky and more womanly. Maybe I should cut down on the carbs, she thought to herself. My butt is big enough as it is.

A large thick drop fell from the ceiling and exploded on the floor. Harley had fixed innumerable amounts of leaks during her stay on the station. Luckily, it was no longer her concern. This leak seemed to be coming from an open airshaft, which was strange. What could be leaking into the air duct? A few more drops preceded the first.

The lights flickered, before going out. Harley could hear a very soft thud as something hit the floor, but couldn't make out anything with her eyes until the light returned and she saw a large spider-like creature before her. It had six finger-like legs and a long tail, which was almost like that of a scorpion only much more flexible. Harley held her breath. The spider were bending its legs, as if it was ready to pounce at her.

Harley looked down between her legs at the pistol belt that lay around her ankles. Very slowly, hoping not to scare the spider-creature, she bent down and reached for her gun. She sighed with relief once she had her fingers around the grip. Then she lifted her arm and aimed.

The shot made a terribly loud noise inside the tiny room. The bullet penetrated the spider's body. Green fluids poured from the wound and fizzled as it came into contact with the metal floor.

Harley was about to pull the trigger again, but the spider swung its scorpion tail like a whip, hitting her so hard across the arm that she dropped the gun on the floor.

The spider lifted itself up, exposing its underbelly at her. It was a scary sight. Several suction cups circled its saliva-dripping mouth. In place of a tongue, it had a phallic tentacle coming out from between its jaws, which it pointed menacingly at Harley.

Harley assumed it was getting ready to attack her. She threw herself off the toilet and reached out for her gun, just as the spider leapt and missed. It was now standing atop the toilet seat, and it didn't take it long to turn itself around, ready for a new attack. Harley was laying on the floor with her pants still around her ankles and knew that she wouldn't be able to dodge it a second time.

Holding her gun with both hands, she fried shot after shot. The ammo counter display showed her how many rounds she had left. 14 ... 13 ... 12 ... 11 ... 10 ... 9 ... 8 ... 7 ... 6 ... 5 ... 4 ... 3 ... 2 ... 1 ... 0 The slide did not cycle and the trigger could no longer be pulled. Luckily, she had managed to shoot the disgusting little thing to a bloody pulp of boiling liquid and broken limbs. It crumbled together and fell into the toilet bowl with a large splash.

Harley sat herself up on her knees and pressed the button to release the pistol's magazine. It dropped to the floor with an echoing thud. She was about to retrieve a new magazine from her belt, when she felt something curl itself around her. A second spider had climbed out of the airshaft and down the wall. Now it was coiling its strong tail around her waist. With its skeletal legs, it clung itself to her naked butt cheeks. Harley tried to pull it off. It responded by digging its nails deeper into her skin and by activating the suction cups that circled its underside. There was no way Harley could get it off by herself.

Fear kept her from moving. She simply sat there, on her hands and knees, as the creature squirted out a thick oil. The moistening liquid ran slowly down her butt crack. Presently, Harley could feel its phallic limb probing the rim of her anus with its rubber head. Harley quenched the orifice tight, hoping to deny the creature entrance. The spider seemed annoyed by her rejection and responded by rhythmically ramming its intromittent organ against her asshole.

Harley decided to try to stand up, knowing that it would allow her to tighten her muscles further. As she struggled to her feet however, the creature was finally able to push its way into her anal tunnel. This made Harley loose her balance and fall forward. She hit the metal floor with her knees. The pain made her momentarily lose control of her muscles, giving the creature time to penetrate deeper.

The forceful invasion was painful, but also quite pleasurable. By pumping its lubricating saliva into her, the creature avoided any unpleasant friction. Harley could feel her face become feverishly warm and her cheeks flush. Her breaths become irregular. First, she would inhale for several seconds until her lungs were full. Then she would exhale violently, before gasping for more air.

The tentacle was pulsating inside her, slowly contracting and expanding. The pressure forced Harley to release her bowels, and she felt the tentacle hovering up her excrement. The creature was literally eating her out.

The door to the corridor opened. From her stall, Harley could her someone enter the bathroom. She tried call out for help, but all that came out were incoherent syllables and heavy moans. The man outside laughed. Casual sex was quite common down here, though it was usually between two men.

"Good going, bro," the man said. "Tell her to come find me if she's up for a second round."

Harley began to crawl towards the door. Her muscles were weak and unyielding, but with great effort, she managed. There was no way she would be able to unlock the door in her current state. Instead, holding her breath and using all her strength, she pulled her upper body back before lunging forward, banging both her hands against the door. The man on the other side simply laughed, likely interpreting her knocking as a sign of enthusiasm.

"There is nothing like the sound of a lady having a good time," the man said.

Harley could hear him turn on a sink and brush his teeth. The thought of him hearing her sexual moans was bad, but it was a secondary concern. She needed help.

That was when she felt something between her legs that sent a tingling sensation through her entire body. The spider stroked its tale ever so softly against her labia, which were wet and swollen. It was almost like a suggestion. A thought flashed through Harley's mind. What if I allow myself to climax? Would that make it easier to call out for help? She slid her hand into the junction of her legs, past her hairy forest, down the river and followed the sudden plummet into her vaginal tunnel. Its walls were moist and yielding.

There was no reason to play around. Her body was ready. She pulled out her fingers, glistening with fresh juices, and moved her hand up to her clit. Then she began stroking her entire sex with her palm. It became harder to breathe and her limbs spasmed violently. The muscles around her anal tunnel relaxed further, allowing the creature's burrowed limb to expand even more in size as it pulsated. Harley felt the creature put its tail upon her hand, pushing it harder down upon her bulging clitoris.

It became more difficult for Harley to breathe. Her mouth gave out involuntary screams of ecstasy, until she was all out of air. Without the support of her erratically spasming legs, she needed to lean her body against the wall for support. Her shaking thighs closed themselves tightly around her hand. A sustained moan of silence forced her lips open. Never had she felt so weightless, so locked in time. Then it was over.

She had almost passed out. Her body was listless and weak. Through sheer strength of will, she manage to stay awake until the feeling of haziness started to subside. The spider was still clinging on to her ass as hard as before, but it seemed to be resting. The limb inside her had shrunk in size and had stopped pulsating.

Harley wondered if the man she had heard was still there. She hoped so. It wasn't as if she was happy to have someone see her in this state, but she was uncertain if she could make it to the medical bay on her own. Slowly and carefully, she began working herself up on her feet. Now that the palliative effect of sexual arousal was gone, she was able to feel just how sore her butt actually was. With the aid of her arms, she managed to pull herself up by the handle of the door, until her weak legs could stand on their own. As she rose, she felt her anal tunnel tighten around the intruding limb, but she was unable to expel it.

Leaning against the door, she stopped to regain her breath. She looked behind her. Her pants and panties had slid off her long ago and lay together in a bundle, but she was in no state to bend down and put them on. Her knees were shaking violently. The only evidence of the first spider's existence was that the water in the toilet bowl had turned green and was boiling. Disgusting, Harley thought. It smelled awful.

Having achieved a satisfactory level of balance and composure, she unlocked and opened the door. The man was nowhere to be seen. Harley wasn't surprised to find him gone. He had likely left during or just before her intense orgasm, as she hadn't heard him since.

Realising that she was able to walk, she went and stood in front of the mirrors above the sink. Her face was still flushed and damp. There were several sweaty patches on her tank top, which was her only piece of clothing. The creature was hidden from view by her wide hips, which curved strongly outwards from her slim waist. The dark triangle of hair at the junction of her thighs hid her still swollen and glistening lips. She felt and looked incredibly vulnerable and exposed, not to say violated.

Something stroked the sensitive area on the side of her neck and she saw the tail of the creature moving over her shoulder. It proceeded to caress her face and even brushed away a tear that head fallen out of the corner of her eye. Harley dared not pull it away.

Turning to the side and observing herself in profile, she could see the ugly thing still latching on as tightly as ever. She looked at her thighs and butt cheeks and wondered if they looked even bigger than before. Maybe it was just the fact that the spider was pressing her cheeks apart to cram itself into her crack. Not that it mattered now. It was time to get to the medical bay and have the parasite removed.

A worrying thought came over her. Walking through the corridors with an alien lifeform stuck to her butt was likely to cause a panic. It might even get her killed by a jarhead with an itchy trigger finger. Therefore, she went back to the stall and retrieved her pants. Now that her strength was returning, she was able to put them on. The pants had a loose fit and the bulge created by the spider wasn't too obvious.

It didn't seem like the spider minded being hidden. In fact, it seemed like it approved, because it slide its long tail under her tank top and coiled it around her waist. Harley could feel it carefully stroking the underside of her breasts. The light in the corridors were dim and the fuses would constantly blow, leaving areas in complete darkness. It was therefore not a given that anyone would notice her hiding something beneath her clothes. Certainly, no one would be quick to suspect it to be an alien lifeform.

Harley left the bathroom and entered the corridor. Most of the crew would be sleeping now. Only those who worked irregular shifts would be awake. She hadn't yet visited the medical bay on this deck, so she was hoping to be able to find it by following the signs that stood at some of the junctions.

She moved quickly. At one time, she had to stop to catch her breath. She leaned towards the wall and bent her knees, allowing her sore anal walls some relief. The creature's tail came up from between her cleavage and wiped some sweat from her brow. Harley didn't know if it was trying to care for her or if it was simply attracted to the smell of salt. Whatever its reason, it creeped her out and she was glad when it retreated back down between her breasts.

That's when she heard a voice on the speaker system. "This deck is under quarantine," the man speaking declared. "A team is to be sent down to check out a disturbance. All personnel and passengers present on this deck are expected to remain calm and to cooperate with the security staff."

"Fuck," Harley muttered to herself. "Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck FUCK!"

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