tagInterracial LoveUniversity Life Ch. 04

University Life Ch. 04


pter 4 Meeting Joyce Bangg

After returning to the bedroom from our unusual sexploits in the shower, Cynthia made the introductions, saying, "John, this is Joyce Bangg. We all call her Joy because she gives us so much joy. Now that the introductions have been made; you can get to know each other's body better."

"Cyn, look at the way Johnny's cock is standing up. I bet he can hardly wait to get it into this hot black box." Joy smirked, holding the crotch of her red lace teddy up, as she stroked the tuft of black hair at the apex of her shaved slit. "Have you ever had that big white cock in a hot black cunt before?"

"No. I've never had the chance to sample some hot brown pussy. I can hardly wait to taste your brown sugar." I replied, licking my lips with anticipation. "Let me help you out of your red lace teddy. I want to see the rest of your sexy, brown body"

"Since you asked so nice, I'll let you help to take it off." Joy cooed, placing a foot on the desk chair, giving me an unobstructed view of her beautiful wide open beaver. "Hurry up! Get this thing off me! I want to get down to business! Looking at your big, fat cock has got my cunt drooling. I want some hot, hard fucking, right now!"

Holding the crotch of the teddy out of the way, I bent over giving her damp, pouting pussy lips a sloppy lick. Slowly I pulled the teddy up, revealing her firm brown belly. Moving my tongue up her body; I licked around joy's belly button. Straightening up; I pulled the lace teddy over Joy's head; revealing two gorgeous, firm brown C cup breasts. The way her firm chocolate tits jutted from her chest was spectacular. I could not resist giving her magnificent mangoes some special attention.

Raising my head; I flicked my tongue over the erect, pink nipple atop her glorious brown globe. When the hard bud was glistening with my spit; I sucked it into my mouth; giving it a gentle bite.

Letting out a tiny squeal of shock and delight; Joy exclaimed, "O yes, I love when someone plays with my nipples! It makes me so hot and juicy. Bite Them! Suck them hard!" Joy ordered, tangling her fingers in my hair. Pulling me against her tits,

Joy growled, "Get my juices flowing! I'm going to need lots of lubrication so you can slam that big white cock in my cunt."

With her encouragement, I redoubled my assault on her heaving melons. Using my teeth, I bit Joy's nipple, as my fingers roughly squeezed and kneaded her chocolate breasts. Moving my mouth to the other tit; I began to suck hard on the erect pink nub. When I scraped my teeth along the sensitive bud; I could feel tiny goose bumps form on the brown areola surrounding her nipple. Opening my lips, I sucked the hard nipple and the entire areola into my mouth. Closing my lips around the areola; I sucked like a vacuum; while squeezing the flesh. I was trying to inhale as much of her tit flesh into my mouth as possible. Maintaining a tight suction on her breast, I moved my head backward, pulling on her boob. The whole time I continued to lick her nipple and the crinkly flesh surrounding it. By now her entire breast was shiny from my saliva. The way Joy moaned and thrust her tits out; I knew she was enjoying my ministrations. I could not get enough of Joy's delectable chocolate mangoes.

"O fuck! You're tongue is making my tits feel so good they ache. I can feel the tingles running from my boobs to my cunt." Joy groaned; clutching my head to her chest. "You made my big brown titties feel good, so how about giving my cunt some of the same tongue action." Looking at Cynthia, Joy inquired, "Is he a good cunt lapper?" Receiving a wink and an affirmative nod, Joy ordered, "Start eating my cunt! Cyn says you're good at it, so get me really wet. If you do a good job, I'll let you fuck me with your big white cock."

"Sit on the edge of the desk." I instructed, waiting while Joy positioned herself. "Lean back. Use your arms and the wall to support yourself. That's the way. Now place your feet on the edge of the desk and spread your legs. O yes! What a fantastic view of your pussy!" I blurted, leaning forward, grabbing her ass cheeks. "I can get my face right in there! I'm going to eat you until you beg me to stop! Then you'll have to beg me to start fucking you!"

Staring down; I could make out every detail of Joy's succulent slit. Her crotch was completely shaved; except for a triangle of black hair at the top of the pink gash. The puffy, blood engorged lips of her labia were a deep pink. The contrast between the coral of her labia and the brown of her vulva was extremely erotic. The wide open petals glistened with the tiny beads of moisture secreted by her aroused pussy. The openness of her flower clearly displayed the contrast between the deep coral of her outer lips and the pale pink of the inner petals. I could no longer resist burying my face in her wet gash.

Bending forward, I ran my tongue around Joy's brown vulva. It was as smooth as a baby's bottom. She must shave regularly to keep her crotch so free of stubble. With the preliminaries out of the way, it was time for the main course.

Forming a scoop with my tongue; I lapped along her cleft; collecting Joy's juice; allowing it to trickle down my parched throat. The tangy, musky syrup tasted like ambrosia. Again I delved into her quivering jelly roll; gathering another mouthful of nectar. When I had slaked my thirst; I slid my tongue along her palpating lips; until I reached her erect clitoris. Joy's love button stuck out like a glistening pink finger; pointing the way to paradise.

When my tongue came in contact with Joy's clit; I began lashing the quivering bud. Mercilessly I vibrated my tongue over her go button. My assault on Joy's clitoris was causing her to gasp and moan, as she slowly rolled her hips back and forth. Holding my head with her hands, Joy forced my face down hard, rubbing it against her weeping slit.

I was going to bring this woman to the peak of her arousal, and force her over the top. From my experience with Cynthia, I knew scraping my teeth along a woman's clit was exactly what was needed to finish off Joy. Immediately I rasped my teeth along her sensitive clitoris. This brought a squeal from Joy; as her juices started flooding from her open hole.

"O fuck! You hit the spot! I'm coming! Don't stop! Joy cried; pushing my face into her crotch; as she ground her slit against my mouth. "Suck my fucking cunt! Eat me up! Drink my juices! I'm so hot I could melt."

Immediately my face was awash with Joy's juice. Like a thirsty dog, I lapped her cunt cream into my mouth. Her gyrating pussy smeared joy juice all over my face. She was pressing my face into her pulsating gash so hard it was becoming difficult to breathe.

Finally the intensity of her orgasm began to subside. Leaning against the wall Joy gathered her strength; as her breathing returned to normal. With her hands no longer holding me against her pussy; I raised my cunt cream covered face; looking around.

Since I was no longer occupied with devouring Joy's delectable jelly roll; my thoughts returned to what Cynthia was doing. Looking to my left; I saw Cynthia slumped in an armchair; head lolling to the side; tongue licking moist pink lips; blue eyes glazed. Her legs were hooked over each arm of the chair; clearly revealing her wide open shaved pussy. Three fingers of one hand delved in and out of her inflamed gash; while the thumb strummed her clit. Cynthia's love juice glistened on her crotch; pooling on the leather of the armchair. The other hand kneaded the flesh of her big tit; while the fingers ruthlessly pinched the taut pink nipple. Soft moans of joy came from her mouth; as Cynthia lost herself in the pleasure of the moment.

Cynthia was quickly forgotten, when Joy exclaimed, "You've really got me fucking hot now! I'm ready for you to slam that fucking big white cock into my hot black cunt! Split me wide open! I want to feel it all the way up to my belly button. I want it hard, hot, and fast! I'm not one of those simpering white virgin cunts that want to play coy games! I want to get fucked now; so let's get to it!" Joy demanded, tugging on the slippery lips of her labia with her fingers, until her pussy was wide open.

Joy's hot talk had made me forget Cynthia. With my attention riveted on Joy, I rapidly moved to a kneeling position on the seat of the Wheelchair. This placed the head of my bobbing erection at the entrance to Joy's wide open hole. With Joy's fingers holding the lips of her pussy apart; I inserted the purplish helmet inside her juicy snatch. When she released her labia lips; I could almost hear them snap shut; as they gripped the head of my shaft. Kneeling there, I was mesmerized by the sight of my white spear penetrating Joy's smooth brown crotch. The sight was so erotic I thought I might shoot my load right then. However, I had already climaxed three times so far that evening; so I knew I would be able to hold out until I had satisfied this wild black bitch.

"What the hell is wrong?" Joy demanded; gripping my white cock with her brown red nailed fingers. "Don't just kneel there with a stunned look on your face. Slam that big cock in me." She ordered; pulling on the shaft.

With Joy's lusty encouragement and Cynthia watching; I knew this was going to be a very hot fuck session. Leaning forward; I hunched my pelvis forward; driving my rigid pole into Joy's honey hole. I did not stop until I had buried my lance up to the balls inside her quivering quim. When I felt my nuts caress Joy's ass, I knew I was completely buried in her love tunnel. Giving a grunt of satisfaction; I ground my pelvic bone hard against her pussy.

As Joy thrust her crotch back against me; she let out a gasp, squealing, "Right on! That's exactly what I wanted! Your big fuck pole has completely filled me. I've never been stuffed so full in my life." Wrapping her legs around my waist; Joy used her feet to force me against her; instructing me as to what she wanted, saying, "I just want to hold you inside me for a few minutes; until I get accustomed to the way your big cock stretches my cunt. Then I want you to start pounding my cunt with long, hard strokes."

While we held each other; I sought out Joy's lips with mine. Forcing my tongue between her moist, red lips, I began to explore Joy's mouth. She did not passively submit to my aggressive tongue play. Joy's tongue returned my attack by probing its way into my mouth; where it began an erotic dual. Our lusty swapping of spit was causing my manhood to excitedly twitch inside Joy's tight tunnel. As my tongue delved in and out of her mouth; I had the powerful urge to start slamming my throbbing cock in and out of Joy's tight twat.

Pulling her mouth from mine; Joy gave my erection a hard squeeze with her vaginal muscles; whispering into my ear, "It's time. Let's get into some hot, wild fucking. I'm well lubricated and stretched; ready for anything your big fat cock can do to me.

Removing her legs from my waist; Joy planted them on the edge of the desk. This gave her leverage, while opening her gash wider, so I had easier access to her pussy. Slowly I pulled from her hot channel; savoring the way the muscles of her sheath gripped me. This woman had superb control of her vaginal muscles. When the bulbous head of my shaft was about to pop from Joy's hole, I rubbed it against her excited clitoris using short quick jabs. I then thrust forward, driving my quivering rod back into Joy's palpitating pussy. When I felt my crotch slam against her pelvis, I knew my entire length was again encased in her wet, sucking tunnel.

"O fuck baby! Is this what you wanted? Do you like my big, white meat slamming into your hot oven? Do you like it hard and fast?" I inquired with a grunt, pumping my length in and out of her grasping canal. "You're so tight! It feels like you're jerking me off with a hot, slippery fist. If I hadn't come three times before I'd be shooting my cream into you right now. I love the way your pussy muscles squeeze me. You have great control." I growled, teeth grating, as I tried to hold back my orgasm.

It felt fantastic as I slammed into Joy's wet hole. Again and again I drove my rigid cock in and out of Joy's grasping gash; pausing at the end of each outward stroke to tickle her clit. Each time I pounded into Joy; I could feel her love juice squirt from around my shaft; running along her thighs and onto my balls. The hands I gripped her ass with were also becoming soaked with Joy juice. Our mingled sex juices soaked Joy's pussy; causing my erection to make a squishy sound every time it slammed in or withdrew from her hole. Our sodden crotches also made a wet slapping sound every time they banged together.

My lust was driven to a new height by the sights, sounds, and smells of sex permeating the room. Inhaling deeply; my nostrils filled with the scent of love juices mixed with the fragrance of sex pheromones given off by our aroused bodies. Looking down; I could see every ridge and vein of my tumescent, purplish shaft clearly defined; as it glistened with Joy's love cream. The purplish spear was clearly defined against the background of Joy's shiny brown crotch. Her brown, vermillion tipped fingers clutched my white waist; adding to the erotic excitement of sight and touch. All the sensations I was experiencing were bringing me to the edge of erotic oblivion.

With Joy's hands pulling on my ass; our bodies crashed together; driving the breath from our lungs with a whoosh. I was losing all my self control. I could no longer think of anything except the pleasurable sensations emitting from the area of my crotch. I ceased thinking of Joy as a separate person. We were both part of the same sexual being; linked at the crotch.

Through the haze of lust; I heard Joy cry out, "O fuck baby! I'm coming! Pound me with that huge cock! Shoot your fuck juice into me! I want to feel your spunk squirting inside me! Fill my cunt up with your cock cream!"

Suddenly the dam holding back my juice burst! I could feel the first, large wad of sperm shooting from the tip of my cock head. When the first load had blasted from my erection, I withdrew, until only the flanged knob remained inside her sucking hole. Feeling my balls tighten, I again slammed back hard into Joy. Grinding my pelvic bone against her brown crotch, I sent another gob jetting into her womb. Clutching Joy's gyrating ass cheeks, I tried to hold my pelvis tight against her bucking crotch. Groaning with pleasure, I could feel my cock twitch each time I spewed another load of thick cream into her. With heart pounding, my breaths were coming in ragged gasps. My orgasm seamed to go on forever, causing time to stand still.

As I was preoccupied with my pleasure, Joy was consumed by her own climax. I could feel her red nails digging into my back, as she was lost in her passion. Grunting like a rutting animal, Joy's heaving hips seamed to move with a mind of their own. I was having a difficult time keeping my cock buried inside her squeezing tunnel. Like Cynthia, Joy was a woman that did not hold back when she climaxed.

As I started to come down from my orgasmic high, I began to slow the in and out thrusting of my cock. When I finally returned to the real world I felt completely drained. I noticed our bodies were covered in sweat, and our crotches were soaked with sex juices. I felt weak, so I had to sit down before I fell from the wheelchair. As I sat down, I pulled my deflating manhood from Joy's cleft. This allowed some of my sperm to trickle from Joy's still palpating pussy. As I watched, I could see it form a small puddle on the desk beneath her. Moving my gaze from Joy's crotch to my shrinking shaft, I noticed that some pearl colored drops of jism also oozed from the tip of my juice slick tool.

Suddenly I felt Cynthia's hot breath on my ear, as she whispered, "Let me clean the last few drops of sperm off your cock. I love the taste of man juice; especially when it is mixed with cunt cream."

Kneeling by the footrests of the wheelchair; Cynthia leaned forward; stuck out her tongue; gathering the drops of spunk oozing from the tip of my shaft. Parting her lips; Cynthia sucked my limp manhood into her mouth. Slowly she inhaled the entire length; laving every inch with her talented tongue. Creating suction with her mouth; Cynthia sucked on my soft meat; draining every last drop from my aching balls. When she had cleaned my penis to her satisfaction; Cynthia pulled the flaccid member from her mouth; commencing to wash my sticky crotch with her tongue. I was so drained that Cynthia's expert ministrations could not put any life into my dead meat.

When Cynthia had lapped up every drop of pussy and cock cream from my crotch; she stood, saying, "That tasted great. I love drinking sex juice. It seems to energize me." With a mischievous glint in her eye; Cynthia turned to Joy, saying, "I just cannot get enough sex juice. Do you have a contribution for me?"

Looking at the two beautiful women, I thought how this was the luckiest night of my life. Meeting Cynthia was great, but the pleasure was doubled by meeting Joyce Bangg.

To be continued.

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