tagSci-Fi & FantasyValeriya The Half Breed Ch. 02

Valeriya The Half Breed Ch. 02


Chapter 2 - The Punishment.

When I opened my eyes I found myself in a dark room with my Mistress. I was in a standing position with my arms secured at the wrists behind me, my legs were held wide apart by shackles with a spreader bar between them. I was also secured to something attached above me by a thick heavy chain. I suppose Mistress did not want me to break loose and go on another violent rampage so she had me secured so as not to cause any more damage. It was then that I found out the mistakes that I had made the night before in the fight pit.

Removing my gown was the first offense. The sands of the pit are considered sacred and total nudity is forbidden. The champ's shorts had a Velcro like closure that he would have opened to take me had I assumed the correct position of supplication before him. I should have faced away from him, hiked up my gown and assumed a position on my hands and knees so that he could have entered me from behind like a dog enters his bitch was the way Mistress explained it. Too bad no one explained this to me BEFORE I went to the arena. Somehow I could not fathom how nudity was forbidden in the pit but full on sexual debauchery was ok.

Making eye contact with the champ was another violation. A submissive or slave must never make eye contact with a superior and I did that on many occasions while I was committing my many sins. Another sin was taking him in my mouth and swallowing his seed. The champ's people believe that every sperm is sacred and must be deposited in the proper place where an egg can be fertilized. Cumming in the mouth or ass is forbidden, though it is not forbidden to use those orifices for ones pleasure. Cumming there is a major offense to their deities. Perhaps their gods thought that it was only right not to waste sperm since their species can only ejaculate once every 48 to 72 hours. I heard that it takes that long for their reproductive organs to recharge and replenish the semen sack.

There were many other offenses that I had committed but these were the big ones. Also hitting the champ was the largest of my offenses since a slave is forbidden to ever raise a hand to a free person and I raised my hands on several occasions along with my feet. On a positive note, I did manage to dislodge a couple of the champ's ribs from his sternum, and gave him a slight concussion. Mistress became highly upset with me when she caught me smiling as she listed the champ's injuries. Sadly she also included in her injury report that he was receiving the best of care and would be cleared to fight again in a day or so. As for my cuts and bruises, those would have to heal on their own since Mistress refused to have my minor injuries healed. She was such a miser.

Mistress realized that her First Girl failed to inform me of my duties and warn me about what not to do caused part of the problem. Still, she said that I should have known better than to strike a client and that for this offense I could be sentenced to death. If I lived or died was up to her since I was her property. Had I killed the champ the death sentence would have been automatic. Mistress was still debating my fate as she still had several calls to return concerning my actions. She decided to leave me bound and hanging from a chain until she could figure out what to do with me.

One thing in my favor was that she paid a high price to buy me at the auction and she was a penny-pinching miser so I had a feeling that she would not terminate my life until she was paid back for her investment in me. Before she left me in the dark to reflect on my future she informed me that even if she did not end my life there would have to be a public punishment that I would have to endure before I would be allowed to return to her. After she left and I had time to ponder her words and my offenses I concluded that the First Girl should be standing beside me and endure whatever was planned for me since she failed to prepare me properly for my assignment.

The room I was in was totally dark but I could tell by the echo of the footsteps of my Mistress that the room was large. I could also tell that we were no longer on the space station and had to be on a planet somewhere. The room went from warm to slightly chilly and I suspected that this was from the sun setting. There were no cracks in the walls or anything that could allow me to see sunlight so this was my only indication of the passing of time. Sometime during the night I had fallen asleep in a bound standing position. I was not sure if I went to sleep on my own or if Mistress used her control device for my collar to put me out. When I awoke I found that the chains and shackles were gone but I was still immobilized.

There was a slight buzzing sound in the room that was not there before and I assumed that it was some sort of electronic restraining field that held me in place. My arms were stretched over my head by what seemed like invisible hands, and my legs were spread apart so that my body formed a perfect "X." After I took stock of my new situation I heard a series of soft clicks around the perimeter of the room, and as I looked around I could see many small green LEDs. Some were high by what would be the ceiling; some were at mid level while others were near floor level. I assumed that these were cameras and whatever was about to happen next was being recorded or televised live.

I heard the voice of my Mistress coming over a speaker over head with a warning, "Do not resist, do not attempt to fight back... if you do I will terminate your life in a second. Nod your head to show me that you understand."

I was quick to nod my head in an emphasized manner so that Mistress could see. The last thing I wanted was for her to push that kill switch on the remote control to my collar. The kill switch set off a small explosive charge that was just enough to decapitate a slave girl. Once I nodded my head and submitted to my Mistress her next words were, "Let the punishment begin!"

I knew I was not in the room alone. I could hear footsteps and breathing even though the other being was trying to be quiet. Sensei often blindfolded us for combat drills and we had to use our other senses to hear and feel where our opponents were. The other entity in the room with me might have thought that he was being sneaky but I knew exactly where he was and that he was much bigger than me given the sounds of his footsteps on the hard surface of the floor.

The footsteps grew closer until I felt what appeared to be fingers running up my bare back. The feeling of being touched told me that I was naked and vulnerable. Two large rough hands reaching around my sides to fondle my breasts followed the touching of my back. The rough hands moved down my bare tummy to come to rest between my legs where my mound and lady bits were fondled roughly. I could not see anything but it felt as if the palms of the hands touching me were covered with some sort of reptilian skin while the arms brushing my sides were covered with scales.

Al sorts of pictures were running through my mind of who or what could be fondling me and none of those pictures were pretty. My first instinct was to react in a violent manner but being held in some sort of suspension field and the warning from my Mistress told me that any thing I did would be futile and possibly fatal. I did my best to convince myself to be calm and accept my punishment bravely. The thing that worried me was that Mistress said that this was, "her punishment" and to me that indicated that someone else's punishment was to follow.

The fondling and the fingering felt good, and the fingers that entered me were long and fat giving me some pleasure. It would have been more pleasurable had this been happening under better circumstances. Eventually the fondling and fingering came to an end a few seconds before my back felt the first sting of the lash. As the first strike hit my back the lights in the chamber came on. There were several spotlights all pointed at me. I assumed that there were some behind me as well but those that I could see were pointed at me and as the darkness changed to light I was blinded by the sudden change.

There was no sense trying to focus my vision since the lights were aimed directly at me and were bright enough to obscure my vision. As the second swat of the lash caressed my back with its sting I closed my eyes and concentrated on blocking out the pain as my Shinobi Masters taught me. At first it was easy to endure the pain but as the swats continued each swat was harder than the first. The flogger that was being used on me hurt like hell but was not being used in a manner to damage my skin. I suppose the best way to say this was that it was not being used in a way to tear my flesh open like I had seen on the old pirate movies on TV.

I promised myself that no matter what I would not cry out and do my best not to show any expression of pain. I never expected my assailant to move around to the side and start flogging my breasts. A few swats with the flogger came close to my face so I tilted my head back to let my chest absorb the lashes. The leather was slapping my skin at regular intervals and it was easy for me to time when the next strike would come. I would internally steel myself and clench my teeth behind closed lips a split second before the lash would strike. A deep reptilian voice with a noticeable reptilian hiss encouraged me to scream and knowing that he, she, or it wanted me to scream strengthened my resolve to endure this without rewarding my tormentor. There was always the possibility that my scream would bring an end to the flogging, but there was also the alternate possibility that the intensity of the lashing would increase as the creature doing the lashing enjoyed my screams.

Having no luck with my back and chest, my abuser moved lower and began flailing away at my ass. When I did not scream he moved around to the font and as the first strike whipped across my mound and caught my lips I almost broke down and gave him what he wanted. I caught myself just before I let out a scream and as I fought against my instinct to scream I kept reminding myself that the only way to win in this situation was not to give him what he wanted. I knew that it would mean more pain for me but if I was going to survive this mentally I had win this one battle even if I was on my way to losing the war.

Even though my tormentor was circling me while my body was hit repeatedly with the flogger I could not see who or what it was that was whipping me due to the positioning of the lights. His swats kept getting harder and the time between swats was decreasing. I suppose he grew tired of getting no reaction from me and took a break from lashing my flesh. I heard footsteps moving away from me and when they stopped I felt myself being repositioned by the invisible hands holding me. Some of the pressure was taken off of my arms and I was lifted up off my feet was bent forward slightly. After I was repositioned the footsteps came back toward me and when they stopped I felt something thick and cold sliding between my legs. Given that I was lifted off the ground about two feet I guessed that my tormenter was about seven or eight feet tall.

I could not see what it was but in this position I could imagine what it was. The cold bulbous appendage lingered at the opening of my sex tunnel for a few seconds before it was rammed violently passed my guarding lips. My attacker gave me no time to adjust and just slammed his reptilian meat into me. His cold member swedged its way deep inside me until it came to the end of my tunnel and then upon reaching the end he pushed harder. I felt great pain as my insides were rearranged. He tightened his grip on my hips and forced the rest of himself inside me.

He held himself inside me and kept the pressure on my insides as he challenged, "Scream little one, I know this is ruining you inside like I have ruined so many other little play things... scream for me!"

I felt as if a 4-inch wide pipe had been forced into a 2-inch wide hole and it hurt like hell, but still I did not give him the satisfaction of hearing me scream. I was not about to surrender myself to him and give him what he wanted. When I failed to scream he pulled back almost all the way and rammed his meat back inside me, and once again I felt my internals being rearranged to take his full length. The most he was getting out of me with this was a loud gasp every time he hit bottom.

I felt myself growing wetter down there so that made things a bit less painful but still his battering my depths hurt me physically, and distressed me mentally due to the fact that it felt as if I was being destroyed inside. I was hoping that the wetness I was feeling down there was my own natural moisture and not blood blood. Even though with each thrust I was becoming wetter, the pain he was causing me was not going to let me even come close to an orgasm even though he stopped asking me to scream and was now commanding me to cum for him.

He moved faster and tried to shove himself in even deeper but since he was slapping his pelvis into my ass there was no way he was getting any deeper. He was enjoying himself and as his excitement increased he gripped my hips harder and whether he knew it or not he had deployed his claws and they were now puncturing my soft golden skin and he pounded me closer to his own orgasm. When the time came his floodgates opened and a torrent of goo sluiced through his member and splashed against my wrecked internals.

His girth was such that as his spurting cum pressurized my internals, my lips sealed tightly around his meat kept his cum from leaking out. He continued grunting and spurting deep inside me, and as my insides expanded to hold his cum the pain became almost unbearable and my mind was skating on the edge of unconsciousness. When he was done he gave one mighty push and held himself deep inside me as the last three powerful jets of cum forced their way inside me. When he pulled himself out of me I could feel the goop that he had pumped into me begin to flow toward the opening as it followed the head of his tool out of my tunnel. I felt relief as my battered reproductive system was evacuated. It was painful but I forced myself to push to force the thick globs of cum from my body. As it drained out I could hear a solid stream of liquid hitting the floor followed by splattering sounds as the last few thick gobs were expelled.

My assailant wiped his jizz-covered member off on my leg and as he did so he warned, "Since you did not cum for me, maybe you will cum for my young apprentice."

I was hoping that it would have been all over after my first tormenter finished inside me, I had not suspected that there would be another. Before I could ponder my plight for too long I felt another long thick cold member sliding inside my already battered tunnel. A younger voice asked me if I was going to cum for him and then warned, "Enjoy this for now, you are too tight in the ass for me to enter without some lube."

Internally I was in a panic as he felt as if he were the same size as his predecessor. I did not want to feel what it was like to have something that big rammed up my ass. Growing up in my teenage years I had experienced anal sex twice and it hurt so much that I swore that I would never do it again. The thing that had me in a panic was that this creature's tool was four times the size of my boyfriend's and the pain that he had caused me was still fresh in my mind.

The young apprentice was not as long as his boss, but was every bit as thick. I had been stretched out during the previous assault so this round was causing me less pain, which is until he pulled out and repositioned himself at my back entrance. As I felt the cold bulge pressing against my back door my mind ran through my options. One option was to resist and attempt to close off my bowels to him by pinching my back entrance off to him, or relaxing and allowing him to enter.

The first option seemed good and had a measure of defiance to it but on second thought he would probably come up with some sort of torture that would force me to allow him admittance. This would probably bring me more pain and more damage and in the end he would still force his way into me. I decided to go with the path of least resistance and relax so as to save myself some pain and possibly some additional damage.

He uttered the words, "Scream for me!" as he shifted his hips forward and forced himself inside me. I wanted to scream but forced myself not to give them the satisfaction. His initial push into my ass only went in half way as there was more resistance back there than at the front entrance. He gripped my hips tightly and pulled back before shoving forward again. The second time he went in balls deep and I could feel his hips pressing against my ass. I could feel the tears welling up in my eyes before they made their way down my cheeks but still I refused to vocalize. I did not cry openly, I did not scream I just grunted along with each thrust and tried to imagine myself somewhere else as this huge lizard dick was ripping my rear passage and associated internal plumbing apart.

I did not know how long his pounding my ass with his tool went on but it seemed like forever. The closer he came to cumming the faster he went and the more vocal he became. I knew he was close and I tried to tighten myself up back there to make him cum sooner but he had other plans. He pulled out of me completely and once he was clear his boss activated the suspension field and repositioned me so that I had my back turned toward the floor and my chest was pointed up at the ceiling. The suspension field kept my body and legs perfectly straight but my head was tipped backwards as far as it could go and I knew what this meant.

My friend Janice and I used to practice our oral technique on a piece of sausage. When we found her sister's 14-inch double-headed dildo we would practice on that. The first time either of us was able to get the whole thing in our mouths and down our throat was when we laid on the bed on our backs with our head hanging off the edge of the bed just like the position that the lizard men had me in. As we got better at our technique we were able to do the same thing without lying on the bed but it was always easier for us with the dildo and our boyfriends if we were lying on our backs in this position. The problem was that our rubbery toy was about an inch in width, this creature felt three or four times wider than the toy we practiced with.

It was only natural in this poison for my head to hang down and my mouth to open but I refused to open my mouth, that is until the lizard man deployed his claws and pressed them to either side of my face and issued the threat, "Open your mouth or I'll rip your face off!" I wasted no time in opening my mouth. He wasted not time in forcing himself into my oral opening, and just as he was down below, he was not gentle.

The head of his tool slammed into the back of my throat where it found little resistance as it made the slight bend into my throat. My throat bulged out to the front and sides and I could feel my neck swelling as the cold monster snaked its way inside me. I felt a popping sensation as my throat expanded to admit him. I felt great pain after the pop and it had me scared. Not being a doctor or a nurse I knew that this was a bad thing but how bad was what worried me. He was still close to cumming and it took little time for him to build up speed. I expected for his balls to be slamming against my forehead and eyes but it seems that their seed production and storage facility was internal instead of external like on the human males.

My air supply was cut off and there was nothing I could do about it, as his reptilian pipe was large enough to completely seal off my airway. The only thing that saved me from being internally choked to death was that he was so close to cumming and the friction from my tight throat pushed his closer to his climax. In seconds he pushed himself all the way inside me and started shooting his thick ropes of cum down what was left of my throat and into my belly. If I had to guess I would say that his sperm production and storage was double that of his boss because it took much longer for him to empty himself and as he did I felt my stomach starting to bulge from the volume. When he was done I felt as if I had eaten an entire Thanksgiving dinner for four by myself.

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