tagRomanceVertigo Eyes Ch. 2

Vertigo Eyes Ch. 2


I didn’t see Kate again for nearly three weeks. The work package I was expecting landed on my doorstep on the following Tuesday, ten days ahead of schedule, along with demands for it to be completed asap, plus undertakings of a mega-bonus for every day it was finished ahead of time. So, for the next twenty days I worked non-stop, fifteen to eighteen hours a day, and living off caffeine, take-out pizzas, Chop Suey and adrenaline. It was a shit of a lifestyle, but it paid like no other in my line of business. And I was only doing it because I knew that I could semi-retire in three years time, at forty years of age, and do my own thing forever – if I lived that long.

I was near the end, but I had a problem. One piece of code kept crashing the program and I was that spaced out I was having trouble figuring out why. For the first time in days I went out into the back yard and took in some fresh air, walking up and down, thinking of nothing and kicking the weeds, while I let my subconscious deal with the riddle.

“Hi Greg.” I didn’t need to look round to know that Kate, my Princess, was halfway up the tree that overhung the wall that separated our properties. It was a favourite spot of hers when she was a young kid, where she would climb up and call to me to get my attention. But I didn’t really want to turn around and let her see the state I was in. I felt like crap and knew I looked like it too. I was taking three or four showers a day to keep fresh, but I hadn’t shaved in over a week and had huge dark circles under my eyes from lack of sleep. Plus, I had lost several pounds in weight thanks to my long hours and poor diet. Seeing as I wasn’t Mr Universe to start off with, the effect was noticeable. But, eventually, my need to see her overtook all other considerations and I had to turn and face her.

Her shock at seeing me looking like that was apparent, but Kate controlled it well. She took a deep breath; “Greg, I love you…for what it’s worth…” Her voice trailed off uncertainly.

“It means everything to me Kate. Believe me, it really does.”

“Have you been avoiding me, because of the other night?”

“No, I’ve been working. Two more days and it’s finished… I’ll call you.”

“You look like hell.”

“I know. I’m sorry.”

“Call me then.”

“I will…” Just then, the probable solution to my coding problem came flooding into my brain – a stupid logic mistake on my part, caused through fatigue! “Kate, I’ve gotta go!”

“Okay, but don’t forget.”

“I promise…!” But I was already on my way back to work.

I had the right answer. Then, to my delight, the rest of the program just fell into place and I was finished by 10.00pm the next day. I sent off an email to my clients to let them know the stage I was at. Then I started the final debugging using their test data. There wasn’t much I could do now for several hours, so I diverted my telephone to my message service and fell into bed. I slept solidly, only getting up to go to the bathroom, drink litres of water, and check that the test programs were going alright. There were only one or two minor glitches, which I fixed very quickly, and then went back to bed.

After nearly two days of almost continuous sleep I surfaced. After restoring the telephone to normal operation and going to the bathroom for a luxurious shave and a long, long hot shower I was beginning to feel human again. But I was as hungry as hell! I was just about to call my favourite pizza man for the biggest Quatro Stagione he could muster when the telephone rang. It was Corinne. “Greg, are you okay? Kate is going frantic with worry. She’s left message after message with your answering service and you’ve never called back. And we haven’t even seen your usual take-out deliveries arriving!”

“Hey look, I’m sorry. I’ve finished the contract and I’ve been asleep for nearly two days. Everything’s fine. Tell Kate for me please.”

It seemed like only seconds after I’d placed my pizza order that there came a loud hammering on my back door. It was Kate, and she looked madder that a cornered dingo! She pushed past me and into the house without saying a word and started going from room to room throwing the windows open to let some air in. “This place is a pigsty, Gregory Monk! Just look at it!”

I had to admit it didn’t look good. It was early summer and I hadn’t needed to wear too many garments while I was working. So the soiled clothing was scattered around the place, wherever I had dropped it when an idea had come into my head. It was mainly T-shirts and underwear, but, nevertheless, there were plenty of them. And there were several Leaning Tower of Pisa columns of used crockery on the kitchen bench and piles of empty cardboard pizza and Chinese take-out boxes stacked in the kitchen corners. The piece de resistance was my office, in reality the master bedroom because it was the biggest room in the house apart from the lounge, with its reefs of discarded working notes crumpled on the floor and dozens of empty Pepsi cans perched on every horizontal surface. The only pristine areas were those around my computers and their associated peripherals. In comparison to the rest of the rooms I used in the house, there were three other bedrooms totally devoid of furniture and two further bathrooms, only my bedroom and bathroom were clean… by male standards, anyway.

“Have a heart, Kate. I’ve been busy.”

Luckily, before she could start throwing things at me, the Luigi’s Pizza deliveryman arrived with my first food in two days. “C’mon, Kate, let’s eat. I’m starved. I’ll fix this mess after.”

“WE’LL fix it!” Kate snorted, clearing a space on the kitchen table. “Have you got any wine?”

“There may be something in that cupboard,” I pointed, “But I don’t know about clean glasses.”

Kate found and expertly uncorked a bottle of Chianti. But she had no luck with glassware. We used teacups instead. The pizza was ambrosia – food of the gods – and the cheap chianti tasted like nectar. And I was sharing both with the most gorgeous young woman in the world. We hardly exchanged a word. I was much too busy eating to talk. But I stared at her all the while, marvelling at her graceful movements and her natural, fresh young beauty.

She allowed me no relaxation. As soon as the food was finished, Kate was bossing me around to pick up this, clean up that, take those out to the garbage, and put these away. She was working as hard as I was though, and a darned sight faster. Three hours later, when the house was in some semblance of order, though it needed ‘a bloody good vacuum and dust’ according to her, Kate allowed me to grab the still half-full bottle of Chianti and a pair of sparkling clean wine glasses and lead her into the lounge. Being single I was a minimalist concerning furniture and there was only had one small armchair, which she insisted I sit in whilst she sat at my feet.

“Aside from my computers, this is my only extravagance,” I told her as I switched on my Bang & Olufsen CD system via the remote and set it playing quietly. Andrea Bocelli’s Romanza. Very romantic!

I poured Kate some wine and thanked her for helping me clean up the mess. She murmured, “It was nothing.” She seemed kind of withdrawn.

“Still mad at me?”

Kate shook her head, then rested her cheek on my knee, staring into space and listening to the music. She had untied her hair when we finished working and I stroked the long thick, silky strands gently. After twenty minutes of silence between us, Kate took a sip of her wine and said softly, “You missed my birthday, you know, last week… my eighteenth.”

God! Now wonder she was so distant! “Oh Princess! I’m so sorry! You must hate me for being such a selfish, self-centred bastard!”

She looked at me levelly… Vertigo Eyes! “I don’t hate you… I told you otherwise the other day. But I had such plans…”

“But I didn’t even get you a gift… a card even!”

Kate put her glass to one side and moved onto her knees. Parting my legs, she moved in between them and started to unzip my pants. “No matter! The only gift I want is still waiting for me in here.” I knew it was more than my life was worth to stop her. And when she released my surging erection from its prison and lowered her face to take it between her lips and caress my glans with her roiling tongue there was no power on this earth that could induce me to try!

Kate was no expert at giving head, but maybe it was her very lack of expertise that caused her to transport me to the incredible heights of pleasure she took me to. The tentative way she stroked my shaft as she held me in her mouth entranced me. The hesitancy with which she took me in - deeper and deeper made me want to explode in her throat. The guileless way she closed her eyes and pressed her tongue on me and sucked me softly as she bobbed up and down rhythmically tipped me over the edge.

“Kate! I’m going to come!”

She ignored my warning and held me in her warm orifice, swallowing desperately while my sperm flooded from me in great, thumping gouts. She continued to hold me as I lay back in my chair panting, with my cock slowly softening between her lips. And when I was fully shrunken, she finally released me, examined my fallen soldier intently for a few moments and then deposited a gentle kiss on his very tip.

When Kate eventually raised her eyes to look at my face, I saw that she had small dribbles of my sperm at the corners of her mouth. I had had too much for her to swallow it all. Her cheeks were also streaked with recent tears.

“You’ve been crying?”

“With happiness.”

I leaned forward and kissed her. I tasted myself on her lips. “Kate, that was… “

“The first time I’ve ever done anything like that.”

“I wasn’t going to question you.”

“I know, but I had to say it anyway. Greg, I’m like Leah… I’m a virgin I mean! Oh, I know I’m not a virgin physically, but I am up here.” She tapped her temple with her fingertip.

“I knew you weren’t “intact” the moment my finger entered you so easily the other night.”

“That was the first time I knew for certain too. A year ago I had a date with one of the seniors at school. We parked up in his car and we kissed a lot and he touched my breasts. And then, when he put his hand up my skirt and inside my pants, I let him do it because it was ‘the thing to do’ according to all my friends. But I wasn’t really turned on, not like I was with you the other night, and I was dry. But he carried on and pushed his finger into me and hurt me. He also tried to do other things, but I punched him in the balls when he wouldn’t stop when I asked him to. So he kicked me out of the car and made me walk home. That was scary, so late at night. Anyway, when I got home I found I had been bleeding. I thought he’d cut me inside with his fingernail – they were kind of long – and I was sore for days afterwards. But now I know what he really did. Do you mind?”

“Kate, that’s… “

“I needed you to know… before… Greg, please take me to bed. Make me a woman?”

I set Andrea Bocelli to play again then led her upstairs to my bedroom. In the golden light of the setting sun I slowly, reverently unveiled Kate’s perfect young body and laid her on the bed and worshipped her with my eyes as a quickly shucked off my own clothes. Then I lay down with her and held her close. The sight, the sound, the scent and the taste of her battered my senses. And to my touch, her translucent skin was at once soft and firm, and magically warm and smooth. We kissed and kissed and kissed again. Exploring each other’s mouth with our lips and coiling tongues until the shuddering rise and fall of her chest called for me to move further south.

She gasped with delight as I aroused her dusky-pink nipples to hard, sensitive peaks with my mouth. She shivered in trepidation when I delicately kissed the undersides of her breasts and then made my way down past the mysterious depression of her navel to the soft, springy curls of her bush. She went rigid with expectancy as I scented her sharp, clean, ozone-and-honey sex smells properly for the first time. And then she gave herself to me in total abandon as I parted her luscious nether lips with my fingertips and found her clitoris with my tongue.

I brought Kate to a trembling brink four times before I spread her legs wide and speared her with my sex. In unison, we let out a deep groan of joy as I slid smoothly into her silken depths and she crossed her ankles over my back and drew me closer to her. We made love in total harmony, as though we had been doing it together for years. And, when we reached our mutual, stupendous cataclysm, we kissed.

Our circle was complete.

‘e un attimo cosi…vale un’eternita`… And a moment like this is worth an eternity.’ 1

To Be Continued...

* * * * *


1 “Voglio Restare Cosi (I Want To Stay Like This)” A Bocelli.

From “Romanza” © 1996 Insieme Srl

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