tagRomanceVertigo Eyes Ch. 4

Vertigo Eyes Ch. 4


When I opened the suite door I found out the reason why Kate sounded so wound-up. There was a line of arrows made out of toilet tissue leading me to the bedroom. Right up to where my Lovely One lay stark naked on the edge of the bed, with her feet on the floor and her knees spread wide apart, holding her pussy lips open with her fingertips. There was a note pinned to the valence between her spread thighs. It read: “Cunnilingus. Pleeeeze!!!!”

I obliged by giving her two orgasms in quick succession. Each time she howled her pleasure and pleaded with me not to stop. After the third time she begged me to hurry up and strip off. And then get on the bed with her and fuck her. “What brought all that on?” I asked her as we lay panting in the aftermath of our vigorous lovemaking.

“My pussy has been biting my leg off all day! I just haven’t been able to concentrate on anything at all! I was getting so uptight I felt I could hardly speak… Crazy?”

“Not at all! Long may it continue!”

We lay together holding each other close, then Kate suddenly licked my mouth and chin: “You taste of girl. It’s rather nice – I’ll have to try the real thing one of these days!”

I can’t believe I reacted, but Kate must have detected that I stiffened slightly. It had happened twelve years before, but losing my wife to a lesbian relationship must have left some kind of scar.

“Oh! God! Greg, I’m so sorry! That was such a stupid thing to say!”

“Don’t worry, love, Leah was a long time ago and it’s a very closed book. Tell me, have you never been attracted to another girl in that way? Never been tempted to experiment?”

“I almost did… once. It was at school when I was almost fourteen. She was really beautiful, a New Zealander - a part-Maori girl. Her name was Donna - Donna Ahipene. We were the same age, but she was in a different class, so I’d hardly even spoken to her before. The whole school had had to do this long cross-country run and, because everyone got so hot and sweaty, we all had to take a shower afterwards. There were heaps of girls of course and Donna and I ended up at the tail end of the queue for the showers in the girls’ locker room. Probably because we were among the last to finish the run! Anyway, somehow, we were the last two remaining. We weren’t talking to each other even then.

“We were dressing. Suddenly we both just looked up at each other. Donna already had her skirt back on and was putting on her bra. I hadn’t got that far yet and just had on a pair of panties. She let her bra fall again. She had beautiful big golden-brown breasts, much nicer than the tiny pale bumps I had then. And she had these big dark brown nipples. I just stared and stared at them, rooted to the spot. She was staring at my chest too.

“Have you ever been in a situation when you feel like you are suspended in a bowl of treacle? You see things with exceptional clarity, but everything seems to happen in slow motion and all external noises are blanked out. It was just like between Donna and I. Things were moving very fast, but I still had time to notice the tiny dark hairs around her nipples and the delicate tracery of blue veins beneath the skin of her breasts. And I actually saw her nipples swell like dark plums as she burst erect.

“Donna took a couple of paces towards me and reached out her hand and cupped my left breast. Both my nipples just stuck out hard, all tingly. And when she tweaked my nipple between her thumb and forefinger, my knees started shaking like mad and I went all wet between the legs as if I’d peed myself, but I hadn’t. And my heart was thumping in my chest as though it was going go off pop at any second!

“As if I was mesmerised, I reached out with both of my hands and took hold of her glorious bosoms. Her nipples were hard already. She felt so wonderful! So warm and heavy, and softly round! And her skin was so smooth! So smooth!

“We stood there for what seemed like ages, just caressing each other’s breasts and staring at each other. The only sound in the room was our breathing – we were both puffing and panting louder than either of us had done during the race! Then Donna kind of moaned and came right up to me and put both her arms around me and drew me right up against her. The feel of her soft pillows pressing against mine was such a wonderful shock it nearly knocked me out.

“Then we started kissing passionately and the next thing I knew she had pulled my panties halfway down my thighs and was fingering my pussy. I parted my legs to feel her touch better and she pushed one of her fingers right inside. I was moaning like anything now and muttering all sorts of things I can’t remember now. The back of Donna’s thumb was rubbing against my clit and it felt like electric sparks were bursting right through me. And the wet slurping sounds from down there as she finger-fucked me seemed to echo around the shed!

I was frantically pushing Donna’s skirt and panties down at the front so that I could do the same to her. My fingers had just reached her pubic fuzz - oh, how desperate I was to learn what her sex felt like - when we heard someone opening the dressing shed door and coming inside. One of the other girls must have left something behind or it may have been a teacher checking that the sheds were empty. But, whoever it was went right out again. Thank goodness we were hidden from the doorway by a bank of lockers!

“We stood there until we heard the door close again - holding our breaths and shaking with fear that we would be caught in such a compromising position. Anyway, that totally broke the mood and Donna and I hurriedly got dressed, not looking at each other or even speaking. Whenever we saw each other after that, we just acknowledged each other’s presence and hardly exchanged a word. We never, ever talked about it and we never did anything like that again. I think it was just one of those chance happenings. Donna certainly wasn’t a lesbian, because she was very “popular” with the boys. In fact, she left school when she was fifteen because she was pregnant. There was a rumour that she’d been screwing one of the teachers, but that was never confirmed. And I never got the urge to make out with another girl.”

“Did you ever regret not “finishing it off”?”

“I don’t know. I can’t say where it would have gone. Would we have gone down on each other? I don’t think so. We were both so young and innocent – I was anyway. We’d have probably given each other an orgasm with our fingers and finished it there. It wouldn’t have taken much; I was just about to come when we were disturbed. Would we have done it again if we had made each other come? I doubt it. As I said, Donna was no lesbian and I wasn’t… am not that way inclined.

“What about you Greg? Have you ever had sex with another guy?”

“One tried to seduce me at Uni once. I was in my first year and very naive at the time. He was in his third year of an Arts major.”

“What happened?”

“Well, Bob was a very amusing guy, he wrote a satirical column for the student newspaper and was in all the theatre productions…all that stuff. He had a very cutting wit and seemed very much a “man of the world” to a green country yokel like me. Anyway, we made friends and one night we went out to dinner in town. We had a few wines and then he invited me to “Come back to my place for a nightcap.” As a senior student, he was allowed to live off-campus. The ‘nightcap’ turned out to be another bottle of wine and I was getting pretty drunk by the time we nearly had it finished. While we were drinking, we talked about this and that. He asked me about my girlfriends and sex. He went out with girls too - I think he might even have been engaged to be married at the time.

“I’m not sure how it happened, the booze has fogged that bit out, but he got me to my feet and somehow persuaded me to take off my shirt and T-shirt. He was standing behind me and tracing my back muscles with his fingertips and saying how finely moulded they were. It felt kind of pleasant and I was also flattered by his comments – I’d never considered before that my skinny body was much to rave about. Then he started saying something like: ‘We both like girls, but we don’t have any here with us. And we’ve both been talking about sex a lot. Perhaps we could relieve each other?’

“I turned around, totally shocked at his suggestion. And was even more shocked to see that the crafty sod had somehow taken off his clothes and was standing there just in his underpants. And this huge erection was pointing in my direction! He looked down at my front and looked very crestfallen when he saw that I wasn’t reciprocating in the erection department. So I told him, ‘Sorry mate, I don’t need relieving… I think I’d better go.’

“We stayed reasonably friendly, but at arm’s length I must admit, and there was no further wining and dining. Then he found another freshman who did need ‘relieving’. They were quite an “item” for the rest of the year!”

Kate snuggled close to me, “Well, I think you have a beautiful body too. That guy, Bob, had very good taste! Tell me, if I said that I needed ‘relieving’, how would you react?”

“Try me!”

“Okay… look you don’t have to do this, but try and bear with me…”

“What do you want me to do?”

“Get up and put your underpants on. And stand over there. Look out of the window.”

I stood where Kate wanted. Then I sensed her coming up behind me. And she started to trace my back muscles with her fingertips telling me softly how beautiful I was and kissing the nubs of my spine. I shivered with pleasure – no lack of activity in the erection department this time! Especially when her fingertips skittered down my lower spine and under the waistband of my underpants and down the crack of my ass and under – to where she started to scratch my perineum gently with her fingernail.

I froze, totally rigid, and teetering on the edge of a massive climax. Kate sensed my tension. “It’s too early yet,” she murmured and withdrew her hand, caressing my anal opening in passing. “Turn around, my love, and do what you think is right.” I turned to face my lovely tormentor. Her eyes were glowing like coals! She had put her panties on again as well.

Slowly she reached out and caressed my chest with both her hands, paying particular attention to my nipples. Trembling with desire I reached out and touched her. She was shaking too. We melted together, breast to breast and kissed deeply. I pushed both of my hands into her panties and opened her with the fingers of both. She was so wet! Without panties on, her moisture would have been running down her thighs! Her hands made their way quickly into my briefs and clasped my pulsating shaft. And we both came with a mighty shout of joy, spasming against each other, hardly able to stay on our feet.

Slowly, we returned to normalcy, still shuddering in the aftermath of our passion, still holding each other’s genitals, and murmuring soft words of love between our swift kisses. Eventually: “My, we have an almighty mess in here! Where do you get so much? Stay still for a moment.” Kate dropped to her knees and slowly pulled my underpants down. Great, glistening gobs of my sperm still clung to my pubic hairs and smeared my softened tool. My darling lover helped me to step out of the sopping garment. Then with her mouth, she cleaned me - licking up and swallowing every errant drop.

She remained on her knees, kissing and licking me. When she took one of my balls in her mouth and gently caressed it with her tongue, and my cock began to grow again, she murmured with delight and sucked me fully erect again. Kate caressed my testicles and scratched my perineum again as she made oral love to me, licking my pole from top to bottom and taking me deep in her throat. And when she knew, by my sudden extra hardness, that I was about to come again, she removed me from her mouth and held me so that I sprayed my juices over her upturned face. The she licked the final drops from my shrinking tip.

I looked down at her, at my glistening fluids slowly sliding across her fair skin. Instinctively, I dropped to my knees facing her and, hesitantly at first and then with greater confidence, I licked them from her. When I was done, she smiled blissfully. Her eyes were glowing with passion again. “See, you can read my mind too! Now take me back to bed please and kiss my pussy while I made you hard again. And then we will fuck, and when we come the good citizens of Brisbane will think they’ve had an earthquake!”

When we finally collapsed, exhausted again, I asked Kate: “Was that all about “laying ghosts”?”

“It was all about getting beautifully laid by the man I’m crazy about! Our talk beforehand certainly put some ideas in my head, though. How did you feel about it?”

“It was very erotic.”

“That too, and now I’m bloody starving! Shall we have a quick shower and go down and get some dinner?”

To Be Continued...

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