tagExhibitionist & VoyeurVibrating Valerie on NND

Vibrating Valerie on NND


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[6/30/15 Restored a dropped line and related tidbits.]

"I told you this was an exceptional car, Val. Al says that at exactly thirty-seven mph, the wheels or doors or something makes the car vibrate just perfectly for our delight, and arousal. The firm seats feel good as they vibrate our groins, but the best effect is where you are now, on the center console. Just lean your hips forward to press your clit against the huge, hot vibrator between your legs." I drove quietly and dropped back down to third gear to add a bit more vibration to the mix.

My bare cock decided to wave at the near nude Val to grab her lingering attention. Val was already aroused from sunbathing with us and was smearing the console with her sex juices. It was the end of a surprising beach morning at a non-nude, public beach. My wife Sue and Valerie had worn similar, simple, small bikinis. Sue reached to release Val's top and I shimmied my stiff, bared cock for the ladies.

=========== earlier that day =============

Suspicious Val had been very hard to convince to go to a secluded beach early in the morning. We chose the early start ostensibly to catch the weaker rays, but also chose to hide that this was National Nude Day! Shy but curious Val had often been flirty with us, but had never flashed more than her bra border or panty despite Sue's exhibitionist tales and blatant public exposures. Today we hoped to do so much more than just expose her. Well, we had to start somewhere.

After some difficult convincing, we got her to be daring, wear one of Sue's tiny bikinis and head out for a beach with us. It was hard not to comment, or drool, over her mouth-watering larger aureole which refused to stay hidden behind the tiny triangular top.

When we found a quiet stretch of mid week beach, we tried convincing her to go topless. She refused, yet both beautiful women laid face down then removed their tops. Val was very extremely cautious about exposing her nipples. After several minutes, I helped pull Sue's bottom into both her cracks 'to minimize tan lines.' Val was horrified and afraid of exposing so much of her ass.

Yet, after rubbing lotion ALL over Sue and hearing her gentle, breathy moans, our dares and teasing, shy Val hesitantly allowed me to do the same to her suit. Her tan lines were much more intense than Sue's and her plumper ass was softer. Her soft moans only encouraged my swelling. Besides skimming and pressing four enticing, plush cheeks and oiling two toned, sexy, bare backs, mini-me and I got occasional glimpses of four supple and hardening nipples. Val's giggles told us she knew what I was doing and wasn't objecting.

I 'ignored' and refused to adjust the obvious tent in my Speedo. Once before, my untouched cock had coerced my loose Speedo down enough to expose an inch of my thick shaft and created a gap that also exposed my balls from below. With a little luck, today would be a repeat performance, especially if we go swim when it's already loose.

I stood akimbo before Val, looking at the waves. As I imagined her staring up at my distended and descended Speedo, watching my balls sway as I deliberately shifted my weight. My dick got stiffer and pushed the cooperative, inelastic Speedo lower. To my delight, that seemed to inspire smiles and greater and more frequent shoulder lifts in both women.

About every quarter hour, I insisted, for their safety of course, that I refresh their sun screen all over. Val refused to turn face up. I took my time applying and swirling the cream into their pores. As I applied it to each plump, flattened glut, I pulled aside the central scrap that was buried in each deep crack and rubbed cream into each tempting fissure, Sue's first so Val could see me do it safely. She watched me pull first Sue's bikini bottom aside, then down an inch and push her legs apart to get cream onto her most delicate labia and then onto her supple, tinted, wrinkled hole. Perhaps in compromise, Val finally turned over and allowed me to see and coat her beautiful, bountiful boobs.

My Speedo crept below my hips as my stiff dick pushed it lower. It clung to my stiffness and stuck straight out obscenely, impossible to miss. Just two more inches and it would fall off without help. I also ensured that it rubbed firmly against the nearest ass, or Val's thigh then rib.

Sue got my FULL attention as I applied lotion onto and into her rear hole and sweet, swollen, perfect pussy. Val watched as I covered four fingers with her sweet juices and licked them clean before refreshing her cream. Sue knew I wanted to treat Val the same way and even told her how much great attention I would pay to her too. I left her pussy exposed to the sun, to Val and any lucky Nude Day passerby.

Once done rubbing Sue, I straddled Val's leg and stared into the plumped, covered mound between her thighs as I took my time rubbing her screen into my yearning palms. My cock informed me it wanted to bury itself in the warm, deep, soft unexplored cavern that was separated from it by a small scrap. As I inched up her thigh, my cock stroked it and left a dark spot in my Speedo. Just as my questing cock approached her fertile delta, she spread her legs to force me to put both mine between hers and shoo my cock away.

That worked for ME! When I leaned far forward to rub her abs again, I also directed my feral cock against her mound. It rubbed her crack as I rubbed her tits. I shifted her bikini waist a bit lower and rubbed under and around it. Once I felt her relax to my touch, I whispered that I'd do her sensitive areas as I'd done with Sue then finish down each leg. She grunted nebulous consent so I pulled her suit out of both her cracks, pulled it down an inch and also pulled it to the left of her front slit. She gasped.

THERE it was. In plain view in bright sun, her plumped, damp, beautiful quim stared back as me. She sighed and opened her legs a little more which let her thick labia pop apart with just a bit of sticky, clear fluid left between them. Her labia swelled as I watched her lusty, sexy swirls extend and smooth. She pretended not to watch me stare, entranced, at her alluring pussy. Her moist inner labia extended farther than Sue's, nearly an inch by two inches. I looked over at Sue's still exposed, wet pussy then carefully rubbed the sun screen under her, into each half of Val's deep crack and across her tense rear hole, but left my thumbs clean and dry.

A low moan said she wanted more contact; I was happy to provide that service. I filled the gap between each labium and thigh with cream as I allowed my thumbs to open and explore the vestibule of this sexy friend's wet, fragrant pussy. I imagined my own cream covering and filling then gently oozing from her swollen, pretty pussy.

As one hand daringly rubbed sun screen across her lips and across her clit, I licked and sucked her tasty nectar off my other thumb. She groaned louder and I reversed hands, sucking the last of her uncontaminated pussy juice off my finger. My cock throbbed and wanted to grease the inside of her love hole. It seemed to pull me toward one hole or the other. I fought the urge and slid down her slim, sexy, toned legs instead, leaving her pussy as exposed as Sue's - maybe even more so. She was about to cover her cracks, but I asked her to leave them airing until the cream dried a bit. After checking that Sue was still exposed, she 'reluctantly' complied with my dumb excuse. I'm sure she was beginning to enjoy the exposure.

I looked around and, seeing no one near, I looped my Speedo under my balls and set swollen mini-me free. I let it rub Val's leg, but wanted to rub a load out to cover the enticing, pulsing pussy before me. Unable to wank, I covered my cock with sun screen and lay next to Val with my jewels exposed. My frustrated groan caused Val to lift up and look at me, frown, then lift higher and roll to her side to look lingeringly at my groin. She smiled at her first view of my naked, stubborn, tall pole, as she showed me all of her big D-cups, thick nipples and swollen clit as she did. It seemed she no longer cared about her full exposure.

When the sun peaked, Sue suggested we go for a quick, cooling swim before packing up. Oddly, they put their tops back on, but Sue didn't adjust her bottom and slapped Val's hand away when she tried to adjust her own suit. She winked, "It will reset itself as we run. Enjoy the thrill of the air rushing over your bare pussy. No one can see our holes easily, yet . . . " She was right, so I boldly ran to the water with my balls and stiff dick, over my Speedo, bobbing and swinging in the wind.

We swam and I kept untying their tops, even swimming away with Sue's for a chase. She snatched my Speedo and swam off with it. As we crawled out of the water, I swung both tops around over my head. When Sue decides that she WON'T be embarrassed, she'll take any dare, do anything to prove herself. As expected, she took advantage of NND and slowly walked out of the water topless, hoping people would stare at her exposed tits. She walked past me and her top all the way back to our plot. A few naked people stared at her tiny tits dancing for them and even offered her a 'thumbs up'.

Val lingered below the water until she was sure I wasn't giving her back her top. Sue stood, waiting for us, at our spot allowing for maximum exposure.

When I came out of the water naked, Val asked if we planned to get arrested. I didn't answer and she finally decided to mimic Sue's example and expose her big, colliding tits to anyone in range. We ran up to Sue and decided the Sun was getting too strong for prolonged exposure, so we should leave.

Sue wrapped her coverup around her waist and walked away topless, so I tossed her top onto her cooler. I wasn't surprised when she tossed it back, left the cooler for me and walked to the car topless. If I asked her to cover up, especially today, she would refuse, so I said nothing. Val still didn't know about NND, so she wrapped her tiny coverup around her waist, covered her tits and we left. Sue still had my Speedo, so I walked naked, following my stiff, swaying cock back to the car. Val, crimson faced, laughed.

I followed the girls a few feet away to appreciate the view. Val kept stealing glances at my still stiff, still bare cock. Both sexy asses swayed tantalizingly with beautiful, toned legs flexing and daring me to relocate them around my neck. The breezes lifted the already very short 'skirts' that barely covered their groins when they were still. Sue's tiny tits swayed and jiggled slightly while Val's big D-cups floated up and rebounded with each step. I imagined her thick nipples on my tongue when, due to my reverie, I bumped into both ladies.

Sue spoke up, "It's going to be a damp ride home in these things, so . . . " She looked around, ensuring she had an audience on the path, lifted her cover-up skirt and pushed her wet bottom to the ground. "Ahh, that's so much better. Need help, Val?" Val's eyes popped and she covered her crotch. "Oh stop being such a prude. Al had a long look at our pussies today and I know he had fingers in mine. I bet he had fingers in your pussy too."

Val didn't answer, but covered her mouth with both hands and, in a flash, Sue yanked her bottoms to her ankles. Val froze staring at me. After turning her more directly toward me, Sue lifted one leg high out of her bottoms so Val's pretty pussy appeared and gaped open for me and the couples behind me. She lifted Val's other foot for a second appearance. I stared at the invigorating sight of the blonde landing strip above the lusty, glistening snatch.

She turned the shear coverup to 'hide' her swollen pussy. I watched Val's bare ass climb into the car as Sue nudged her to sit on the center console and split her legs into each car half. We were all happy that about foresight. I'd left an anti scorch prophylactic beach towel across both seats and the center console to tame the heat. When she leaned back, her pussy leapt into view again. I noticed Sue enjoyed staring at it too. Frightening Val, I put the top down and brought the car up to the magic speed where it began its peculiar shimmy.

========= back to present ===========

"I told you this was an exceptional car, Val. Al says that at exactly thirty-seven mph, the wheels or doors or something makes the car vibrate just perfectly for our delight, and arousal. The firm seats feel good as they vibrate our groins, but the best effect is where you are now, on the center console. Just lean your hips forward to press your clit against the huge, hot vibrator between your legs." I drove quietly and dropped back down to third gear to add a bit more vibration to the mix.

My bare cock decided to wave at the near nude Val to grab her lingering attention. She was already aroused from sunbathing with us and was smearing the console with her sex juices. It was the end of a surprising beach morning at a non-nude, public beach. It was hard to believe that my wife got Valerie to wear a similar, simple, small bikini. I grinned as I shimmied my stiff, bared cock for the ladies. Val's deep breathing and flushed skin told us she was approaching orgasm which was probably why she wasn't aware of being exposed to other cars. Or had she just surrendered to being naked in public?

Val rested her left hand high on my right thigh, fingers nudging my sac, and squeezed lightly as she leaned forward to let the car rattle her clit. When she began breathing harshly again, Sue tugged the top's back tie loose and lifted it over her head. Neither Val nor her fabulous tits objected to the freedom. They also ignored the slow traffic and naked pedestrian audience. I pulled the shear skirt's tie loose and threw open the skirt to leave her totally naked and approaching orgasm.

Val gasped! Perhaps because I had stopped at a light and she had a moment to clearly see several of the bareassed pedestrians staring at her gorgeous tits swaying and my Sue's tall, hard nipples? Or was it because Sue had leaned back and allowed everyone to watch her jilling her own wet snatch?

Either way, Val fingered her swollen sexy hole until we took off and my vibrator console set her off again. Within a block, she screamed, latched onto my cock and shuddered in a public orgasm. Pulling and shaking my cock was so distracting I had to pull over and wait for her hot grip to ease. At least a dozen people stopped and watched her naked body come down to Earth. Her eyes popped open and she looked around at the strangers, but never released my stiffness.

"Umm, Val . . .?" I began, "I'm happy for you to hold my cock all the way home, but let a little blood thru so it doesn't die? I promise to put it to good use in your pussy and mouth openly, in our yard just to help you celebrate your first NND." She eased her grip on me and smiled a beatific, embarrassed smile that said she would comply with my wishes. I hoped, expected, to finally cum anywhere inside her very soon! We left our clothes in the car when we arrived and she would later fulfill her unstated promise in our open back yard over and over and over again.

As we walked nude toward our yard, she looked around nervously and finally asked, "What's NND?"

( ~ ~ )
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9/24/14 seminal image: wife fingers friend Val who is between us in shaky car

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