tagFetishVictorious Victoria Ch. 03

Victorious Victoria Ch. 03


The next chapter of analbliss's "reward"...

Feedback on the overall concept, writing style would be greatly appreciated.


analbliss's muscles ached. In the past few hours he'd experienced a concentrated assault on his senses, but the realisation that he wasn't even halfway through his 'reward' filled him with trepidation. He doubted his ability to satisfy the rules of the game and cum so many more times. However, he would struggle on. He exulted in being manipulated and subjugated, His adoration for, and trust in, Lady Victoria was the fuel for his resolve.

His wrist cuffs were clipped to rings in his collar. His feet were kicked apart and secured with a spreader bar. With the blindfold still in place he stood vulnerable and exposed. Someone approached him and gently stroked his cheek.

"My gorgeous analbliss. Are you enjoying the reward yet?" asked Lady Victoria.

"I'm not sure Mistress," responded the submissive. "I have never felt more subservient to Your needs, but I fear my mind and body will fail to meet the coming challenges and that I will let you down Mistress."

Lady Victoria's fingers traveled slowly down his body until She cupped his balls in one hand. The fingernails on her other hand started stroking the top of his cock. She leaned in, and nibbled on his earlobe. She knew his triggers so well that he began to harden immediately.

She murmured into his ear, "Have more faith in Me. I would not have selected you for the competition unless I thought you were capable. Whatever is to come, remember that I am watching closely. Your submission to My needs turns me on. My pussy is constantly wet and dripping just from watching. Do well in the next session, and during the next break I may let you lick me until I cum. Would you like that?"

"Oh yes Mistress," was his only possible response.

Lady Victoria continued to cup his balls and stroke his cock as she continued, "Excellent. So when your resolve weakens think of me. Imagine my juices and how they will taste if you please me." Lady Victoria bit his earlobe, kissed his cheek, and then walked away.

The buzzer sounded; then silence.

The silence continued for several minutes and the blindfold meant he had no idea of what was happening. Had he been left standing on the stage alone? Were the crowd still present and watching him? The idea that he was being quietly exhibited to the whole auditorium made his heart skip, and his cock throb.

There was the sound of someone moving to his left, then he felt something gently touch his back between his shoulders. Whatever it was slowly descended down his spine; stroking, almost tickling him. Was it a feather? The touch was so light he could barely feel it, but his skin felt electrified by the touch. It caressed the outside of his left buttock, then down his leg to his ankle and then back up to his neck. The process was repeated down his right leg, but this time it stroked the inside of his calf, knee and thigh as it roamed slowly upwards. All he could perceive was the touch of the presumed feather as it reached his right buttock. It then moved down the inside of his left leg. When it reached his left ankle the feather was removed. The stimulation stopped and was replaced with complete silence.

analbliss tried to sense what was happening, but failed. All he realised was that his cock was now hard and leaking pre-cum.

The feather returned, but this it was in the front, on his neck. It trailed under his chin then slowly down to his right nipple, circling the nub several times before moving to the left and repeating the stimulation. It moved south, zig-zagging its way down his chest and stomach. He groaned as it approached his groin, but the feather moved to the side and travelled down his left leg, then up the right. This time it did go to his groin. The feather was the center of his universe as it circled his balls and the head of his erect cock. He wanted to lean forward to get more stimulation, but with his feet fixed to the spreader bar this was futile. The feather departed and he was left listening to silence.

Again a sound to his left. Someone moving. Something gently touched the top of his nose then slid down to its tip. The object was placed under his nostrils and pushed into his face. He could smell the leather, and from the way it was touching his face it was obviously a riding crop. It moved down his face, neck and chest until it reached his left nipple where it gentle stroked up and down several times. The crop left his skin before immediately striking down directly onto his nipple. Again it struck, and again. Ten times it struck and with each hit, his nipple became more sensitive. The crop moved to his right nipple. First the gentle stroking caresses, then 10 rapid strikes to the nipple. analbliss silently counted the blows.

The crop struck rapidly over his body, moving up and down his chest, stomach and legs. No single blow was very hard, but the cumulative effect tormented his body. All this time the crop never touched his cock, though it stood proudly at attention and twitched in reaction to the blows. Then his cock and balls became the center of the crop's attention. It stroked up the length of his shaft, circled the head then playfully struck the tip of his cock six times. It stroked the most sensitive area under the head, then slapped its way back towards his balls.

His assailant moved behind him and reached around his left side to grab his cock and started to slowly stroke it. An arm came around his right side and he felt the crop gently tap the underside of his cock's head. The Mistress was right behind him. He could sense she was wearing latex and her breasts pressed into his back. He could feel her hot breath on the nape of his neck.

She spoke softly so that no-one else could hear. "I can feel your cock is close to exploding slave. Should I continue to stroke you until you fire your seed onto the floor? That would be fun to feel and watch, but how about another method. Have you ever cum from having your cock hit with a riding crop?"

"No Mistress," mumbled analbliss.

"Well, there's a first time for everything slave. I wonder how far you will ejaculate. You're facing your Mistress. She's directly in front of you. Only about 6 feet away. I wonder whether I can get you to hit her with your cum," the Mistress giggled.

The left hand stopped stroking his cock, but held it in place as the riding crop continued to tap its gentle tattoo. At first analbliss wasn't certain this method would be successful, but after a few minutes of repeated taps there was no doubt he was approaching an orgasm.

"That's it slave. I can feel you harden. Not long now and your Mistress may get an unexpected present."

analbliss started to pant and writhe. The Mistress's left hand ensured his cock could not escape the repetitious crop, then he came. The orgasm started in his toes and fingers, then travelled to his cock and balls. He leant back onto the Mistress as cum fired from his cock. He doubted he actually produced much given his drained state, but it was still an exquisite sensation.

"Good boy. Quite impressive. I believe you managed to hit your Mistresses boots. I'm not certain that was actually a good idea. If you ever think to look for a new Mistress I may be interested, but then I'm not sure you even know who I am." analbliss realised She was correct. He had no idea.

"Here's your reward for being such a good pet." The Mistress milked any remaining cum from his cock onto her fingers, then inserted the fingers into his mouth. He gratefully licked them clean. The Mistress left, once again leaving him isolated though with much shakier legs this time.

After a few moments the blindfold was removed. Lady Victoria was standing in front of him.

"You seem to have made a mess slave," She announced. "You had better clean it up quickly, or I may become displeased."

analbliss dropped to his knees and licked his juices off Lady Victoria's boots.

"Don't forget to clean the floor slave. Someone may slip on your mess," added Lady Victoria. analbliss moved to the floor licking his juices from the tiles, searching for every last drop. When he was finished he moved back to kneel in front of his Mistress. She stroked her fingers through his hair. "That's better. Don't displease me again, or you may not get to pleasure me during the next break."

Lady Victoria selected the next contestant's name from the leather hood. "Mistress Angelique, my toy awaits your pleasure."

A tall blonde Mistress made her way to the stage. She was dressed completely in black, which contrasted to her porcelain skin. Stiletto heels added several inches to her height. She approached analbliss and stood in front of him for some seconds assessing his physical state. "Well, it seems unlikely you'll be able to orgasm in the next 30 minutes after Daniella has worked you over so thoroughly. I think it'll be best to use you for my own pleasure. Serve me well now, and I may be kind next time."

Mistress Angelique put a finger under his chin and lifted his face until they made eye contact. Without breaking eye contact, she proceeded to remove her panties and put them in his mouth. He could smell and taste her scent. She moved behind him and unclipped the wrist cuffs from his collar. Then grasping his earlobe, she directed him to a thick, padded exercise mat that had been placed on the floor. His ankles were still attached to the spreader bar, so he had to crawl on his hands and knees.

"Lie down, face up, in the center of the mat. Arms by your side." she instructed. She then removed the spreader bar and went to gather some toys. She returned with two Hitachi wands and what looked like a strap-on dildo. She placed one of the wands between his legs, with the head of the wand underneath his balls. Then she pushed his legs together so the wand was held tightly in place. She then plugged in the power cord and the wand jumped to life. Not at its highest setting, but enough to get analbliss's attention.

Mistress Angelique took the dildo, and lifting the submissive's head proceeding to fix the dildo to his chin with rubber straps that went behind his head. The dildo stood proudly erect, inviting a willing rider. Mistress Angelique moved to stand above analbliss's chest, with one leg either side of his body. Beyond the dildo, analbliss received the wondrous view of her pussy. It was neatly trimmed, with blond hair framing a tight slit. There was a hint of moisture emerging between its lips.

Mistress Angelique took the second wand and started to stroke it up and down her thighs and across her stomach. Slowly the circle the wand was travelling reduced in diameter. Slowly approaching her pussy, which glistened more obviously as the wand worked its magic. All this time, Mistress Angelique's eyes were focused on analbliss's eyes, but his were focused on her pussy. She raised one stilettoed foot and lowered the heel onto analbliss's nipple. "Look into my eyes slave. You'll have plenty of time to watch my pussy in a few minutes." He looked up, but she kept her heel on his nipple. By lifting her foot from the floor, she had opened her pussy slightly and moved the wand to gently stroke the outer lips. A sigh left her mouth.

It took tremendous self-control for analbliss to keep watching Mistress Angelique's face, as she continued to stroke her pussy with the wand. Once his eyes drifted downwards, but immediately his nipple felt increased pressure from the stiletto and he jerked his eyes upward.

After what felt like an age, but was probably about 10 minutes, Mistress Angelique dropped to her knees; one on each side of his face. She moved her pussy to the head of the chin dildo and started to slide the head across her moist pussy, lubricating the toy. "Now you can watch my pussy," she said breathlessly.

She inserted the tip of the dildo into her pussy, then descended a couple of inches before rising again. She slowly rode up and down, each time capturing a little more of the toy. "God, I love riding dildos. They never get soft and never try to go too quickly."

analbliss had to remember to breathe as he watched Mistress's pussy ride the toy. Finally, she capture the whole length and leaned forward over analbliss's head. "Lick my clit slave" she ordered. analbliss stretched out his tongue and circled her clit. "I said lick it, not play in the general area." analbliss centred his assault, and heard Mistress Angelique groan in response. Her juices tasted tangy, and smelled musky. She rocked backwards and forwards on the dildo, helping analbliss to stimulate her clit.

The sight and smell of Mistress Angelique's pussy, combined with the wand under his balls managed to extract a little life from his cock, but it was too drained to completely harden.

Mistress Angelique's rocking increased in speed and she started to ride up and down the dildo. When she bottomed out the weight forced analbliss's jaw open and he hungrily licked at her clit. Faster and harder she rode, until her orgasm hit. "Fuck Yes!" she screamed, followed by deep guttural moans. Her juices ran down the dildo onto analbliss's face and into his mouth. Finally she stopped and feel forward over his face. analbliss lay there, the dildo still deeply embedded in her pussy, her clit directly above his mouth and her pubes tickling his nose. The wand still buzzed between his legs.

After a few minutes, Mistress Angelique knelt up, lifted herself off the dildo then knelt by analbliss. She stroked his chest gently. "I really enjoyed that slave. There's nothing quite as intense as a stupendous climax with over a hundred people watching. I look forward to our next meeting, though before I finish, you need to clean my dildo." She removed the toy from his chin and held it in front of his face so he could lick it clean. She started to push it into his mouth. One inch, then two, then three. analbliss gagged. "How disappointing," she scolded. "Your deep throat technique needs a lot of work. Perhaps we can explore this area next time."

Mistress Angelique moved away, leaving analbliss lying on the pad, with the wand still buzzing under his balls.

Lady Victoria approached. "Well, I certainly found that stimulating to watch. I wonder what Domina Pandora has planned next."

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