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Virgin Goddess No More


This is a work of fiction... any who might be offended, go away... what the hell are you doing here anyway?

With Athena irritated over this feud with Eve, Xena, and herself. She finds no answer to keeping herself and the Gods from being destroyed.

If not for that God murdering warrior bitch, she'd be able to finally do what she had always wished to have the freedom to do when her father was alive, but being another virgin goddess, and her father so protective. That wish looked like it would never come to be. Until now.

"XENA!" She jumped in surprise as the warrior princess, her daughter Eve, her best friend Gabrielle, and their time altering companion Ra, came into the great hall of the house of the gods.

"What the hell are you doing here!" She screamed. The warrior woman just raised her hand to call on silence and then spoke.

"This is going to far Athena... in the altered time you ended up calling upon the death of your entire family by not making a compromise. So don't be stupid..."

"How the hell can WE come to a compromise?" Athena Glared down at the four mortals standing before her.

"Well..." she stared with a strange twinkle in her eyes that Athena had never come to recognize on any mortal. "I haven't the finest idea how WE came do that, but it would be much nicer if we thought of something."

With a red glare in her eyes, Athena snarled at the woman and said "I can't begin to fathom what we can possibly agree on. I very much doubt you have ANYTHING I can possibly want!!!"

"Maybe...maybe not." came Xena with a dilly dally voice much like that of a mocky child. "Then again, no maybes. I'm sure we CAN."

To her utmost surprise, Athena looked over and found Gabrielle standing behind Eve with her hands fondling and squeezing at those large luscious globes. While Eve's right hand extended itself into Ra's trousers and grasped his cock from within and began to slowly stroke.

"what in Hades dark domain?" she breathed.

"Oh fuck you Athena!" Gabrielle's pretty young innocent mouth spoke aloud. "We all know the way of the God's is nothing but lust. Hell, most of you God's are founded out of incest. Didn't Zeus fuck his sister Hera to start this whole family?"

Eve spoke up with a lustful choke in her voice. "Speaking of incest... mommy?" she cooed towards Xena. "My pussy is itching sooo bad right now, please... make it stop!"

Licking her lips, Xena moved to her knee's before her young daughter Eve and slowly brought her daughters skirt above her waist. "Mommy would love to help in any way she can, Evie." With that, Xena's fingers moved the cloth from out of the way of her daughters young fresh hairy pussy and greedily thrust her tongue deep in that sweet little fold between Eve's legs.

With Gabby's hands pinching and squeezing her tits, her mothers face buried in her pussy, Eve felt as if she was in paradise.

Athena felt her own womanhood begin to throb inside as she witnessed the wanton lust that Xena, Gabrielle, and Eve were submitting to. Fingers began working her virgin middle aged pussy to a slow pleasurable rhythm. Driving herself wild as she watched Xena lay down her own daughter and feast upon that which was made forbidden and to be kept from mothers.

Athena felt her legs tighten around her fingers as her whole body shook in a fast orgasm just as Gabrielle had removed her outfit and straddled Eve's face with her own cunt. Watching Eve's slender young body buck wildly under her mother's lapping tongue and sucking lips, as she worked to bring her mothers best friend to orgasm.

"Why would anybody wanna kill such a sweet little creature?" Athena's mind asked.

"So!" Gabrielle gasped aloud. "How... oh GOD!, how bout that deal?"

Athena began to moan loud as her body convulsed and her pussy thrust wildly into her fingers as her orgasm came to it's peak... just then, in the middle of cumming, she realized that the fingers in her cunt were NOT hers.

In shock & dismay, she looked over and saw the time shifter named Abbac-Ra, the quarter Latin, Britain, Egyptian youth with a broad smile on his face and his fingers working deep in her wet channel.

"Death is no option, Athena." He whispered in her ear. "I offer pleasures in the likes the true God's or God would never allow. I offer the alternative that even you cannot deny."

"No!" she breathed as her orgasm began to calm. "I cannot... I'm a virgin goddess of wisdom. Unwise! Unwise to submit to lust!... ahh!" she moaned and reeled in her seat as Ra slid another finger into her virgin hole.

"Unwise is to die foolish, rather than love." Gently placing his lips to hers, before lifting his finger to her chin and directing her eyes to the scene at hand.

Xena was lying flat on her back, with Eve between her legs facing Athena & Ra. With Gabrielle behind her, reaming her asshole with her innocent pink tongue. Eve had three fingers fucking deep into her mothers womanly opening. A lust filled look in her eyes as she looked directly into Athena's.

"You see." Ra spoke in a melodic voice. "You can fall in love with that in which you wish to kill. Make her yours. Make her your own and no harm can come. Only this unbridle passion you feel right now."

"Please..." Athena moaned allowed. "please!"

"Please', what Athena?" He asked.

"Fuck me..." She was groaning louder with his fingers deep in her. "NOW!"

When Ra stood up and came around Athena found that he had been undressed the entire time, and had the body no mortal could have. Only a god can possibly posses. A long hard cock pointing straight out as if made to want to fuck her silly.

"Ask again..." Ra spoke. "and we'll see."

"Fuck me!" Athena's breath came in hard gasps. "fuck me, Fuck Me, FUCK ME! Please?!?!?!"

With an almost long and hard plunge, Ra's cock pushed to the cherry of this middle aged virgin goddesses pussy. Biting her lip, feeling a cock inside of her for the first time, as her head swayed side to side. Ra made a slow but hard push and Athena's eyes thrust wide open and her mouth gapping wide as her hymen finally, at long last came to a snap and was no more. Finally, after a long existence, a real, flesh & blood, hard, long, stiff cock was buried all the way into her, up to her womb.

"Virgin goddess," Ra chuckled. "No more."

Athena let out a strained low guttural moan as her arms reached around Ra's neck and her legs tightly rapped around his hips, feeling his prick sliding in and out. Initiating her into the way of lustful living.

Athena was being fucked slowly at first, and then a tempo was built up into a fast thrusting deep and hard into her hot wet pussy chute.

She could hear the moaning in the background as Xena and Eve together attacked Gabrielle's ass and pussy with their fingers and tongues. Driving the beautiful blonde bard into a wild sexual frenzy.

Athena could only whimper as her nails dug deep into Ra's back, drawing blood from the long streaks as he continued his assault on her ravaged cunt. Her mind reeled with what the future was going to be made of. All she could do or want is cock and pussy. Most of all, the young daughter of Xena's pussy. The was Eve looked to her was no longer as that of an enemy, but of something she craved...

Her mind lost its track as the throbbing manhood in her womb brought her to yet another climax, pushing her over the edge and almost to unconsciousness. She felt the blood rushing through her entire body as he legs locked even tighter as she felt his seed spue into her. Feeling her juices and this young one's own juices mix together, she felt her head grow light and a smile came her whimpering lips while her body pushed up into his.

One simple though came to her... "This is fucking fantastic!"

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