tagIncest/TabooVisiting Sis Ch. 11

Visiting Sis Ch. 11


I sincerely apologize for the long delay between Chapters. I have completed the story and will submit the final few chapters over the next few days. I appreciate your patience.

Please continue to read about my amazing weekend with my girlfriend Shannin and her sister Stacy.



Our evening started at a local restaurant. I was nominated designated driver as the girls each drank a bottle of wine. We managed to devour two seafood platters and some petite steaks. I was famished, having worked up a serious appetite with Shannin earlier in the evening. The girls were getting a good buzz and were becoming louder and bolder in their choice of conversation topics. People were starting to become aware of the two lovely ladies who were loudly discussing their childhood, boyfriends and their first sexual experiences. I suggested we finish dinner and go someplace with a little more noise and lots more alcohol. Shannin agreed, saying that it was time to go dance. We quickly left the restaurant and drove down the street to a club.

The club wasn't too busy. I let the two girls go in front of me as we walked to the back of the club. Shannin was absolutely stunning. She had let her blonde hair down. It softly cascaded over her sexy tan, naked shoulders. Her dark purple sun dress tightly fit her shapely, voluptuous body. Stacy also looked amazing in her bright yellow silk halter top and denim mini skirt. I was the envy of every guy in the place.

Shannin chose a spot in the corner of the room. It was dark and secluded. She slid into the booth first so she would be sitting between Stacy and me. After we ordered our drinks, Shannin put her hand on my leg, turned to face me, looked into my eyes and said, "Let's go dance." I'm not one to dance very much but I wasn't about to disappoint either of these two fine ladies this evening.

We started out as the only ones on the dance floor but by the end of the second song, we had been joined by several other couples. It was warm in the club and there was a fine sheen of sweat gracing her sexy shoulders and chest. She pulled me close and put her lips to mine. I felt her hand at the back of my neck when she shoved her tongue into my mouth. Naturally, I returned the kiss. Shannin broke off the kiss and said she was thirsty and needed another drink. I watched her beautiful ass sway back and forth as she turned to walk to the booth. We sat there for a few minutes, cooling off. Shannin and Stacy were drinking long-island teas and I was still on the no alcohol diet.

After a few minutes, Shannin insisted that Stacy and I go dance. As soon as we got to the floor, a slow song started. We both turned to walk back to the booth when Shannin waved at us, indicating that we should stay out and dance. At first, Stacy seemed hesitant to be close to me in front of Shannin but then she began to loosen up. As the song played, her body melted against mine. My arms were wrapped around her sexy slim waist. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the moment as I placed my hands on her lower bare back. As we moved to the music, I could feel my cock start to swell. I knew Stacy could feel my excitement because she started to exaggerate the grinding of her hips against me as we danced. We continued to dry hump each other as the first slow song played into the next.

Part of the way through the second song I heard Stacy ask me, "So. Have you had an enjoyable weekend so far?"

I smiled at her and said, "Yes I've had an amazing weekend."

She paused for a moment then asked, "What has been your favorite part about the weekend?" Before she gave me a chance to reply, Stacy continued, "Maybe it was when you nearly fucked me from behind while I was looking for Shannin's shirt, maybe it was when Shannin and I kissed for the pizza guy, or was it when you got to fuck my sister on the couch while you were watching me finger myself in front of you, was it fucking my sister in the pool, was it the feel of my pussy pressed against your hard stiff cock or was it getting to fill my sisters ass with your cum?"

Stacy knew that I was in shock. All weekend, Shannin was giving me the impression that she was trying to keep fairly quiet about our love making, instead, she has been telling Stacy every detail. Stacy knew she had me so I just smiled and said, "All of the above and then some." I continued, "And the weekend isn't over is it?" To emphasize my point, I pushed my stiff cock into her stomach.

Stacy looked into my eyes and smiled. She got an evil little look in her eyes and asked, "Do you know what I really wish?" I shook my head and she continued, "I really wish Shannin hadn't caught you the other day when I was bent over looking for her shirt in the suitcase." I don't know what she saw in the response she was reading on my face but she gave me her sweetest smile and put her head on my shoulder. I heard her sigh and then she continued, "I really do want to feel your hard stiff cock as you push it deep inside me." We didn't say anything else for the remainder of the song.

When the second song was over, she gave me a soft kiss on my neck. Her lips were hot and soft. A shiver went up my spine. Then, she pulled away and turned back towards Shannin in the booth.

When we got back to the booth, Stacy slid in next to her sister. Each time the girls slid in and out of the booth, I was treated with a fantastic view of their long, slender, tan legs. When I sat down and slid in next to Shannin, she leaned towards me and gave me a hot, lingering, deep, French kiss. Her mouth tasted refreshing as she had just finished off her Long Island Iced Tea. When we finished kissing, I heard Stacy say, "Gosh Shannin, he must be a great kisser, you two are always kissing".

Shannin turned to her sister and said, "Actually, he's great at everything". Emphasizing her point she gave me another hot kiss. When we finished kissing, Shannin turned to face her sister and said, "Why don't you see for yourself?" I was in shock at her suggestion. I wasn't sure if she was suggesting that Stacy and I kiss or that we try "everything". Shannin must have seen the response she was looking for because she looked from me to Stacy and then burst out laughing.

My jaw dropped. Stacy and I looked at each other as Shannin turned from Stacy then back to me. I was startled that she had suggested this. I wanted to be sure so I asked, "You're telling me to kiss your sister?" As I asked this, Stacy and I both looked at Shannin. She smiled and gave me another long deep kiss. When she finished, she held me by the face and looked deep into my eyes and said, "Stacy wants to know what it's like to receive a hot passionate kiss from an amazing guy. I want you to be that amazing guy."

Shannin was sitting between us so it was somewhat awkward to position ourselves as we tried to lean forward and kiss. Just as our lips were about to touch, Shannin pushed us both away. It was obvious that we were confused. Shannin pushed against me saying, "Get out of the booth and trade places with me. You two need to be sitting next to each other to make this work." I did as I was told, slipping back into the booth next to Stacy. She seemed slightly uncomfortable

Shannin saw that we both were a little uncomfortable, having to "perform" in front of her so she told us to just relax and that she would be back in a few minutes. She walked around the table and leaned over in front of Stacy. She said that she was going to use the ladies room and when she got back she expected details. We both watched as she walked away from the table.

My heart was beating through my chest in anticipation. I felt like a young boy on his first date. Stacy and I have both seen each others private parts and have even touched each other intimately but we haven't kissed, yet. I've always been a somewhat traditional person, believing the passionate French kiss is to be shared by lovers only. Two people can engage in intercourse and satisfy basic human needs or carnal desires but an intimate kiss is shared by two people who have a mutual admiration, respect and intense affection for each other.

I slipped my body closer to hers as I put my arm around her. It was a little awkward. I wanted to give Stacy a good kiss but I didn't want to reveal my true feelings for her in that kiss. Yes, I was very attracted to her, physically, but I was getting to know her and understand how truly beautiful she was. I was in love with Shannin but because the two women were so much alike, it was difficult to not fall in love with Stacy too.

Hesitating slightly, I looked downward in a naturally shy, maybe even submissive manner. I blinked my eyes only to see straight down the front of her halter top. Her nipples were hard as rocks as they poked against the silk material. The contrast between the shiny, bright yellow material and her soft, dark skin was hypnotizing. I felt Stacy's hand on my chin as she lifted my face. She stroked my cheek with her thumb as I looked deep into her eyes. We both leaned forward and I stopped just before our lips touched. I could feel her hot breath against my lips. I lifted my hand to her face, tracing my finger tips from her delicate chin, up her soft cheek and slipped them just behind her ear. I curved my fingers around her neck and then pulled, pressing her lips against mine.

Stacy groaned loudly when our lips met. I felt her chin drop as her tongue slipped past my lips and entered my mouth. Her mouth was hot, wet and sweet. I pushed my tongue past hers and into her mouth. Stacy pressed her warm sexy body against mine as we continued to make out in the corner of the dimly lit dance club. I closed my eyes and burned everything into my memory: Stacy's taste, her smell, the feel of her tongue, the smoothness of her skin under my fingertips and the sound of her moans and groans. It was all very vivid and I wanted to remember every detail for as long as possible. I didn't want to admit it to myself, but I think my first kiss with Stacy was much hotter than my first kiss with Shannin.

As we continued to kiss, I opened my eyes and saw movement from behind Stacy. Shannin had slid into the booth next to her. She reached across Stacy and put her hand in my lap. She squeezed and stroked my cock through my Dockers. A moan escaped my mouth. I couldn't believe what was happening. Here I was getting a hand job from my girlfriend while her sister and I are engaged in one of the hottest kisses in my life. Shannin leaned forward and I heard her whisper in Stacy's ear, "You two are amazing. I've never seen two people kiss with such passion."

Stacy was the first to back off. We were both breathing hard. I looked over at Shannin and she had a look of pure love on her face. She raised her hand up to my face and I kissed her palm. As she pulled her hand back, she grabbed Stacy's chin and turned her head away from me. I just watched as Shannin pulled Stacy's face to hers. Stacy's tongue was sticking out of her mouth before their lips touched. The two women wrapped their arms around each other and locked in a very hot, erotic embrace. Both Shannin and Stacy were squirming in the seat as they continued to kiss.

The waitress came by and set two more drinks down in front of the women. I looked up at her and said that we didn't order them. She just smiled, staring at the two hot sisters and said, "I know. They're from me." I smiled and thanked her for the drinks as she slowly turned and walked away.

The girls broke off their kiss looking very flushed and disheveled. Both took a long drink as I explained where the drinks came from. The DJ started to play a fast-dance song. Shannin looked up at me, slide out of the booth and said, "Come on. We all need to dance."

We continued to dance, drink and have a good time. As the evening wore on, we migrated back into our "normal" roles; Shannin and me as a couple and Stacy and Shannin as mere sisters. Shannin and I got the last slow dance and she was aggressively grinding her pussy into my crotch and grabbing my ass. She kissed me hard. She thanked me for the wonderful weekend and told me that she couldn't wait to eat the big load of cum that she knew I had boiling deep in my balls. She said she loved the feel of my hard stiff cock shooting hot cum into her mouth and down her throat. As the song ended, Shannin looked at me and said, "I'm also very happy that you've accepted my sister so well." She didn't give me a chance to reply; she just gave me a hug and held onto me as the song ended.

We shut the bar down and I helped the two stumbling drunken women out to the parking lot. As we walked to the car I had to help hold Shannin on my right and Stacy on my left. We barely made it to the car as they both pulled and stumbled against me. I stood back and watch the two beautiful women hike their skirts up as they climbed into the car.

Stacy had settled into the back seat for the ride home. After leaving the parking lot, Shannin leaned over and was trying to be secretive about stroking my cock through my pants. She kept looking back and talking to Stacy. Stacy's voice faded as she finally passed out. Shannin felt comfortable with her sister being asleep so she unzipped me and delicately released my throbbing member. I looked at her and said, "You had better not be teasing me. If you start this, you better be willing to finish all of it."

Shannin smiled at me, planted a kiss on my cheek and said, "I told you that I wanted to eat your cum. I intend to swallow every last drop." The cool night air felt good but not as good as Shannin's hot, wet mouth. A low groan rose up from my throat as she gave me an expertly administered blow job. I pulled into a dimly lit parking lot to keep from crashing the car. Shannin was so good at sucking cock that it didn't take me very long to start to feel that familiar sweet burning deep in my balls. I put my hand on the back of Shannin's neck and slowly took a long deep breath. I couldn't hold it any longer and let loose a powerful stream of hot sticky cum. Shannin was a skilled cock sucker. I don't know who her previous boyfriends were, but I knew right then that they were all dumb schmucks for letting her go. I wasn't planning to make that mistake. Actually, I was hoping to soon be making our arrangement a little more permanent.

I could hear Shannin swallowing in loud gulps as I shot thick gobs of my sticky cum into her mouth. I leaned my head back as the spasms continued to shake my body, shooting my juices deep into her willing mouth. I turned my head towards the back seat and saw Stacy laying back, smiling at me. She winked at me putting her finger up to her lips and turning her head from side to side signaling me to not say anything. I looked down to see that her mini skirt was up around her waist, her panties were pulled down in the front and her hand was covering her pussy. She pulled her fingers out and put them up into her mouth.

Stacy's sister Shannin had her face in my lap cleaning my cock while Stacy was cleaning her own fingers. It was then that I looked down at her pussy and in the soft moon light I had to admit that it was probably the most beautiful pussy I had ever seen.

I looked back up at her face and she just smiled at me and motioned for me to turn around. I turned back around and looked down in time to see Shannin finish cleaning up my now soft cock. Gently, she tucked it back into my underwear. She sat up, put her mouth up to mine and we shared another hot passionate kiss. I could taste my cum on her tongue and lips. She broke off our kiss and sat back in the seat. She looked me directly in the eyes and said, "Now, take me home, eat my wet pussy and then fuck me silly. Sis is passed out and she won't hear us trying to break her bed". I turned around to look in the back seat and saw that she had pulled her skirt back down and closed her eyes.


Please look for the final chapters in the next few days.

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