tagBDSMWACS - Weekend Correction Ch. 02

WACS - Weekend Correction Ch. 02


Another week past and still Edward had failed to run into Miss Brown at school. What a pity some of the staff couldn't be ill, so she could be called in. He felt like pushing some of the old dears down the stairs so they would need to take a week off, in the vague chance of getting her back to fill in for classes.

His nights were filled with images of her, as he reached once more for his cock. In fact, it seemed to spend more time stiff than limp these days. He wondered whether he was a sex maniac or something, as he could barely keep it down.

The following Saturday, Edward made his way once more to the Correction center. The day was bright and sunny, and smiling to himself he walked towards the front steps. It didn't take him long to reach his uncles office, where once more Fiona, his secretary, was sat. She smiled and exchanged small talk with him.

He could barely think what to reply, as his mind was fixed on the possibility of seeing his teacher again. Finally the door opened and Uncle Jack appeared.

"Hi Edward, how are you?"

"Fine Uncle, what are we up to today?"

"Eager as always, It's amazing how much energy youngsters have today isn't it Fiona?"

"Absolutely, my nephews are always on the go." She replied.

"Actually Edward, I know it's a bit of a nuisance, but I have organized a short demonstration of prison procedure, which starts in just a short while. I'll have to look in to see if it's going OK, then afterwards we can go for a snack, is that OK? You might even find it interesting."

Edwards hopes fell a bit, why would he want to see a demo of in-prison procedures? All he wanted was to see his teacher again, preferably stark naked. Still if Uncle Jack thought it might be interesting then maybe he should show some enthusiasm.

"OK Uncle Jack, that'll be fine."

"Good, then we'd better get going, we don't want to be late."

As they walked through the building, Uncle Jack chatted to Edward asking him about his week and if he had heard from his parents, which of course he had, as they phoned almost every night to make sure he was alright. Anyone would think he was a twelve year old. Edward wondered what they would think if they knew he had been fucking his teacher. He smiled at the thought.

They carried on small talking until Uncle Jack stopped before a pair of double doors.

"Right, here we are, let's go in."

Edward followed his uncle into the room where there were already at least twenty men sat talking in a semi-circle around a small podium. They turned round and the room quieten as they saw Edwards Uncle.

"Carry on men, no need to be quiet on my account."

There were quiet chuckles as the talking started up again. Uncle Jack led Edward to the front row where they sat down. Edward wondered what it was all about, "what's the demonstration about Uncle?"

"Oh, you'll see in a minute. I'm sure you won't be disappointed." He said as he turned to talk to the man on his other side.

Edward looked around the room at the men. There was a mix of uniform and plain clothes of all ages. Down one side of the room ran windows which brightly lit the room. He could see several other high rise buildings next door and over the city sky line. On the podium there was a small table and a horizontal steel bar about waist height which Edward wondered about.

The door opened, and as one, the men turned to see a young women being led in. To Edwards surprise and delight it was Miss Brown, who did not seem happy to be here.

On either side of her, two officers held her arms, just above the elbow, and her hands behind her back. As they walked through the men towards the podium, Edward could see that she was handcuffed. Following the three was a senior officer, carrying a bag.

They stepped onto the podium, where the men turned Miss Brown around to face the room, as the officer placed the bag on a the table.

She was smartly dressed in a dark blue suit over a white polar necked jumper, not unlike the type of clothes she wore to school. She stood pale faced and looked slowly around the room her head slightly lowered. Her gaze found Edward and seemed about to say something, but obviously thought better, and quickly looked away. Edward smiled to himself wondering what was going to happen, he knew from other experiences with his Uncle that he was going to enjoy it.

"Good afternoon gentlemen, I am going to give you a demonstration on searching prisoners for any illegal items. This is described in the manual, but here we find it more effective to show it done in the flesh as it were," there were sniggers from around the room.

"Normally, we would use a training mannequin, but as we have at our disposal several WACS women it makes it more real, and of course more enjoyable.

The men chuckled and murmured agreement amongst themselves.

"When starting a search you have to assess whether the prisoner needs to be either cuffed, or gagged, the latter to stop them possibly biting you. Fortunately we can proceed without these as the prisoner is already compliant. So if my assistants would be so kind as to remove the cuffs, we can get on."

One of the men reached into his pocket and taking out a bunch of keys released Miss Brown's wrists. She briefly rubbed them before stand with her hands lightly held together in front, staring into the distance.

"Firstly, we do a pat down to make sure there are no obvious weapons on the prisoner, lift your arms 6."

Miss Brown did as she was told, as the man came round behind her. He rubbed his hands down her arms down the side of her body to the bottom of her skirt, before rubbing them over her back and across her buttocks as he held her by the shoulder. He then ran his arms down her front cupping her breasts and squeezing them through the jacket. Miss Brown blushed and not for the last time today. He continued down running his hands down across her crutch pushing in to feel her thighs to the bottom of her skirt again.

"Nothing hiding there, nothing that we can feel anyway, so we now go onto the next step."

"Take off your jacket 6."

Miss Brown did as he asked, and handed it to his outstretched hand. Underneath she was wearing a sleeveless white jumper that clung to her breasts outlining their fullness. Breasts that Edward had seen before and hoped he would see again. Was it his imagination or could he faintly see her nipples through the white material, although she seemed to be wearing a bra as her breasts stayed firmly place as she moved. He must be imagining it, as he had dreamt about them often enough.

As the officer showed the group how to check the jacket, Uncle Jack leaned over and spoke quietly to Edward. "Has your Miss Brown been at school this week?"

"No, more's the pity Uncle."

"Well, we'll have to see if we can make it up for that here won't we," he said as he turned back to watched the demonstration.

"Her jacket is clean so we'll check out the skirt now, 6, take off your skirt."

Miss Brown seemed to hesitate before unzipping the side and after unclipping the waistband, allowed it to fall to the floor where she bent down and picked it up. Standing in her semi-transparent nylon slip, Edward could be seen that she was wearing stockings and not tights.

"Skirts don't have many places to hide anything, but always check the waist band," he said as he ran it through his hands, before putting it on the table.

"Let's look a little further, your jumper now 6."

Miss Brown definitely hesitated this time, searching the room as if she could get away from what she was being made to do. But after pausing for a second or two she reached down and, grasping the bottom, pulled it up and over her head, standing briefly with her arms up, leaving her body uncovered. There was a gasp from the audience, including Edward, as the white bra she was wearing only covered the bottom half of her breasts allowing the men to see her ample cleavage and nipples. Edwards cock already stirring in his pants stiffened up a notch at their sight. Miss Brown handed the officer her jumper and crossed her arms over her chest to regain her modesty, but it was short lived as the officer quickly told her to place them at her side.

She stood, her head bowed as the men stared at her partially covered breasts, whilst the officer ran his hands through the jumper, talking all the while.

"This is clean, remember always check the seams and joins and for any stiffness."

"There's plenty of stiffness over here," one of the men quipped, drawing a laugh from the men.

"Yes, I suppose every onerous job has its perks," they laughed again.

"Right, off with the slip now, 6."

Miss Brown slid the flimsy clothing down her legs giving the men with the pleasure of seeing her now in her skimpy underclothes.

Edward couldn't help grinning to see his teacher being humiliated this way. She must feel so embarrassed, as not only was she being stripped slowly but the clothes were designed to tease and titillate them and of course humiliate her. Standing hands by her side, she revealed the tiny g-string she had been forced to wear. It just covered her sex and had a red heart in the middle. The thin ribbon leading up under her crutch did little to hide her vulva as it disappeared into the folds.

There were a few whistles as she was revealed, and the men whispered to one another about her. The officer took the slip and indicated for her to turn around to let the men see every side of her. He pretended to examine the slip before placing it with the other clothes.

"Now we are getting down to the interesting parts. At this time you might perform another visual check of the suspect, just to increase the suspect's nervousness, and of course the pleasure."

With which he turned her around for the men to see her back. The straps of her bra, suspenders and panties did little to hide her lovely back and buttocks. She was turned back to face the men.

"Your bra now, 6."

Miss Brown looked even more flustered now, making Edward smirked as he enjoyed her humiliation.

"Making your prisoner remove their own clothes is far more effective in controlling the situation than removing them yourself."

Miss Brown reached behind her and unhooked the back, before allowing it to fall forward into her hands, which reluctantly gave their item up to the officer. Her breasts which were full and heavy trembled with every move she made, she knew not to attempt to cover them, standing exposed as the men stared and grinned. Edwards noted there wasn't a pair of eyes not focused on her tits.

"Your panties now, 6. There's little point in holding back at this time, and by removing the prisoners last scrap of modesty creates a far greater sense of vulnerability."

Miss Brown eased her panties down her legs and stepped out of them, although she was still wearing her suspenders and stockings they only heightened the full exposure of her sexual charms. The men whistled and many sat stroking their cocks in their trousers. Edwards cock was throbbing from the sight of his teacher's nakedness. This was once more heaven.

"Enjoying the demonstration Edward? We can leave if you're bored." He made to stand up.

"No, Uncle, not yet!" Edward said in a strangled voice, maybe a bit louder then he intended as several of the men around him laughed, "I mean I'd like to stay." He said more quietly, as he turned to see his Uncle chuckling at the joke he had made. Edward joined in, nudging his uncle with his elbow.

Miss Brown was certainly not enjoying the show. Her face was red and flushed and she looked near to tears. The officer had commanded her to place her hands on her head and so was completely exposed to the men. Her pubic hair had been removed around her vulva allowing full view of her cunt with the curled lips between her thighs.

"Now gentlemen you have the choice of leaving her in her stockings or removing them completely, the choice is yours, but remember the object is humiliation. I think for this display we shall have her remove these items as well. Off with them, no.6."

Miss Brown, with a small sniff, unclipped the belt and removed the stockings, rolling them down each leg. Her breasts hanging down as she bent over. Finally she was completely naked and once more stood with her hands back on her head.

"Now men we have the suspect at our mercy, she has been stripped of her modesty and is totally vulnerable. There's no need to rush at this stage, especially if the suspect is as pretty as the one we have here today.

"Another ploy we can use is to remove any hope of reprieve from their situation by removing the suspect's clothes. If you would be so kind," he passed Miss Brown's clothes to one of the other men on the stage who took them and immediately walked out of the room, leaving Miss Brown now with no chance of getting dressed again. She looked around the room her face bright red. She seemed to avoid looking at Edward although there was no doubt she knew he was there within meters of her being helpless and naked before him.

"Now we come to the more interesting part of our work. Of course we have only partly completed our search, as women have ways of secreting objects from our gaze. Firstly their breasts, depending on how large, big breasted women can hide small packets underneath their globes, a feel will soon reveal them."

He promptly fondled Miss Brown's breasts which, as they were firm, left little chance of hiding anything.

"There's certainly nothing of interest here."

"Speak for yourself," said a wag from the back, which elicited laughs all round.

"Now we come to the nitty gritties of a strip search, we will check out the suspects body cavities. I have tried several approaches, but I like the following one. Bend over the bar, 6."

Edward could see that Miss Brown was far from enthusiastic to comply, so the officer had to direct her over the bar with a hand on her back.

"Legs apart, further," the officer snapped, "now grasp your ankles."

Edward's cock throbbed at the sight of Miss Browns cunt now fully exposed to the rooms gaze.

"Suspects sometimes need to have their ankles and wrist cuffed to the base of the bar, however with 6 we can cane her if she resists our demands, which is a far more rewarding restriction, especially if she resists," he laughed.

Edward seeing all of Miss Browns charms, from her anus to her hanging breasts, knew he was in heaven.

"How are you enjoying the demonstration Edward," his uncle said.

Edward turned and said he was amazed at what he was seeing.

The officer reached into his bag and took out a metal device like a ducks bill, to which he applied some jelly from a small tube and almost before Edward knew what was going on placed one hand on Miss Browns back and inserted the end into her vagina, whilst keeping a running commentary going.

"Inserting the speculum should be firm, to reach as far in as possible, before opening the device."

Miss Brown backside wriggled a bit as the officer grasped the device and thrust it forcibly into Miss Brown's vagina. Then to Edwards wonder opened up the entrance of her vagina at least 2 inches.

"Mmm..." said Miss Brown as the device opened her up further and further. After wriggling again, her right hand left her ankle as if to stop the officer opening her any more.

"Hand back on your ankle, or you will be punished, 6"

Miss Browns hand returned to her ankle as the officer squeezed the handles to their full extent opening her vagina almost 3 inches.

"Forcing the vagina open will allow you to examine the vagina right up to the cervix, essential in today's world of smuggling."

The officer continued to explain the procedure whilst the group looked on. He then released the clamp and slid the speculum out.

"Of course you will also need to check out the rectum," with which he inserted the tip into Miss Brown's anus gradually sliding it all the way inside. This time Miss Brown grunted and wriggled even more than before. Until they were right inside, with which he also forced the entrance to open up as he squeezed the handle.

"Argh, Mmmm," Miss Brown groaned as her sphincter was opened up.

Edward smiled as he watched mesmerized by the degradation taking place before him. As the man continued his lecture, he left the device poking out of her anus, much to her discomfort.

Finally he removed the speculum and handed it to one of the officers standing at his side, as she remained bent over the bar.

"That pretty much concludes today's demonstration, I hope it was instructive as well as being entertaining."

We will be meeting in room 56 for a further practical on this on Sunday, where you will have a chance to practice on several WACS women we have at our disposal.

"Thank you Gentlemen, dismissed."

There was a scraping of chairs as the men rose and turned to leave. Miss Brown started to rise but was ordered to remain bent over by the officer as he stood by her side. The room quickly emptied leaving just Uncle Jack, Edward and the Officer standing.

"How was that then, Edward?"

"Wicked Uncle," Edward replied, his eyes still fixed on the bent over form of Miss Brown.

"I've just got to have a word with Captain Werkel, so why don't you relieve that stiff cock in your favorite teacher."

"Can I Uncle?"

"Of course, I think it will help with both of your educations, and don't mind us."

Edward couldn't believe it, and after undoing his trousers let them fall to the floor as he position himself behind Miss Brown and after rubbing the head of his cock up and down her already lubricated slit slipped it into the warm embrace of her vagina. He worked it in slowly this time wishing to enjoy the sensation. Miss Brown wiggled her bottom as the full length of Edward's cock slid in and out. He leant forward and cupped her breasts, squeezing them whilst the tension built up in his groin. Unfortunately all too soon the excitement of the situation got the better of the young lad and he came. He held it inside her until it was flaccid and then pulled it out. Reaching down he pulled up his trousers and retrieving a hanky form the pockets, wiped his cock before pulling them right up and doing them up.

"Excellent Edward, I can see you might be looking for a position in the Force, especially if it's behind a naked girl."

The two men laughed at Edward's embarrassment.

"Right we need to return 6 to room 30, so as that is on the way out to our lunch spot, maybe you like to take the prisoner."

With which he reached into his pocket and pulled out a collar and leash.

"Stand up 6, and turn around."

He then fixed the collar around the red faced teacher and after clipping the leash onto the ring, gave it to Edward.

Edward was in heaven, not only had he just fucked his teacher now he was leading her around like a slave. Amazing he thought to himself, as he led her through the building, constantly looking at her leashed nakedness. Finally, at room 30 reluctantly he released her to her ward.

"I expect that has given you an appetite then Edward, and probably for more than food," he laughed

They made their way out of the building to the caff, where Edward's mind was again buzzing at the day's experience, as he sat with his uncle doing most of the talking.

Oh, he hoped he would see her this week at school, just to see her face.

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