tagIncest/TabooWanda's Lessons Pay Off

Wanda's Lessons Pay Off


"Tiff, be a dear and run to Mum and Dad's bedroom and get the Vaseline from our bathroom cabinet," Wanda said.

Tiffany was gone in a flash and back just as quickly. She knew what her mom wanted; she un-capped the jar, and scooping a generous amount of the jelly out with two fingers, she slathered it onto Wanda's winkled bumhole. Her fingers went in easily, and she wiggled them around, coating the interior of Wanda's rectum. Wanda cooed encouragement; she loved having her ass played with.

"Right; slide out, sister, so I can lube you up," Tiffany told her twin. Krystal did so, and Tiff added another double-fingerful of the slick jelly to the already cunt-juice soaked latex rodger.

"Put a bit extra on the tip, pet," Wanda requested, peering over her shoulder.

Krystal positioned the greasy tip of her "cock" against her mum's delicious-looking rectum and with a hard, firm thrust, sank it all the way in, up to its rubber ball-sac.

Wanda was in ecstasy; she'd come to fancy anal sex versus vaginal over the years. "Oh, sweetheart, YES!", she cried, humping back at her daughter like a bitch in heat. She stared back over left shoulder, eyes blazing with lust. "Fuck it hard , dearest, mummy can take it...make it gape, sweetheart!"

Krsytal was more than willing to comply; her trim hips were a blur as she rammed her thick butt-stretcher in and out of her mom's welcoming shitter with abandon. Wanda's massive jugs swung heavily beneath her in time to Krystal's thrusts, and her abundant ass-flesh wobbled like gelatin every time the youngster's thighs connected with that lovely lily-white globes.

Tiffany was tired of being left-out of the action: sliding beneath her mom, she fastened her lips on Wanda's upthrust clit and sucked hard. She was rewarded with a spurt of delicious woman-cum....

Krysta's turn...

Tiffany and Krystal switched places, but instead of sucking her mom's cunt, she lay beneath her and nursed on her maximum-sized nipples. Krystal didn't bother fucking Wanda's dripping puss; she went straight for her gaping ass-hole and shoved it deep. She'd learned well from watching her sister earlier, and Wanda was the beneficiary: there was no clumsy fumbling or time wasted finding a rhythm; she was bale to deliver a hard, solid butt-fuck right from the start.

"Butt-fuck me, my sweet baby," panted Wanda, wild with lust as she felt her daughter shove the strap-on up her ass. It was promptly wedged in to the hilt and Krystal held her mother's shoulders as she hunched over her and began fucking her butt hard.

Her mom's lush butt-cheeks, so deliciously-framed by the straps of her suspenders,lent the youngster additional inspiration.

They fucked like that for ten minutes more before Krystal got a very nasty inspiration. She eased the shit-speckled monster dildo out her mom's ass and went round and stuck it in her mom's face.

"Suck my willie, mom," she grinned, "Suck my shitty willie, you ass-fucked bitch!"

Wanda felt a new surge of lust at her daughter's dominant attitude; without hesitation she gobbled the ass-flavored dildo into her mouth and sucked the slippery latex phallus clean.

Tiffany's eyes bugged-out at this depraved spectacle; who knew their mother was so depraved?!

"I love it," Wanda hissed, "I love licking this big dildo after you've fucked my ass with it Krystal. Your mummy's an anal whore, a nasty slut who gets-off getting banged by her own daughters!"

"Yes, just like her daughters," Krystal giggled, "Keep sucking mom, you beautiful fucking bitch."

Wanda sucked the dildo some more before Krystal unbuckled and removed the strap-on and tossed it to the floor.


Wanda awoke about ten and after a shower, went into the kitchen to prepare breakfast. The phone rang; it was Pete. He sounded worn-out; he explained that the three-alarm blaze had turned-into a five-alarm call, and he'd only arrived back at the fire station fifteen minutes before. She was not to expect him until six or seven that night, unless another emergency occurred in-between. They exchanged endearments, then rang-off. Wanda was sorry that her beloved was so over-worked, but she wasn't too sad: she'd have most of the day to rut with her daughters some more! Her son would be away all day, having called to let her know he'd be spending an additional day in Manchester.

"Hi mom," Tiffany said, padding naked into the kitchen a few minutes later. She went right up behind Wanda and molded herself against her mom's back. Her hands sought-out and cupped the older woman's heavy tits, squeezing and fondling them and kissing the portion of soft neck visible above the neck-line of the housedress Wanda wore.

"Morning honey," Wanda said, enjoying the fondling of her braless mammaries. "Want some coffee?"

"Not just yet; I'd like "seconds" with this sexy body before anything," pressing her groin against her mom's well-padded butt. Only then was Wanda aware that her darling daughter hadn't been completely naked after-all: she wore the gigantic rubber phallus she and her twin had used to such devastating effect on her the previous evening. The fat tip of the dong found its way to its appointed place, nudging into the crease between her butt-cheeks.

"Lift my housedress, darling," the wanton mother whispered, and Tiffany did as requested, shucking the thin material up over her mom's prodigious hips and exposing her plump ass to her hungry gaze.

There was a tub of slightly-melted margarine on the counter; the horny teen applied a generous amount to her strapon, taking special care to ensure that a little extra ended-up on the fat, plum-sized cockhead.

"How do you want it, Mom?", she inquired, playfully slapping her mother's ass with her big "cock."

"Bent over the sink, like a fucking slut," Wanda replied, leaning over and placing her hands on the rim of the sink; this caused her mouthwatering ass to jut invitingly. Tiffany wasted no time in stuffing the fat latex prong deep into her sluttish mom's over-worked backdoor in one hard, quick thrust.

"Oooh, sweetie, that's good," Wanda gasped, "Yeah, fuck my ass; fuck your fucking anal whore mother!"

"I guess this makes me a motherfucker!," Tiffany quipped, pumping her slim hips hard and driving her rampaging cock like a piston in and out of Wanda's shitty anal depths.

Wanda's big titties jogged and shook heavily to the hard, deep thrusts being dealt out by her dildo-strapped daughter. As the hot, kinky rutting continued, Wanda felt an almost over-whelming urge to take a dump, as was usually the case during prolonged ass-fucking sessions with her daughters, especially with the over-sized strap-ons they were now accustomed to using on her. Her bowels cramped painfully and she felt a gas-attack on the way. "Pull-out for a sec, honey; lemme get rid 'a this fart," she grunted. Tiffany yanked her brown-streaked prick free of her mom's open sphincter; seconds later, Wendy uncorked a loud, long, particularly-foul belly-fart; Tiffany thought she saw the kitchen walls bulge-out, then recede.

"You pig!," Tiffany chided playfully, digging into Wanda's asshole once again, with gusto......


Mother and daughters didn't have a chance to get together again until the end of next the week. Wanda had been fucked by Pete every night since, but the girls had been "dry". Today, though, they would rectify that! Their brother was at the cinema with his girlfriend and would be out all day, and Pete had an inspection at the station and wasn't expected until the next day, Saturday.

Wanda was able to complete her errands early after an early start, and arrived home about one in the afternoon. The girls had remained home. Wanda left her packages in the kitchen and went into the living room in search of her twins. What she saw when she got there was a sight to warm her kinky heart:

Tiffany was sitting naked in an armchair, legs apart, Krystal kneeling naked between her sister's thighs and fucking Tiffany's hot, tight twat with a strap-on dildo. It was a medium-sized one, about seven-inches in length and bright pink in color. Wanda had gone shopping for more toys earlier that week, as all of the strapons in her collection were ten inches and above. She'd gotten a 6", 7", 8", and 9", plus assorted anal beads and butt-plugs.

On the TV, a porn movie was playing, currently displaying a pretty black woman with huge breasts getting double-penetrated by two other black women wearing impossibly-thick black strapon-dildos. The sound was turned-low.

"Hiya girls," Wanda smiled, "You two at it again, I see! Can't get enough of each other?"

"Nor of YOU, you sexy bitch!," Krystal grinned, not missing a stroke.

"Fancy a three-way?," smiled Wanda, unbuttoning her blouse.

"What a fucking question!," Tiffany smiled. "Get your sexy arse over here!"

Wanda removed her blouse, leaving her bra on. Her skirt came off next ; she left her lingerie. The twins insisted that she go about in garters, stockings and heels at all times, in case they wanted to fuck her at any given time. In that state, she strolled towards her daughters and sat on the arm of the chair.

"That's a sight to warm a mother's heart; watching you two fuck," she smiled, leaning over and kissing Krystal . Mother and daughter frenched hotly, their tongues sliding into each other's mouths. After a moment Wanda disengaged and leaned over to Tiffany, kissing her too. Then she left the room for a few minutes and returned with a massive foot-long rubber strap-on with a huge set of fake bollocks swinging from its base. The girls stopped fucking, reluctantly, and crowded around their mom.

"This one's called the "Rectum 'Recker", Wanda remarked, helping Tiffany strap it around her slim waist. Krystal exchanged hers for a ten incher, which she found in a pile of sex toys. They greased the toys up together, then Wanda knelt on the edge of the sofa and slapped some of the grease from a nearby tub between her own asscheeks. The girls jacked their "cocks" as they watched the lewd spectacle.

"You're naughty girls, you are," the sluttish mother panted, looking over her shoulder at her amazingly-hung daughters, " Bum-fucking your own mother! You should be ashamed of yourselves!"

"Yeah, right," Tiffany snickered , moving up behind her.

"Do it honey, put it in my ass," Wanda begged, "Plow that hot butthole!"

The horny young twin leaned forward and guided the head of the dildo up to Wanda's anus. The latex dong was slippery with lubricant and with only a small amount of pressure it began to slide up into the busty blonde wife and mother's asshole.

"Oooh, that's nice, darling," purred Wanda, "Pound it in! Make it so I can't sit down for a week!"

Tiffany did so, shoving it in to the hilt up her mom's bottom. Then she began sliding it out and thrusting it back into the woman's loose, shop-worn bung. Krystal got into the action, cramming her cock down Wanda's eager throat quickly, thrusting forwards and and using a handful of the whorish slut's hair as a lever to fuck her throat raw. Tiffany had found her rhythm and when she would push forward, Wanda would hump backwards, impaling her ass on the strap-on. They worked in unison, Wanda groaning with pleasure as she was sandwiched between her sexy, sex-crazed daughters. Tiffany nuzzled the back of Wanda's neck, licking the soft flesh and inhaling the horny, sweaty aroma as they humped together, slippery flesh humping against slippery flesh. The bodies of the grunting, thrusting, fucking mother and daughters soon glistened damply as they worked together, fucking hard in a chain for a good twenty-minutes.

"Time for you to clean my cock, Mom," Tiffany eventually announced, yanking the shitty butt-plunger from Wanda's gaping, open-hanging pooper. Krystal and Tiffany changed places, and Wanda eagerly grabbed the soiled prick between her lips and gobbled it hungrily into her throat. She cleaned every bit of ass-juice, jelly, and fecal matter from the monster dong with lip-smacking relish as Krystal savagely bum-fucked her to a scorching, deep-rectal orgasm.

The incestuous trio finally collapsed, driven to the brink of exhaustion from their kinky activities.

To be continued...

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