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Disclaimer: Like all lit stories this one would fit in multiple categories. This story has sharing, exhibitionism, and lots of light bondage. If those aren't your thing, stop now and find another story.



A duck on the water. The phrase went through my head as I stood there with my parents and brother waiting to pick up my Daphne. We'd gotten to her apartment late in the morning and rang the doorbell. It was hard to keep a straight face since Daphne was pretty much my favorite person in the world. I was like a duck on the water as my dad often said, on the surface everything was calm, but underneath I was paddling furiously. I had butterflies in my stomach and I couldn't wait to see her but outwardly I was perfectly still and nonchalant.

Our parents had planned a semi-family reunion for spring break. My dad and his best friend since childhood used to spend their summers on the lake and had brought us up the same way. They'd been inseparable as kids and even joined the military together, they'd been stationed together and gone to war. Afterwards they'd both come back home, married their sweethearts and started a family. I'd literally grown up next to Daphne which is why we considered each other 'cousins', despite the fact that there was no blood relation connecting us. We were all adults now but both dads had wanted to bring the families together for spring break. I'd flown into town, my brother Greg had drove down, and the rest of the family was coming in to spend a week on the lake at our vacation home at Lake Havasu. I say home but it was actually a permanent placed mobile home with four bedrooms. We spent our summers there while growing up and some of the best times of my life had been hanging out with Daphne, Greg, and Daphne's sister Holly.

After a minute, the door opened and my heart stopped. Daphne stood in the doorway with her arms wide shrieking, "Oh my god," as we all rushed to embrace her. She took turns hugging my parents and my brother Greg and then jumped up and down with excitement when she got to me. It was well known we were favorites and were practically inseparable when we were together so nobody thought twice that our hug lasted three times longer than the others.

"I've missed you so much Joshey," she cried as her arms wrapped around my neck. My name was Joshua but Daphne always called me Joshey, I didn't allow anybody else to butcher my name like that. We held each other tight and though I was happy to be hugging her it was almost impossible not to be excited by her breasts pressing against my chest.

"All right, we'll have plenty of time to catch up, let's get this show on the road," my dad said. He was always practical and never spent too much time on emotions. However, in this situation he was right, we still had a long drive to the lake so we needed to get going if we wanted to make it in the afternoon.

Following my dad's advice Daphne grabbed a small black rolling suitcase and then we headed to my parent's dark blue minivan.

"It's so awesome that you guys set this up," Daphne told my parents. "And thanks for picking me up. I would've had to drive by myself if you hadn't."

"No problem sweetie," my mom said.

"Holly should be coming up in a day or two, she had to get some last-minute stuff done at her job. Mom and dad should be up pretty much the same time," she continued.

Greg and I looked at each other, in a flash it was just like old times. Daphne was a chatterbox, she was always talking, in anybody else it would bug the hell out of me, in her I found it endearing. I wasn't shy and spoke my mind often but around her I tended to be silent so she could talk, so I was content to let her talk away.

"Nice van," she said. "When did you get it?"

"At the beginning of the year," my mom said. "I needed something to carry my equipment and products in."

My mom had started making jewelry as a hobby and quickly discovered a gift for it. After only a year or so many high-end jewelry shops held her products. I'd talked to my dad and was surprised that it was bringing in a fairly good income for them. Enough that my dad had semi-retired from his job as a police officer and focused on marketing and managing my mom's business.

"I got backseat," I yelled as I opened the door to the van and hopped in.

"Me too," Daphne said laughing and moving in behind me. "This is really nice," she said running her hands over the soft charcoal gray fabric.

"Hurry up," Greg said swatting her butt as he moved behind her.

Climbing into the back and we grinned while my brother rolled his eyes and hopped into the second seat. Mom and dad got in the front and soon we were on our way. It was a three-hour drive to the lake from where we were so we made ourselves comfortable. My brother leaned against the window and stretched his legs out across the seat. I sat on the side closest to the door while Daphne stretched out the length of the seat with her head in my lap. Mom turned on her Pandora app and with the radio playing we were soon texting with each other, talking about our lives and the changes that happened since we'd last seen each other.

Mom saw us all staring at our phones, "Are you all really texting? For god's sake, you're sitting next to each other.

My brother and I looked up, "Yeah, but texting's easier, plus you don't have to turn down the music," I said.

For the next half hour, we caught up silently with each other via group text.

I watched Daphne as she texted. Right now, she was wearing a dark green string bikini top the color of a pine tree with denim shorts and converse sneakers. She was medium height at 5'6" with an athletic body but had been gifted with a larger side of C cup chest. Smooth white skin, bright green eyes and fiery red, curly hair that hung to the middle of her back gave her a wild look. She worked out enough to keep her stomach flat yet still had nice curves and a round butt.

Meanwhile I had joined the Marine Corps right out of high school and it'd filled me out, I didn't like flat tops but I kept my dark hair cut short in the military manner. I stood six feet even and weighed around 180 pounds. I'd used to be a skinny kid but since we'd last seen each other I packed on a lot of muscle and I wanted her to notice so I was wearing black knee length shorts and a tribal designed blood red sleeveless affliction shirt. Secretly I'd worn the shirt to show off my arms, now that I was working out a lot and was more muscular, I wanted people to notice.

My brother Greg had always been the fit one and I felt in his shadow while growing up. Don't get me wrong, Greg is a great brother, he is my best friend and he's taught me almost as much about being a man as our dad did while growing up. The problem is he's naturally good at everything. God gifted him with good looks and a great body, like two out of three wasn't enough he'd given him a brain too. The only consolation I took was that I was a full three inches taller than him. Four years ago, he'd graduated from a top university with honors on a swimming scholarship. Now he was running his own cybersecurity business and was doing well, he even taught a few classes at a local university. He had broad shoulders with curly blonde hair he'd inherited from our mother that he kept shoulder length. I don't think he ever used a brush but his hair just fell in a naturally roguish manner. Right now, he looked like a stereotypical surfer, wearing blue knee length board shorts and a plain white t-shirt that highlighted his tanned body. We shared the same bright blue eyes as our dad that seemed to run in our family, the color of sapphires on ice. More than one person had remarked on our family eyes being the best feature.

Settling down, she handed Greg her phone signaling him to take a picture of us. I put a hand on her side while she wrapped her arms around it and Greg took a quick picture and handed back her phone. He winked at her and she blushed. I loved him dearly but his movie star looks made me want to beat him over the head with a bat sometimes.

Despite that small surge of jealousy, I took heart from the fact that Daphne chose to sit next to me and put her head in my lap.

Ha, suck it Greg.

Smiling at me as she released my arm Daphne grabbed her phone. I felt a small loss as she let go of me. We were the same age at 22 and practically grew up together but hadn't seen each other in almost three years. She'd gone from our hometown community college to a university a few hours away while I'd joined the Marine Corps and been stationed out of state. I'd missed her fiercely and that brief semi-intimate contact had stoked my always confusing emotions toward her. We'd messed around as kids, she'd let me feel her up a few times and we'd kissed more than a few times. Our last meeting when she was in college and I was home on leave from the Marines had resulted in a pretty heavy kissing and petting session between us but she kept her panties on. Still, that was the only thing she wore and I 'd gotten to feel pretty much her entire body and I still counted it as my most memorable make-out session with a girl.

Me: So how is school?

Daphne: Good, on my final year.

Me: Congrats.

Daphne: Thank you!

Greg: I forgot, what are you majoring in again?

Daphne: Business finance and management.

Me: Wow, sounds tough.

Daphne: It was but after the first two years I've managed to get my grades up and now I'm graduating with honors.

Me: Wow, aren't you a badass.

Daphne: Lol, I try.

Greg: It sounds hard, how'd you do that?

Daphne: To be honest I think most of it was due to the new job I got my last two years. I was able to spend a lot more time studying.

Me: Really? What kind of job?

Daphne bit her lip and looked up at me and then at Greg, we both caught the sudden movement and looked down at her. I had a premonition and wasn't to surprised when the next words appeared on my screen.

Daphne: Dancing.

Me: That's it? Just dancing?

Once again, she looked up and back and forth at us while biting her lip. She gave me a 'duh' look and we stared at each other for a few seconds, my eyes widened as her look confirmed my suspicions.


Me: No way, really?

She read the text then looked at me and nodded.


Daphne giggled and quirked an eyebrow at Greg.

Daphne: What, don't think I'm pretty enough?

Greg: No, I don't think you're brave enough.

Me: Just so we're clear, what are you wearing when you dance?

Daphne looked at me smiling.

Daphne: A g-string, and ONLY a g-string!



Greg and I looked at each other as our texts crossed and we saw them at the same time, Daphne giggled.

Greg: I think we're going to have to make a road trip to your town.

Me: Do your parents know?

Daphne: NO, and it better stay that way. If you make a trip I'll introduce you to the girls I work with.

Me: Naw, I'd rather hang with you.

Daphne smiled at me.

Greg: Good, more for me, lol.

Daphne: You're such a dork, lol.

Greg: Does Holly know?

Daphne: Yeah, she's cool with it and she understands why I do it. She actually told me she wished she'd thought of it.

Me: Why do you do it?

Daphne: Because I make in one night what I used to make in a week at my other job. Working just Friday and Saturday I've doubled my income and get way more time to study.

Greg and I looked at each other, I shrugged as he nodded. It made sense and I certainly wasn't going to judge her. I thought she had a terrific body and if it helped pay her bills then who was I to criticize.

Idly I wondered if that was all she did for money, as if reading my mind, another text came through.

Daphne: School got a lot easier than when I had to wait tables. It's not that bad, I've been propositioned a few times but I just keep it to dancing.

Me: I'm not judging you.

Greg: Yeah, I think it's cool, don't be ashamed or anything. Do what you got to and don't let anybody tell you otherwise.

Daphne turned to Greg and I saw she was getting emotional.

Daphne: Thanks guys, I was scared to tell you because I wasn't sure what you'd think. Holly told me you'd support me but I wasn't sure. It means a lot that you don't think less of me.

I reached down and grabbed her hand as she held her head against me while Greg put his hand on her thigh and gave it a squeeze in support. For a minute we just held her to show we cared. Finally, we broke apart, Greg and I looked up at our parents, they were talking away and oblivious to us.

After a minute we all went back to texting.

Greg: Course now you got me curious to see you dance.

Daphne: Lol.

Greg: I think you should show us your tits now.

Daphne: WHAT?!

Greg: Why not? You just said you dance and you invited us to go watch.

Daphne: No, I said I'd introduce you to some of the girls I work with, I did not invite you to watch me dance.

Greg: Do you really think we're not going to watch you dance?

Me: He has a point.

Daphne: That's different.

Greg: How?

Daphne: Cause I'm not taking off my top six feet away from your parents.

Greg: So you don't mind taking off your top for us, it's the parents close by that bothers you. Good to know.

Daphne: Shut up!

Greg: So, you will take your top off for us?

Daphne: We're not having this discussion.

Greg: Do you always wear a g-sting or do you ever go full nude?

Rolling her eyes.

Daphne: Why does it matter?

Greg: Just curious.

Me: Me too. Is it always a g-string?

Shaking her head, she texted.

Daphne: You guys are bad, lol. Yep, always a g-string, I pretty much have every color, red, black, white, even a Wonder Woman outfit that has a blue field and white star g-string bottom.

My mouth dropped and Greg barked out a small laugh, Daphne looked up at me and silently laughed with Greg. I knew she was a Wonder Woman fan with her favorite being the alternate red-haired version, she had been since she was a kid and knew she looked like her. She had a few Wonder Woman things like t-shirts and her phone case. She also tended to dress as Wonder Woman on Halloween but I was something of a comic book nerd, I'd been collecting them since I was a kid and had gone to comic cons dressed like favorite characters. Daphne knew what that comment meant to me, she met my eyes and winked.

Daphne: I may have taken a pic for when I saw my Joshey.

Daphne watched me as I read her latest text. My mouth dropped again and my eyes went wide, Greg snorted and Daphne silently laughed again.

Me: OMG, you have to show me!

Daphne: I don't know, can I trust you? You're not going to post this to some weird nerd website, are you?

I glared at her and she smirked, she was enjoying teasing me and drawing this out. I reached down to her sides, I knew she was insanely ticklish. As soon as I touched her she shrieked and dropped her phone to use both hands to grab mine, our parents looked up. Greg laughed to cover it up like we were just messing around. Our parents rolled their eyes and went back to talking and driving. Daphne mouthed okay to me and I relaxed my hand, after a second, she let go of me and warily picked up her phone. She eyed me in case I got ready to tickle her again but I let her dig through her phone and find the pics. Seconds later three pictures were sent to Greg and me.

The first was a three-quarter frontal pic wearing a skimpy Wonder Woman costume, the top barely covered her nipples and the bottom cut a high V. It was a two-piece costume with matching headband, lasso and bracelets. It was the type of outfit obviously meant for the bedroom and it looked stunning on Daphne. Her bright lustrous hair had been styled and flowed freely past her shoulders, her arms were at her sides and she had a fierce smile.

The second pic was taken from behind in the same costume. The back was a thong and barely had any material to cover her butt, she was holding the top corset in her hand and looking over her shoulder. Her back was surprisingly toned and her ass was firm and muscular. What I wouldn't give to have been in front of her on that shot.

The third shot was another frontal but without the top, her hands were crossed in front of her chest, just covering her nipples and the yellow rope "lasso" was wrapped around her simulating she'd been captured while her face held a defiant look.

My dick had gotten hard after seeing the first pic but it jumped a little on the simulated bondage pic, that was kind of a thing for me. With her head in my lap I know she'd had to feel it and she adjusted her head around it but didn't say anything.

Greg and I had both stopped texting and we must have stared at the pics for at least five minutes.

Daphne: K, you guys are making me self-conscious, are they not good?

Greg: Words fail me.

Me: Are you kidding me? They're fucking great! Dear god, they're spectacular. I've never seen a prettier Wonder Woman, you look like a goddess. I want to show these to the world and brag that you're the best-looking Wonder Woman the world has ever seen. I just found my new wallpaper for my phone for the rest of my life. I'd kill to have taken those pics or at least been there when they were taken.

Daphne: Lol.

Daphne: Ok, ok, I get the point.

Greg: I think he likes them.

Daphne: You think? Lol.

I shook my head at their teasing. Glancing down I noticed that Daphne's nipples were a little hard and were poking out against her bikini top. I reached down and gave a quick pinch to one.

Her eyes flew wide and Greg smirked.

Me: Looks like somebody likes showing off her pics.

Daphne: OMG

She shook her finger at me as she sent another text.

Daphne: Bad!

Greg: He's got a point, somebody does seem to be enjoying it.

Greg pointedly stared at her chest, both her nipples were rock hard and straining against her emerald top.

Daphne: Both of you behave, lol.

Me: Never, lol.

With my free hand I reached down and traced patterns on her stomach.

Daphne: What are you doing?

I didn't reply but kept smiling at her as I traced back and forth across her stomach. Her eyes closed for a few seconds as she relaxed. When she opened them, Greg was staring at her with a sly smile. My hand traced higher on her stomach, she glanced back and forth between us. My fingers began to slide up her stomach and caught the string between the triangles covering her tits. Her free hand moved to mine but my free hand caught it and held her hand down. She locked eyes with me as I slowly tugged the center string higher. Her hand tightened on mine but she didn't drop her phone to free her other hand or otherwise try to stop me. Greg was staring at us but for the moment it was just Daphne and me. Our eyes locked to one another and I kept gently pulling up the string on her top. The material strained to stay in place but my pulling was inexorable. After a few seconds the top gave way and abruptly the strain eased as it came over her tits and even with my hand. I continued pulling until it was to her chin, she closed her eyes as I brought it over her head and slipped it off. I looked up for a quick second while her eyes were closed to make sure my parents were still oblivious then dropped the top on the floor.

Focusing back on her Daphne met my eyes, I hadn't looked down yet as we communicated silently. Finally, she squeezed my hand and closed her eyes. I turned my eyes down to see her beautiful tits fully exposed, they were perfect, with smooth white skin and quarter sized light pink nipples.

Still holding her hand, I used my free arm and reached down to trace my fingers across her chest. She let out a small sigh and snuggled into me a little more. Greg just watched as I traced circles around her nipples and gave them gentle squeezes.

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