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Water Park Fun


Clammy metal dug into my feet as I ascended the narrow metal staircase that folded upwards on itself for 70 feet. We were almost to the top and I was the last of our group in line to go down the largest water slid in the park. Jacob and his girlfriend were in the front. Seeing as how Jacob was the most out going in our group he demanded that he should be the first of all of us to take the plunge, which was a nearly vertical pipe that stretched all the way to the ground and tapered off like a lower-case j.

Brandon and his girlfriend were next followed by the two stags, Ramon and me. I watched with growing anxiety as one by one my friends stepped into the tube and were dropped down into the slide. It was my turn and the life young life guard motioned for me to step forward. I willed my feet forward into what looked like an old air tube they used to use to send stuff back and forth in large office buildings. The plastic door revolved shut and the slide attendant gave me the thumbs up with one hand. I went to do the gesture back but before I could he pressed the button and the floor dropped out from under me.

Even though many rides scare me, I had never been one to scream on a ride. I have always experienced my terror in a polite silence. Not this time. I screamed the whole way down and let out every curse word and insult I knew directed at my friends who talked me into the slide. The slide launched me down faster than I thought was possible. After about ten seconds I slid into the curved ending of the slide. The abrupt relieve at having my weight supported again was ruined the moment the dark tunnel shot me out into the air. The sunlight stung my eyes, like I had been in the tunnel for hours and not seconds. The water stung even more as I smacked into it. I sunk under and got so disoriented that a life guard had to help guide me out of the water to the exit point.

My friends were waiting for me and laughed at how I almost drowned. Luckily for me we decided as a group that we were almost done for the day. The girls decided to go sun bathe for a bit while we went to the snack shop to get something to eat and drink. As we walked towards the food shops I checked out the girls and women around me. Being 19 left me open to checking out the high school girls frolicking around without feeling like a creep and also their voluptuous mothers. Like how a starved man would eat anything, I had varied tastes since I had never been with a girl.

We walked into the larger store that was a combination of a snack bar on one side and a ice cream stand at the other end of the shared counter. We sat down and I noticed a cute blonde girl working the ice-cream counter. Ramon sat across from me and noticed my stare. He followed my gaze and smiled when he saw her. He said "I bet I can get her number." We all encouraged him to go for it, especially me, but not because I believed that he had a chance. Ramon walked up to the cute girl who had a light tan but still seemed too pale to be working at a water park.

He started talking to her in a real quiet voice that I doubted she could hear. She leaned forward on the counter, to hear him better and I caught a glimpse of her cleavage through the modest neckline of her shirt and felt my heart beat faster. Ramon leaned forward too and started to whisper into her ear. I hoped that she wouldn't fall for his dumb lines and I was sad when I saw her smile and whisper back to him. She turned around to grab Ramon his ice cream cone and bent over into a cabinet. Ramon took this time to look back at us and grabbed the counter and started to violently hump against the counter at the poor girl. He was in the middle of adding spanking to his depravity when she started to turn around and stopped mid thrust.

The girl had only been bending over to grab some ammunition because when she turned around she started to throw handfuls of rainbow sprinkles at Ramon. "Hey girl what's your problem!" he shouted as the sugar rainbows pelted his body. We laughed at how this may be his worse strike out yet. Since he was still wet many of the sprinkles clung to him and left little dissolving rainbows all over his body. Ramon slumped down in his chair trying to wipe the sprinkles off of him and was muttering about her horrible customer service.

Once we were done teasing Ramon about his rejection I got up to get some food from the snack counter. There was a small line of people in front of me and I kept on glancing over to look at her. I wanted nothing more to approach her but my mind kept on coming up with excuses not to. I doubted she would give me the time of day thanks to whatever perverted thing Ramon had whispered in her ear. If I could even talk to her the only thing I could think to say would be that for someone who works with something so cold she sure was hot, like that would work.

I was next in line and taking the last step to the counter while thinking about what overpriced food I was going to buy when the girl at the register excused herself and asked the girl at the ice cream counter to watch her register. I saw that the beautiful rainbow slinging girl she was walking towards me and I tried my best not to stare. I tried to study the menu but I couldn't help but notice the graceful way she walked to the register. When she got closer I saw that her name tag said Amanda and had a heart next to it.

"Hi what can I get for you." She said in a really friendly voice that made me think that maybe I might have a chance. Still in her friendly tone she said, "Hopefully, you don't want anything with sprinkles on it." Well there goes my chances I thought and decided to just order my food before I did something stupid and ended up being a double rainbow with Ramon.

"Look I'm sorry about my friend and whatever he said. He is kind of like the mascot of the group." To my surprise she laughed. Her laugh was the kind of laugh that infects you and wants you to do whatever it takes to hear it again. her light blue eyes that had moments ago seemed icy were now a cheery shade of blue, like a calm blue sky.

"I forgive you for your mascot's behavior, so what do you want?"

"Can I have a hot dog with-"

"You don't want to order a hot dog." She still had that friendly customer service smile and voice so I was confused when she said this.

"Why not?"

"Two reasons."

"And they are?"

"Well, one the hot dogs don't sell at all and the same ones have back there all day."

"Oh gross."

"Yeah so I couldn't let a cute guy like you get sick. I wouldn't be able to sleep tonight." My brain started to go into overdrive, did she just call me cute? I noticed she looked me over and remembered I was shirtless in front of this beautiful girl. While I wasn't the most athletic out of my friend's, my body was decently toned after living on the fringes of my friends' active lifestyles. Her gaze lingered on my body and for a second I felt like I was too revealed in front of her and went to cover up my nipples with the hand that was holding my wallet. I was halfway to completing the movement when I realized how weird of me it would be to do it so I pretended I was trying to set the wallet on the counter and rest my hand against it.

I felt like I had disguised the movement when I saw from her amused smile that I didn't succeed. "So, what's the other reason?" I asked.

Amanda gestured for me to lean forward so I did. She placed her mouth right next to my ear and said, "Because I get a break in 15 minutes and we wouldn't be able to share a hotdog." Her breath brushed against my ear and her words gave me goosebumps. When she reached out and held my hand I almost pulled back in shock.

"So, what should I get?"

"The pizzas are baked fresh and one could be ready by the time I go on break if you wanted to eat together?" While before she had been so confident in giving me signs that even someone as oblivious as me could read that she was interested, this time she sounded timid in flat out asking me.

"Yeah of course I do."

Her coworker returned and she pulled herself back away from me and said back in her customer service voice. "That will be $13.50. Can I have your name?"

"Ryan," I said as I paid and turned to walk back to my friends. They all stared at me in shock. Not only was I the only virgin in the group but I had also never had a girlfriend so I didn't blame them in seeing me be picked up by a girl that put all of their conquests to shame. "What happened?" Ramon demanded. His brows were furrowed in anger but the emotion was ruined because a dissolving pink sprinkle was still stuck between his eyebrows.

I told them what had happened and they said they didn't believe me. They also said that maybe she was using me as her pizza sugar daddy. After ten minutes, the ice cream girl walked to the door that lead to the back room. Five minutes later my pizza was called out but she still hadn't come back yet. After another ten minutes of waiting my friends started to say I lied and made up the whole story. Jacob demanded a slice of the pizza, and started chanting the word pizza over and over again. The others joined in with him and I decided I needed to make some new friends when I felt a tap on my shoulder. I looked up and there she was. "Sorry to interrupt," She said to my friends, "Are you ready?"

"Yes, very." I got up and followed her towards an empty table near the door. To my surprise she walked past the table and held the door open for me.

"Let's go eat at the employee lounge."

"Ok, better then in there."

"Sorry it took so long, I ended up getting stuck working in the back."

"That's fine, I know how work can be."

"Did you think I was going to stand you up?"

I had been so worried of that exact thing that I couldn't help but laugh at how perceptive she was. "Yeah I did."

"Maybe I can make it up to you." Before I could respond she said, "We're here." In front of us was a chain link fence with a hedge growing behind it that had ran between the snack bar building and the inflatable raft rental building. In the middle was a gate with an employee's only sign on it. She pushed it open with her hip and led me inside. It was squared garden that was enclosed between the two buildings and had a high wall that went along the side opposite to the hedge. There were a two stone tables with attached benches. Flower beds lined the sides of the garden and were a pleasant scent change after smelling chlorine for the last several hours.

She sat down at the bench and placed my drink across from her and I sat down. We both grabbed a slice of pizza and started eating. The pizza had cooled down a little bit but it was better then what I was expecting after hearing the hot dog warning. I was doing my best to sneak glances at her and also try not to look like a spaz and drop any of the pizza on myself when she asked, "So what do you think of the garden?"

"You're beautiful." I blurted out.

"What did you say?"

"The garden, its beautiful. I have been coming to this water park since I was a little kid and I never knew this was here."

Nonchalantly in between bites she said, "I know."

"Know what?"

"That you have been coming here for years." I was starting to think that maybe this beautiful girl taking too much an interest in me was getting creepy and I didn't know what to say. She looked back at me from absently looking at one of the flower beds and started to laugh. "Oh god I sound like such a creep, don't I? My family owns part of the water park. I have been coming here my whole life and have been working here since I was fifteen. I have been seeing you here my whole life."

I was relieved that she wasn't some crazy stalker but confused by what she was saying. "you have been seeing me, but I don't remember you."

She looked away from me and returned to looking at the flowers. The silence stretched between us. "To be honest, I used to be awkward looking and overweight when I was younger. I don't blame you for not noticing me."

I studied the contour side of her face as she continued to look away. Her uniquely colored eyes and cute upturned nose started to tug at my memories. "Wait, I remember you now," I said at least remembering that I had frequently seen her around the park throughout the years. She had been overweight as a child and because of her shortness the weight had looked worse than it would have if it was on someone taller. "You weren't that overweight, and besides your beautiful now."

She turned back to me and her eyes teared up. "I was fat enough for the other kids to make fun of me. Call me a beached whale and clap whenever I went down a water slide and it didn't break from my weight." I started to remember just how mean other kids were to her even though she always had a smile for anyone she talked to. "You really don't remember do you?" she asked.

I thought maybe in a moment of being a dumb kid I had joined in her torment. I racked my memories searching for a dreaded moment while praying I wouldn't find one. I didn't find any moments of me joining in her bullying. "I remember you, and how mean kids were to you."

It seemed as though she was reliving her torments when she smiled and said, "Not all of them."

A flicker of a memory started to rise up. I remembered when I was 12 or so waiting in line for a waterslide. There were two girls in front of me. Amanda was next in front and between us stood Vivian, a popular girl in our class whose body was already starting to develop rapidly. When Amanda stepped up to the water slide the girl reached down with one hand pulled Amanda's bikini bottoms off and with the other pushed her forward. I could hear her cry out as she rushed down the pipe. The echoes of her fading cry swept away all of the happiness that had been building up inside me that day and I didn't know how to feel at what I just saw. It happened so fast and viciously that I didn't see Amanda's exposed bottom, and I doubted anyone else did either, but when the other kids saw Vivian holding up the pair of bikini bottoms they all started talking excitedly about seeing the whale's ass, each kid trying to outdo one another in made up descriptions.

Vivian stood dangling the pink bikini bottoms like a trophy. The life guard grabbed her roughly by the arm and started to pull her towards the stairs. "Slides closed," said the life guard which caused all the kids to groan. I wanted to help the girl but didn't know how. When they started to pass me, I knew what I had to do. I reached out and tried to grab the bikini bottom out of Vivian's hand but she curled in her finger and held on.

"Hey," Vivian yelled at me, as if I was the one doing something wrong. I reached down and pulled at her bikini bottoms. I didn't fully undo the knot but enough of it had come undone for her to let go of the girl's bikini bottom and focus on covering up her own. I dove head first into the slide and rocketed down after the girl. Thanks to the rules I had never gone down one of these slides face first. It was amazing being able to see the darkness racing away from me instead of just looking down at my feet. I felt like I was flying and despite the severity of my mission I started to laugh. I hit the water open mouthed and face first.

I emerged from the pool spitting out water. I looked around trying to find the girl but today the park was crowded for the 4th of July celebration. I saw the looks of shock on parents' faces all around, but heard the stifled laughs of children and the girl cry out from the path that lead to the front of the park.

I was near the snack bar and boat rental building but I had lost her. I put my back to the chain link fence and heard a stifled cry. There was a gate in the middle of the fence and I opened it. The girl was sitting in the far corner with knees drawn up to her chest. A deflated raft was draped across her knees and covered her up. She looked up at me and shouted in between sobs "Go away!"

I closed the gate behind me and held up her bikini bottoms. "I got these back for you," I said. I approached her like you would a wounded animal and took a couple steps forward.

"It doesn't matter, they already saw me naked."

"I don't think they saw anything." I said and took another step forward.

"You're just saying that."

"No, its true. I was right behind you and I didn't see anything."


I took the remaining steps towards her and held her bikini bottoms towards her. "I promise."

She reached up and took the bottoms from my hand. Her hands disappeared underneath the deflated raft and I looked away to give her a moment of privacy. "Thank you, you can look now," she said.

"Your welcome," I said and started to turn around when her hand shot out and grabbed mine.

"Please don't leave me alone."

"Ok, I won't."I sat down next to her and we continued to hold hands as the sun set. Soon the sun set and the fireworks flashed in the sky. She jumped at each boom and squeezed my hand tighter.

"I wish I could be beautiful like that," she said as the grand finally ended.

"You will be."

"Like Vivian?"

"No, even more beautiful."

"Promise?" She asked.

"I promise." I heard my parents calling for me after the show was over and I told her I had to go. When I made it to the gate she said thank you one last time. I smiled back at her and said you're welcome as I stepped out of the gate.

"Hello? You there Ryan?" she asked.

I looked around at the garden and realized just how much she had changed it from when it used to be a grave yard for discarded rafts. I looked up at her and realized how much she had changed in seven years from that awkward girl to this beautiful and charming girl. "I remember now, it looks like I kept my promise." A smile lit up her face when I said that and I reached across the table and stroked her hand. She held me hand and we sat there for a minute not saying anything. I was disappointed when she let go of my hand and got up but then she walked around to my side of the table and sat next to me. She hesitantly reached out with her hand and I held it. She rested her head on my shoulder. She smelled like strawberries and cream and her body felt warm pressing along my side. I was looking down questioning my luck and how just an hour ago I was hanging out with my friends and now I was sitting here with this beautiful girl

She moved her head off my shoulder and looked up at me. Her lips slightly parted and she leaned up to me. I leaned down and our lips met. Her lips were full and soft. At first the kiss was exploratory and not more than us gently pressing together. The kiss started to become more passionate as we started to make out and the kisses became more open. She gently sucked on my bottom lip which felt amazing so I did it back to her. She moaned when I did it so I repeated it and lightly nibbled on her lip. She moaned even louder this time.

A second before she did it I seemed to know what she was going to do next. When she stuck her tongue into my mouth and we took turns exploring deeper into each other's mouths. She put my hand on her thigh and started to guide it upwards as the kiss intensified. She guided my hand so that it rested on her inner thigh. Before I know it, my hand reached resistance and I felt the warmth radiating from between her legs. She pressed my hand against her and I started to rub her pussy through her pants. She moaned and I nearly jumped when her hand traced its way up my thigh and started to squeeze and stroke me through my jeans.

I pulled away from her lips and started to kiss along her ear and jaw line. "Yes, don't stop," she said. I fumbled with the button on her pants which she expertly opened. I pulled down her zipper and slipped my hand into her panties. She had a small amount of pubic hair that was a lot softer than I ever thought it would be. I started to rub down her mound and I panicked for a second when I couldn't find her opening. With her free hand she guided me further down and I felt the warmth of her pussy. My hand reached the wetness that had gathered at the top of her lips and my finger slipped down. My finger rubbed against her clit and caused her to moan so loudly that I was afraid that someone might hear us.

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