tagFetishWater Works *no hands*

Water Works *no hands*


Raised in a strict household didn't leave Chari a lot of leeway when it came to her libido or the natural curiosity everyone go through. She has worked hard in school to grant her the opportunity to get out and away from under her parents watchful eyes. She turned 18 the summer before and it was now graduation. She knew in fourteen days she would be venturing four states away to the college of her choice with a full academic ride. Her parents did not like the fact that the dorms at the college she was attending were co-ed, so they took great care in picking out an apartment close to the University so she would not be tempted with shenanigans popular with freshman college students.

The day had come to finally move out of her old bedroom and into her new one. Her parents drove her so they could help set her apartment up once the moving van arrived. They planned on flying back and letting her keep the car. Chari's stomach was in knots when she realized that she would finally be alone for the first time in her life when she drove her mom and dad to the airport and promised them she would be a lady and not disappoint either of them. After kissing them both and telling them bye, she nearly ran through the airport to get to her car. She turned the music channel he father had programmed and eased back to old school R&B.

Once Chari parked her car in her designated parking spot, she ran upstairs to open her own apartment. There was still fresh paint smell in the air. She opened her door to find her neighbor trying hard to unlock his apartment with so many bags in his hands that it was impossible. She walked over and cleared her throat to let him know she was behind him. Holding out her hand, he gave her the key and she unlocked the door for him before turning and going back to her apartment. She didn't notice what he looked like but he smelled of a mixture of pine and earth. For the first time, she felt a throbbing in her clitoris. She knew it was called a clitoris from the countless science classes she had taken throughout her high school years.

She sat down on the bathtub edge and tried to get the smell of him out of her mind, but the more she tried to ignore it the more it floated into her senses. She felt herself get wet and slowly began to use the side of the bathtub to massage her wet pussy. The feeling was sensational and as she slowly grinded against the edge she began to hear noises between her legs. Her nipples were noticeably erect and aching to be touched. Chari pulled her tee-shirt over her head along with her bra and saw her nipples so hard and puckered that the air hitting them from the air conditioner was enough to send her clit more pulsing sensations. She grabbed both nipples at the same time with her fingers and began rolling them around and around while grinding on the bathtub edge. The feeling was so great she didn't want it to end.

Chari was worried that she was ruining her panties and shorts so she took them off. When she looked at the mess she had made she was scared that she would get in trouble. Then it hit her, she lived hours from anyone who could shun her. The wet spot where her panties had been ground into her pussy looked as if they had been put under a water spout. She reached down and for the first time felt her wet pussy. Scared that she would not be able to get the wetness to leave, she adjusted the water faucet on the bathtub and stepped into the cold porcelain tub. She had to wash the wetness away so she could put clothing on. She sucked in her breath as she lay on her back and scooted down as far as she could go until her pussy was immediately under the slow stream of lukewarm water. Immediately, she noticed that when the stream of water hit her clit, a tingling that she had never had before rocked her body. Her body did what felt natural and her hips began to slowly rock while the water splashed on her clit. Her eyes rolled back in her head and she felt her nipples getting harder by the second. She wanted to see what was going on with her pussy; so she rose up on her elbows and watched the water smash her clit. Seeing it for the first time shot tingles through her body and within seconds her clit began to throb and immediately become hard as her first orgasm raked her body. She immediately pushed away from the water since her entire pussy was sensitive. Her breathing was labored and she wanted to fall asleep.

Leaning back on the frigid tub, Chari began to laugh at what just happened to her body. She understood what it meant to have an orgasm and she didn't need another person to help her or her own hands. She had found a way to cum hard by lying in the bathtub and relaxing. She knew without a doubt the apartment manager was going to have an outrageous water bill to pay for apartment 433.

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