tagInterracial LoveWe Can Do This...

We Can Do This...


Was it the way he carried himself with the confidence of a man who knew exactly what he wanted and just how to get it? Was it his genuine smile that revealed two rows of perfect teeth? Was it the enticing fragrance he wore that made every woman in the room turn a head as he walked by? Or was it the firm ass that she watched every time he exited her office, dressed like he had just stepped off the pages of GQ? Whatever it was, after years of watching him come and go, she knew she had to have him.

Laura Jordan was a guidance counselor at a small high school in Kentucky, just outside of Lexington. She had settled in to marriage and motherhood in her early twenties and had raised three wonderful children. She had been the class mother, PTO fundraising chairperson, soccer mom, cupcake baker, and whatever else she needed to be for her children during their entire childhoods. She had been a loving wife, supporting her husband over the years in his various endeavors. She had never strayed from her role as the perfect wife or mother, and she had never considered being with another man ... until now. But these days, that was the only thought on Laura's mind.

Marcus Harrison was juvenile parole officer assigned to the high school where Laura Jordan worked. He was in and out of her office on a frequent basis. He never really gave a second thought to her as a woman. Marcus himself was married, and, although he had made some mistakes in the past, he was settled into a comfortable routine with his wife. He was too wrapped up in his work to notice the lustful glances Laura gave him, the way she melted when he came in to check on a troubled student, or the way she made sure she had work to do in the guidance office when he was there.

Laura often wondered if Marcus had ever been with a white woman before. She herself had never been with a black man. In high school and college, she had had many opportunities, but it never felt right. She was amazed at the attraction she felt toward Marcus, the ache in her pussy when he appeared, the way she woke in the night soaked after dreaming of his cock and the million things she'd like to do with it. She could no longer contain the feelings and fantasies she had about him. Her life had become stagnant, and Marcus held the key to making her feel alive again.

One evening, after all of the students and most of the faculty had gone home, Laura was working late. Marcus came in to check on the attendance record of a student who was serving some time for drug possession. She asked him to stay a minute and talk. Laura nervously confided in him that she couldn't get him off of her mind. He smiled, a bit surprised and taken aback. He thought for a moment and said, "We can do this." Those words were music to Laura's ears.

She took him by the hand and led him into a small filing room. She immediately noticed his long fingers and fantasized about them penetrating her deep inside. His kiss was unbelievably passionate and warm. He tasted like mint, and her tongue searched his mouth wildly. Laura instantly became wet, and her knees went weak as she thought about how his rough, closely-trimmed mustache would feel grinding against her clit instead of her upper lip. "Mmmmm," she moaned.

They decided it was in both of their best interests to be extra cautious at school, greeting each other professionally with "Hello, Mr. Harrison", and "How are you today, Mrs. Jordan?" when the occasion arose. It was a mutual agreement that an ongoing affair was not safe or smart, but that one day of pure lust was just what the doctor ordered. As luck would have it, Laura was attending a three-day conference in Lexington in a few weeks and Marcus made plans to meet her at her hotel.

Marcus arrived the morning of the second day of her conference. She decided to play "sick" that day and stay in her room, gathering handouts and materials the previous day for workshops she'd be missing. He knocked at the door and was greeted by the woman who had anticipated this day for weeks... she was horny and ready for his cock.

Laura dropped to her knees as soon as he entered the doorway. He hardly had time to take off his jacket before she was undoing his belt and pants and reaching in for his already rock-hard cock. She was completely excited by at how dark it looked in comparison to her creamy white skin. Laura immediately took his cock into her mouth and purred as she licked and sucked the head. "Oh, baby, you taste sooo good. I'm going to take my time and lick you good...from the tip of your cock all the way back to your sweet ass. You think you can handle it?" she joked. Marcus didn't answer, but smiled and moved to the bed. And as the day progressed, he proved that he could more than handle it.

Once near the bed, Laura removed Marcus' shirt one button at a time, and marveled at the man before her. The smell of his cologne that always made her weak, his broad chest and shoulders...how was she so lucky to have this man to herself for the whole day? She removed the silky gown she wore and was eager to make good on her promise. Laura loved having a hard cock in her mouth, and Marcus' was no exception. He lay on the bed and Laura went to work on his cock. "Aaaaahhh," he moaned as she took his cock all the way down her throat immediately. She pumped his cock, letting him fuck her mouth and throat until she could feel him oozing delightful, salty precum. She didn't want to miss tasting a drop of that, so she slowed down and began sucking and licking the head, and using his cock like a tube of her lipstick, coating her lips then licking the treat he was giving her off.

She moved to his balls now, gently sucking one while massaging the other. She moved back and forth between the two, giving each equal treatment and working herself into a wet and horny frenzy. Laura licked the underside of his sac, flicking her tongue down to Marcus' asshole lightly as she worked her magic. Marcus moaned but tensed when her tongue grazed his hole. "I promise you'll love it..." she assured him. Oh yes, she was anxious to plant long, wet, tongue kisses on his tender, musky sweetspot. Laura appeared prim and proper to the everyday person, appropriate for her role as a counselor of high school students, but behind closed doors with Marcus there was very little she wouldn't do.

Marcus reluctantly raised his legs to give her easier access. He practically yelled out in ecstasy when she fully lashed her hot tongue against his asshole the first time. Laura placed her hands on his thighs to help hold them back and spread them. She flicked her tongue back and forth across his asshole, then licked and sucked for several minutes. She was rimming him like an expert and he loved the feeling. Laura pushed gently with her tongue and penetrated his asshole. She tongue fucked him, just barely, and his eyes rolled back. He grabbed her soft hair, pulled her toward him, then kissed her hard, slamming his tongue into her mouth. He tasted himself in her kiss. "Now, lick my pussy!" she commanded, so wet with excitement that she had already made a spot on the sheets where she was laying.

Marcus shifted himself so he was between her legs. She had made sure to trim her pussy close so he could have easy access to her clit. Marcus placed soft kisses around her lips before licking her clit lightly. She inhaled loudly. "Lay back and enjoy, baby. I want to make you cum," he moaned. He continued licking while inserting two of his long fingers into her slick hole. He fucked her gently with them at first, pulling them out and licking them. She tasted sweet and salty at the same time. "Mmmm, I love to taste that pussy!" Marcus told her.

Laura begged him to finger her more, and surprised him when she said, "now, take your fingers out and let me lick them." She licked her juices then grabbed him and kissed him deeply. She was in heaven with her hot, new lover. He began sucking her nipple and she pulled her tit upward, flicking her tongue against his and her own breast at the same time.

She was so horny now, she was out of her mind with lust. He returned to her pussy, licking and biting her clit while smacking her pussy lightly, almost putting her over the edge. "Keep sucking my clit... oh, yes, baby, that's it.... OH, OH, YES, keep sucking that fucking clit.... OH, I'm cumming..... YYYYEEESSSSSS.....!" she hissed. Laura's whole body shook. Marcus grabbed her and held her close as she rode out a mind-bending orgasm.

Laura had one repeated fantasy, and that was to see Marcus' black cock sliding in between her ample, soft, white tits. She often fantasized about pouring oil onto them as watched, standing by her. He would then slide his cock between her tits and slowly fuck them as she held them together. Laura would suck the head of his cock each time it appeared from between her breasts. It was a picture she couldn't get out of her mind.

Since she knew this was a one-time affair, Laura brought the oil along with her. He was more than willing to oblige. The sight of his dark cock against her massive white tits was incredible. Laura wanted him to fuck her tits and cum on her face... but Marcus had other plans.

"Roll over, baby. I need to fuck you, and I need to fuck you now!" he proclaimed. Laura got on her knees on the edge of the bed. Marcus was the perfect height to stand on the floor behind her and gain access to her hot, dripping pussy. With one forceful thrust, he sank his cock completely into her waiting hole. Laura screamed with pleasure.

"Fuck me, Marcus! Fuck me hard! I like it hard! Slam me with that hot, black cock!" she cried out. Marcus grabbed her hips and began pumping in earnest. He fucked Laura hard and fast, slamming his hips against her ass with each thrust. She met his thrusts by pushing back on him in rhythm. He had no idea she would be the horny slut she was, and he loved it.

"Smack my ass, baby! Spank me while you fuck me!" Laura shouted. Oh, how she loved the sting of a good smack while being fucked from behind. He gladly smacked her ass, getting more and more turned on as he saw his handprint appear on her cheeks.

He didn't want to cum yet, but he could feel it building. She encouraged him... she was completely into him now and wanted to taste his cum. "That's right, baby! Fuck me hard and cum on me. Pull out and let me taste your cum. Cum on my tits and my face so I can lick it off!" she enticed him. Marcus didn't want to disappoint Laura, and he was close to erupting anyway.

He slid his cock in and out of her a few more times before pulling out and quickly turning her around to face him. He spewed cum all over her tits, onto her neck, and on her face while she held on to his ass. She gratefully licked his cum off of her own tits. She truly wanted every ounce of his cum to be hers at that moment.

They lay across the bed, side by side, faced each other and shared a lingering, contented kiss. Their bodies melted together perfectly, and both of them were awakened to feelings of satisfaction they hadn't experienced in many years.

Marcus and Laura showered and spent the rest of the day exploring and enjoying each other's bodies. It was a day neither of them would forget. They pleasured each other in unbelievable ways, and gave each other something to secretly smile about as they passed in the hallway or in her office. They honored their agreement to steer away from an ongoing affair; it was business as usual the next time they saw each other. But, she still checked out his ass when no one was looking...

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