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We Have To Talk


Six months ago I knew there was some thing wrong. There was a tension between us; it was like watching a thunder storm approach. Waiting for that first clap of thunder and the first flash of lightening to unleash the downpour. I was so unhappy with the situation that I was ready to call it quits on our marriage of eighteen years. I decided to precipitate the confrontation.

"What's wrong Connie?" I asked my wife. "Is something bothering you?"

"No, nothing is wrong. Why do you ask?"

"There seems to be an undercurrent between us." It's just been different between us for the last several weeks."

"Different? Different how?"

"I don't know how to put this but we just don't seem to be as affectionate as we used to be. I feel as if there as a wall growing between us. Even when we make love you don't seem to be as responsive."

"Oh, come on Gary, not the old sex thing again. We make love just as often as we always have. It's not like this is the first year we were married. After almost nineteen years it just becomes pretty much routine for everyone."

"Well I tried to introduce new ideas into our love making but you shut me down the last few times. I was trying to spice things up to make it less boring."

"I didn't say boring, I said routine." Maybe we just need some variety."

"Variety? The last new thing I tried you refused me again."

"I'm not talking about anal sex, that's disgusting. I'm talking about partners."

"Partners? You want to fuck someone else? Do you have a special someone in mind?"

"No, no, nothing like that. Remember several years ago you suggested going to a swingers club?"

"Yeah, and you shut me down so fast my head was spinning."

"Well maybe it's time for that now."

"What brought on your sudden change of mind?"

"What you just said, maybe you are right. Look, I love you. I want to grow old with you. You make love to me just fine and you get me off every time. Maybe it is because it's routine that I don't seem as responsive."

"That's it, that's all it took to convince you?"

"That, and Mary Higgins."

"Mary? What has she got to do with it?"

"She and her husband joined a swingers club a couple of months ago and she loves it. She can't stop talking about it. She says it livened up their sex life at home and both of them are always hot. I admit it, I felt the same way you do about our love life. But after the way I refused you when you suggested swinging the last time, I didn't know how to bring up the subject again."

"But now you want to try it now?"

"Well yes, especially if you still want to, and if will help us enjoy each other again."

"OK. Talk to Mary and start the wheels in motion."

After I agreed to her suggestion things started to improve between us. She seemed to come out of her snit and I never connected her mood to our becoming swingers. It took us a couple of months to get accepted but after we finally passed our interviews and medical certification our love life was back on track. She was as hot as she had ever been.

We went to our first meeting with Mary and her husband. It was held on a Sunday night at a Holiday Inn and it started with a cocktail hour and then dinner and dancing.

When we walked in, Mary took Connie in hand, and began to introduce her around. Tom and I went to the bar to get a drink. We sat on our stools with our backs to the bar surveying the crowd. About thirty couples in all, mostly all middle aged people trying to look eager and younger. Not too many of the women looked inspiring.

"Is this the usual crowd?" I asked Tom. "The women look a little dumpy."

"Yeah," he replied, "They're people like us trying to revive their libidos with a little strange. The young and the beautiful don't need swinging to bring themselves back to life. You and Connie are probably the youngest ones here tonight and it looks like Connie found a good looking guy already."

I looked and I didn't like what I saw. They were standing with their backs to us, both of them angled towards each other. Her arm was around his and her tit was pressed against it. The hand attached to his arm was caressing her ass. Even in this swinging environment, I thought a little too friendly; especially for their just meeting one another in the less than the half hour we had been here.

"Who is that guy with her?" I asked Tom. "He doesn't look like he is out of his thirties."

"Dunno" Tom answered, "I never saw him before."

Just then the music started. A slow romantic ballad and they moved together and danced with a practiced ease that told me everything I needed to know. They knew each other before tonight and were very well acquainted.

From what Mary and Tom had told us on the way over, the cocktail party was supposed to be the time when everyone mingled to find partners for the evening. Then have dinner together to get more familiar and then mingle again in case the first choice turned out to be unsatisfactory. After that, retire to the block of rooms reserved for the group with your partner of choice. Or, enjoy as many of the other members as you could accommodate, individually or in any other combinations as you wished.

I tried to keep my eyes on Connie and it looked to me like she and the guy the guy she started out with never parted company. I ended up with a woman named Pearl. She was short and a little chubby, nice big soft tits and round oversized ass. Not what I would have looked for when I was in my twenties but at forty two one begins to want them built more for comfort rather than for flash and comfort was what Pearl gave me.

I was out of practice picking up women and I had wandered about for a while and it was she who picked me up. After all she was the experienced member. Very experienced it became apparent because she soon had me in one of the bedrooms.

"This is your first time here?" she asked as she took my cock in her hand and gently stroked it. When she saw my nod in answer she continued with more enthusiasm. "I love initiating new members and you have the kind of member I like." She declared as she dove down on it.

I could overlook short. I could overlook chubby and the oversized ass. Even the roundness of her belly, because of the way she blew me. I never had a blow job like the one she gave me. It was out of this world. She knew just how tight to grip me with her lips and how much suction to make me hard. She took me to the edge and then let me fall back again. She had me wanting to cum and not wanting it to end and then she pulled off of me.

"Noooo, I wailed but I stopped complaining when she climbed on top of me and slid my cock into her pussy. It was like being inside of a warm wet velvet glove. No woman had ever felt this good, none not even my wife, had made love to me so well.

"Don't move baby." She said, "Let me take control and I'll give you the best ride you ever had." I don't know how she did it but her cunt became a living thing. It was no longer a velvet glove but rippling, live, sucking, demon. I couldn't have pulled out even if I wanted to, and believe me, I didn't want to. I gave in and had the best orgasm of my life.

She came too. I could see the ripples traveling up her belly. I could see her shudder and vibrate as her orgasm overtook her and then she collapsed and fell forward, resting herself on my chest. Her big soft pendulous tits flattened against me, pressing her hard nipples into me, making me aware of how turned on she was.

"Wow," she breathlessly whispered into my ear. "Where did you ever learn to make love like that?"

"Me?" I questioned, "It seems to me that it was you who took control and I loved it."

"I only did what I thought you wanted. It all felt so natural."

"Yes, we're a good team, because it does feel so natural."

Suddenly we both went quiet realizing what we were saying, both of us realizing that we were married to different people. Perhaps feeling for the first time that maybe they were the wrong people.

To lighten things up, I gave her a playful tap on her butt and said "Let's take a shower and get a drink at the bar and then come back for round two. Only this time I'm going to be on top!"

She giggled and ran for the shower, calling over her shoulder, "We'll see about that when we come back." I was wrong. Round two took place in the shower and was just as good as round one.

When we came out of the shower she began to put on her panties, "What are you doing?" I asked.

"Getting dressed." was her reply. "Aren't we gong to the bar?"

"Yes we are, but we're going to wear these." I said holding up the terry robes the motel supplied for pool use.

"Just the robes?"

"Well you can wear shoes too."

"Oh God," she exclaimed, "You make me feel so bad."

"Bad, bad, or naughty bad? I asked.

"Naughty bad." she replied as she giggled and tied the belt tight around herself.

"That's just the way I want you. Naughty, accessible and wet just the way you are now." As we were getting seated in the bar my hand had entered the opening in her robe. Her pussy was wet and ready.

"Oh God, what are you doing?" She groaned. "Not here. The rules are no sex in the public places." She shuddered as she had a mini orgasm. "You make me feel like a cat in heat. Please get me a drink, I need to cool down."

So I went to the bar and ordered her a Margarita and while I waiting I saw them, I saw Connie with her stud. The were swapping spit on the other side of the room from where we were sitting. They were in another world, oblivious to what was going around them. Her hand was inside his fly and his was up her skirt. Well that's what we were here for and after my fun with Pearl I certainly had no right to resent what they were doing.

When I sat back down with Pearl I glanced back at Connie as I gave Pearl her drink. I saw Connie and Stud get up to leave. I asked Pearl if she knew the guy and she said that she had seen him there before.

"Why do you ask?" she questioned.

"That's my wife with him."

"She's pretty."

"Yeah, she is," I agreed, "but I've got a feeling she is cheating on me."

"Why do you say that in light of what we just did?"

"No, I don't mean tonight, I mean things hadn't so good at home for a while but after she suggested swinging it got better and it was her idea to come here tonight. The way she homed in on him makes me think that this was all a setup."

"Well if she is cheating," Pearl replied, "she has to be crazy. Nobody has ever turned me on like you did tonight."

"Not even your husband?"

"Him?" He's on again, off again, Finnegan. We're here because he never lasts long enough to get me off and he won't do anything more to make me cum. I'm tired of plastic penises. I found the 'Mother Load' when I found you and I'm never going to let you go."

That surprised me a bit; I didn't think I had done anything exceptional. She was a good fuck but all I did was to return in kind, the pleasure she gave me. But hey, when she urged me to return to the room, who was I to say no.

She refused me nothing and gave me everything I ever dreamed of. She made love in ways that Connie never did and got me off two more times before I cried Uncle. She gave me every hole and she enjoyed every way I took her. She was so much more enthusiastic than Connie. I was sorry I didn't meet her first.

Connie and I had agreed. Since this was our first time swinging, that no matter how we were occupied at the time, we would meet at two am and if one of us wanted to go home, we both would leave. If we both wanted to stay it would be okay but no matter what, we would leave at seven in the morning.

She was prompt at two o'clock for the first meeting but twenty minutes late for our return trip home. "I'm sorry, "she apologized as she n rushed up to me and ignoring my offer of a good morning kiss. "He was the best I ever had and he kept me awake so late that I overslept."

"Overslept, or was it so good that you wanted a good morning fuck?" was my impatient reply.

"Please don't be so crude. Didn't you have as good a time?"

I didn't answer her and her exuberant mood disappeared and was replaced with her blushing realization that her enthusiasm was resented. It gave her away when she realized what she had said. We were both very quiet on the ride home. She remembering the pleasures she had enjoyed overnight and I, even though I had a good time, resenting the inference with her 'the best I ever had' remark. Neither of us wanting to talk about what we had done or with whom we had done it. Then it was a rush to change into work clothes and get to work on time.

Monday night dinner was just as quiet but it was the quiet before the storm. We had been watching TV together when she got up during a commercial to go to the bathroom. Her cell phone buzzed when she was gone and I picked it up to answer it for her. It was a text message.

"r u alone."

I had a feeling that I knew who it had to be so I answered.

"yes, ws hoping 2 hear frm u." I texted as if I was her.

"u wr awesom last nite. Bttr that then u evr wer anytme b4,"

"u were bttr I didn't want it to stop" I egged him on.

"celebrating our 6 months together with our 1st overnighter ws wnderful. Do u think he suspects"

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH MY PHONE?" She was back, but too late.

I just handed it to her. She read the texts and then said, "We have too talk."

"What's to talk about? You knew him from before. You've been fucking him for six months. Sunday night was all a setup,"

"Come on Gary, it's not what it seems."

"It seems to me that you have been getting something on the side for six months and I never knew about it. You're having an affair, isn't that what everyone would call cheating?"

"You're being crude again. No, it's not an affair. I don't love him the way I love you/"

"If it's not an affair, what would you call it?"

"An open marriage."

"What's open about it, if you're the only one having the extracurricular fun? I don't remember any discussion or agreeing for you to have any guy on the side."

"That's what we have to talk about. I did want to bring it out in the open. That's why we went there Sunday night."

"No need for you and me to talk, our lawyers can do it for us when they settle the terms of our divorce."

"DIVORCE! I don't want a divorce! I love you."

"You love me? Then you certainly have a funny way of showing it. In fact, you just said that yon loved him"

"Yes I did, but I also said that not the way I loved you. With you, it's a wonderful, solid, romantic love. I want to grow old with you. I can't imagine my life without you."

"And him?"

"It's just too wild, too passionate, too exciting to last like our marriage has."

"So he's better than me?"

"No, no, just different, not better."

"That's some consolation," was my sardonic reply, "and I suppose, if I don't divorce you, you'll want to keep fucking him for the excitement?"

"Well yes. I was hoping that you would share me. You could have his wife while he did me. It would be like swinging."

I exploded. "GOD DAMNIT CONNIE, what makes you think I would want his wife? What's the next thing you will spring on me? Are going to ask me to watch him fuck you too? "

Despite the seriousness of our conversation Connie was giggling as she answered, "Pearl is his wife."

Then it dawned on me, the whole past weekend was a setup. I felt so stupid, so used, so manipulated, so infuriated. I was pissed. First, because I was so blind to what was going on behind my back and second, because my wife was such a conniving, cheating bitch. And third, because Pearl never even hinted that she was his wife. In fact, her off again, on again, remark was just camouflage.

True, I had a great time with Pearl, she was a better fuck than Connie ever was and I wanted to see her again. I had never cheated on my wife and I would have had a guilty conscience if I had. Now Connie was offering me a painless way out of my dilemma. I calmed down...

"She is? His wife? You knew this? Pearl told me that she only knew him from the club." I was utterly astounded.

"Yes," Connie answered," it was planned but it seems to have worked out well. What do you say to double dating with them?"

"I don't know if that's a good idea, After all you have been fucking him for some time now."

"Look, it's just dating. Dinner and maybe some dancing, you've already fucked his wife so every one starts off the same. She wore me down and I agreed to go out with them. The truth was I wanted to see Pearl again anyway.

We drove and since they lived on the way to the restaurant we picked them up. As they walked to the car Connie got out as if to greet them and Pearl slipped into the front seat next to me; Connie and Geoff naturally got into the back together.

"What the hell is this?" I said to my self, 'She snookered me again.'

I called over my shoulder, "You never said anything about swinging tonight."

"I said double dating." Connie answered, "You can't date your own wife, only someone you are not married too. So Pearl is your date and I am Geoff's."

"Don't you want to date me Gary?" Pearl asked as her hand stroked my rising cock

and she kissed my ear.

I succumbed to her caresses despite my growing resentment. Then she opened my fly and took my cock out and kissed the tip. She couldn't suck it because of the consol between us but the way her fingers moved on the my shaft kept me hard and eager. By the time we got to the restaurant. I was beginning to get annoyed at what was going in in the back seat

Connie, on the other hand, was doing a full court press on Geoff's dick with her mouth. I could see his smile as she eagerly brought him off, His hands were entwined in her hair but he was looking at my eyes in the rear view mirror. He was daring me to object as he filled her mouth with his cum. The smirk on his face started my irritation and his remark stoked the ensuing anger in my belly.

"That's good Baby I told you that all that practicing would make you into a first class cocksucker." I heard him say as I looked into his eyes. He was rubbing it in, letting me know that he had been fucking her for some time now. Maybe they thought I was a some kind of wimp cuckold.

"We're here I announced," as I pulled up to the valet parking, wanting to give time to the women to tuck Geoff and I back into our pants. When we got out of the car, Connie grasped Geoff's arm and pressed her tit into it like it was the only thing that could keep her from falling. Pearl did the same thing to me. We walked into the dining room clutched by two adorning wives, only they were not the ones they were married to.

We were seated in an open booth along the wall, one step higher than then the main floor. We could see the whole room and they could see us. It was an open booth, leather padded with the sides less than shoulder high. The table was horseshoe shaped and the women were in the center, facing the room, and Geoff and I were facing each other across the table. After placing our order for drinks, the conversation waned and Pearl wrapped her arm around mine and whispered in my ear. "Watch, and don't say anything,"

I saw Geoff looking at Connie, it was an expressive stare. I saw her shake her head once, silently showing that she didn't want what he was indicating. His stare became stern, his eyes hardened. She blushed and she looked embarrassed and glanced at me. He just continued his stare. Then I saw her press her back against the back of the couch and lift her backside slightly off the seat. Her subsequent motions made it obvious to me that she was removing her panties and lifting her skirt from underneath herself and was now sitting bare assed on the bench. I felt the bile rising in my throat when I saw her hand him her panties.

Just then the drinks came and when the waiter left, Pearl repeated Connie's maneuver next to me. When I glanced down I saw Pearl's naked pussy between her open thighs, it was leaking. She took my hand and covered her cunt with it.

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