tagCelebrities & Fan FictionWeather Channel Strip Poker Ch. 02

Weather Channel Strip Poker Ch. 02


The four Weathermen- Bill Keneely, Jim Cantore, Mark Mancuso, and special guest Bruce DePrest, had been playing a very hot strip poker game. Everything was going along quite well until Jim had made the suggestion the losing player would give the other three men blow jobs. Then, near pandemonium ensued. Mark and Bruce immediately got up and paced around the room in total disgust. Bill and Jim followed their buddies, trying to calm them down. Eventually, Jim got everyone to sit down in a circle again. Despite their reluctance, Mark and Bruce still sported half hard woods in their boxers.

"Sorry, everybody," Jim turned slightly red. I thought you all had sucked a guy off at some point in your lives...I know I have!"

"You have??" Bill couldn't believe it.

"Yeah a couple of times with a guy in college. He went crazy and I really got off on it."

"C-c-could you practice a little more on mine?" Bill looked at Jim pleadingly.

"Sure, and Bruce and Mark can watch, OK?"

Bruce and Marks' eyes popped and their jaws dropped, but they said absolutely nothing, being too shocked to speak.

Jim very tenderly reached into Bill's boxer shorts and removed a very stiff cut cock. He then flipped out his monster balls from the gaping fly slit. In one perfectly coordinated movement, Jim took most of Bill's prick in his mouth in one gulp. Bill let out such a loud moan, Bruce jumped. Then, Jim deep throated Bill like a madman, delighting in his screams and ultimately howls of extreme pleasure.


Mark got so turned on watching Bill get blown, he pulled his rock hard dick out of the fly slit of his baby blue boxers. Bruce's eyes popped as he felt his penis reach its full hardness in his own shorts. He had always had a crush on the handsome weatherman, and still jerked off occasionally thinking about his fantasy man in various states of undress. Mark jacked off freely right in front of Bruce, enjoying the sight of Bill's prick sticking out of his boxers and Jim swallowing the rock hard member. Bill's eyes were tightly shut and his groans were getting higher and higher in pitch.


Bruce's penis was so stiff it was actually painful cramped up in his boxer shorts. He grimaced as he reached into his white underwear and took out an absolutely hard eight inch cock with a wide mushroom head. Mark smiled at his buddy and got a little closer. After watching Bruce pull his pud for a good minute, he pushed his hands away from his dick.

"Mark, what are you do....?" Bruce cut himself off in midsentence shocked by the sight of his dream guy opening his mouth and swallowing his prickhead down in one gulp.


Mark ignored Bruce's pleas and slobbered his tongue over his prick like there was no tomorrow. Then he frantically deep throated Bruce's prick, getting 6 inches in his mouth with one thrust. The conservative man began to scream in lust.


Seeing Mark blow Bruce inspired Jim to work even harder to bring Bill to orgasm. He thrust his penis deeper and deeper into his mouth until suddenly Bill let out a blood curdling yell.


Bill started to explode in Jim's mouth who swallowed every bit of his delicious cum. His buddy's orgasm set Jim over the edge as well.


Jim started spurting all over the place, on the rug, bed, chests, thighs, and boxers. Watching Jim and Bill cum excited Mark and Bruce beyond the point of no return. Bruce was the first to go over the edge.


Mark got his mouth off Bruce's cock just in time to see the Load of Loads. Bruce shot off nine times, squealing loudly as his cock spasmed beyond belief. Finally, Mark reached the breaking point. He let out a loud wail that could have been heard down the hall.


Mark erupted like a small volcano, shooting enough sperm to fill a small cup.

The four men were breathing so heavily no one could speak. Finally, Jim got up and hugged Bill, kissing him full on the mouth. When the sloppy wet lip lock was over, Jim turned to his friends with a silly grin.

"Anyone for another game?!"

The End- comments and suggestions welcome!

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