tagMatureWeek of Delights Ch. 5

Week of Delights Ch. 5


This is the fifth chapter in a true story that happened to me about five years ago. I was 49 years old at the time going on the urges of a 30 old male. My wife had died in a car crash about eighteen months previous to this story. (Names have been changed to prevent any problems with the real life people)

* * * * *

Wednesday morning came to fast for me. I was in seventh heaven lying between these two middle-aged ladies, one on each arm. We just lay there and snuggled for a while till my body said, "get up and use the head."

After I went to the kitchen and prepared a pot of coffee and some quick bake sweet rolls from the freezer while the ladies showered.

After sitting and talking for a while I asked if anyone wanted to join me in a walk near the lake. Dee said she had to make a couple of quick phone calls to make and would join / catch up with us.

Barb and myself started along the trail looking for wildlife and such. We had not gotten far from the cabin when I saw a large BUCK deer standing at the edge of the lake drinking. (Barb had never seen a deer outside of a zoo before) She got so scared she just held me tight and I had to cover her mouth to keep her from scaring the deer off. I guess the kiss I covered her mouth with started something. She held the kiss like what seemed forever. She also reached down and squeezed my cock and moaned. I just stood there and took it all in.

Barb released me and said that she was hoping we could be alone for a while as she had something "SPECIAL" for me. I said, "won't Dee be upset." We hid along the trail, not far from the cabin till Dee walked past us. We than snuck back to the cabin and Barb proceeded to give me my "special present."

She went and put a tape in the VCR. She said she had made this for me before joining us at the cabin. She told me Dee had also made one, but not to say anything because it was going to be a surprise. The tape started out with Barb doing a slow strip. She then proceeded into masturbating and foundling herself. All the time the tape was playing we were kissing and playing with each other.

All of a sudden she got out a tube of lubrication and greased my cock. She said "butt fuck me now" She got on all fours and I positioned myself behind her. My greased cock head parted her ass cheeks and stopped at her puckering butt. I said, "This is likely to be uncomfortable for a few seconds, but just relax and it will feel good soon." I felt her relax as my cock spread her butt and the ointment lubricated the entrance. I slowly worked the entire length of my cock into her then reached over to her clit with my fingers and rubbed, causing her to wiggle her hips and pump herself on my cock even further.

I thrust several times to make sure that she got the feel of it while I continued to stimulate her clit with my hand. I reached my other hand up and massaged her massive hanging breasts. At this point Barb started to come. Her orgasm pushed me over the top and I unloaded blast after blast of cum up her butt. As I came back to earth from my heavenly orgasm I noticed that Barbara had rolled over and gotten my cock at the entrance to her now soaking wet pussy. She had her legs wrapped around my waist and was holding me firmly in place.

She had two hands full of the bedspread and her face was contorted with orgasmic bliss. As my cock tried to wilt, Barb was overcome with several spasms that shook her body and caused her to dig her heels into my ass and pull me deeper as I slipped further and further into her clinching pussy. She yelped a little as it slid completely in and she said, "keep it all the way in. I want it in me. I want your enormous dick in me!" After a short time I pulled out and she got to her feet and I said, "lets get a shower before Dee gets back. She chuckled and said, "Dee knows to stay away till I open the curtains as the signal to return." With that statement she opened the curtains and Dee arrived within five minutes with a large smile on her face. She said, "Have a good time you two?

By this time it was mid afternoon and we headed to town for a late lunch. After lunch we went to a small Indian village about an hours drive further north, to do some shopping for Indian art.

On the way back Barb asked Dee when she was going to give me her surprise. Dee suggested Barb be quite about that as it was to be done a special time. I was not to know when "it" was going to happen. I just said, "With all that has happened this week, anything more will overwhelm me."

We arrived back at the cabin just about sunset. I went out and got a couple of quick photos of the sun over the trees on the far side of the lake.

When I returned to the cabin I had the shock of my life waiting for me.

Barb and Dee had had a young Indian woman named Sandy, snuck into the cabin and they were all three sitting in the living room by the fire. Barb got up and took my hand and lead me in too the mist of the three ladies. Barb explained she know I liked BIG BOOBED women and she thought I would enjoy this woman as she had just had a baby a month ago and her milk filled boobs needed nursing. (I had told her once how I dreamed of have a women "nurse" me). I looked at then and said, "This cannot be happening." The lovely dark skinned Indian woman got up and came over too me and presented her body for my examination. She was about 36 years old and had a set of milk filled 40-inch tits on her. She put her hands on my shoulders making her boobs hang loosely in front of me in a flimsily t shirt type top she had on.

Dee came over behind her and reached around her and rubbed her nipples through the top till the milk made the top wet in two spots. Dee then took hold of the top and raised it up exposing the dark nipple with milk dripping from them. I just sank to my knees and started licking them. That was when Barb came around behind me and loosens my belt and took my shorts off. I had the hardest hard on of the week. She just reached up and got some of the milk on her hand and then started stroking my cock with it. It did not take long before I shot a load in the air and both Dee and Barb tried to lick my cook at the same time. Sandy just settled down on my semi hard cock and let me still lick her nipples.

I instantly became hard again and pushed my cock into her warm pussy. She leaned back making me slide out and then she leaned forward rubbing my cock on her clit. She moaned and rose up positioning my cock back in her waiting pussy. She then pushed down hard and slow to insert me all the way into her moist hole. She stayed there for a long time before starting to raze up and down till she exploded from passion. That was the best "WARM DRINK OF MILK" before bed I had ever had.

To be continued...

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