tagMatureWeek of Delights Ch. 6

Week of Delights Ch. 6


This is the sixth chapter in a true story that happened to me about five years ago. I was 49 years old at the time going on the urges of a 30 old male. My wife had died in a car crash about eighteen months previous to this story. (Names have been changed to prevent any problems with the real life people)

* * * * *

Thursday morning came way to early for me. I was lying amongst these two middle-aged ladies and one fantastic American native. We just all three lay there and waited till the stupid phone rang. It was Dee’s daughter Nancy calling to make sure we were all still ok and not "worn out from the "FUCK FEST."

After I went to the kitchen to prepared a breakfast for all of us and was surprised to see all was prepared and waiting for us to arrive. Sandy oldest daughter had arrived early in the morning and prepared breakfast and also cleaned up the mess "we" had caused the evening before. As soon as I showed "my face" in the lower level of the cabin she left with a smile on her face and a wave good-by.

Sandy was the first to arrive for coffee and asked if I had met her daughter. I told her she left before I could introduce myself. Sandy said her daughter was very shy and most likely thought we would like to be alone with out "younger set" around.

Dee and Barb can down and with what they were wearing I know it was going to be a day of not leaving the cabin even for a minute. Sandy said she had to get home to "FEED" the baby and would see them later.

Dee and Barb were wearing only crouch less panties and "shelf" bras. (A shelf bra has only support underneath so the nipple and top of the breast are exposed. The "lift and show off style.) The bras were almost too much for me to take as with Dee’s and Barb’s their LARGE boobs, they looked like serving platters full of tantalizing play-toys. I just sat there and gazed upon them and trying to drink coffee spilled it all over my lap. Good thing it had cooled off or the day would have been ruined. Barb came running over to me and wrapped a towel around my cock and them licked my balls off. With her bent over me I could not help but reach out and massage her ass. With my other hand I cupped her left breast and fingered the nipple.

Dee ran up stairs and got some lotion to apply to my cock the sooth any pain there might be. When she started applying the lotion I know that that was their "SPECIAL" lotion and I was going to be hard for the next ten to twelve hours.

Barb was the winner of the straw draw to see who got me first. She just can over and sat her luscious ass on top of my ever-hard cock and squirmed. She had oiled her ass so I slid in with out any problem of hurting her. She lay back against my chest and raised her body slowly up and down the length of my cock. Dee just slid over next to me on the sofa and tickled my balls as I played with Barb’s breast. Dee just then reached over to the end table and pulled out a large blue/sliver dildo out of the draw and started to massage it over Barbs pussy. I said," I thought my cock was to do that." Dee just responded, " you cannot be in two places at the same time."

I was able to "perform" considerably better than I had the first time. And because of Barb’s own arousal level, she actually climaxed a split second before I did. So we had in essence a simultaneous orgasm together.

I thought to myself, I guess these two are going to be "teachers" today.

After about a half hour rest Dee came back into the living room and smiled and squeezed her boobs together. She laid down on the plush rug and motioned too me with her eye’s. I wasn't sure what she wanted me to do exactly, and thought she was indicating for me to "climb on board" as it were.

"No...no. Come up here!"

I still wasn't sure what it was she wanted me to do, and I guess by the look of

confusion on my face she realized that.

"Dee said, "You've never fucked a woman's tits I before?"

I shook my head NO.

Honestly, it was something I had never even considered doing before. Climbing up to sit lightly on her chest, Dee took both breasts in her hands and surrounded my stiff aching cock with her warm tit-flesh.

"I think your going to enjoy this." She said.

I hadn't even done anything yet, and already I was enjoying it. Just the "vision" alone of my cock sandwiched between those twin mounds of perfectly molded flesh was enough to satisfy me. I could have sat there forever without even doing anything but looking at my dick resting there between her tits.

Squeezing my cock, Dee easily produced a pearly drop of pre-cum, did so again, producing yet another. With this, she rubbed my prick with her hand.

"Now...fuck my tits." She said, once again holding them together encompassing my hard throbbing prick between them.

I titty-fucked her for several heavenly minutes. "Now, scoot up a little so I can suck it too!"

I was all for that, and easily moved up, though forcing to lean over her head and hang on to the headboard of the bed as Dee’s lips began kissing and tickling the head of my dick with her tongue without fully drawing my cock all the way in yet.

"Oh damn that feels good Dee." I said. At that moment Barb looked in the door and said, " I see you are getting another first this morning." Dee smiled and winked at her.

"Now...where were we anyway?" Dee said. I once again moved upwards so I could enjoy the wonderful sensations of her lips on my hard cock.

"More than..." I exclaimed happily to Barb, already sliding my cock back inside Dee’s warm and inviting mouth.

Dee's lips were driving me insane. She was certainly an expert at cock sucking, not that I didn't enjoy it when Katie did it...it was just different feeling, and exciting in its own way. I was getting closer and closer to my own orgasm then, and Dee sensed it, finally taking her mouth away from my cock.

"Don't cum in my mouth, not this time anyway. I want to watch you cum this time, so we'll leave that for another time. But I really want to see your prick squirting baby...like I said, it's been a while."

"Where...do...you...want me to cum?" I breathed, only then just managing to actually control the orgasm I was on the verge of having anyway.

"Oh...I'm sorry, you were really close weren't you?" Dee laughed...jacking my cock more and said. "Cum on me anyplace you like...I just want to watch you spurt!"

Just her saying that was enough to trigger it, that and the way her hand was now stroking my cock with a perfect cum-triggering motion as she jacked it up and down the way she was. I couldn't even warn her that I was...it was just suddenly there, and the first hard felt ejaculate exploded from the tip of my cock shooting off a long white ribbon of my spunk to splash against the side of her face, up into her hair, and across the top of her pillow.

"Ahhh....fuck!" I managed to say, then just as my second explosion shook me.

This time Dee was a little more prepared for it, and as she was in charge of my dick, just managed to direct the next powerful discharge to land against her left breast. I covered nearly her entire nipple with my white-creamy nectar. Dee continued jacking me off, ensuring that my third, forth and fifth powerful jettisons of cum completely soaked and saturated her breasts.

"Oh wow!" She exclaimed. "You had a fucking ton of cum left in you! You could have drowned me had I tried swallowing all that!"

My orgasm was subsiding, but she continued milking my cock of whatever cum I still had remaining. She rubbed her nipples with my cock, playing in the mess I'd made all over her tits. But she seemed to enjoy doing this, and it was a nice erotic sight, watching her using my cock to message the rest of my cum all over her boobs. I finally slid off of her, nearly totally exhausted.

Dee called out to Barb to see if lunch was almost ready. Barb told Dee, "she had had enough," jokingly and should come fix it herself. With this I got up and helped Dee to her feet.

We went into the kitchen and all three of us prepared lunch. It was hard to do with all three of foundling and kissing.

All of a sudden the door opened and in walked Sandy and her daughter. They looked at us, smiled and started to removing their clothes. Dee and Barb just smiled and said to me, "We hope you got more in you for this afternoon."

Sandy daughter Jean had smaller firmer breasts than her mother that pointed straight out from her body. Sandy just said, " I guess we got here just in time to fix lunch."

I said, " I thought you two were going to be lunch."

All four of them said at the same time, " we are the deserts for this afternoon."

After lunch Jean started talking to me and mentioned that she had not seen my cock get soft since she got here. I told her about the "special" lotion that Barb and Dee had and she was asking all kinds of questions. At that point she mentioned she was still in need of her "FIRST" man. I looked at her and then her mother and thought, she is a virgin and her mother brings her here to this orgy to have her first man. Sandy looked at me and said, " I know you will treat her right and show her what to do and how.

I asked her if this was her idea or her mothers. She said, "My mother told me about you and I wanted to learn from you."

I then held her tight and kissed the top of her had. She hugged me and with my cock sticking straight out she could not help but push her body against it. She moved her body so that her belly was rubbing my member. She told my cock in her hand at her mother suggestion and stroked it. I then laid her down on the floor and started to lick her all over. The other three started to play with each other and left the room too us. I told her to lay still and I would show her what foreplay was supposed to do for her. She started to moan and wiggle her ass as I tickled her nipples and kissed her belly. She had a go grip on my cock and started to pull it towards her mouth. I asked her to relax and that would come soon enough. She said, "No I want to suck it now." She switched places with me and lay between my legs sucking and licking my cock. She them all of a sudden jumped up and straddled my cock. I said, " you are one hot girl and you should not rush." All I could do was lay there as she pushed my cock into her tight hot pussy. Lucky I was still wet from her mouth. She just rammed my cock deep into her pussy and that is when I could tell she was NO VIRGIN. She looked at me and said she had using her mother dildo for a long time and broke her "maiden head" with it one night by getting to vigorous.

"Now, now, now!" She had cried out. And I felt her cunt clench tightly around my cock as I drove into her that split second afterwards, discharging my semen into her, holding it there, feeling my prick pumping its juice inside of her pussy as she in turn contracted around me. It was a strange sensation to me, feeling her cunt doing that, but I held it there momentarily, delighting in it, and then withdrawing slowly to plunge fiercely back inside her as I felt yet another ejaculate make its way up from my balls.

After all of this she just snuggled up next to me and we slept for the next couple of hours.

Barb, Dee and sandy came into the room and snuggled with us. What a day this had been.

To be continued...

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