tagExhibitionist & VoyeurWeekend Challenge Ch. 04

Weekend Challenge Ch. 04


We had enjoyed a late lunch in our room and then I spent an hour or so sitting naked out on the balcony overlooking the beach. I don't think I was visible to anyone and if I was I didn't care, I was enjoying myself. As it got later Ed said I should think about getting ready for the evening. I do enjoy a nice long bubble bath and planned on taking one before I got dressed. I lounged in the bath as I wondered what lay ahead for the evening. I knew that there was just one outfit I had yet to wear that being the ridiculously short skirt (it would barely cover a twelve year old) and the split front halter. I was going once again on a roller coaster ride of emotions as I thought about the evening. I was feeling nervous as usual but exhilarated at the thought of wearing so little out in public. I began to feel the familiar tingling between my legs that I get thinking about the adventure ahead. I moved my hand between my legs and began stroking my pussy and playing with my clit. I slid two fingers in and began moving them in and out as my other hand rubbed and tweaked my nipples.

I rarely masturbate without a toy, usually my pocket rocket, but I knew I would have my juices running down my legs if I didn't do something. My current state of excitement was too high and I needed some sexual relief before we went out. Just a few strokes later my body tensed in a mild but satisfying orgasm. After cleaning up I got out of the tub grabbed a towel but just held it in my hand and walked wet and naked out of the bathroom and into the room where Ed was waiting for me. I know he like myself finds a woman who is wet and naked very erotic. I slowly dried myself off, and then waited for Ed to tell me what I would be wearing, although I was sure I already knew. I stood there naked as Ed sat there looking at me. Finally I said " do you have clothes for me or am I going out naked?" I went weak in the knees when Ed responded " put your sandals on and lets get going". I was stunned and just stood there momentarily frozen.

I trust Ed implicitly but he really didn't expect me to walk out of our hotel room and go to a restaurant naked. Now even though that would fulfill one of my greatest fantasies, I just didn't think it possible. Slowly I was able to move and went over and slipped my sandals on. I looked at Ed and said "I'm ready, lets get going". Now Ed seemed stunned then he told me that he was just kidding and that I should put on the very tiny skirt and the halter-top. He finally asked me if I was actually going to go to dinner naked. I told him I was sure going to give it a try. Now Ed knows many of my fantasies and he has said he will help me to realize as many as possible. Going out to a public restaurant naked is one that may never become a fantasy fulfilled.

Now I was finally going to get dressed to go out. I grabbed the skirt, stepped into it and pulled it up so the waistband was just below the top of my hips. I walked into the bathroom and stood in front of the mirror. I immediately saw that the skirt was so short it was leaving my pussy exposed. I pulled the skirt down as far as I dared and saw that now the bottom of the skirt was just two or three inches below my pussy. Any little breeze would expose me to anyone looking at the time. The skirt was not only super short but also made of a lightweight material and would flounce as I walked. I went out to get the halter and as I bent over slightly to grab it I could feel the skirt ride up to expose my ass cheeks. I put the halter on and tied the tiny ribbon just below my breasts. The back consisted of just one thin string which held the two pieces together. I turned to show Ed the outfit and he had told me the front was tied too tightly. He had me untie the front ribbon and tie it so if I leaned forward the halter would fall away enough to bare the tops of my boobs to just above the nipples. I went to look myself over in the mirror. I had the waistband of the skirt pulled down as far as possible so it covered my pussy but just by a few inches. The halter was tied loosely and left me bare from my

neck to the waistband of my skirt just covering my boobs. I turned my back to the mirror and looked over my shoulder and could see a few inches of my ass crack was exposed but that was fine. The rear exposure was better than my pussy being exposed for the entire evening. I knew of course that before the evening ended I would be exposed to many and could end up with my halter top open or even removed completely.

I love being naked but I also enjoy wearing just enough to keep me legal and out of jail I always hope that I will end up totally exposed in the most public place possible. I was a ready as I would ever be to get the evening started. I walked out to Ed and told him I was ready to go. Soon we were walking down the hall to the elevator and I could feel the breeze on my barely covered pussy I walked. As we neared the elevator the doors opened and a man got out and turned toward us. His eyes fell immediately to the hem of my skirt and I wondered if he had gotten a glimpse of my mound as the skirt bounced gently as I walked toward him. He managed to look up and smile at me just before he walked past me. I looked back over my shoulder and saw he was watching me as we walked the last few steps to the elevator. As we waited for the elevator to arrive I told Ed I felt so exposed in my outfit. He responded by reminding me how I always want to be the center of attention and that my outfit would certainly ensure me plenty of attention.

As the elevator doors opened I could see myself in the mirrored back wall of the elevator. I could see that there were mere inches of fabric covering my bare pussy and even the slightest raise of my arms or twist of my hips would expose my most intimate body part to anyone looking. I could feel the exhilaration building and had to work hard to calm myself before the excitement caused my juices to run down my thighs. I was on a roller coaster of emotions once again. As the elevator came to a halt and the doors began to open I took a deep breath and prepared myself for my walk through the lobby. I stepped out with Ed close behind and I was immediately noticed by some of the bellman and the desk clerk. As we walked toward the front door I knew my skirt was bouncing enough to give anyone looking quick flashes of my bare ass and mound. There were those who pointed me out to others and a few who looked at me in disgust. I mean I was covered most of the time, but I left no doubt in anyone's mind that I wore nothing under the skirt.

I always worry about security guards or law enforcement having a problem with my minimal or non-existent attire. Although I was creating a stir it appeared that I was not going to be detained by any hotel personnel due state of dress. As we walked through the doors and outside I could feel the breeze raise my skirt and I instinctively pushed it back down with my hands. " Don't touch the skirt" was what I heard when Ed spoke. I removed my hands and was a bit relieved that the initial breeze was the airflow between the lobby and the outdoors. I knew that my skirt was raising up enough to expose all of my charms from time to time but I was hoping that the skirt would stay down for most of the walk to the restaurant. I was feeling so sexy as we walked down the street. I knew I was being watched by everyone we passed. The combination of the slight breeze and my walking to keep pace with Ed ensured that I had flashed many pedestrians and drivers on the walk to the restaurant. We reached the entrance to the restaurant and stepped inside and as we did the Maitre D glanced up briefly but then his eyes returned to me as he noticed the length of my skirt. He immediately motioned for us to step forward and Ed told him we had a reservation. We were soon whisked away to a table that was not totally secluded but was as far away from the main seating area as possible. I guess he was afraid my outfit may offend some of the other patrons. As long as I walked carefully I could keep everything covered except of course for the top of my ass crack. I had to keep that exposed so the tiny skirt would cover my lower parts.

As we sat at the table I saw that my skirt was about an inch away from exposing my pussy and so I placed my napkin on my lap which Ed told me to remove. He said I was not to cover my lap with my napkin and I was not to try and adjust my skirt. I knew that I could not pull myself close enough to the table to fully hide what the skirt would leave exposed. This ensured that the waiter would have quite a view if he stood to either side of me. Soon a young waiter appeared and took our drink order as he stood near Ed. He did however take notice of the top I was barely wearing. It was just held closed by a little ribbon loosely tied just below my boobs and showed lots of skin from my neck to the hem of my skirt. He did not come to my side and therefore had not seen the skirt that was more like a wide belt.

The waiter returned quickly with our drinks and as he came to my left side to place my drink on the table he saw that I was just barely covered below the waist. My skirt was at the most two inches from exposing my bald mound to him. I was pleased that he recovered his composure and placed the drink safely on the table. I could see Ed was pleased with how things were progressing. We placed our order and my skirt remained in place as the waiter returned with our salad. He was sure keeping an eye on me though I guess hoping that my skirt would ride up a bit more. He arrived back at our table and placed the tray with ours entrees onto the stand, then grabbed my plate off the tray and as he went to place it on the table it looked like it was tipping toward me. Instinctively I pushed ma chair back from the table and in doing so I must have shifted because my skirt was now just above my mound leaving me totally exposed.

My entree did make a safe but rather bumpy landing onto the table but I think the poor waiter was in shock. He just stood there and stared at my bare pussy for what seemed an eternity before he snapped out of it and mumbled some sort of apology. I started to make a move to fix my skirt but I remembered what Ed had told me. I sat through the entire dinner totally exposed from the waist down. I don't believe I was seen by any of the other customers but there were a number of servers, male and female who passed close to me during our meal. I was sure there would be a wet spot on the chair when I got up but I was at the point of not really caring. We finished our meal and I needed to visit the little girls room before we went to our next destination. As I got up my skirt remained well above my pussy for just a fleeting second before it fell to cover me. It was enough time for more than a few people to see my exposed mound and ass. I knew I had everyone's attention as I made my way past a few tables toward the restrooms. I was loving it and Ed knew it. On my return trip I made sure to swivel my hips just a bit more to ensure my skirt would flip up enough to flash anyone who was watching. Ed came to meet me and as we were nearing the door I made sure to raise my arms up enough to expose myself one more time as we left the restaurant. I was feeling the excitement I always feel when I am on display and I was looking forward to whatever was going to happen next. We strolled around for awhile until we came across a small tavern and decided to go in for a drink.

As we entered everyone sitting near the door turned to look as is normal pretty much anywhere. People always want to see who is coming in and once they saw my skirt they continued to watch me as we made our way to the far end of the bar. It is not uncommon to see women wearing mini skirts or even micro minis but my skirt was in a class by itself. I guess it could be called a mini micro mini because it was just two or three inches below my mound. The seats were your typical bar stools and there was no way I would be able to get my ass on that stool without flashing anyone who happened to be watching. Since everyone seemed to realize this everyone was watching as I tried my best to get seated and everyone got a great view me in all my glory. Even after I got seated my skirt was riding up enough that I really couldn't keep myself covered. Since no one seemed to have a problem with my southern exposure I relaxed and enjoyed the attention.

We enjoyed a couple of drinks and made small talk with a few guys from time to time. They all told me how they appreciated my outfit and that more women should dress like me. I was loving all the attention and the fact that we were talking to total strangers with my pussy pretty much exposed. I was really feeling horny and started to consider taking my top off but decided against it, at leas for now. I was not the only female patron in the place but I was for sure wearing the most revealing outfit. I didn't get the feeling I sometimes do when I feel like the other females are shooting daggers at me with their eyes. After a short while a young couple approached and the girl who was named Kim began asking me about my outfit. I am always being asked about my barely there clothing and my willingness to expose myself in public places.

I started telling her about my penchant for being the center of attention and how I frequently end up partly or totally naked when we go out. She thought that just being exposed as I was with the tiny skirt would be enough but I told her that was merely the tip of the iceberg. She explained that she and her boyfriend Brian were locals and also regulars in this tavern. Well Kim and I continued to talk about my adventures as I call them and I explained how I write them and post them to be read by maybe thousands of people. I told her how reliving my adventures as I write them gets me almost as hot as when I am actually living them. Soon it was time for me to break the seal and go to the ladies room . Kim said she would show me the way as she and everyone else watched as my skirt came up to my hips and I slide off the bar stool. I knew every pair of eyes in the place were on me as I walked behind Kim to the ladies room.

As we stood in front of the mirror fixing our faces Kim continued to ask me about how I have the nerve to walk around without a stitch of clothing on in public places. I told her it does scare n]me at first but it is all part of the adrenaline rush I get. She said she could see me wearing some pretty revealing clothing but really didn't believe I would take it all off. Now I was feeling a challenge coming on as she continued. She said "You mean you would just strip off your halter and skirt and walk out of here naked?" I explained that I always try to be sure that I will not end up in any trouble especially with law enforcement but that yes I have been know to do just that. She assured me that she knew the bartender and owners as well as most of the people currently in the place and that I would not need to worry.

I knew Ed would be pleasantly surprised and after asking Kim once more if she was sure I would not have a problem I undid the ribbon holding my halter closed and took it off handing it to Kim. I then slid my skirt down and stepped out of it and also gave it to Kim. She said that she wanted me to let her go out first so she would see that reaction as I walked out. I took a breath and walked out behind Kim. She sidestepped and watched as I walked totally naked except for my sandals back to the bar. There was hooting and hollering and a few "Oh Shit's" as I made my way back to Ed. It seemed everyone loved my new outfit and no one had a problem with it. When Kim was back she handed me my clothes but everyone said I shouldn't get dressed yet. So I got a towel from the bartended to put on the barstool and I sat and had one more drink.

I told Ed I was really feeling sexy and turned on and we should find somewhere else to go. I am not sure why but I got the idea to go to a strip club. Ed asked the bartender and he told us of a place that was not too far away but we needed to drive there. I suggested we just call a cab so we could both enjoy the rest of the night and not worry about driving. The bartender called us a cab and they said it would just be a few minutes. I was feeling particularly naughty and when Ed said I should get dressed before the taxi arrived I told him not yet. A few minutes later a man came in asking if someone had called a cab. I slid off the stool and said we had as his mouth dropped open. We said our goodbyes to Kim, Brian and the rest, I grabbed my clothes and walked to the door. As I said I was feeling naughty, so I walked to the door waved goodbye and walked out to the cab naked, holding my clothes. I left my clothes off until we reached the parking lot of the strip club.

To be continued...



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