tagErotic CouplingsWeekend, Fact or Fiction

Weekend, Fact or Fiction


She woke up lazily, still in that dreamy state of almost awake and wanting to roll over and go back to sleep. Then the throbbing started, memories of the dreams she had that night, dreams filled with sex and this brought a smile to her face. She rolled over to kiss her husband and he was not there, she laid there a little longer thinking about the events of the last few days.

It all started when her husband, who knows her better than she knows herself, knew she needed a confidence boost so he posted pictures of her on "the instant gratification site." She was not aware this had been done until the sexy emails started coming in. "Sexy wife you have, is she shared," "I'd love to have those legs around my face." One in particular caught her attention, a polite one from a man younger than her preference, but she had decided to email back. Seems he has had quite a bit of experience and likes older women. They switched to texting and he seems more mature than his age and this is intriguing. She has thought to herself and out loud to husband, maybe age is not that big of a deal when the sex is for fun and release. Only drawback, he lives 3 hours away. He has mentioned he would travel, hmmm need to think on this.

Oh, back to that throbbing, where is hubby. She gets up, strips off her clothes and walks around the corner and smiles. There he is, in his usual spot on the couch, robe open and completely naked with his manhood standing at attention. Drinking coffee and reading the computer, giving her time to wake up and sleep in like always. It's those tender things that bring a glow to her face and lighten her heart. He looks up and sees her and tells her she is beautiful. She realizes she has a great man and a great life and this weekend is going to be fun.

He finishes his coffee and she grabs a water and a shot of vodka and together they hit the bed! Fast passionate kisses, deep kisses that explore and open your mind. He starts to flip her over and take her when she stops him and leans over and licks his manhood, he moans and his head goes back. She loves to watch him be pleasured like this. She then licks his balls, up the shaft and around the head before putting him in her mouth. She takes him deep, back and forth while running hand up and down shaft in rhythm to Hells Bells, it's her blow job song she will tell you. He is moaning, hips rocking, she thinks to herself that it is so erotic to enjoy bringing her man pleasure like this when only a few years ago she found this act the most revolting thing on earth. How wonderful it is to have obtained an open mind, open to love, life adventure and the pleasures of sex, lots of sex.

Before he comes, husband gains control and flips her over and starts kissing her breasts while his hand finds that damp, actually wet area between her legs. He cant stand it, he must taste her and down he goes. Her eyes roll back in her head as she becomes lost in the ecstasy. How does he do it? How does he have such incredible talent with that tongue, how does he know exactly how to make her come wave on wave? Finally she arches, screams and pushes him back and yells "Fuck me, fuck me hard!" He enters her and thrust back and forth as she moans and screams. After a few minutes her legs are up on his chest and he gets deeper into her making her lose herself in the moment, reaching for his balls to bring more pleasure. Before she knows it has flipped her onto her hands and knees and bores himself into her. He knows this is her favorite position and he fucks her hard, takes her with everything he has. She starts begging him to come and together they come hard and passionately. They both fall in bed, kiss each other and say "Good morning and thank you."

Hubby gives her another kiss on the breast and reminds her that tomorrow he has arranged for a single male to come over. Something fresh, a new experience. She smiles thinking of what pleasures lie ahead. Reluctantly she climbs out of bed, and the two head out to take care of life's demands.

Hmm, seems the young guy is interested, he continues to send text and they get to know more about each other. The new single male also has been texting and flirting. Her sexuality confidence is rising and so is the continual throbbing, moistness and thoughts of sex, what new things to try. Oh the waiting is killing her.

They go out dancing with sexy friends. Anastasia was there, gorgeous and hot and seductive as always. Dancing alone drawing on lookers, Anastasia has said she likes her, would like to "convert" her. She is not into that, but does find dancing with Anastasia erotic arousing and sexy. She heads to the dance floor and the two women do a dance of seduction, hands all over, lips touching and bodies moving in time to the music. People are watching as the two women are obviously caught up in each other and the sexual energy being created. The song ends, they hug each other and tell each other how great it is to see each other. Who knows, maybe one day Anastasia will persuade her to try a new sexual pleasure. After changing venues, running into some friends and the bars closing, they head to breakfast with friends then drive exhausted home.

Sunday she is awakened by her husband's naked skin next to her, he feels so good. She thinks to herself that she is glad they downsized to a queen size bed, now they can feel each other's nakedness, to just slightly roll and be in an embrace of tenderness and love. Only a couple hours she thinks to herself and they will be meeting a single male, attractive, muscular arms and of course, younger than her. That is her fettish, younger men. She likes to joke it's due to not really dating in college and so now she is making up for lost time. It does making finding couples to play with difficult since her husband likes older women, after all he did marry and older woman.

As the time nears to meet Walker the PFN sets in, this is an abbreviation of "Pre Fuck Nerves" she and a friend came up with to describe that feeling of butterflies in the stomach, the intestines rolling, the brain worried that something will not be right. Walker calls, he is parking. She and her husband walk to the destination and meet him as he is walking up. Not bad looking she thinks to herself. All three walk into the restaurant/bar and it is packed. None considered that it was Father's Day. Together all three head to another bar, her and husband like to meet in a neutral place to make sure there is chemistry before bringing them back to their home. But to all's dismay, the bars are not open yet. Husband suggests they all three just go ahead and head to their place and have drinks there.

She knows some people can just fuck, no conversation needed, but she is not like that unless it is a regular she has been with several times. She needs a connection, her husband is patient and knows that she needs that, he adds to the conversation and helps to break the ice. Finally she looks at Walker and asks him if he is up for this and of course he is. Quickly he is up and has his pants down and his manhood at attention, her husband comes over and begins to undress her and then all three move to the bed. She is in the middle, kissing Walker while her husband kisses her back and rubs her clit making her moan and want so much more. He knows what she wants and quickly changes position and takes her pussy in his mouth. His tongue drawing circles around her clit, he nips her clit she begs for more and starts to scream. He tells Walker to put his dick in her mouth so she cant scream. She loves this, one on each end. Pleasuring one with her mouth and being pleasured by her man who knows what to do and how to make her shake in passion.

Always the gentleman her husband looks at Walker and asks if he wants some of this, she likes being talked about in third person. She is so dominant and independent in most things in life, but she loves being submissive in the bedroom, likes being tossed from one to the other, to be used for pleasure and to give pleasure, to be an object of sex. This is not degrading to her, she finds it empowering and exhilarating, she knows when it comes down to it, she still has control because the men would never hurt her and "no means no." After Walker pounds her hard, fast and deep, then comes with one deep thrust she is taken by her husband, the love of her life and there in front of Walker he takes her with as much force as Walker had. She lays there, wishing to be unconscious from it all but knows they still have plans today. All three say thank you and discuss the possibility of another adventure.

The weekend is coming to an end, she is happy and content. Her and husband are sitting barely clothed watching The Revenge of the Pink Panther when she leans over and takes him in her mouth, feeling him grow in her mouth as she takes him. She looks at him and says "Father's Day blow job," he certainly does not object. She realizes she is getting extremely turned on and rips off her skimpy lace thong and climbs on all fours to the ottoman and says to him "take me!" For the third time in just barely over 24 hours they mount each other and release their passion and stress, consummating their love for each other. Later that evening as heading to bed, the lust and passion is still there and they end the evening with one last session.

She awakes, refreshed, happy to be in love with a wonderful man who gives her so much and knows what she needs. One who shares his wife and likes watching her get pleasure, one who is happy the sexual creature has been unleashed. She wakes up horny and reaches for her vibrator, it's late morning so she is sure that her love has already left for work. As she is pleasuring herself, he walks in and inquires if she needs his assistance. She would never turn that down so he proceeds to take her on that journey of wave after wave of orgasm, she squirts and he knows he has done a good job, she screams stop and then she falls completely relaxed on the bed. He smiles, strips from the waist down and tells her he is not finished with her. He drags her to the side of the bed and takes her again and again and again. He smacks her on the ass and tells her he loves it when she gives in to her lustful self. She feels over the top, this is one of her dreams, to be a sex slave to her husband and this weekend she was. He hugs her and reminds her that this is how they used to have sex, four and five times a weekend, sometimes a day. She gives him a kiss and tells him that they should work on getting back to that and smiles. Maybe this weekend was the jumpstart they needed.

She looks at her phone, a sexy message from the out of town man, hmmmm...where will that end up. Maybe another story to tell.

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