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Weekly Coffee


We've been meeting for several weeks for coffee and I've always been a perfect gentleman. Our conversations on-line have been so sexy, and I've enjoyed them so much. But I enjoy our weekly coffee just as much because I get to see your lovely face. I look forward to seeing you, just as you look forward to seeing me.

Afterwards, outside in the parking lot, we always kiss. A little peck on the cheek. This time, however, we stop between our vehicles and I move in closer to you. For a moment we stare looking into each others' eyes. An awkward moment. Leaning in, I kiss you full on the mouth and press my body against yours. You kiss me back, your tongue darting into my mouth, your arms surrounding me.

Breaking off the kiss, you say, "Mmmmm, I've wondered how that would be."

Hearing that, my passions arouse further and you feel a hardness against your leg as I press against you.

Whispering in your ear I say, "Penny, I want to make you cum so badly!"

"Joe! You promised to be good when we meet!" you laughed, your hand moving to my crotch where it rubs against my hardness. "Oh, my!".

"I can't help it, you're driving me crazy. I need to have you."

Opening the door to my Tahoe, I push you inside. The back two seats have been flattened so there is plenty of room for you to lie down. Closing the door behind me, I finally have you where I want you.

Looking up at me with a wicked look of desire you say, "Oh my god, Joe, there are people all around! What if someone sees us?"

"Well, they will have to have their noses pressed against the window. No one can see through the tinted glass otherwise.

Tugging at your slacks, I quickly pull them off. The sight of your bare legs excites me, but not as much as the shadow of your pubic hair beneath your panties. "I'm gonna make you cum so hard!" I laugh as I pull off your panties.

The wetness between your legs betrays your excitement. You love the thought of being taken here in the parking lot, with cars pulling up and people getting out and walking by. The danger of being seen makes you want it more than I do.

Taking your legs in my hands I drape them over my shoulders as I lean forward to kiss your sweet wet pussy. You gasp as my tongue parts your pussy lips and enters you. Letting my tongue linger inside you, my hands caress your thighs and hips. I love the feel of your soft skin beneath my fingertips and you love the feeling of my mouth on your pussy, my hot breath on your pubic area.

From our conversations on-line, I know you like it slow, letting it build up to excruciating pleasure. My lips suckle your swollen clit and you begin to paw at your tits, pushing up your shirt and bra until your hard nipples are free. With one hand you guide my head between your legs and with the other you pinch your nipples.

A car pulls into the space next to us and we hear the people get out and close there doors. The thrill of people so near excites you even more.

My fingers slide into your wet pussy and my tongue dives more deeply into you. You start to cry out, but bite your lips so as not to draw attention to ourselves. My fingers fuck you faster and deeper and my lips pull on your stiffened clit. Feeling the pleasure building inside you, you cry out, "Oh geez, Joe, I'm gonna come! Don't stop! Don't stop!"

Your body tenses and your feet press into my back, your shoes digging into my skin. You erupt in a violent spasm of ecstasy. A rush of wetness fills my mouth as your juices explode. The taste of your sweet pussy is like ambrosia to me. My fingers keep working your pussy and my tongue laps up your juices until the last spasm of your orgasm subsides.

Getting up onto my knees, I frantically unbuckle my pants, pushing them down as far as they will go. You eye my stiff cock and spread your legs wide. I stroke it for a moment to tease you. Then I push forward and let it rest between your pussy lips, like a bratwurst in a bun, letting your juices coat it with a shiny sheen. You love the feeling of my throbbing cock nestled between your pussy lips like that.

"FUCK ME!" you cry.

"You want it, Penny? You want my cock inside you?" I taunt.

"Yes, fuck me, fuck me now. I want that cock of yours inside me!"

I plunge into you, so deeply you feel my balls slapping against your ass. Your pussy is so wet that my cock makes sloshing sounds as I pound into you.

More people are walking around near the Tahoe, which is rocking gently in the lot. We hear a murmur, "Look at that truck rocking. Someone is fucking in there!"

Knowing that someone is watching the truck rock drives me into a frenzy. You cry out loudly as my cock pushes more deeply into you with each stroke.

"I want your hot cum in me, you fucker! Give it to me!" you scream, your voice so loud that the people standing outside can surely hear you.

Your nipples stiffen as you begin to cum again. You feel my cock expand until it fills you completely. My body bucks and strains as I empty my hot load into your soaking pussy.

Pulling out quickly, I press my head between your legs again and let my tongue slide into you. Emerging with a dollop of cum on my tongue I move up to kiss you, and you eagerly suck the cum off my tongue.

"So, Penny. Same time next week?" I laugh as we pull our clothes back on.

"Yes, and next time, let's skip the coffee!" you say.

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