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Welcome Home


This is my first submission, please feel free to send me any feedback, either good or bad.


As you lay there, your soft skin shimmering under the candle light, you looked so wonderful and I instantly knew that tonight was going to be special.

I had just returned home after being away for the last third of the year. The time away was one of the downsides of a job that otherwise provided a secure, long term, well paid, and enjoyable lifestyle.

I had been due home a few hours early, but due to flight delays and traffic it was now past midnight. Your intention to wait up for me had been clear, but a hard day at work had taken its toll on you, so you slept peacefully on your back dressed in a lacy blue nightie. The unusually warm weather meant that the duvet was pushed to one side, which meant I could see your whole body. The nightie had ridden up a little, and your legs were parted, which afforded me a view of a neatly trimmed bush and the delights which it hid.

As I crept over to the bed I shed my clothes in a heap on the floor. I gently knelt on the bed and leaned in to kiss you on the cheek. my hand brushed across you left breast as I leant in and you let out a low moan. I kissed you on the forehead, left the bed and headed towards the shower. It had been a long journey and to stand any chance of sleeping I needed to freshen up.

Before I left the bed, and unable to resist those amazing breasts, I gently placed a kiss on each nipple and whispered to each one that I had missed them a lot. I think a little moan escaped from your lips as I did that, but I couldn't have been sure.

As the hot water ran down across my naked body I looked down at myself and smiled, I was pleased with the shape I was in after being away. The combination of three cooked meals a day and too many nights out drinking had been kept at bay by the hour and half that spent in the gym each day. In my opinion I was looking good. My six pack had returned to the way it was when we first met, and I had managed to bulk out a little across my chest and upper arms.

As I stood under the stream of hot water, lost in the moment, and enjoying feeling clean again after the 24 hours of travelling, I did not hear the bathroom door open or close. The warmth of your petite hand on my flaccid member and the feeling of your amazing breasts against my back brought me to my senses in the most wonderful way. As you stood behind me gently stroking my growing cock I craned my neck to kiss you on the lips for the first time in four months. The sweet taste of your kiss brought back good memories of many previous similar encounters, and reminded me how much I love everything about you. My left hand reached behind me and found its way to your neatly trimmed bush. You part your legs a little to allow my finger to graze over your clit as it descends into your dripping wet pussy.

The water glistens off our skin as we stand in the shower slowly and gently pleasing one another, I turn around to kiss you more deeply. Our lips part and as our tongues entwine I fell you melt into my arms, your hand releases it's grip on me and you steady yourself on the wall of the shower. I take advantage and move my kisses onto your neck and shoulders. In response you arch her back which pushes your breasts into my chest. I can feel your hard erect nipples pushing into my pecs. I wrap my arms around you a pull you in closer, what feels like an electric charge passes through my groin as it touches yours for the first time. You grind your pussy into me and I return my kisses to your mouth. You reach down and guide my cock towards your awaiting pussy, As the tip reaches your outer lips I thrust upwards forcing my cock to rub over your enlarged clit, you let out a moan of pleasure as I do it again and again. With my cock in my hand I rub it along the whole length of your pussy, following my cock with a finger from my other hand, this causes sexy little moans to escape from deep within you. You hands are running up and down my back and through my wet hair.

After teasing you like this for few more minutes I pull away and step out of the shower, a little pout appears on your lips as disappointment spreads across your face. I turn the shower off and offer you my hand, which you take and step out of the shower and into my arms once more. We kiss passionately as I lead us across the landing and into our bedroom which is lit by flickering candles.

I fall onto the bed and pull you on top of me, our bodies in such close contact that we could be classed as one. The feeling of your breasts pushing down onto me almost send me over the edge, but I control myself and motion for you to lay on your front beside me. I straddle you and start to massage your neck, back, and shoulders, each time getting lower and lower down your back, so that before long I am caressing your amazingly pert bottom.

I lean forward and start placing small kisses all over your back, my hands still caress your bum and occasionally dip between your legs and run along the length of your pussy. As I lean forward and place a kiss on the nape of your neck my hard cock nestles itself between your legs, which in response part a little further. My tip of my cock now rests against your outer lips. With one small thrust I could bury myself deep inside you, but instead I push my hips down causing the tip of my cock to teasingly run along your pussy and come to rest against your clit. I take my member in my hand and gently rub the tip repeatedly over your excited clitoris. Your breathing shortens as you desperately try not to orgasm. I lean forward and nibble on your ear lobe, this is too much for you and you let out a long moan as you climax. Turning yourself over underneath me you look up to my smiling face and sitting up plant a long passionate kiss on my lips.

Breaking the kiss I gently push you back onto the bed as I begin to move down you body gently placing kisses all over you soft skin. Each breast gets extra attention from my mouth before I continue down across your stomach and between your legs. Placing a gentle kiss on your clit before I move down your right leg placing kisses as I go . My fingers follow my mouth down the body and graze across the clit and into your wet pussy. As I gently fuck you with two fingers I take your big toe into my mouth and gently suck on it. Moving across to the left foot and then working my way back up the leg, all the time my fingers gently caress your insides. Lost in a haze of pleasure you do not notice my fingers being replaced by my tongue. You only notice when you fell my hands caress your breasts. After only a few seconds you pull away form me and ask me to kiss you again. Obliging I move back up your body placing kisses as I go, again paying extra attention to your breasts.

As we passionately kiss my hard cock pushes against the outer edges of your pussy, your legs part and with a gentle thrust I enter you for the first time in too long. As I push deep into you I break the kiss and look deep into your eyes. Our hands roam over each other as our bodies work in harmony to achieve what we both know will be a mind blowing climax.

Slowly we make love, our bodies moving in unison, your hands caress my bum as mine move up and down your body. I sit up and push your knees up so that I can fuck you deeper. You look me in the eyes and beg for my hands on your breasts. I caress them all over and pinch your nipples, leaning forward whilst still deep inside you I bite each nipple knowing that it'll drive you crazy. With your knees still bent we kiss again, each thrust going deeper then the last. You look into my eyes once again and beg me to fuck you hard. Knowing how much you love to be fucked I start fucking you deep but gently, as the speed increase so does the intensity. I can feel you finger nails digging into my arse.

Are bodies become one as we fuck, each deep penetration felt by both of us and each one getting us closer to that special moment. With one final deep hard thrust I cum deep inside you, the feel of my cum filling your insides sends you over the edge, you pull me closer into you and your body twists and turns underneath me as the climax spreads though your body.

As we lay in each others arms you kiss me and whisper 'Welcome home'.

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