Wet Miranda's Coed Shower

byWet Miranda©

I could barely focus on a word he was saying. I was already super turned on by the whole thrill of all the guys who had seen me shower naked, not to mention all the hot bodies I had seen myself. Kyle was turning my legs to jelly. I was so horny from everything that had been going on. I looked down at his cock. It was nice and long. He had the willpower not to get an erection, or maybe he just wasn't as turned on by my nudity as I was by his. I looked at his body up and down.

I vaguely remember having some kind of conversation about Chemistry class, but mostly I remember hearing it like this: "Blah, blah, blah alkali metals, blah, blah, blah Professor Chadbourn is such a hardass sometimes, blah, blah, blah did you understand that equation on Thursday?" I couldn't believe he was talking about school so casually in this situation! He totally had nerve, and kept his composure, not acting at all shy. I wanted him so bad.

My body was soaking wet. I wished everyone else would leave the shower. I didn't want the other guys in the room to be there, I just wanted to be alone with Kyle. I wanted him to do such dirty things to me. I had a funny thought...we can be dirty here, because then we can just take a shower and clean up later!

I wanted him to wash my body, even thought it was already clean from the shower. I pictured his hands pumping some liquid soap into his palm and soaping my naked body. I wanted him to wash my back, and squeeze my ass. I wanted to feel the sensual feel of him running his fingers through my hair. I needed him to caress my tits with his wet slippery hands. And I imagined what it would be like to wash him too. I fantasized about soaping up his hard chest, which was very smooth and had very little hair. I dreamed of pressing our wet nude bodies together. Think you can avoid an erection now, Kyle? I asked him in my head.

And while he rambled on and on, and the four other guys now in the shower just looked on in disbelief, my thoughts got dirtier and hotter. I was barely hearing him anymore; I was lost in a fantasy world. I stopped thinking of him washing my body, and pictured him turning me around and having me stand up against the wall. In my mind he was standing behind me while I had my palms pressed against the wall. I felt his slippery chest on my back and his hard cock on the crack of my ass. He bent me over and guided his dick into my sopping pussy. In reality sex in the shower is almost impossible, but in my head it was so easy, it was like a scene in a porn movie where every sexual position comes naturally with no problem, and people fuck after they have just met.

Still in my fantasy world now, I pictured his dick pumping in and out of my juicy hole. In the sex scene I conjured up, I was moaning and groaning while touching my clit, masturbating furiously while he fucked me hard from behind. I imagined that his cock was all wet from the shower, and that he pumped into me while grabbing my hips for support. I just stood there and took it all in me deep, grinding my ass back into his hips to meet each thrust. He kept going faster and faster until he shot a load of come into me, and it felt so very hot inside my cunt. I begged him to stay inside me for a minute after he came so I could masturbate to orgasm. He reached up and caressed my tits, fingering my hard red nipples. I felt my orgasm approach. I felt that great sensation where you know you are about to come. I rubbed my clit faster and faster, rubbing in quick circles. My pussy started contracting on his still erect cock. I came so hard I could barely stand afterwards, and then we washed each other again while making out.

Back to reality, we were still just standing and talking. None of that really hot sex I pictured in my head just a minute ago really had happened, though I wished that it had. I was not really saying much besides a few short answers to his questions, and mostly I just nodded at his words. I blushed when I looked down and saw that my hand was on my pussy. Thank god I didn't get too carried away while fantasizing that we were fucking. It would have been too much if he saw me masturbate.

He said he had to go to his algebra class soon, and he left the shower. I was thinking that I had not impacted him nearly as much as he had impacted me when I realized two facts. First, I noticed that his cock was semi erect as he walked away. So I had started to make him hard, I thought! I hoped he had such a hard on he couldn't sit down in class.

I was getting nervous about seeing him in chemistry class later that day when I realized the second fact that made my morning. He hadn't ever showered that morning! Even though he had acted all calm and nonchalant on the outside, my bold and shocking nudity had distracted him so much he had just been standing in the shower talking, and hadn't remembered to actually take a shower!

I was about to leave the shower myself when the guy who had asked me if I needed help when I was in the hallway earlier entered the shower. The short guy with long brown hair and the goatee. He looked at me and seemed to be about to turn around like half of the other guys that morning. But then he had a change of heart and stayed in the shower. He could barely get the bar of soap in his hands; he was so surprised and nervous about the situation. I decided to have some more fun, and took another shower while he watched. He tried very hard not to look, but he kept glancing over at me. I made quite a show of raising my arms above my head as a shampooed my hair for the second time. I mad sure to arch my back to make my tits stick out more, and I pinched my nipples to get them all hard. Then for the coup de gras I spread my legs wide apart and ran my fingertips through my short red pubic hair, making sure my pussy lips were nice and open for him. I let him look, feeling so turned on by all the stares I had gotten that morning. I finished my shower, and then turned around to give him a smile before leaving. He was as hard as a rock! Good, I had made an impact. I couldn't wait to tell Sarah all about it. I actually was excited about her next dare, although I didn't yet know how extreme they could be.

I got dressed, left the shower, and took the elevator back down. I was so horny that I planned to bike back to my dorm and masturbate my pussy till I came fucking hard. I opened the door and smelled the warm spring breeze. It smelled of flowers, and I thought of romance. Although I was extra nervous about seeing Kyle again, at least I had had a chance to talk to him. What a way to break the ice, I thought! I realized that when people of the opposite sex are talking to each other, they often imagine what the other one would look like naked. When I talk to Kyle in class later today, I thought, we will already know! I couldn't wait to see him, and I hoped that this encounter would someday lead to something more...

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