tagFetishWet Weekend Ch. 04

Wet Weekend Ch. 04


(Note to reader. Please consider going back and reviewing chapters 1 through 3 to catch up. It has been almost a year since this story was last updated.)

Chapter 4

The Grotto

About half an hour after midnight, when the house had been quiet for some time, I got up and dressed in my blue thong underwear that I only wore with my blue jeans. I crept silently out to the darkened pool. The underwater pool light created a blue glow over the water which did little to cut through the deep shadows on the wide poolside.

I looked around unable to see anyone and wondered for a moment what the hell I was doing out here alone in the middle of the night instead of tucked up in bed. Oh, I remember -- Sex!

One of the shadows on the other side of the pool suddenly moved and Sue stepped into the blue glow from the water. She was completely and delightfully naked apart from her gold ankle bracelets and gold and pearl waist chains.

I gasped at her full - firm breasts with their large ripe nipples. I allowed my gaze to travel down her flat stomach and between her legs where I saw that she was hosting the most beautiful pussy that I had ever seen. I was goggle eyed as my cock jumped to attention and tried to force its way out of the tiny pouch on my bikini.

Sue giving a big grin at my obviously uncomfortable state before saying, "I'm glad you decided to come," putting a definite emphasis on the last word. She walked slowly to the pool while putting special emphasis on swaying her sweet ass for my benefit.

She got to the edge and turned. She commanded, "Join me in the water ... naked," and with that she dropped neatly into the pool, surfaced and swam leisurely towards the deep end.

I didn't need a second invitation as I stripped out of the constraining tightness of the bulging pouch and jumped into the water to swim rapidly after her. I reached her in a few strokes and was taken slightly by surprise as she moved forwards eagerly into my arms and kissed me hard on the lips. We both of us slid under water for five seconds then surfacing to gulp air and move to the wall of the pool.

"I hope you can hold your breath a long time," Sue grinned, "You're going underwater for my personnel pleasure many times tonight! I know you will like it!"

I took in a deep breath as one hand closed on my shoulder and another clamped my cock to force me deep underwater facing her. Her legs draped over my shoulders as she held me beneath the surface. She pressed her naked pussy right against my face -- in essence - telling me exactly what she wanted.

Luckily, I had learned about oral sex from one of the rather dubious training videos that had been circulating round the college so I started to work on her clit with my tongue. I wasn't very good at it but made up for my lack of expertise by also pushing a middle finger inside her cunt and arousing her that way as well.

It seemed to be working. As looking up I could see that Sue's eyes were closed, her lips were clamped together, and her hand (that wasn't hanging onto the pool ladder) was bunched tightly into a clenched fist.

For over a minute, I kept up my actions between her shapely legs until I felt the overwhelming urge to breathe. I tried to get her legs off of me so I could surface. Only then did I find that she had me firmly ensnared and was wickedly holding me down just as she and her mother had held the Traci underwater earlier.

I started kicking and struggling as the pressure in my lungs increased and I began puffing out air bubbles which trickled up the folds of Sue's pussy. I could hear an audible moan coming from her mouth above the surface when I started losing more air which burst against her open cunt before streaming upwards.

At last when my lungs had completely emptied and I thought I was going to drown, she completely let go of me and I shot to the surface. I hung onto the pool ladder slightly dizzy through lack of air and frantically gasped. Sue grinned sweetly next to me reaching down to massage my throbbing shaft.

Payback Time!

"All right, it's payback time!" I announced and grabbing her waist chain in the front. I climbed on top of her sending her quickly under water only allowing her a short gasp before she plunged beneath the surface. I held her down for 30 seconds until I felt her begin struggling. I pulled her up for an instant but kept my hand firmly in place on the top of her head so that she could not escape. When she broke the surface, she only had time for a brief gasp before she was gently forced down again for another underwater survival lesson.

The third time Sue burst to the surface greatly in need of air I allowed her to fill her lungs completely before sending her rapidly under again. This time I was single-minded to sadistically keep her submerged until she was thrashing with empty lungs. At least that was my plan.

To my amazement, I felt both her hands close on my hips underwater and the warmth of her mouth as it closed on the head of my cock. She took it and half my shaft past her lips and teeth. I had never ever been sucked lie this before and for a brief second I wondered if she had done this either. The immense pleasure rolled through me and I closed my eyes.

I placed both hands on her head to keep her there. I gave in to it knowing if she kept this up for much longer, I was going to explode. Sue's hands tapping and pushing desperately at my hips in an effort to get the cock out of her out her mouth and surface rudely interrupted my total heaven.

Her legs kicking and large bursts of bubbles escaping from the sides of her mouth round my shaft. I waited another 10 seconds till I felt her thrashing beneath me then removed my hands from her head and watched as Sue shot to the surface! She held onto the pool ladder spitting water and gasped fitfully.

I was not expecting such a quick recovery. In less than thirty seconds later she wrapped her legs round my hips, reached down to guide my stiff and aching shaft, and moved forwards fully impaling herself. She let go of the pool ladder, which caused us to drop beneath the surface together.

At least, I had managed to take a deep breath.

Sue had deeply inhaled before submerging and underwater she clamped both hands on my buttocks and started thrusting hard and fast repeatedly slamming me to the hilt. We were both struggling to hold our breath as we rapidly rode each other towards the point of no return.

Just when I thought, we would have to surface and go down again for a second underwater session of thrusting I felt the telltale jerking in the base of my shaft and we exploded together. Sue threw her head back and opening her mouth wide to lose her breath in a long, gurgled yell of pleasure.

Obviously, she needed to get back to the surface or she would drown. I somehow managed to withdraw from her and watched her frantically kick upwards with wisps of cum emerging from her pussy. I followed her up to the welcome air where she coughed and gasped fitfully as I held her against the pool ladder.

Her eyes were slightly glazed as she clung to me and slowly got her breath back then told me, "I don't normally do it under water as I tend to cry out when I cum, but that was fantastic! I have almost drowned that way more times than I can count!"

For a person who had very little experience this was praise indeed so I answered truthfully, "That was the most wonderful experience I have ever had! I've never done it underwater nor had a girl take me in her mouth -- at least like that."

"Never?" Sue echoed, "I'll have to do something about that before you leave here then, won't I?" I didn't say a word as her implication was too much to even think.

To be continued...

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