tagFetishWet Weekend Ch. 05

Wet Weekend Ch. 05


Once Sue had got her breath back we swam side by side to the shallow end of the pool and climbed out to kiss passionately on the side naked and unashamed. After drying myself on Sue's offered towel I asked, "Can I come to your bed?"

"No, you get some rest, lover," she answered, "I haven't finished with you this weekend. I don't want you too tired tomorrow."

She hesitated for a moment then looked to the far corner of the poolroom, which was completely in dark shadow.

"The show's over so you can come out of there and go to bed, you little shit!" she announced.

Traci appeared with a big grin on her face and dodged as Sue took a swipe at her before running in the direction of her bedroom.

"Sneaky little bitch!" Sue called after her, "I'm going to drown you tomorrow -- I really will this time!" Turning back to me she said, "Sorry about that, I didn't see her creep in. She must have arrived while we were busy."

"It doesn't matter," I lied feeling just a little embarrassed at having been seen completely naked by Traci when I didn't know it; "She probably knew we were going to get together anyway."

"Yeah, there nothing secret in this house," Sue laughed, "I'll see you in the morning."

I went quietly back to bed and slept soundly wondering what was going to happen the following day as I was due to leave the house on Monday morning. This still left a full day and night in this house where it seemed all my dreams were coming true.

At breakfast the following morning the mom had given me a knowing smile and had given me an extra helping of breakfast saying, "Here, we've got to keep your strength up," which made me blush. She knew all about our nocturnal activities.

An hour after breakfast we were all on the poolside looking forward to fun and games in the water. This time, I chose to come naked just like Martin had done. He was not here yet but I assumed that he would not wear his swim suit either.

Traci appeared from the house, dressed (or undressed actually) topless in a yellow French-bikini bottom that was tight enough to force the material between the cheeks of her ass and outline her nipples and crotch. It clearly showed that she was probably shaved as well. Traci grinned at me, licked her lips slowly, and thrust her hips twice in my direction.

I would have sworn she was silently making me a very indecent suggestion. I considered I had my hands full with Sue and felt it would be very wrong of me to make any advances to Traci. Or would it?

Sue said something quietly to her mom and then dived neatly into the deep end of the pool. The mom casually approached Traci and without warning produced a short length of bikini string she had been hiding behind her. With a deft motion, she tied Traci's hands firmly behind her back.

"Now, miss," she said quietly, although I managed to hear from where I was standing, "You're going to have to learn that's its very bad manners to spy on people who are engaged in something very very private."

With that the mom shoved Traci forwards off the edge and threw her into the deep end of the pool where she landed with a huge splash. She went down a long way to the bottom. Sue was treading water not far away and as soon as her sister hit the water, she started swimming towards her.

Traci surfacing to gulp air and kicked hard to keep her head above the surface. She managed to get herself into a position where she could move backwards slowly through the water towards the shallow end. Water poured from her face causing her to sputter and spit.

She laughed and called as she swam, "Sue was Mike's penis as gigantic as you had hoped?" She was almost to the edge and she just glared at him. Hitting the side she turned to try to get up the ladder. With her arms tied -- it was impossible.

Frustrated, she struck out for the shallow end and continued her taunts. "Mike, other guys LIKE fucking Sue underwater. Then she can't talk!"

Traci was almost to the shallow end but she was not able to keep one last sexual insult contained, "Sue", she called, "When Mike's hard cock was in your big mouth, were you able to suck ANY air through it?"

Traci's time at the surface was short lived this time. Sue lunged across the pool and clamped a firm hand on top of her head. With no concern for if she had time to take a breath Sue pushed her underwater and held her at arms length. Traci trashed under the water but Sue pushed her deeper.

Sue climbed on top of Traci to hold her under in the warm pool water. The noise in the pool area mercifully grew quiet. With Traci silenced we could all relax a bit - after all - she was busy.

I swam underwater to fully appreciate Traci's new forced breath holding session. The mother swam over to Sue and floated next to her laying face down on the surface looking down. She watched the younger girl struggle and kick.

Through the clear water I could see Traci finally trying to relax and hold her breath. She probably knew she was going to get a very lengthy breath holding lesson this time. After a FULL minute I surfaced and took a breath then went down again.

Traci was now wide eyed and struggling with her cheeks bulging with spent air. Her face showed her urgent need to breathe and bursts of bubbles escaped from her lips. The punishment continued and the time advanced toward a minute and a half.

She needed to breathe soon or she would drown! Working together, the two women pulled her back out into deep water. They had no problem holding her under.

My cock was a hard as a rock watching this and I wanted so badly to swim over and bury it in Traci's almost completely exposed cunt! For that matter, I would have been satisfied with sticking it in either Sue or the mother. Any cunt would do as I ached to get relief for my raging erection!

To be continued...

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