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What a Girl Wants


For many of us that phrase is more than just a movie title or a song lyric. It is THE question to ask when you decide to enter the frenzied world of dating. URNA is not your average dating and social site either. It is the best for finding special girls like me. With so many options and ways to meet people your interested in, finding the woman of you dreams can be a whole lot easier for you. Whatever kind of woman your interested in can be found here. In order to get her you need to know how so I'm going to try very hard to be your personal matchmaker.

Why you decided to explore dating is different for each of us. How you date and who you date is also quite unique. Each of us looks for different things in a partner weather it's just a one nite escapade or a life long commitment. In sales they call it market research so that is the theme you need to think about. If you live in Alaska it would be really hard to show up there with a truckload of ice and sell it for top dollar. It can be done and there are people that can do it but it's a really tough sell.

Dating is a lot like sales, you have to know your market. You have to compete with a lot of other people to close the deal. You also have to know how and when to close the deal. Think about it. we have all bought a car. We had an idea of what we could afford. We knew what color we wanted, and we knew what make and model would be the best for our lifestyle.

If your completely broke and on the run from the landlord, a Bentley is probably not in your budget. So why go in there and haggle with the dealer all day and then walk away at the last minute angry and frustrated because he wont give you the keys. He checked you out while you talked and did his market research he discovered that you are not in his target market. Dating is the very same way. If you cant afford to get in the country club and dress like the jet set crowd you probably are note going to find a date there. So why struggle with it and argue with them, just accept that for TODAY or RIGHT NOW you don't fit in. Go home and get busy and come back later when you are READY. Believe me timing is everything when it comes to closing the deal.

So, what is it that you need to know to date those special girls that have more than most? You have to know your market, you need to know what the girls like and what they don't. Honey this is not a suggestion it is a fact. If you have no idea what the object of you affection likes or dislikes you will never get her to go out on a date with you.

The only way to discover that and more is to ask questions, don't be afraid to do it either. Even if it's a silly question like how long her hair is. Trust me she will tell you that and more, so take a lot of notes. We love to talk about our hair and everything that goes with it. Women love to talk, so if you can get us to talk just sit there and nod your head while you write down all the clues we give you.

When you buy a car, do you just walk in point and say that one? Of course not. Well nobody else does either. So ask her what she is interested in and why. Trust me on this fella's, We will tell you. The beauty of it is you don't need to say much you just need to pay attention. A woman will tell you everything you need to know to get in her knickers. All you have to do is listen to her and know when to close the deal. Be patient though some of are like Alaska, in fact most of us are. So patience is key when you are trying to date us. Just because we say no today coes not mean we will say no tomorrow.

There are some very important things you need to know about us. We are like every other woman you see on the street. There is NO DIFFENCE. We love to be seduced, romanced and seen as beautiful. Many guys think that because we used to be like them that we will be easier or more open to crude behavior. This is utterly and completely wrong. We are females now and the things that work on a genetic woman will work on us too. In addition the things that don't work on genetic women wont work on us either.

the following is a simple and easy to follow guide for you fella's that want to date the girls of your dreams. Keep in mind that each girl is different and some of these tips will work and some wont. If they don't produce instant results just relax, don't get flustered or mad. Just try something else. Nothing says desperate like harassment and badgering. If she says no just deal with it an walk away she may change her mind and say yes later.

First and foremost, be polite and sincere :

If you open with "hey baby, sexy, hot stuff", you are not going to get very far. We know it's a come on. Most of us get turned off the moment we hear it. It shows your not really interested in us but in an adventure or just a fling. The vast majority of us really want to have a steady boyfriend or even a husband. Moves like that exclude you almost immediately unless you already know us really well. The best move is to be interested in us. Ask us how our day is, or if we are having a good day and then WAIT for us to answer. Patience is the key. Slow and steady will win every time over fast and frenzied. We know what your ultimately after and pressuring us will not get you there faster. If you play your cards right we will give you that and so much more.

Second, be engaged in the conversation :

If you really want to talk to the girl then talk to her. Don't just stand there looking around the place. have something to say. She may not agree with it but, it will defiantly keep her interest in YOU going. Always be respectful though even if you disagree with her. Don't decide to dump her just because she is in favor of something you don't like or disagree with. Pay attention and follow along. If you are distracted then say so, don't be afraid to walk away and talk later. She will think more highly of you if you are honest with her than if you try to deceive her.

Third, be honest with her :

Nobody likes a liar and she wont either. We get lied to a lot so for us it's a HUGE deal if you lie. If your a bank teller fine. Don't tell her some story about how you are the bank president because she WILL figure it out. Once that happens it's over for you. If you are uncomfortable with the truth or not being upfront with us how can we be sure your going to show up for that first date. We need to feel safe and secure so if we cant trust you then why would we want to put our safety in your hands. We talk to each other constantly so the last thing you want is to get on our blacklist as somebody who is dishonest.

Fourth, don't be a cheapskate :

I understand that we all have bills and expenses but don't low ball the date. We are not looking for somebody to take care of us, but we do want somebody who can take care of themselves. You don't need to be Donald Trump but you should be able to afford a cover charge and a few drinks. So many guys blow this one. We spend an incredible amount of money to look as good as we do. So why would you expect us to give it up for free. Genetic women don't and we wont either. as the old saying goes "you have to pay to play". Never ever ask us for money! That will blow any chance you ever had of being with us. Permanently!

Fifth, dress the part :

A pair of sneakers and jeans is fine for working on your car. For a date it's not. Dress well, put on a nice shirt and a pair of slacks. Think about how well we dress and ask yourself do we want to be seen on the arm of dilitant? Our apearance is one of the most important things to us. So you need to know it's going to be someting we look at closely. If your too lazy to iron your shirt we are not going to want to be seen with you. I can't stress this enough fella's you need to clean up a little. We spend hours making sure we look as feminine and womanly as possible. You have to do that also if you want to succeed with us.

Sixth, have a good profile :

This one is so incredibaly important. If you want us to be interested, you need to give us something to look at. I cant tell you the number of times I visit a guys profile before I agree to go out with him. Trust me on this guys we will look at your page here constantly. You have a fantasy about us and we have a fantasy about you too. Give us someting to read and to look at. Put up a few pictures so we can see what kind of life we will have with you. Tell us what your looking for so we can figure out how to dress for you. Tell us what you like and we will get interested in it for you. A well written profile on URNA is the biggest selling tool you have don't waste it. No matter what kind of relationship you want with us. If you don't tell us what you really want then how can we decide if your the guy we want. We definately are not going to want it with you if are to scared to show your face. If you are to afraid to be seen here then we know you won't ever show up for our date. Think of it like your business card, why would we call you if it's blank? If you don't have one your chances are going to be SEVERELY diminished when it comes to getting a date with us. Most of us will not even consider talking to you without one that's how important this is.

So now you know what to do fella's. Six simple and easy to follow steps for getting that dream girl from here to your apartment. Take the time and invest it in these simple rules and you will have more girls flocking to you than you ever thought possible. So here we have it, just be polite, sincere, and engaged in the conversation by showing interest in us. Tell us the truth and don't try to lie to us because we will find out about it. Spend a few dollars on trying to get to know us, the cost of being a member of URNA is exceptionally low and will pay off in spades.

Dress well because every girl likes a good looking guy on her arm. We want to be with you so show us that you want to be with us. Write a good profile and have a decent photo for us to look at so we can envision our life with you. If you put forth the effort to be with us we will not only see it but appreciate it. Treat us with respect and dignity and we will be yours in a heartbeat. Don't be shy or afraid guys we want you more than we let on. Always remember we are women so treat us that way and it will pay off more than you can imagine.


With love,

Michelle Hart

If you have a suggestion for a topic you would like to see addressed feel free to write me through my profile. Also, feel free to Post and Comments below. If you would like to know more about me or are just curious don't be shy, reply.

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