tagAnalWhat A Wonderful Way To Start The Day

What A Wonderful Way To Start The Day

byStrapping Young Lad©

The open window lets in the sounds of early morning, and I open my eyes to see the first rays of the dawn have already broken, and the birds outside are causing their usual racket. As the sun rises, so do I. I peel back the sheet and I am rigid with 'morning wood'. I get up and use the bathroom, and as the piss empties out of me, so does my rigidity.

I return to bed and lie next to you. Your nightshirt is bunched up around your waist and the sheet has exposed your most beautiful, tight ass. Just looking at it makes me hard again. Your legs are splayed like scissors, one straight and the other cocked at an angle, and your beautiful bush is visible to my prying eyes.

I wet my lips and crawl up next to you, trailing a hand up your slender thigh to the curve of your buttocks. I squeeze and part them slightly, wiggling my fingers towards your sex. I begin rubbing your outer lips with my fingertips while kissing and licking your shoulder. You moan and spread your legs wider, slowly awakening to my administrations, and loving it.

With the opening larger now, I use my whole hand to rub your pussy lips in slow circles, taking a moment to snake a finger across your clit before continuing my rubbing. You are becoming more awake and more excited. I nibble your neck, and you giggle pulling away.

I realize you are fully awake now and I ask you to sit on my face in a sixty-nine, and you oblige. You hike your leg over me and settle your knees above my shoulders. What lies before me sends precum dribbling out of my rigid cock. Your pussy and ass are open to me like never before, and in the morning light the beauty of it takes my breath away. I inhale your scent deeply into my lungs. Before I even begin my tongue lashing you engulf me, sucking me deep into your mouth, and I gasp with pleasure.

I return the favor and begin licking you wide and deep from your clit to your opening, which is open, and wide, and I stick my tongue in as far as it will go. My nose is next to your asshole and I inhale that most taboo scent. I begin licking all of your exposed pussy with vigor, my never ending supply of spit soaking you completely, thoroughly. Each time you come up for air after sucking me long a deep you let out the deepest moans of satisfaction, which spurs me on even more, licking, sucking, nibbling, and tonguing this beautiful pussy before me.

My own hungry eyes keep staring at your ass, and that taboo of tight flesh. I lick the skin between and then the tight flesh itself. I snake a hand beneath you and hook a finger and push it effortlessly into your pussy, you are so open, so wet. I lick your ass and push my finger in and out of you. But you are so open. I withdraw the digit and make it two and slightly push them inside you, wary of my fingernails. Now I am pumping two fingers inside of you and licking your ass all over.

This attention to you is relayed to your mouth on my rigid cock, and you suck me harder and deeper, you withdraw me from your mouth and pump my saliva slick cock with your hand while you lean forward and take my scrotum into your mouth, rolling it over your tongue, and gently over your teeth. To add to your pleasure, I withdraw the two fingers and push three slow and deep into your wet pussy. I continue licking your ass all over, wetting it with my spit. The three digits are too much, they fill you, touch you, feel you, everywhere inside, and the building orgasm is pushed over the brink. You buck your hips over my face and your juices run down my fingers. I continue licking your ass and the skin between until your orgasm subsides and I pull my fingers soaking wet from you.

"Stay like this but move down so I can penetrate you." I say, and you oblige. Walking your knees down my sides until you are at my hips, then you lean forward opening wide to recieve me. I grab my rigid cock at the base and guide it into you. You sit back taking me into you so easily, so deep, so beautifully deep, and begin rocking back and forth. I watch in blissful awe as I disappear inside of you with each backward movement. I feel you all around me. I am engulfed. I melt inside you. I disappear. You begin undulating your hips faster, and I sink into you and am pulled out with insane rapidity.

I see how wet your ass is with my spit, and I ask you to slow down as I push a finger into your bowels, your taboo. You gasp as I invade you there, but then you start to pump your hips again, this time not only does my long and hard cock slip inside you with ease, but my spit soaked finger begins to as well, slowly at first, but then with as much quickness as the other hole is penetrated. I am close to coming. I can feel it building in my balls, and the pressure in my groin.

"I-I want to cum in-in your ass." I stutter out, the sensitivity numbing my mind. You say okay and pull forward until I pop out of both holes. I am so wet with your juices, and my finger loosened you up just enough, that I slide almost effortlessly into your taboo. After a few pushes back, I am buried balls-deep into your bowels. Then as you adjust to me inside you, you begin to pump your hips again. But the angle is wrong, so you lift first one leg, then the other until you are resting comfortably on the heels of your feet. Then balancing with one hand while the other busies itself finger deep in your pussy, you begin pumping up and down on my cock.

The pause in friction does not calm my impending orgasm, your ass is so tight it literally pulls my orgasm up and out of me, and only after a few minutes am I pumping my hot semen deep into you. But you keep riding me, your own orgasm close. The sensitivity of my cock pushing in and out of your ass is driving my insane with intense pleasure. My cock has long since deposited it's seed inside you, and your pumping, pushing me into you is a euphoria I have never known. Your fingers are rubbing your sensitive clit madly. I am in your ass, your hand is on your clit, and you cum hard. Your hips writhe with such intensity that I am pulled out of the comfortable home I had found, and my cum comes leaking out, dribbling over my belly and balls. You fall forward, collapsing on my legs.

Minutes later my cock finally begins to shrink. You kiss my feet as your body calms down. I rub your calves up and down. What a wonderful way to start the day.

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