What Bill and Kate Want...


Merri felt her body still quivering as she lapped the cum from Bill's hand. It was such a lascivious act, and she felt so very slutty, which only made her hotter. When he pressed his cock to her lips, she opened them eagerly lapping at him wanting more of the taste of this couple. "I think the little slut wants more," he growled at Kate, his cock rock hard again sawing between Merri's lips.

Kate moved off her as Merri shocked herself by liking being a called a little slut at that moment. Bill stepped back, and she heard Kate's voice say, "Don't worry little slut there is more where that came from." Kate straddled her head and lowered her pussy over Merri's face in such a way she had no choice but to lap and lick. She had never eaten pussy before, but she knew what she liked, and she rolled her tongue around Kate's clit putting pressure on it listening to the other woman squeal with delight.

Bill placed a couple of cushions under Merri's ass raising it up and knelt between her legs, slowly entering her and groaning deeply, "Fuck," he growled to Kate, "she is so tight!" But Kate's eyes were glazed over, and she was breathing raggedly. The small body between them heaved and arched, and he felt Merri's pussy contract around his cock making her even tighter, he shot his load deeply into her growling loudly as he watched his beautiful wife shudder and squeal in the throws of her own orgasm.

Kate collapsed to the side rolling to the floor leaving the girl breathing raggedly her face shiny with Kate's cum. Pulling from her, Bill cupped his hand under her as he had with Kate then he walked up to her head smearing the hand coated in their cum over her breasts and wiping his cock over her face. "You, little Merri, are so fucking hot!"

Spent and sated for the moment Bill pulled his wife to her feet to stand beside him looking own on the girl of their fantasies. "You were so right, she's perfect, just perfect," and leaned in to kiss her deeply. Squeezing Kate's ass he smiled, "How about a spa? I will grab some champagne, I feel the need to celebrate."

After much fondling and groping and kissing the spa, the three finally retired to bed. Bill complained that he would have to start taking Viagra to keep up with the two women but managed to rise to the occasion again before they finally fell in an exhausted heap.


They had barely been out of the company of each other all week. Bill had let Merri use his mother's car to travel back and forward for clothes or to check-in with her housemates saying that way he knew she would come back if only to return the car and give him the chance to persuade her to stay again. Merri had laughed at that assuring him that she needed no convincing.

Merri was surprised that they never made her feel like a third wheel, always craving her company, keeping no secrets, pampering and spoiling her with attention and affection. On her part she offered to cook for them and constantly cleaned up after their sessions, they never asked, but she liked to do it, she felt at home being able to do those little things, a sense of belonging to them and the house settled over her and by the end of the second week she was firmly ensconced in their lives.

Bill sat with Merri on the back deck looking out over the pool. "Come sit with me," he patted his lap and smiled as Merri obediently got up and went to him. "We haven't left you much time to find a job, have we?" Bill started.

Merri shook her head, "It's okay though I am going to apply to do a course maybe once the new semester is open, I am really not qualified for anything really."

"Kate and I were wondering since we go back to work next week if you would like to move in here, work for us. Oh that came out wrong," he grimaced. Trying to explain Bill spoke again, "You see we were planning on advertising for a housekeeper that could also care for my mother when she visits as well. We booked her into a lovely village where she can have her own small home, but where the staff will make sure she eats and gets the physio- for her hip, she is quite old you see."

Merri chewed her lip considering him but still said nothing. "We both work pretty hard and have some strange hours so you would have quite a bit of free time I imagine. We want you here with us more permanently, not this running back and forth that you do." He paused again trying to read her expression. "I know this is going really fast for all of us but Kate and I have been talking about meeting a girl like you for so long, and now here you are."

"So you would pay me to cook and clean and take care of your mother when she visits?" Merri was still clarifying it in her head.

Bill nodded, "We would have to hire someone anyway and you are already here doing the job so well."

"So I would be an employee, rather than lover," she furrowed her brow.

"Would you think the same thing if I hired you as a receptionist at my practise?" Bill countered, "I would still be your employer here or there, regardless of the fact that we are and will remain lovers."

"That make's sense I suppose," she whispered.

"You could still enrol in college and do it by correspondence, we would help you. Actually I would love to help you with your homework," he smiled and winked at her, "make you wear a sexy school girl uniform." He pinched her ass, and she giggled.

"I guess it wouldn't hurt as a trial," she smiled, "It's all a bit fast like you said and I would feel better if I didn't fully move in until we are sure, so we all have options. I cut myself off from options once before I don't want to make the same mistakes again."

They had such a happy, exciting couple of weeks together that Bill had practically forgotten about her past. He nodded, "That sounds fair, but move enough stuff that you won't have to go rushing back and forth every second day okay?"

Merri laughed, "It isn't that bad surely." She kissed him, "I really like what we have here, but I worry that I don't give you two enough personal space, you know to be a couple."

It was Bill's turn to laugh, "We have been a couple for over twelve years, we want this, really want this. We want you, Merri, here with us all the time. Come with me," he said standing and taking her hand. He led her through the house to the section that was being renovated and pulled back the plastic curtain pushing her through.

It was like a small flat, its own kitchen, living room, bathroom and bedroom, "We were renovating this for my mother, but then she broke her hip and needed more care than we could give her full time." He smiled, "she wanted to go to the village, she had friends that had moved there, so we put this on hold over Christmas and new years."

"We can finish off, and it can be your personal space, we won't invade it unless we are invited and you can have your friends over or study or do what you like," Merri looked around wondering how she had stumbled into this lucky life after the horrible year she had just lived through. She would be stupid not to say yes. "There is a catch though," he grinned at her, "The builders have all finished, but you have to organise the decorating and furniture yourself, just come up with a theme or colour scheme and run it past us first. Neither of us wanted to look at a million colour swatches or deal with tradesmen, so it's up to you to do that. Then we both win, the renovation finished with no stress to Kate and I and, you have a space to call your own."

She looked up at him with teary eyes, "No one had ever been this kind and wonderful to me, even Michael before we were married, when he treated me like a princess. I don't know what to say."

Bill picked her up hugging Merri close to him and kissing her passionately, he had spent a lot of time convincing Kate to let him talk to her about this by himself, but he was immensely glad at that moment to see the pure wonder and genuine gratitude on the girl's face. "I want to look after you, Merri. We want to look after you," he corrected himself kissing her again, "Just like a little princess." He grabbed her ass tightly in his hands and turned moving back through the plastic curtain toward the other end of the house again. He bent his head low to her ear, "But when we are horny I want to treat you like the little slut you are." Bill bit her neck playfully and threw her on the bed. He fucked her brutally hard and long making her cry out and buck against his thrusts. They lay in a sweaty sated heap when Kate came home from her shopping trip and picked up fucking and sucking Merri as Bill watched on happily.


A month later, on Valentine's day, Merri's rooms were complete, she had moved in the last her things that day and she was happy with her life. Tonight would be memorable for all of them, each of them in their own way. She had spent a lot of time with Kate since agreeing to the trial of being their live in housekeeper and lover. Kate had been slowly and gently exposing Merri to what being Bill's fantasy girl would truly entail. Kate Reassured her that she was exactly what they wanted but explaining about fantasy role playing and how on special occasions it could make things intensely exciting.

They had conspired together for a Valentine's Day to beat all Valentines. Merri had kept her knowledge about Bill's fantasies a secret and Kate had a huge secret of her own. Merri had dropped Kate off at the surgery so she and Bill could go and visit his mother in the village before coming home and Merri had come home to change and put the last minute things together for the night they had planned.

Kate had picked out Merri's costume remembering a particular photo he had got extremely hot and bothered over. Merri smiled in her mirror as she finished getting ready. The pink and white fairy costume barely covered her ass and showed frilly knickers beneath and her breasts almost spilled from the top. She fixed the bows on the top of the stockings around her thighs again and practiced walking in the too high stilettos to the kitchen to check on her preparations.

Merri could hear the car pull up outside and their laughter as they approached the house, she froze suddenly nervous, but the door burst open and Bill sauntering yelling, "I'm gonna be a Daddy!" With peals of laughter Kate followed him in. Seeing Merri standing near the kitchen in her costume Bill stopped dead in his tracks, "Holy Shit!"

"Happy Valentine's Day," Merri squeaked suddenly unsure of herself.

Bill turned to Kate, "You are the most incredible wife a man could ever have!" He kissed her and then turned to pounce on Merri. He picked up the worried looking girl and spun her around. Kate approached them hugging them both as Bill cradled Merri in his arms and bent his head to kiss her. Bill put his hand on the new life blooming in Kate's belly while holding Merri closely, "Life doesn't get any better than this."

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