tagCelebrities & Fan FictionWhat The Future Holds Ch. 15

What The Future Holds Ch. 15


Angel arrived on time and let his students review for fifteen minutes before handing out the final. He looked up at the class and said,

"Jo and Michelle I'd like to see you after class."

Both girls turned and looked at each other.

"What did I do now?" Jo told Michelle.

"I don't know, but now I'm in it."

Angel noticed that both girls were looking at each other suspiciously. The exam was about two hours long. Jo and Michelle both knew for sure that after this exam, which was their final exam they would head to The Bronze this weekend. The exam was done and everyone said his or her goodbyes to Angel. The only people that were left were Angel, Jo and Michelle. Since the door was closed behind them he had the silence that he needed.

"Jo and Michelle bring up a chair."

Both girls sat down and waited.

"Okay. Before you think you're in trouble you're not."

"Thank God," they both said in unison.

"But I do need your help. Especially you Jo."

"Okay." 'All right a million thoughts are going through my head. What kind of favor does a teacher need from a student?'

"First let me start off by apologizing for my actions for the past couple weeks. Especially last Monday. I shouldn't have lashed out my anger at you. Now I'm the one asking you is since your Mom owns a restaurant. I thought you could pull some strings for me for Saturday."

"Okay. But what do I get out of it?" Jo asked.

"You get the undying, loving and devotion of your History teacher. So you'll do it?" Angel smiled at Jo.

"Yeah. Like I have a choice."

"Excuse me. But someone forgot about me. Remember?" Michelle said.

Angel chuckled. "No I didn't forget about you. Here's what I need you to do. You and Jo are going to talk to Buffy, tell her you want to cheer her up and then bring her to the restaurant. I'll take care of the rest."

"Don't you think she'll find it odd that two of husband's students want to take her out," Michelle implied.

"No. Make it convincing. I know you two can do that. As for the music, you said they play French music, right?" Angel looked at Jo.

"Yeah they do. It's a Haitian restaurant it's sort of expected."

"Could you find me a French romantic song and translate the words for me."

"Sure. Since your doing this out of undying, love and devotion it's not problem. Can we take her out shopping then bring her home?" Michelle looked at her and thought, 'Only Jo could say something like that to him and get a way with him.'

"Yeah. Come by around noon. Thank you so much. You don't know how much this really means to me." Angel gave the girls his home address and thanked them again.


Buffy wanted to work, but left early cause she had a special evening planned. She went out shopping and brought his favorite stuff. As she arrived back home she was glad that no one was home. Before she started dinner she decided to head over her mother's house.


Angel was still at Sunnydale High and decided to start correcting his exams. He figured the more that was done; the less he had to do at home. He was exhausted so he decided to take a break and head over to see Giles. Principal Synder appeared.

"What are you still doing here, Mr. Reilly?" Synder asked.

"I work here remember?"

"I know that. What are you doing wandering around? Looking for trouble like someone you know."

"You know Principal Synder I'm not going to that last remark. Have a great summer. See you in September," Angel said then walked away. 'No wonder Buffy calls him a troll. He's such a pain in the ass.'

He made his way to the entrance of the library.

"Hey Giles."

"Oh, Angel. How are you? How's Buffy?"

"We're doing great," he lied.


Buffy decided that she needed to talk to her Mom. As she arrived she decided to tell her Mom the great news then breakdown and cry. She knocked on the door.

"Coming," said Geoffrey. "Buffy's it's so good to see you." He embraced his daughter-in-law.

"Hi Geoffrey. Is my Mom around?"

"Yeah. She's in the kitchen. Joyce! Buffy's here."

Joyce came out and saw her daughter. She noticed that something was wrong. The look of happiness was gone and was replaced with sadness. Buffy ran over to her mother.

"Oh, Mom. I missed you so much." She then started crying. Geoffrey left the room so the two women could talk privately.

"Honey, Buffy what's wrong? Did you and Angel have a fight?"

Both women headed over to the couch and sat down. She wiped her tears and said,

"Mom, I'm pregnant." Then she broke down and cried again.

"Congratulation, honey. Isn't this what you wanted? Now you and Angel can have that large family that you dreamed of."

"Angel...and ...I...had.... a...fight. It's...stupid. He.... was.... trying...to...protect...me," Buffy said in between sobs.

"Buffy, I can't understand what you’re talking about. How was Angel trying to protect you?" Joyce was worried about what she heard her daughter had said.

"His friend Ryan was making a pass at me and he hit him. I took Ryan's side instead of his. You should see the way he looks at me."

"Buffy you have to understand that Angel cares deeply for you. He loves you so much. You, Geoffrey and I are the closest link to a family he has. If he loses you he'll be crushed."

Buffy thought about her mother's words and took them to heart. Angel always told her how he lived her and not being around her was like a part of him was missing.

"Thanks, Mom. So come November you'll be Grandma Joyce." She hugged her Mom and left.

Buffy arrived home and started the dinner she had planned. She headed upstairs and got dressed for the evening. She wore a black sleeveless dress that reached her ankle. Dinner was set and waited for Angel to come home. Ryan came down and smelled the aroma of the food. He entered the kitchen and saw Buffy. 'Wow she looks beautiful. This is going to be easier than I expected.'

"Buffy. Wow you look really beautiful tonight."

"Thanks Ryan. I was wondering if you could go out this evening. I sort of wanted to have the place to myself with Angel."

"Sure. I'll eat out and come back later."



Angel called Geoffrey from work and said he'd be stopping by. He told him that he had a surprise and needed to talk to someone. Angel arrived and Geoffrey opened the door.

"Hey Angel. It's good to see you, son," Geoffrey said.

"You too Dad." Both men shook hands. Angel entered and said they sat on the couch.

"So where's Joyce?" Angel asked.

"She's upstairs taking a shower. So what's this surprise that you couldn't tell me on the phone?"

"Well... I guess there's no other way to say this. Buffy and I are going to have a baby," Angel said, but looked sad.

"Congratulations, Angel. I know things were bad with Gregory, but now with this baby both of you have a second chance. Son, why the long face?" Geoffrey noticed that Angel seemed saddened about something.

"I'm not sad about the baby. I'm ecstatic actually. It's just why does she always have to be so stubborn and arrogant."

Geoffrey was totally confused. "Angel, I know that Buffy can be those things, but I know someone else who's the same. What did you two fight about?"

"Thanks Dad. I need your support and now you make me feel like dirt. You remember Ryan, right?" Geoffrey nodded. "Well let me give you the short version of our fight. Ryan touched Buffy, we spoke and he had the audacity to say he wasn't making a pass at her, so I punched him and Buffy came to his rescue. His rescue! Can you believe this? So as of now which is two weeks later we haven't been sharing the same bed."

"Angel you have to sit down with her and talk things out. Maybe you should take her out and rekindle those old feelings. I know you'll do anything to get Buffy back."

"I know. I plan to take her out to a new restaurant called L'amour Eternel. Eternal Love. The name fits well with us. I'm hoping tomorrow night to tell her how sorry I am." Angel left and headed home.


The hours went by and Buffy just sat on the table while the food got cold and the candles burned away. She got frustrated, put whatever she could away into the fridge and headed to the bedroom. Inside the bedroom she spoke to herself,

"I prepare a romantic dinner for two and does he appear. Nooo. He's too stubborn and pigheaded that he'd rather stay at work. Fine. I've had it with Angel." Buffy changed out of her dress into a t-shirt. She slipped under the covers and cried herself to sleep.


Angel arrived home around 9 pm. He was tired from exhaustion; he headed upstairs and loosened his tie. Inside his room he quickly changed and went under the covers into a deep sleep.

Buffy was dreaming that Angel entered the bedroom and started kissing her shoulder. Her dream somehow felt real because a man had entered her room and did as followed. Buffy thought it was Angel. She moaned out his name. "Angel." She turned around eyes sill closed giving him better access to her lips. Buffy felt something strange about this kiss. This wasn't Angel touching her. His hand went up her thigh and gently cupped her breast from her t-shirt. She pulled back immediately.

"Ryan. What are you doing here? This is my bedroom."

"I thought maybe you'd want some company," he said smugly.

"What I want for you is to leave my bedroom. I'll tell Angel what you did and he'll kick you out of the house." Even though Buffy still had her Slayer strength this man frighten her in ways she couldn't even define.

"Don't even think about it. Angel wouldn't believe you for one second." He then leaned forwards and was about to place his hand over her mouth.

"This won't hurt one bit. You'll thank me for it," he said with his blue eyes piercing right through her.

"Angel! Angel!" Buffy shouted at the top of her lungs.

Angel was sleeping and heard Buffy calling out his name. He woke up and headed towards the master bedroom. The door was open and he saw Ryan hunched over Buffy. He went in, pulled Ryan off the bed and gave him right hook to the jaw.

"How could you come into my home, I welcomed you open arms and you wanted to sleep with my wife? I thought you changed. You just proved to me that you're the same egotistical, conniving, womanizer of a jerk," Angel said with anger and frustration that his eyes appeared to be darker.

Ryan touched his jaw and said, "Angel, she wanted it just as much as I did."

Angel's fist clenched at Ryan's statement. He then punched him again this time Ryan landed on the floor. "Don't you ever speak about like that? Oh and another thing I want you out my house. I don't want to see you, hear from you, or even know of your existence."

Ryan got up and quickly made his way to his room and changed his clothes. He called a cab. Angel picked Ryan up and threw him out of his house.

Buffy was still in a state of shock. She couldn't believe that she was about to get raped by a man in her own home. Then the best part was when Angel came in and rescued her. Buffy huddled herself into a ball and cried. Angel went over and gently placed his hand on her shoulder. At first she shuddered by the touch, but relaxed when she realized that it was Angel.

"It's okay Buffy. I'm here now. I won't let anything happen to you," he said pulling her into his arms and rubbing her back.

"It's not okay. You were right. Ryan's a jerk. I should have listened to you," she said between sobs and looking up at him.

"Don't worry about Ryan, He's not going to hurt you anymore. I made sure of that. How do you feel?"

"A bit shaken up, but now that you're here holding me in your arms I feel safe again." She reached up and kissed him. They both longed for this. It's been so long since they had kissed each other. It felt like it was a whole new experience that they were sharing all over again. Before things intensified Angel pulled back.

"Whoa, Buffy there's no need for us to rush into this. We've got all the time in the world. I think your still in a state of shock," he said with concern.

"Angel, I miss having you hold me in your arms, making love to me or even talking to me. I miss hearing the words I love you coming out of your mouth. I miss the way your eyes would light up whenever I enter a room," she said pleadingly.


She stopped him with another kiss. This time she deepened it more placing her tongue in his mouth. Of how much she missed tasting him. She released the kiss and said, "Angel, please I'm begging you make love to me."

Angel so wanted to make love to her. That's what he missed the mostly. Being able to be one with her in the most intimate way. He still had doubts after Ryan's actions earlier. Buffy noticed his hesitation.

"Buffy don't get mad at me. It's not that I don't want to make love to you. It's just that I think we should wait."

Buffy's face looked sad. "Could you at least kiss me? I don't want you to leave my side."

"I'd never leave you. As for the kiss that I could definitely do." He leaned down and kissed her.

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