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When It Rains Pt. 02


I have made an Executive Decision. I will not force you to read long sections of poorly translated Spanish...from now on if it is spoken by Hector, it will be italicized, and you can automatically assume that it is in Spanish. Google Translate will greatly thank me for this decision, since now they can go back to helping high schoolers pass their foreign language classes (Why was there no Google Translate when I was in High School)... Anyway thanks so much to all the Reviewers, esp. Margaret Fowler. I'll try to get a workable schedule for updates; I'm very sorry for the interruption in the Postings of my other Fics...this one WOULD NOT leave me alone.



As soon as we got into Ranger's living room, Cal set me on my feet and my dress slithered down my skin to pool at my feet. Every one of the JLS let out a sound of arousal. I bent down to grab the dress, and all hell broke loose behind me.

"Holy Hell. I thought your ass was amazing in jeans." Lester breathed.

"Damn, Little Girl, I cannot wait until you let me take you from behind." Tank said, his voice once again thick and aroused.

I gave the boys a smile as I straightened. I shook out the dress and laid it over the back of one of the stools at the Breakfast bar. I looked around the room at my partners. Tank and Lester still stood near the door; Ranger was leaning against the wall by the mantle. Bobby had taken off his tie and jacket and made himself comfortable on the couch. Hal and Hector had taken the arm chairs, and Cal was in the process of ridding himself of his tie and Suit coat. "Well I hate to be a buzz kill but what about birth control. I'm clean and got cut before I left the military...some people shouldn't pass on their genes, but—" Cal began.

"It's safe." Bobby said confidently. "All eight of us are disease free, as of our last physicals."

"Yeah, but we'll still need to use something to make sure Stephanie doesn't become Mommy." Hal said kindly.

"No you don't." I assured them.

"Babe, you hate the pill." Ranger reminded me.

"Look, when you went into the wind that time about six months ago... Bobby helped me to convince my OBGyn to let me transition into a semi-permanent birth control method." I assured them. "No pills every day, and there was barely any weight gain. Plus best of all it has really helped on the hormone swings during that time of the month."

"That's great, Little Girl. But why did you decide to do something permanent?" Tank asked. "What if you change your mind?"

"It's semi-permanent. It lasts for five years, and it only takes like ten minutes to take out if I decide I want to have kids." I said kindly, though I'm pretty sure I won't change my mind. "As for why, well..."

***FLASHBACK, 7 months before the Date***

I've been avoiding Eddie for a week. He's called me every day, and I'm just not in the mood to babysit his kids right now. Well imagine my surprise when I get home, and find him leaning against my door. "Ok, Okay Eddie, what day do you need me to babysit?" I asked as I move him over to unlock my door.

"Steph, I wouldn't have called you two or three times a day for a week, to ask you to babysit. We need to talk." He said as he followed me inside. "Morelli is planning something that if a chick did it to him, he'd lock her in a sanitarium. Well maybe he's planning it. I mean he kinda said it like he was joking, but he sure didn't look like he was kidding."

"What Eddie?" I was getting worried. "What did he say?"

"Well look, Big Dog was teasing him about how he's always trying to get you to quit bounty hunting. Carl said the only way you'd quit is if you decided to, and there was nothing anyone could do to force you because you redefine stubborn."

Eddie related.

"Nice to know my friends know me so well." I joked. If Big Dog and Carl could figure this out...what's wrong with Joe?

Eddie rolled his eyes at the interruption. "Oh, you know we love you. Anyway...Joe then says, 'she'd have to quit if she got pregnant.' And of course we all laughed our asses off, cause we know you don't ever want to do that. But then Joe laughed and said. Who says she has to have a choice...a few pinpricks in the condom and boom...she's knocked up and has to quit her stupid job and marry me. She's no good at it anyway.' Oh please. You say that, but you know it isn't actually true. She brings in all her level skips...at least the ones that are really low level crooks. I told him, Big Dog and Carl started in on him too. Then he said he was just joking. But Steph, seriously, I wouldn't trust any condom he'd use."


So a few weeks after Eddie's warning, I noticed Joe started to complain about the type of condoms I kept in my bedside table. Something told me he was really planning to try to knock me up and force me to marry him. So I came and had a talk with Bobby. I needed something tamper proof. We went through the choices and settled on the Mirena...but apparently doctors don't like to use them for women who haven't had children. It took some doing but eventually Bobby boy talked her into putting on in me. And now I'm completely Safe. As long as no one steps outside of this relationship and brings home anything nasty, it will be all good." I assured them.

Looking around I saw the strangest combination of looks on their faces. They were all angry. I could tell that they were pissed at what Joe had planned to/tried to do. I could also tell they didn't appreciate the fact that I hadn't ended it then. To be honest I had forced a break, but with Ranger in the wind and my mother beating at me, I eventually caved and took him back. There was also the a look I'd been seeing in their eyes for a very long time, but until tonight I'd mistaken it for brotherly affection rather than actual love. But the main thing I saw in their eyes was pure unadulterated lust. The intensity of their desire for me was almost palpable.

"You guys ok? You're looking at me weird." I finally asked after the silence grew too loud.

"Multiplication Tables." Tank muttered.

"Baseball stats." Cal groaned.

"Corpses." Bobby said desperately.

"Grandma Mazur at a closed casket funeral." Lester said triumphantly.

"Yeah, that worked." They all said, and suddenly the level of sexual tension in the room ratcheted down a bit.

"Sorry Little One." Tank began. He settled himself on the sofa and pulled me onto his lap. "But it's been so long since any of us went bare, been able to go bare. I mean you really can't afford to when you are with the barflys, or the uni-hos." He must have felt my confusion. "Some club chicks and barflys get really hot and bothered by the military types. Others like the thought of a check and a hubby who is either out of the country a lot." Tanks large hands had started to drift. He spread my legs to either side of his thighs, and slipped one hand in between my thighs. "Poor Hal, I doubt he's ever experienced it at all. The thought of being inside you has us all hard," as he spoke, he was gently, maddeningly, teasingly circling my entrance, dragging the wetness he found there up and smearing it over my clit, "but God above the thought of fucking you bareback. Feeling every millimeter of your slick, wet, tight, little cunt on out cocks." he slipped his long thick finger into me. Slowly fingering me, making me hotter and hornier as he teased me. "Little One, Stephanie, the thought of feeling you squeezing my dick, without anything getting between, well for every man jack of us, it was so arousing that we had to try to combat it. come up with something, anything that would keep us from cumming in our pants like teens."

"And my Grandmother at a funeral beat out corpses...you guys must have been really hard up." I joked. "If it makes you feel any better, I've never had sex without a condom either." I said panting. Just the thought of getting fucked by all of them, I could almost feel how squishy and slippery and slimey I would be after seven loads had been deposited in my doo-dah. "Oh GOD." I cried out as I tumbled into orgasm again. Tank kept finger-fucking me, driving me to orgasm over and over. By the time he let me down, he and I were the only ones still dressed.

Hal stepped in front of us. He pulled me to my feet and took my mouth with his. His kiss was softer than Ranger's. It was deep and slow and sexy. His tongue teasing every where it could touch. His hands made short work of my bra, leaving me naked now, except my Fuck Me Pumps, the slide of them down my back was incredibly erotic. And the way he grabbed my ass made me melt even more...if that was possible. Somehow, without breaking the kiss, Hal picked me up, and lowered me onto his waiting eight inches of long hard pleasure. It was I who broke the kiss to scream out to the heavens as an orgasm crashed into me.

The second his mouth was free, Hal began to babble sexily. "Oh dear God. I'm not gonna last. Fuck, she's so hot. So tight. Steph, you feel so fucking good." He pulled me up and lowered me again. "Shit. I'm gonna pop faster than I did my first time. God you are so damn wet. Did we make you this wet? Who do you belong to Stephanie?" He groaned.

"You. God, Hal, you and Tank. Ranger, and Lester, Bobby and Cal and Hector." I screamed as I came again.

Something in Hector must have broken hearing that, because when Hal lowered me back down again, I felt the most indescribably intense thing. Hector's tongue sweeping over Hal's balls, and up and across my rosebud. I came so hard, I have no idea what happened next. I vaguely heard Hal roar, and I could feel him pounding into me. I even can tell you that when he came shortly thereafter he shot seven hot, strong streams of cum into me. That knocked the intensity of my orgasm up even more.

My skin was so sensitive that when Lester pulled me from Hal's quaking arms, I started to keen and beg. "Lester. I need you. Need you inside me. Please."

Lester being Lester just had to tease me. He laid me on the coffee table and licked and suckled my nipples. Back and forth; before an eternity of begging and writhing later, he finally pushed his cock into me. "ey Dios Mio. Holy mother of God. Beautiful. You have the tightest pussy I've ever fucked. Shit. I never thought I'd like seconds but oh fuck there's something really fucking sexy about this. Fuck you are so fucking wet." Lester got serious. His hands hard, almost bruising on my ass. His mouth alternated between deep drugging kisses and some of the most filthy sex talk I've ever heard. And I came and came and came.

I felt Lester explode inside me and almost before I could understand that I was empty once again Bobby was shoving his big hard dick into my grasping sucking pussy. "Sorry Bomber. I couldn't wait. I've wanted you too long, and hearing you...watching you scream and fly apart. Watching your eyes go bluer than the hottest flame, and your skin flush...DAMN. Shit you feel so fucking good. Cum again...show us how much you want us. Cum Now!"

I couldn't help myself. I came, I came and I begged for more. Ranger joined us. He knelt over my head, where it hung over the side of the coffee table. And he tempted me. Rubbing his hands over my breasts and down my stomach to tease my clit, he began to work his magic. "Babe...talk to us. Tell us what Bobby is doing to you."

"He's, oh God, he's inside of me." I tried.

"No, Babe. Tell us what he's doing to you." Ranger taunted. When I hesitated, he continued. "Tell us. We want to hear you use sex words. Babe. Tell us...or he'll stop."

"God, no Ranger, please he feels so Good." I moaned. "He's fucking me. He's fucking me with his big hard cock." I groaned arching up, thrusting up into Bobby's downward stroke. "I can feel my juices all mixed with Hal's and Lester's running down the crack of my ass. I'm so wet. Please."

"Good Girl, Babe." Ranger praised me. He twisted my nipples sending me screaming into yet another orgasm.

Bobby's pumping lost rhythm as he started to hard stroke me with the erratic fast strokes that signaled his own approaching orgasm. "Fuck Bomber. Take it take my spunk. Filling you up. Love you so much, our sexy little slut. Ours. FUCK!" Bobby yelled.

Bobby curled around me pulling me up from the table without pulling away from me. "Who do you want next, Bomber?" he whispered. I whispered a name and soon found myself wrapped in the scent of Prada Amber yet again.

"Oh, God Bombshell, how is it you smell even better after getting fucked hard and fast by three men?" Cal asked right before he lowered me to the floor. He kissed his way to my ear. "I can take you slow and easy, take my time with your sexy little body. Wanna know why?" he taunted me. His breath hot and arousing in my ear.

"Yeah." I nodded writhing under him already.

"Cause Lester is right...Hector does give great head." Cal replied before catching my earlobe in his teeth.

I arched up and moaned. "No Fair, I wanted to watch."

"Don't worry, you can watch another time." He said as he kissed his way to my breasts. "I love your tits, you probably think they aren't big enough...but they are like two peaches. So soft, and so very sensitive." Cal lavished attention on my nipples, driving me crazy. Making me beg, before he drifted down over my stomach, pausing to dip his tongue into my belly button, he continued further.

When I felt his mouth on me, there, I was shocked into an orgasm. It felt so good, but I'd assumed that none of them would be comfortable licking my doo-dah after the others had cum in there. "Oh my God, Fuck. CAL!" I screamed. As I was cresting on my third oral orgasm, Cal slipped his cock into me. "Ohhhh Yesss..." I hissed as my orgasm became fuller, stronger.

"Shit. You are so tight. So wet. So beautiful." He said dreamily as he slowly made love to me. I'd felt the love in the arms and touch of each of my lovers tonight, but Cal's was slower, and sweeter. "Love fucking you, Bombshell. Loved you for almost a year." He said. His mouth was next to my ear, as he slowly but surely brought me to orgasm after orgasm. Finally after a marathon of peeks and more peeks, Cal ground himself against my clit, and erupted inside me.

Hector came to me next. He and Tank. "Nina Bombardera, will you share Tank with me. Together, we can suck his cock...then while he takes you like the perro, you can suck mine." He said in one ear while Tank translated in the other.

"Will you let me take you from behind, Little One." Tank said suggestively. He was sliding his hand over my side and butt. I arched into his hand and nodded. "I want the words, Stephanie."

"Yes, Tank...I'll share your cock with Hector, and then you can take me from behind, while I use my mouth to give Hector pleasure." I made sure to play up the hoarse husky sound of my voice. I've been screaming in pleasure for hours, and even I thought that my voice sounded sexy. Hector and I knelt in front of Tank, like two peasants worshiping at the feet of a god. I leaned in and took the large head of Tank's massive cock into my mouth. Hector occupied himself by licking the shaft, as he moistened it I was able to slowly sink further and further forward.

When I'd run out of mouth, I pulled back and took over the shaft work, while Hector took as much of Tank into his mouth as he could. He got quite a bit further than I did, but still nowhere near all the way down. I moved back to watch his technique for a minute. And yes, I was watching his technique, not perving on the sensual site before me. Maybe my hand ended up pinching my nipples and playing with my pussy a bit...but who wouldn't...hey, learning can be fun.

"Get on your hands and knees, Little One. Face away from me." I did as he asked. And when I did, Tank let out a loud grown. "Wriggle your sexy little ass for us, Steph."

How does following commands make me feel so powerful? No clue. Probably, it is the fact that when I wriggled my hips Tank and Hector both let out a slew of curses. So I did it again. Ooh maybe a bit too much wriggle that time. Bare sex is messy...oh GOD! Hector, I think its Hector is licking up the cum that just seeped out of me. Damn, I'm clean. Oh well. Hector moves around in front of me as Tank kneels behind me.

I lick Hector from base to tip, as Tank slips his HUGE, ^holy fuck. I don't know if I can take the whole thing^, cock into me. Back and forth I'm rocked as I work my mouth and tongue onto Hector's cock. Once again I'm struck by how different I feel using my mouth on my JLS than I ever, ever felt blowing Joe or Dickie. I guess no matter what the sexual act, love makes a big difference. I slurp and suck, taking time to work my tongue over Hector's balls and even taking the sack into my mouth and sucking it. Hector, while large in the grand scheme of things, was considerably smaller than Tank, so I was able you work my mouth and throat all the way down his dick, until me nose was buried in the silky black curls at his base. I had a naughty thought, so I shifted a bit and was able to use my fingers to capture some of the juices leaking from around Tank's rocking cock; I tore my mind from how good it felt as Tank thrust forward two inches, before retreating one, working himself in slow and easy; I lifted my slick fingers and pressed them gently against the entrance to Hector's ass. I was careful and gentle as I worked my finger into his ass. Hector was murmuring something in Spanish. But without a translator, I could only understand. "Yes, good very good, and God." So I took it to mean I was doing a good job. My body stole my thought as I screamed around Hector's cock. I came swiftly, unexpectantly. Damn Tank was good. Apparently so was I because Hector was yelling in "Ey Dios Mio, Estefania!" and spurting a large amount of cum down my throat. He pulled out and let some splatter over my face and neck.

I was still cumming strong and hard, when Tank's hand came down on my ass with a smack. "Oh my fucking, God. Please. Please Tank...Fuck me, spank my ass." Tank, being the wonderful man that he is complied. He fucked me hard and spanked me harder. In three more strokes, I came so hard, I started to cry. "Please Tank, feels soooo good. Need, please. Need. You. oh God." My back arched and I was gone again.

"Shit, Little One. I can feel your little cunt sucking me back in every time I pull back. Damn. You're so tight and so fucking wet. You feel so good baby. So damn good. I'm gonna cum. But I'm not cumming on you. I want to see my cum on your sexy red ass. Ask me nicely to cum on your ass." Tank taunted.

I didn't just ask nicely...I begged. "Please Tank. Cum on me. Cum on my ass. Is it red, fuck, cum on me. Bobby said I was your slut...make me your slut Tank. Cum on me. God yes...please, Tank, Please!"

"Shit!" Tank ROARED, as he yanked out of me and I felt his cum splatter the hot cheeks of my ass, driving me once more into the grips of one hell of an orgasm.

When he released the death grip his free hand had on my hip, I collapsed. I lay there shivering and shaking, still in the throes of my passion. I have never cum so much in one night in my entire life. The closest, of course, being my night with Ranger. Speaking of I'm enveloped in Bulgari and lifted. Ranger is nuzzling my hair as he kisses my neck, talking the whole while. "I never knew how much I wanted this, Babe. I thought I wanted to be yours and you be mine alone. But I would have missed out on so much. Watching you with Hal was sexy, watching you with Lester was mind-blowing, watching you with Bobby was hot, watching you with Cal was sensual, watching you with Tank and Hector was the most fucking erotic thing I've seen in my life. I love you more today than ever before, and I didn't think that was possible."

I sighed into his kiss as he lowered us to the couch. He lifted me up and brought me down gently onto his erection. I hissed in pleasure. Ranger let out a string of curses. "How the hell are you even tighter tonight than before?" He groaned into my ear. "So tight. So good. So fucking wet." He smiled against my mouth, before pushing my sweaty curls out of my face. "Want to go for a ride, Babe? Can you, or do you need me to control you?" Ranger asked.

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