tagErotic HorrorWhen Zombies Attack Ch. 05

When Zombies Attack Ch. 05


At the local hospital, Kayla laid in her bed asleep from her recent attack. Out in the hall her rescuer was walking to the elevator. She heard a scream and turned to see a zombie attacking a nurse. She pulled out her gun and ran over to the naked nurse and the zombie who was invading her. She aimed and fired as he fell dead on the nurse. She heard a male scream and ran to look.

She came around the corner and saw him getting mauled by a zombie. She watched as the zombie stood up and her eyes widened. The male transformed into a zombie and was one of them. She aimed and shot both zombies dead. She turned as one grabbed her throat and lifted her skinny body off the ground.

She went to aim as he grabbed her wrist and dug his thumb nail into her flesh. She cried as blood trickled down her hand. She dropped her gun and he grinned as he tore her blouse open and revealed her black lace bra. He licked his lips at the sight of her cleavage, then he removed her bra and licked her hard nipples.

Haley struggled as the sensation of his slimy tongue turned her thirty two year old body on. He ripped her tight, black skirt off and her black little thong was showing. She felt fingers rubbed between her thighs and she closed her eyes. Haley bit her lip as he prodded his finger against her warm, soft flesh. She had longed to get screwed by a man, but a live man she liked. She had no time to go out and get laid with the work at Sector Seventeen. Now, she was getting felt up and turned on by a zombie. Her eyes popped open when she felt her thong rip off her hips. Her pride as exposed and vulnerable.

She looked down at his erect member as he lowered her onto it. Her eyes locked to his as he let it slowly slip into her warm body. Haley closed her eyes as he buried it deep into her, then he began his assault upon her curvy body. She closed her eyes and thought of a different man fucking her. It was working, her cum was flowing as the zombie bounced her up and down on his cock.

Her moans filled the hall and other zombies came to see the excitement. She opened her eyes and saw the crowd of dead men. Some had nurses and was screwing them and smiling at Haley. She closed her eyes again and her cum coated his cock. He grunted and filled her pussy up. She looked and smiled at him as others got close. He looked at her tit and sucked it.

She was liking it again, until he took a bite out of it. She screamed and was dropped to the floor. She was having her c cups ate down to nothing. She screamed and struggled as they sank their teeth into her tanned flesh. She felt them around her neck, then they began to eat her neck. She cried for help as the lights faded. She was dead and devoured by the zombies. They knew she was a zombie hunter and needed her dead. She had one last fuck and they made sure she liked it.

They had built an army of male zombies and had screwed and ate women all over the city. The woman who had helped save Kayla was now gone. The zombies was there to stop Kayla's killing spree. They fucked the hot nurses and female doctors and any other sexy one there. They ate the fat ones and transformed the men into horny zombies. They was now in control of the hospital. They searched for Kayla.

On the second floor, Kayla awoke and looked around. She saw the room and then went to sit up. She couldn't move her arms or legs. She looked down in fear and realized she had been strapped down to the bed. She fought and struggled as the leather straps held her down. She yelled for help and waited. No one came. She looked in the hall and saw a puddle of blood. She listened and figured it out, the zombies were still around. Now she was a sitting duck.

She listened and heard them in the hallway. She looked around as one entered the room and smiled at her. They began to shuffle in and surrounded her bed. Kayla looked terrified as the zombies scanned her skinny, tied down body. Then among the mass of horny zombies, a man and his two sexy nurses walked in. He smiled at the tied up girl.

"So, you are the one destroying my friends. You should be ashamed of yourself." He said shaking his head. "See, I didn't mean for this to happen, they was supposed to come to life, not go around fucking every hot woman around." He said smiling.

"You made these damn things? You should be killed!" Kayla said as she struggled to get free.

"Oh my, such hate and anger. Kayla I have come to this room and I have an offer that I hope you won't give up. I want you on my team, with us these horny things can keep going. I can not kill my work. I am like their father. Join us or...they will devour that slender body." He said with his eyes going over her gown.

"Join you? Hell no! Those things killed a friend and fucked so many women, they need killed! Though I see you have created an army of them." Kayla said pissed.

"Well, I will see about them. Here let me help you." He let one wrist loose "have fun Kayla, they have been ready for you. Tah tah bitch." He said leaving as they smiled.

She fought to get free as he gave the order to kill her. She had her hands free as they held her shoulders down. She struggled as one tore her gown off and revealed her white, cotton panties and bare tits. She fought as they felt her up. Kayla felt a finger slip under the waist of her panties. She watched as the thin fabric was ripped off and her nice shaved pussy was exposed. She struggled as the zombie slid his finger into her body and worked up her lubrication system.

Kayla turned and bit one of the hands of the zombies. She took a chunk of skin and rotten tendons off him. He released his grip and she sat up. As she did so, two fingers were rammed into her deep making her stop and close her eyes. She had to fight the urged her body was trying to bring. She felt the fingers picking up pace as she fought the hands of the zombies as released her left ankle. She kicked the zombie in the face and he staggered backwards, losing his grip on her wet pussy. She hurried as she ducked a swing by another zombie. She released the other ankle and jumped to her feet. She fought with all her might as they returned the punches and kicks. She was almost to the door when one stopped her from the other side and grabbed her throat and squeezed. He lifted her up off the floor and sucked her firm tits as the others watched.

He tossed her into the hallway and she landed on her belly. She went to get up but the zombies foot came crashing down on her back. Kayla fell to the floor weak and dazed as he flipped her to her back. She looked around as the other zombies left her and the new alpha zombie alone. She felt his hands groping her tits and he was sucking her nice peach as she slowly came. She was giving up the fight as he used his rotten tongue to get into her body and worked up her orgasm.

Kayla was the zombies toy for the moment. He had his way with her sexy body and used her energy up as he pounded his cock into her tight cavity. She was just in a daze as he continued his attack upon the famed zombie killers sexy little frame. She then felt him pull out and she was laying on the floor as he decided what to do next.

He once more put his mouth onto her wet pussy. Kayla moaned as he sucked and tongue fucked her. She felt his teeth rubbing her lips as he did so. Finally the time came for her to pay for the deaths of his friends. He sank his teeth into her wet pussy and ripped it off. Kayla screamed as he ate her pussy, literally. A few other zombies came over and started to eat her tits away. She looked as the doctor and his assistants watched them eat her naked body. She felt her flesh ripping away as they ate her like a buffet and the alpha had the best, soft part.

Kayla closed her eyes and was gone. They had others feast upon her till all that was left was her bones. The doctor and his girls left laughing as the zombies left for more victims.

At her house, Teresa ran to the basement. She tripped and tumbled down a few steps and landed on her face. She got up and realized her tank top had ripped off. She saw it hanging on a nail by the steps. She made sure her black bra was intact and looked for the shotgun. Upstairs, a zombie searched for the thirty two year old blonde. She was not going to let them fuck her senseless like they did the rest of her friends.

She found it and then had to find the bullets. She found them and loaded it. She turned and there he was smiling at her d cups and bra. She felt his hand slide down the front of her jeans and then under her thong. She looked in fear as a finger entered her tight body and began to go at a steady pace. She bit her lip as her juices wanted to flow. He grunted as he felt the moist sensation on his finger. She pulled the trigger and blew him into pieces. She stood there and looked at the mess.

Teresa then began to notice something, the hand was still in her jeans. She felt two fingers in her and she leaned on the wall as they made her cum. She had not had sex for a long time with work and her activities. She was enjoying the fingering that he left her. She sat on her knees and got off. She soaked the jeans and thong. She finished and pulled her jeans and thong down. She pulled the hand out and it grabbed her tit and felt it up. She smiled and went to throw it, it grabbed her hair and pulled. She fell to her stomach as it went and found her asshole.

"NO!" She cried as it fingered her anus.

She pulled it away and this time threw it. She grabbed her gun and blasted it into pieces. A finger came flying back and went back between her tits. She pulled it out and tossed it aside. She pulled her thong and jeans up and went back upstairs, she needed dry jeans and underwear.

She got redressed and went to help kill these horny things. She walked outside and got to her car. She left and headed to the city hall. She knew the mayor, who was drop dead hot. She sped down the old highway as she needed to see her friend. She heard a noise and looked in her mirror, one was in the backseat.

She hit the brakes as he grabbed her throat and squeezed. She got out her knife and stabbed the arm. She turned and he grabbed her blonde hair and pulled her into the back with him. She was pinned to her back as the zombie fought her. She felt his cock prodding her between the legs. She stabbed him and didn't stop. She crawled out from under the now dead zombie. She opened the door and pulled him outside. She went to get back in.

He came back to life and grabbed her legs. Teresa fell forward and smacked her face on the fender. She fell to the road and felt him crawling back on top of her skinny, stacked body. She laid half aware of the situation as he felt her d cups up and rubbed her between the thighs. She was not much of a fighter at the moment.

He lifted her top and bra and sucked her hard nipples as she moaned and tried to get with it. She felt her jeans getting pulled down as he stripped her slowly. She finally realized, he was going to fuck her. She looked and found the knife, just out of reach though. She the felt her thong get moved to the side of her lips and he was sucking her. She closed her eyes as the sensation was overwhelming. She made a fast move and got it. She waited as her attacker made her wet.

Finally after getting the blonde off with his tongue, she stabbed him in the head. He fell to the road dead. She got up and redressed. She pulled her knife out and left for the town. She was going to get revenge, she wanted sex, but not with the zombies.

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